The Reversal

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The Introduction

Ellie is one of the most popular girls in town. She’s sweet and nice to pretty much everyone. She’s extremely cute or hot depending on who you ask. The men can’t resist getting her near them in bed. She’s spread a name for herself as well. Not to mention, you know she’ll give you a great time because she’ll put her hair in pigtails or two buns and then ask you to use them as handle bars in bed. Her brunette hair is long down to her waist and one of her most prized possessions.

This Saturday, as usual, she walked into the club to get a couple of drinks and meet some men. She sat down at the counter and waited for the bartender to serve her.

“Hey Ellie!” she heard someone say behind her.

She turned around to see a man in his twenties grinning at her. He had perfect teeth, a great jawline, stunning eyes, and a muscular body. Ellie smiled. At least today she got a good looking one.

“Do I know you?” she asked him, raising one eyebrow.

“Well, no…. but I was talking to some friends and they told me you were the girl to talk to if I wanted a good time in this town. My name’s Tom and I just thought I’d spend some time with my friends at the bar,” he responded.

“Well, all right then. So are you going to ask me to come home with you now or what?”

“That fast?”

“Well, usually the people around here just ask immediately and then we leave.”

“That’s a little strange, but sure that works!”

So off Ellie went with Tom to the parking lot. They jumped into his pickup and drove away straight to his house.

The House

“Quite the nice place you have here,” Ellie said.

“Thank you! It’s actually one of my parents’ vacation houses but they’re not here,” Tom answered enthusiastically.

“I’d hope they aren’t here!”

Tom opened the door for Ellie and beckoned her inside. Ellie took of her shoes and stepped into the house. It wasn’t insanely lavish, but it was a nice place nonetheless. So, they both walked up the stairs and entered the bedroom. The bedsheets were clean and in pristine condition. The pillows looked quite fluffy and comfortable in Ellie’s opinion.

“Well this will be fun,” she thought to herself.

The Prep

“So Ellie, your hair is quite long!” Tom told her.

“Yes, I suppose it is,” she said. They both started stripping down their clothes at this moment.

“Well, a lot of the guys seemed to think that you would look better with hair that’s a little shorter,”

“Really!” Ellie replied. She wasn’t opposed to the idea of getting a haircut, but she was just surprised that nobody had told her about wanting her to have shorter hair until Tom. “Well would you like to cut it?” she asked him.

“Wait you’re just going to let me?” Tom replied. In Tom’s head he thought he was going to have to force her down and then give her the cut of his dreams. But this was much easier.

“Sure! Even better make it a surprise. I’ll close my eyes, and then you do the haircut. Just leave me with hair long enough so I can make long pigtails,” Ellie told him.

Tom wanted Ellie bald, to see her scalp, to see her beautiful shiny head while having the greatest sex with her. But her instructions already contradicted that. Luckily he already found a loophole in her logic.

The Haircut

So the haircut commenced. Ellie closed her eyes and hummed happily. She knew she would look good with most haircuts, considering one time the stylist she went to messed up and gave her a bowl cut. Though embarrassing, she still was the hottest girl in town. So by no means, even if Tom messed up she would be okay with it as long as she had some hair left on her head.

It was then that she heard the clippers. Tom had already pulled her hair into two pigtails, and given her bangs. But the noise of the clippers is what scared her.

“Tom are those clippers?” Ellie asked, her voice shaking a little.

“Yes, why Ellie?” he replied. He smiled, waiting for the moment to strike.

“Well, uhm, I guess I did say as long as I still have pigtails so you can’t cut my hair too short then. What guard are you using?”

“Who said I was using a guard Ellie?”

With that he ran the clippers straight down the middle of her head. She shuddered a little. She knew there was no point fighting anymore because she was already part bald. But she admitted, she enjoyed the feeling of clippers running down her head.

Tom started making circling motions on her head. She didn’t question it, just enjoyed the vibrations on her skull. She felt the tingle of her brunette hair cascading down on her fingers. They tickled her nose and hands, turned her on even. Her nipples got harder, she breathed faster. Eventually the sound of the clippers stopped.

The Reveal

Tom quickly switched to a straight razor and started cleaning the places he shaved up, so that no hair showed anywhere he didn’t want it to.

“All right Ellie, are you ready for the reveal?” he prompted her.

“Sure,” she said. She doubted it would look good, but at least she got the great experience of the clippers on her head.

Ellie opened her eyes and looked in the mirror. It took her a while to see what he did. He obeyed her request of giving her enough hair to keep in pigtails. Her pigtails were a bit shorter now, but not by much. They reached down to her bra strap. She also had bangs as well. Everything looked normal, until she put her hands on her head. Then she realized what he did.

Tom had ONLY left her with pigtails and bangs. The rest was all shaved. Running her hands on her head she only felt smooth skin. Her nipples got even harder, her pants got wet. She didn’t expect to be so happy seeing more than half her head bald, but here she was!

“Tom I love it!” she told him.

Tom loved her hair too, but he didn’t expect such a positive result from Ellie.

“Really?” he asked.

“Of course I do, it’s great. It’s less weight on my head but still sexy. Speaking of sexy…”

Ellie turned around and beckoned him towards the bed. He grinned. They both stripped away their last undergarments and the night of their dreams.

The Conclusion

They both woke up the next morning tired, but refreshed somehow.

“I suppose you’ll want the rest shaved?” Tom asked her.

“Maybe not actually. I know I can’t keep my hair in anything that isn’t pigtails or buns now, but I only ever kept it in those two styles in the first place. But I know where to come if I need a great clipper cut!” Ellie responded.

Tom smiled with his perfect teeth, redressed and simply walked out of the house.

That same day, Ellie returned to the bar. She was a little nervous with her new haircut, thinking only Tom would like it and nobody else would.

She was wrong. So very wrong. She was booked every night till the next week in a single day. All the men wanted a piece of that cute bald head. Even the girls had to admit Ellie looked sexy. And Ellie was only glad for one thing, that she met Tom.

So this was my first story, so it could be really bad. I apologize if you think so, but leave me some comments to tell me what I could do to improve. Thank you so much for reading this story!

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