Ride ‘Em Cowgirl

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My roommate and I had been living in our third-floor apartment for several years. Neighbors came and went, and we had a vacancy across the landing from ours. 3A had been empty for several months. That all ended at the beginning of this particular month. 

As we came home from our respective jobs the first of March, we noticed a new neighbor was moving in.  

He was an Adonis. Tall, almost 6’5”, dark hair, well-muscled and very good looking. I was mesmerized at once. Lisa took one look at him, turned and began opening our door while I drooled in the vestibule. Clearly, he was not her type. 

He came out to grab another box and I stammered a hello while he introduced himself. His name was Matt, and I could barely squeak out “Allie.” I must have given the impression of being an idiot. But he smiled and said he was just moving in, which was pretty obvious. Lisa came back out and introduced herself and we chatted briefly. 

He said he was a professional rodeo guy and specialized in calf roping. I had almost no idea what that meant but vowed to learn. Both Lisa and I quickly assumed he was not doing well financially because our apartment rent was not at all high. That assumption turned out to be wrong. 

As the weeks and months progressed, I learned a lot more about rodeo. Mostly because I wanted to get closer to him and maybe have a relationship.  

I mean he was drop dead gorgeous and my original fixation had turned into full bore obsession. I dreamed of being with him day and night as husband and wife. But I was alone in this fixation. Matt did not seem at all interested in me. But that didn’t stop my daydreams of me and Matt together with a family. 

Lisa was not at all interested in Matt. Some of our girlfriends would come over and it was obvious that while they thought Matt was a stud, they also knew they had no chance with him. They were not his type either. I alone wanted to be in a relationship with him. 

We all noticed a steady progression of women coming and going from Matt’s apartment. None of them were what I would have thought of as your typical rodeo groupies.  

They were all at least a 7 or an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. Matt never brought someone home who was less than a 7. But I also thought most rodeo women following a guy around the circuit would all have long flowing hair mostly tied up in a ponytail or hanging loosely in curls down past their shoulders.  

That would have qualified me. Long hair and I am also tall. Six feet one inch and 135 pounds.  

But I don’t think I saw a single woman come in or out of his apartment with hair even touching her shoulders.  

And I saw a lot of them. 

And I wished one of them was me. 

As looks go I would have to rate myself as at least a 7. Maybe an 8, but my girlfriends have told me I tend to be too hard on myself as far as how I felt about my looks and the guys I dated. I also had a lot of dates, but once I met Matt every other guy was a distant second to him. 

In the rodeo off season our door soon became wide open to our girlfriends and Matt. He would wander over as we ordered dinner delivered after a long day. Our friends knew the door was open and they would pop over just to have company and dinner. Matt was never without female companionship in our apartment. 

I think he knew I had a thing for him. I mean it would be hard not to notice the way I doted on him. All the girls would tell me later to stop fawning all over him while they giggled about it. But I had it bad for Matt. 

His world and mine were not really compatible. I was a 26-year-old architect. Struggling at the time to make ends meet. Lisa owned her own hair salon, and she was doing well. We had met when I needed my own strawberry blonde hair trimmed and after a few appointments we decided to rent an apartment together to keep costs down. 

As I learned more about rodeo from Matt and from watching The Cowboy Channel on TV, I learned Matt was one of the higher earning cowboys on the circuit. High enough to be rated but not in the top 5 money makers. He was just outside the big show.   

In lifetime earnings I also found out he was a high 6-figure winner. Good, especially since he was still young at 26 too. But according to Matt not quite good enough. Our first assumption was off by enough to make us wonder why he still lived with us in the medium rent district. 

One night over a pizza in our living room, Matt told us that while he had made some money in rodeo his expenses were also high. Starting with his horse, Ruger. That quarter horse cost more than a lot of people’s houses. Matt was paying off the loan quickly. Not just in winnings but also in stud fees.  

This was another thing I was learning about. You can make a ton of money if your horse helps you win. He can help breed foals who should then make money. Ruger was financing Matt’s life. Matt just needed those one or two things to make him a top contender. 

One night in the vestibule Matt and I were talking, and I blurted out, “Matt, why don’t we go out, just the two of us, and grab some dinner?” Uh oh, I had just asked him for a date. He looked a bit stunned for a moment and then said “Yeah, I’d like that.” 

We went to a nice place and talked about where we were in our careers and what our plans were for the future. I carefully stayed away from saying I wanted to be Mrs Matt Miller, but I sensed he knew. Then he said, “Allie, we come from pretty different worlds. I’m a travelling cowboy 5 or 6 months out of the year and you’re a city type of girl. Hell, you don’t even ride a horse.”  

I knew I had to counter this statement. I said, “Matt we’re not that different. I just want to design houses for people instead of these crazy commercial buildings with no imagination. And the only reason I don’t ride is because nobody ever asked me to learn.” This last said as a clear invitation to him. 

“OK, let’s get you some time on a good learning horse.”  

And that’s how my conversion to cowgirl began. I very eagerly and quickly picked up on how to ride a horse. I got pretty good at it too.  

My wardrobe expanded to include a lot of Wrangler boot cut jeans, Ariat cowboy shirts and boots and of course, a Stetson hat.  

Matt and I spent a lot of time together in his off season. However, there really is no off season to the cowboy or cowgirl in professional rodeo. If they aren’t competing, they are in training. Another reason Matt was in such incredible shape. 

But once off the horse I was never invited over to Matt’s apartment. At least not in a meaningful way. The progression of women in and out of his place continued, but our relationship was completely platonic.  

I wanted more. 

Alone one night in our apartment, I opened up to Lisa about my lack of anything more substantial than what Matt and I now had. Lisa was always more objective and discerning than me. 

She just looked at me like I had a dunce cap on or something. “Allie, have you never noticed the kind of women Matt is bringing home over there? Every one of them is gorgeous. And I am not saying you’re any slouch in the looks department. You are clearly way up there in looks. But they all have that certain “look” about them.” 

Being dense I just looked at her for more information. “Come on Allie. Every one of them has short hair. He clearly likes women with it short. If I’m right, and I know I am, he isn’t going to give you a second look for a relationship while you have long hair.”  

There, it was out there. She had said what I honestly already knew but had intentionally ignored. I liked my hair. Guys did too, I always thought. It was one of the things I had always had.  

Long strawberry blonde hair. Not board straight, but close enough, and it was thick. Most guys I dated seemed to like it. But dating guys lately had been fewer and farther between while I stuck around Matt. 

I wondered if I should just cut it and see what happened or if I should ask Matt what he thought. I was also hesitant to do something drastic to my hair, only to find out Matt did not see me the same way I saw him. 

The next weekend we were scheduled to take a long ride up into the hills to a place Matt knew. It was a private ranch owned by one of Matt’s sponsors. I was really looking forward to it. 

We got our horses in a trailer and Matt drove us up to the ranch saying that I will love the views we were about to see. These were saddle horses from the ranch where Matt stabled Ruger. Not arena horses like Ruger. He was way too special to be taken on a trail ride.  

We saddled up and Matt took the lead. It was a great day for a trail ride. We stopped for lunch, and as I sat on a log eating my sandwich, I could not control myself any longer. 

“Matt, what would you think if I cut my hair?” 

He looked shocked for a second and then his mouth almost lost most of his sandwich. His smile spoke volumes even if he took some time to formulate an answer. 

“Allie, I think you would look terrific with a short cut. But why the question? Are you thinking about a change, and why do you need my input?” 

I had to tread carefully here, and I knew it. One wrong comment and I could shoot myself in the foot. 

“I’ve had long hair all my life. These past few months being around you and the horses have been the best times of my life. The one problem is my hair seems to get in the way a lot when it’s down, so I tie it up all the time. And when I go home, I can still smell the horses and everything that comes with them. That’s a great smell believe me, but not when I go to sleep. But I don’t want to do something that would make me look less attractive. I’d like your opinion.” That was about the most indirect way to say what I really wanted to say. 

“Well, I understand that. I guess you’ve noticed the girls I bring back to my place.” I nodded a yes. 

He hesitated a moment and continued. “I’ll be honest, I do like girls with short hair. I guess I’m a little weird, but I have always had a thing for short hair on women. So, in my opinion, you would look fantastic with a short haircut.” 

I internally breathed a huge sigh of relief. But I was afraid to let Matt see that. I quickly came up with a little story. OK, it was mostly a lie at that point, but I had to know what was going to push the right buttons. 

“Thanks for your input. I was thinking of going pretty short. I just wondered if it would be too short or maybe not short enough.” 

“How short were you thinking?” 

I didn’t want to get too specific, not until I had to. “A pixie?”  

Matt’s eyes lit up and his smile returned. “That would be a good start.” And then his face fell. I think he felt he had gone too far by saying “a good start” and I could tell he wanted to retract it almost immediately. 

I ignored that part of his speech. Instead, I said, “I’m glad. I didn’t want to go to the trouble of doing something drastic and find out someone whose opinion and friendship I value would disapprove of it.” 

I could not say more without coming right out and throwing myself at him. I could see the relief on his face that I had ignored his “good start” comment. “Thanks for asking my opinion. Allie, I really like you and I would like to get to know you even more too.” 

Wow. This was going way better than I ever expected. I needed to make plans.  

The rest of our ride went as expected through some beautiful country and we talked of what we wanted in our respective careers. Matt had plans. Big plans. Could they include me? 

His comment about “a good start” stayed with me. I obsessed on that a lot during our ride back to the trailer. How short was short enough? I had no idea. I was also concerned about going short in the first place. I thought a pixie was as short as it got. Now I had something else to consider. 

Once back in our apartment, I immediately sought out Lisa. I told her everything. She got a look on her face and asked me. “Allie, I could tell you’ve had a thing for Matt since the 1st day in the vestibule. You get this dreamy look on your face every time you see him. You also get this stormy look whenever you see some new girl come out of his place in the morning. Are you sure this is what you want to do to yourself? I’ve been doing your hair for 4 years now and it really is hair most of us would die for. You’re sure?” 

“I am as sure of this as I’ve ever been. I need to know if there is a possibility of me together with Matt.” 

I could see the wheels spinning in her head. “OK, if you’re sure, be at the shop Monday evening at 6.” 

“What are you going to do?” “I’m not sure yet. I’ll figure something out. Just be there at 6 Monday.” 

Sunday went by with butterflies dancing in my stomach. I returned again and again to the mirror in the bathroom to see my hair and what I might look like with it short. 

Lisa was nowhere to be seen. Matt was strangely absent as well. 

Monday at the office went by in a blur. Just another commercial square blob. No imagination necessary. I wanted to build people’s dreams. Not these ugly monstrosities.  

Riding our horses on Saturday with Matt convinced me of what I wanted to do. Design and build a rancher’s dream house and outbuildings that blended into and became one with the environment surrounding it. I just had to get up the courage to quit my current job and do it. 

Six o’clock finally arrived and I entered Lisa’s shop. It was empty except for Lisa. She smiled for the first time since our talk on Saturday. “Are you ready for the big transformation?” “As ready as I’ll ever be.” 

Then I noticed the mirrors all had a cover over them. It was obvious I would not know what was going on until she took those covers off. I gave Lisa a look. I was scared and she knew it. 

“Don’t worry. I think I know exactly what will peak Matt’s interest.” 

With that she took me back for a shampoo and returned me to her station. 

She finished giving my hair a quick towel dry and then pinned some hair on top of my head. Combing it down I could see it laying against the black cape. I understood now how much I might miss it once it was gone and how long it would take to grow back if this experiment did not work. 

Lisa finished combing out my hair and then I felt the scissors cutting above my right ear. This was now real, and it was going to be shorter than I had originally expected.  

Lisa cut around my head leaving me with what I felt was something like a bowl cut. Not exactly what I was planning in my mind. She seemed able to read my thoughts. “Don’t worry. This is just getting started. It will NOT be a bowl cut.” I resumed breathing.  

And then I looked at the cape. It easily had 18 inches of strawberry blonde strands lying there. My heart stopped. 

Then Lisa picked up a comb and I could feel her lifting some hair at my ear and slicing off whatever she felt had to go there as well. She worked her way to the back, and I could feel more and more hair coming off there as she guided her scissors higher and higher up my head. Well above the occipital bone. 

I wondered, how high was she going and how short would this cut be? 

She moved to the left side and completed that until it felt about the same as the right side. Lisa put her scissors down. I could take a deep breath. Maybe this was all done now.  

I was wrong. I forgot there was hair piled on the top of my head. 

Lisa let the clips out of my hair, and it fell, taking its usual place down below my breasts. This obviously didn’t last long. She picked up her scissors and comb and began cutting again. Longer lengths started to pile up in my lap. Way longer than the first bowl cuts.  

I could feel her fingers grasping my hair on top and quickly cutting away whatever she had determined was not necessary to the style she had chosen for me. I was still in the dark.  

All I could see was more of what had formerly been my hair winding up on the cape or the floor. I pushed up the cape to allow it all to pass on to the floor and away from my eyes.  

I was afraid I was about to cry. 

After a long time of cutting, I thought I could feel how short she had cut the hair on top. I figured 5 inches were left there. That would have been the extent of my comfort zone. Shorter would freak me out. 

Lisa put both her comb and scissors down on the shelf. I brought a hand from beneath the cape to explore what it felt like, and she quickly slapped at my hand. “Not until we’re done.” My hand disappeared again beneath the cape. 

“I hope this has the effect I want it to have.” Lisa replied, “Believe me, it will.” 

That was a cryptic remark I thought. How would she know Matt would like it? I only had another second to ponder those thoughts before I saw her reach for something hanging from the shelf.  

It wasn’t a blow dryer. 

It was electric clippers.  

I had toyed with them being used on me several times over the past months. Wondering if this was something Matt liked and if I could even get the courage up to have them used on me. Now the time for wondering was over. It was about to become a reality. 

She selected a blue guide from her toolbox and slipped them onto the clippers. Bringing them to life with a click and a whir she brought them to the front of my right ear. My eyes would have bugged completely out of their sockets if the mirrors weren’t covered. As it was, I tried to follow them all the way to my ear. 

Lisa quickly guided them up and up the side of my head. I knew I was losing a lot of hair. But I had no idea as to just how much. She proceeded to do the same to the back and the left side. Thinking my ordeal was over, I let out a breath when she took the blue guide off.  

I was right for the first time all evening. Lisa was finished with the cut. She put the clippers back on their hook and got a blow dryer from another hook on her shelf. 

After she dried the remnants of my hair, she picked up a jar of what turned out to be fiber and rubbed that into her hands. Then she rubbed that into my hair. It felt strange because I had never put this kind of product in the hair. Then I felt her pick at my hair and having it feel so short. 

She was done. I waited for the big reveal. 

Lisa turned me away from the mirror. “Ok, I think you look like a 10. This is going to be a big change for you. Especially since you’ve never had short hair before. Take some time to absorb it and see if you can agree with me.” 

With that she went to the mirror and removed the covers. Coming back to my chair she turned me to see my reflection. 

OMG. I thought. Who is this person with the sexy short haircut? 

The eyes were the same. Actually, they were not. I could see my eyes and they looked big. I have blue eyes and I never tried to hide them, but I suppose I never did anything to make them look bigger either. I didn’t have that problem now. They were big and I had to admit they looked great. 

I had never had bangs. I had maybe 5 or even 6 inches of hair left on the top and Lisa had drawn them over to the side giving them a sweeping look. It looked great and I smiled for the first time since I walked into the shop. 

“Lisa, I can’t thank you enough for this. The back and sides are a bit shorter than I thought but it looks great.” 

“I actually toyed with going a little shorter. But I figured this was going to be enough trauma for your first time with short hair. I used a #3 guide on the sides and back which is about 3/8 of an inch. Short but not super short. I left the top longer too, to give you some options in styling there. Go home and show Matt and see what he says.” 

As I drove home, I had some time to think. Whatever happened between Matt and me would happen. Then I thought about my career. Stealing another look at my hair in the rearview mirror I decided I needed some change there too. I decided to branch out and start designing what I really wanted all along. 

As I walked up to our apartment, I caught Matt opening his door. I had forgotten. It was Monday. Monday is pizza night at our apartment. Matt and the girls would all be coming over at 730. Matt was the first to arrive. 

His jaw dropped. He just stood there looking at me like I was a new person. OK, maybe the style was new, but it was the same me. 

Not to Matt. 

He gathered himself together and said, “Allie, that haircut is really making you look smoking hot.”  

Wow, he seemed to like it. 

“Thank you. I am so glad you liked it. Lisa just finished it. I clear forgot about dinner. We need to order quick before everyone gets here.” 

He just stood there in the vestibule unable to speak. 

We entered my apartment and as soon as the door closed, Matt took my arm and spun me around. Facing each other he kissed me the way I had been dreaming of for a year.  

Suddenly, the door opened, and our friends entered the apartment. The girls all squealed in delight at my transformation. They also saw that something had happened between Matt and me.  

They could wait. I just had eyes for Matt. And it seemed he only had eyes for me. 

After everyone left our apartment Matt invited me over to his place for a nightcap. Again, as soon as his door closed, he was all over me. I got wrapped into his arms and we made it to the couch without a hitch. I tore off his shirt and he fumbled with my blouse and bra. 

His hands went to my head, feeling the short back and sides. He just let out this big sigh of contentment. I knew he liked my hair. The rest of the evening went as you can imagine. I made the shameless walk to my apartment the next morning. Lisa was already up and making herself some breakfast. 

She took one look at me and smiled brightly. “Hello Sunshine. I can see how your night went.” I smiled back and then said. “Matt seems to really like my haircut. And me. That’s the important thing.” 

Lisa took a moment to compose her thoughts. “After you and I talked Saturday, I texted him. I said we ought to talk. So, I met him Sunday and we had a long chat. He knew you had a thing for him. After a year of you coming on to him it wasn’t too hard to put 2 and 2 together. He also likes you. As in, he likes you a lot. But he just has this thing about short hair on his girlfriends.” 

“He told me he was afraid that if he told you to cut it short, you would get mad and walk away. He just wasn’t ready for his secret to come out.”  

“I asked him how short he liked it. He was very honest with me now that the ice was broken. He said very short. And that is why he hasn’t been open with you Allie. He likes you so much he was afraid he’d scare you off.” 

Well, I’ll be damned, I thought. He likes me. I mean after last night I know now he likes me. But why the mystery around the haircut itself? 

I just looked at Lisa wondering if there was more to the story. 

There was. But it was a while before I found out the rest of the story. 

Matt and I instantly became a couple. I went along with him to more of his training sessions. His trainer told me that Matt’s intensity level had gone up a few notches and he had no idea why. I think it was me but I remained quiet. He was now recommending Matt go to another specialist. 

I took some time off from work. We drove Ruger along with Matt’s saddle horse to Weatherford Texas. We met a horse trainer extraordinaire. He knew of Matt by name, and showed Matt, and me for that matter, what we were doing wrong in our riding. For me it was new information and made me a better rider and more knowledgeable about horses and how to work with them.  

For Matt it was career changing.  

He found little nuances Matt had no idea he had that were costing him tenths of seconds. He learned how to settle Ruger down in the chute. He was a completely different roper. And Ruger was a different horse. 

After a week in Texas, we returned home. On the drive, Matt told me I was his new inspiration, his muse. He was going to become a world champion. I just looked at him. I knew he was already up there but a World Champ? That was going to take some effort. 

About this time, I was ready for another haircut. It was well over 4 weeks since the big chop. Matt had noticed it getting a little longer. He still loved it and he was parading me around the arenas we went to introducing me to all the competitors and show organizers. I was in heaven. I wanted to make him proud and happy. 

I spoke to Lisa about a trim and how our relationship was going. She got a look on her face and said, “no problem. How about two days from now? I’ll close up the shop and give you my undivided attention.” 

Two days later I walked into Lisa’s shop. No coverings on the mirrors this time. I had become used to my new shorter hair and looked forward to a trim. 

Lisa quickly gave me a shampoo and then we returned to her station.  

She picked up her scissors and comb and immediately went to the right side. Lifting and cutting, lifting and cutting all around my head. Then she turned the chair to the right so I couldn’t see the mirror directly. 

I tried a little levity, “something going on that I shouldn’t know about?” “Just trying something a little new. Nothing to get excited about.” 

She lifted my hair on top. It had grown to at least 6 inches by now. Then, holding it between her fingers I could feel her cutting above her fingers.  

I had thought I would see maybe an inch of hair fall onto the cape. I was wrong. Pieces of hair rained down and they were at least 4 inches long. I gasped. 

Lisa scolded me. “Calm down, you’re gonna look fantastic. And don’t move. I want this cut to be perfect.” I held my breath waiting for whatever was to come. 

Lisa finished cutting on top. By now the cape was full of 4-inch pieces of strawberry blonde hair. Short hair that Matt had liked. Short hair that I had just gotten used to and now it would be even shorter. What was she doing to me? 

She finally turned the chair back so I could see the mirror. I don’t think my hair was even two inches long. Some of it seemed to want to stick straight up and some wanted to lie down flat. But really, all I thought was “It’s so SHORT.” 

While I was having these thoughts Lisa picked up her clippers. I knew these were coming at me. So, I was prepared for them this time. But instead of the blue guide, this time she put a red guide on them. 

It looked quite a bit smaller than what I remembered of the blue guide. Without a moment’s hesitation she quickly inserted them in front of my right ear and ran them high up my head.  

Again, I gasped. I knew she was taking it much shorter than the first haircut. I found my voice. 

“Lisa, this is way too short. I’m not ready for this. Matt likes the cut you did a month ago. What’s he gonna think about this? He’ll hate it.” 

“Trust me. You are gonna knock Matt’s socks off. And I want you to look good for the cameras when you start getting interviews from The Cowboy Channel folks.” 

Matt had mentioned that he was scheduled for an interview for one of the shows on TV. But I thought it was just him. Now, looking at myself, I wasn’t sure I was going to look very presentable in front of the cameras. 

By now she had run her clippers way up the sides of my head. By turning my head slightly, I could see she had taken me down to almost nothing. She then completed cutting on the left side. I could now see how short my hair was. Awfully short. With the short hair and my hair color it appeared to be shaved. 

I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I tried to control them. 

Lisa removed the red guide and pushed my head down to my chest. She now had bare clippers and she started to run them up the back. All the way to the occipital. I held my breath again. She then moved to the right and cut little pieces above my ear about an inch high above it. I saw small bits of hair raining down on the black cape. My heart must have been going 180 beats per minute at this point. 

I was sure of one thing. Lisa was ruining my life!  

“I’m giving you a little fade. This will really make you stand out.”  

But would I look hideous? And what would Matt think once he saw me? 

Finishing up, she placed her clippers on the hook. She then picked up her comb and a pair of scissors with ugly teeth. “These are thinning shears. I need to blend the top and the sides with them. Quit worrying. You look like you are walking up the stairs to the hangman’s noose. You look great if I do say so myself. This is a transformation for the books.” 

With that to calm me; hint, it did not, she attacked my hair again. I saw huge tufts of hair coming down every time she stopped.  

Finally, satisfied she had done whatever damage she could to me she picked up her blow dryer and proceeded to dry whatever was left of my hair. 

In only a minute she was done. My hair never dried this fast. I was shocked. It could not be dry already, could it? 

Lisa then picked up a jar of some fiber or something and rubbed it into her hands. She came at me again and rubbed it around the hair on the top. I could feel her hands as they slid against the skin on the sides of my head.  

I could actually feel her hands directly against my skin. The touch of her hands gave me goosebumps and I was getting aroused by the touch of her hands against bare skin.  

Her hands seemed to generate something inside me while she rubbed the sides of my head. I could also feel her tugging at the hair on top. It was not going to be combed over to the side. It was too short for that.  

I was scared and knew this was not going to be something either I or Matt would find attractive.  

My thoughts went wild. I felt like I had no hair left. Matt would think me hideous. I could not let him see me like this. I would have to work from home for a couple of months. Nobody could see me until this grew out a little. 

Lisa was finished. On the top she had given me short little pieces of hair that went every which way. She had fashioned the top into something like a shark fin in the middle, not exactly a mohawk, but it was a messy shark fin. The sides and back were essentially shaved. I could see what Lisa meant when she said I would stand out in a crowd. But what did it look like to others? 

I lost control of my tears. They were coming on full bore now. 

“Lisa, this is way too short. I can’t let Matt see me like this. I thought you and I were friends. Why did you do this to me.” I blubbered on through my tears. I was inconsolable. 

Lisa took me by the hand. “Allie sweetie, you are my best friend in the entire world. I would never do something to you that was not good for you. This is the haircut I originally had planned for you a month ago. But I knew then you were not ready to go this short. I think you’re ready now. But you need to think about where you are and where Matt is too.” 

“So why did you do this to me without talking about it?” I got through my tears. “Matt will never like this. He loved the style I had and now it’s gone, and I’m ruined.” I was an emotional wreck. I was ready to storm out of Lisa’s shop. 

I tried pulling my hand away from hers. She had a vise like grip on it. 

She continued holding my hand. “Allie, a month ago when Matt and I had our little chat. He told me what he really liked. He also told me how much he liked you too. He thought the first cut was the final cut. And it probably would have been until I saw this month how much you two were in love with each other. So, I decided to take you to the next level. I know for a fact Matt will love this cut even more than the first cut. Trust me on this. He will flip over this cut on you.” 

She gathered her thoughts and continued. “Allie, maybe I’m stepping over the line and telling you too much. But here goes. Matt also told me of his plans and dreams. Every one of those plans and dreams included you. Nobody else, you. You are gonna send him into orbit with this haircut.” 

I looked from my face in the mirror to Lisa’s eyes. Even through my tears I could see she was sincere. Somehow, I managed to stop sobbing and got out of the chair. Lisa told me to feel my hair. 

Running my hands to my now naked neck I could feel stubble. But it was not hard to the touch. More like velvet. Soft. The sides felt the same. The top was a bit sticky with fiber, but it felt nice too. My emotions were too intense for me to process all my feelings right away. 

Lisa grabbed me tight, and we hugged for a minute. She could feel me shaking.  

I managed to control myself and asked her, “You’re not just saying that, right? You really think Matt will like how I look?” 

“Sweetie, I am as sure of that as I can be. Now dry your eyes and go on home and see for yourself. Everyone’s coming over.” 

I just prayed she was right. I wiped my eyes, and we closed the shop and went home. It was a Thursday. Thursday night is Chinese night at our place. The regular crowd would be there. Including Matt. I was scared to death of the reception I was about to get. 

Luckily, unknown to me, Lisa had contacted everyone and told them to come over a little later than usual. Everyone except Matt. 

As we walked into the apartment, there he was. He turned as I entered and gave me one look before bounding to my side. His eyes were huge. 

“So, Matt what do you think of Allie’s new do?” 

I ignored her and said in a rush. “Matt don’t hate me for this. I know it’s too short. I can grow it out soon. I promise.” 

“Grow it out? Why? Allie, I think this is the sexiest haircut I have ever seen. That last one made you look smoking hot, but you are fully on fire now.” He stood back and looked closer at me. “Your eyes are red. You’ve been crying. What’s up?” 

“I was just afraid it was too short for you, and I was crying thinking you’d hate me for cutting it all off.” 

“Allie, in my book there is no such thing as too short. I cannot tell you how much this means to me. You cut your hair off to please me. How could I ever hate you?” 

But before we could do anything more, the girls arrived. More squealing from them. They all thought it was fantastic as well. Everyone but Matt got a touch of my new look. That would happen later. The feel of their hands gave me goosebumps all over again. 

Matt’s eyes never left me the entire time we were in my apartment. Once everyone else left I went to Lisa.  

“Lisa, I’m so sorry I was a wreck at the shop. I was just so scared this was going to ruin my relationship with Matt. I was completely wrong. Thanks for doing this. I’ll get used to it soon.” 

“I know. I took a lot of liberty with this cut. Allie, your self-confidence has gone through the roof since the last cut I did. I know you can conquer the world now.” 

Lisa motioned for me to come back to the rear of the apartment. “Allie, the reason I knew Matt would love this cut is because it is almost exactly what he described to me a month ago. I couldn’t think of giving you this cut before. You were not even close to being ready for it.” 

“I think you were a solid 8 or 9 before this cut. Not every woman could pull off this cut. You sweetie are one of them. You look stunning. I think Matt believes you’re a 10.” 

I smiled and mumbled, “Thanks for having faith in me. It is the last thing I would ever do on my own. We’ll just have to see what he thinks.” Lisa turned and picked something from a shelf. It was a jar of fiber. “On the house. You might need it tomorrow.” 

That night in Matt’s apartment was the most intense of our relationship to date. I was on cloud nine. Matt had made it obvious what his thoughts were. He was in heaven with this cut on me. I was determined to pull it off. And yes, I did need the fiber the next morning. 

The next week we had another rodeo, and it was a big one. Matt’s increased tempo at practice paid off. He won. A big pay day. 

Matt was also introducing me to a lot of his wealthy sponsors. He told them I was an architect looking to build dream homes on ranches. It was the start of my new career. 

One thing I found out very quickly. I needed a new cowboy hat. Without all my hair, my old hat was too big. Matt told me I needed one to be with him while The Cowboy Channel and Amy Wilson-Cameron did the interview. Amy had hair that was about as long as mine had been a month ago. Long blonde flowing hair. I envied her for just a second before I realized that I was beyond that now. 

Matt managed to tell the audience that I was a ranch home architect. I hid my surprise. I was still at my old job. Nobody knew what I had planned.  

Amy then asked me to take off my hat. I hesitated for just a second and took it off. She told me, “Allie, now THAT is a signature haircut. I just love it on you.” Amy turned to the camera and said to the audience, “Ladies and gentlemen, I think we are seeing a new power couple in pro rodeo.”  

After that interview was aired, I had to tell my employer I was going to branch off on my own. My phone started ringing almost at once. I had clients! 

Matt’s skills had increased too. He and Ruger were winning on a regular basis now. His paychecks were being banked and Ruger’s stud fees went up considerably. 

Matt and I get noticed wherever we go. If someone at a rodeo says, “She’s the blonde with long hair.” You look at them like they have a hole in their head. Which blonde with long hair are they talking about? 

There are hundreds of women with long blonde hair at a rodeo.  

But I’m the one they say, “She’s the gal with the super short reddish blonde hair. You can’t miss her.” Amy Wilson-Cameron was right, it is a signature haircut. I am planning on keeping it. 

About 3 months after my second haircut, Matt proposed to me on a trail ride we were doing outside of Oklahoma City, relaxing before an event. As soon as I saw the ring box, I knew what was coming. He no sooner had the words “Marry me” out before I said “Yes”. How he found my shaking finger to put the ring on I have no idea. 

Six months after that we were married. 

The money he made and saved along with the money I was now making designing houses for ranchers was put to good use. We bought our own ranch in Oklahoma. It’s not big by any means. I am designing a new ranch house and the outbuildings to go with it. Once we finish construction, it will hold 100 head of cattle and enough horses to keep us busy. It is an exciting time for us both. 

My hair really is a signature haircut. I stand out wherever I go, and I love it.  

The houses I am designing on my computer are as unique for my clients as the haircut. So far everyone loves them, and several are under construction now. I have contracts for more. 

Every three weeks I go back to see Lisa. She keeps it as short as the second cut she did. I think sometimes she might want to be even more daring, but I have given her strict instructions. No shorter than it is now. At least until Matt and I have a chat about it.  


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  1. Fantastic piece of script. Your style of writing is so inspiring, it is easy to read and draws you in.
    After months of reading, I have now started to write and post my own haircut stories. Your writing style is inspirational and I only hope I can reach your standard.

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