Risa Becomes his pet

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This work is a work of fiction and should be treated as such. It contains explicit sexual content, including scenes of extreme violence and transformation, which are solely for the purposes of sexual fantasy. Any attempt to replicate the content described herein would be illegal. This material is intended for entertainment purposes only, and readers should use their own discretion when deciding whether to continue reading. I would like to apologize in advance to anyone who may find this story offensive or upsetting. Please be advised that this warning serves as a precautionary measure, and if you choose to proceed, I hope you find the story enjoyable.

Suzuki was a young 30 year old business tycoon with a daring appearance. He had become convinced that the key to true beauty was passion and amusement. He loved to see the beauty of women and had been searching for a willing participant for years. One day, he met Risa, a beautiful 23 year old woman with wavy, black hair, at a blind date. He was immediately fascinated by her beauty and couldn’t resist the urge to experiment on her.

Risa had always dreamed of attending college, but her family’s financial situation had made it seem impossible. She worked hard and saved every penny she could, but it still wasn’t enough to cover the cost of tuition and living expenses. Risa was starting to lose hope when she met Suzuki, a successful business tycoon, at a coffee shop.

They struck up a conversation, and when Suzuki learned of Risa’s struggles, he offered to help her pay for her college expenses. At first, Risa was hesitant to accept such a generous offer from a stranger, but Suzuki insisted that he simply wanted to help her achieve her dreams.

With Suzuki’s financial support, Risa was able to complete her education and graduate from university. She felt a deep sense of gratitude towards Suzuki and wanted to find a way to repay his kindness. They started dating soon after, and Risa found that she was falling for Suzuki’s daring appearance and charming personality.

As their relationship grew, Risa noticed that Suzuki had a unique perspective on beauty. He believed that passion and amusement were the keys to true beauty and loved to experiment with different looks. Risa was intrigued by his ideas and soon found herself drawn into his world of extreme makeovers.

One day, Suzuki suggested that Risa try a drastic new hairstyle. At first, she was hesitant, but as she listened to him talk more and more about his ideas about beauty, she began to feel excited about the possibility of a new look. Risa agreed to the extreme makeover, and Suzuki took her to an underground barber in a shady part of town.

Suzuki took Risa to an underground barber in a shady part of town, telling her that he knew of a place that could give her a radical new look. Risa was initially hesitant, but Suzuki’s charm and persuasiveness won her over, and soon they found themselves in front of a dingy storefront, its windows blacked out.

Once inside, they were greeted by the sight of several barbers working on clients. The air was thick with the sound of clippers and the smell of hair products. Suzuki led Risa to a chair, and the barber came over to ask what kind of cut she wanted. Suzuki spoke up, telling the barber to cut Risa’s hair from floor-length to a chin-length bob.

Risa sat in the chair and received a hair wash as the barber caped her. She could feel the tension in her body slowly easing as the warm water and gentle massage washed over her. She knew that Suzuki had brought her to this barber for a radical new look, but she still had some reservations.

As the barber began to cut her hair, Risa watched in the mirror as her long, luscious locks fell to the ground around her. At first, she felt a twinge of sadness, but that was quickly replaced by a sense of excitement and relief. She had always been known for her beautiful hair, but now she was ready for a change.

Suzuki was there, encouraging her every step of the way. He could see the beauty in her, and he was determined to help her bring it out in new and exciting ways. As the barber worked, Suzuki talked to Risa about his ideas on beauty and the power of passion.

As the cut progressed, Risa could feel her confidence growing. She was shedding her old image and embracing a new, bolder look. She knew that this was just the beginning of a journey of self-discovery, and she was excited to see where it would lead her.

After many hours Risa had a wreath of hair around her feet. Risa stared at her reflection in the mirror, her short hair.. Her eyebrows, which had always been well-groomed, now looked bushy and unkempt. Suzuki trimmed away Risa’s eyebrows, intent they should match her new look. For years, she had been hiding behind her hair, using it as a shield to protect herself from the world. Risa smiled at herself in mild disbelief, she actually did it. Wow, she looked strange; somewhat expressionless. Stranger still, she knew she loved it. It was so weird, so different, and so unique. She wondered what other people will think. Suzuki wasn’t finished though. The eyelashes have to go too.. It was difficult at first, grasping the individual lashes without blinking, and her eyes water after he removed each lash, but eventually he was finished. What a difference such a little amount of hair makes? She blinked her lash-less lids and she felt their absence.

Risa wondered excitedly what Suzuki had planned for Risa’s next extreme makeover. While scrolling through the internet, Suzuki stumbled upon a plastic surgeon who offered operations. Intrigued, he clicked through to the surgeon’s website and began reading about the various procedures. That’s when he saw it: the option to have Risa’s breasts enlarged. At first, Suzuki thought it was a joke. But the more he read about the procedure and looked at the photos of other patients who had undergone it, he realized this was legitimate. He started to feel excited. What would she look like a milf? Would it be weird? Beautiful? He had to know. Suzuki emailed the plastic surgeon and asked if they would be willing to perform the procedure on Risa. The surgeon emailed back personally, saying they would be happy to make a consultation.

At the consultation. To Risa’s amazement, the surgeon consented, and Suzuki scheduled the surgery. Risa was completely unaware of Suzuki’s plan for her breasts. She had no desire to undergo any kind of cosmetic surgery and was content with her natural appearance. When Suzuki suggested they go to a consultation with a plastic surgeon, Risa was hesitant.

“Why do you want to do this?” she asked him, confused.

“I just think it would make you even more beautiful,” he replied with a smile.

Risa couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was off about the whole thing. But she didn’t want to disappoint Suzuki or seem ungrateful for all he had done for her. So, reluctantly, she agreed to go to the consultation.

The plastic surgeon was a friendly and professional man who explained the procedure to Risa in detail. He also showed her pictures of other women who had undergone the same procedure and had successful outcomes.

Risa listened carefully, but the more she learned, the more she felt uneasy. She didn’t want to change her body for someone else’s pleasure. She wanted to be accepted for who she was.

After the consultation, Suzuki was thrilled and eager to schedule the surgery. But Risa was hesitant and expressed her doubts.

“I don’t think I want to do this,” she said softly.

Suzuki’s expression changed from excitement to disappointment.

“Why not?” he asked.

“I just don’t feel comfortable with it. I’m happy the way I am,” she replied.

Suzuki didn’t push the issue any further, but Risa could sense his disappointment. She knew that her decision might change their relationship, but she couldn’t go through with something that didn’t feel right to her. But after so many requests she agreed.

After Risa agreed to the surgery, she was taken to the theater a week later. The day of the surgery was nerve-wracking, and Risa found it hard to sleep the night before. She had never undergone any kind of surgery before, let alone one that would alter her appearance so drastically.

As she was wheeled into the operating room, Risa felt a sense of fear wash over her. But the anesthesiologist assured her that she would be asleep for the entire procedure and that she would wake up feeling great. Risa closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and let the drugs take hold.

When Risa woke up, she was groggy and disoriented. Her chest felt heavy, and she was in pain. But as the anesthesia wore off, Risa began to feel more and more excited. She couldn’t wait to see her new body.

A few hours later, the surgeon came in to check on her. He smiled when he saw Risa sitting up in bed, her new breasts swelling over the top of her gown. He assured her that the surgery had gone well and that she would be able to go home the next day.

The first few days after the surgery were tough for Risa. She was in a lot of pain, and she had to wear a compression bra all the time to help with the swelling. But as the days went by, Risa began to feel more and more like herself again.

When she finally got to take off the bra and see her new body, Risa was amazed. Her breasts were huge, almost comically so, but they looked amazing on her small frame. She couldn’t wait to show them off to Suzuki.

As Risa stared at her reflection in the mirror, she felt a mix of emotions. She looked strange, and yet she knew that she loved it. It was so weird, Suzuki was pleased with the results and felt satisfied that he had succeeded in transforming Risa into his ideal of true beauty. But as time passed, Risa began to feel uncomfortable with her new appearance. She realized that she had been so focused on pleasing Suzuki and meeting his extreme standards of beauty that she had lost sight of what truly mattered to her. but she couldn’t help but wonder how her family would react.

She couldn’t wait to show her mother. She knew her mom would be shocked, but she didn’t care. Her mother cried when she saw her, unable to comprehend why her daughter would go to such extreme lengths to change her appearance. Risa, on the other hand, was thrilled by her mother’s reaction. She reveled in the shock and disgust on her mother’s face, feeling more alive and powerful than ever before. “I’m not finished yet,” Risa declared, her voice filled with determination. “I love how Suzuki has transformed me. I’ll get my body pierced all Suzuki was a man who had an unusual obsession with appearance. He believed that true beauty could only be achieved by altering one’s physical features to meet his extreme standards. He had been searching for a willing participant to experiment on for years until he met Risa.

In the end, Risa decided to embrace her natural beauty and stopped pursuing extreme makeovers. She learned that true beauty comes from within and that she didn’t need to change her appearance to feel confident and happy.

Risa had become obsessed with her new appearance and the attention it brought her. She loved the feeling of being in control of her own body, and she was addicted to the power she felt from shocking others with her extreme makeovers. She couldn’t wait to see what Suzuki had planned next for her. She knew that he had an unusual obsession with appearance and that he was constantly searching for new ways to transform her.

One day, Suzuki approached Risa with a new idea. He wanted to pierce her entire body and cover her in tattoos. Risa was hesitant at first, but the thought of another extreme makeover excited her. She agreed to the piercings and tattoos, eager to see what Suzuki had in store for her.

The process was painful, but Risa didn’t mind. She loved the way the piercings and tattoos made her feel. She loved the attention they brought her, and she reveled in the shock and horror on her family and friends’ faces. She was a walking work of art, and she felt invincible.

But as time passed, Risa began to feel a sense of emptiness. She realized that her obsession with her appearance and her need for attention had taken over her life. She had become a puppet, controlled by Suzuki’s desires.

One day, Risa looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the person staring back at her. She was covered in piercings and tattoos, her body no longer her own. She realized that she had lost herself in the pursuit of beauty and attention.

With tears in her eyes, Risa decided to break free from Suzuki’s control. But he was all he got as she was disowned by her parents and didn’t have anywhere to stay therefore she remained loyal to him.

However, as time passed, Risa began to notice that her relationship with Suzuki was changing. It wasn’t just about the extreme makeovers or the sexual acts anymore. She realized that she was completely dependent on him for everything. Suzuki controlled every aspect of her life, from what she ate to when she went to bed.

He even controlled when she could go outside and who she could talk to. At first, Risa didn’t mind. She loved the feeling of being owned and controlled by Suzuki. But as time went on, she began to feel suffocated. She wanted to have some freedom and independence, but she didn’t know how to ask for it. She was afraid that if she spoke up, Suzuki would punish her or worse, leave her. One day, Risa mustered up the courage to talk to Suzuki about how she was feeling. She explained that while she loved him and loved being his sub, she also needed some independence and control over her own life. Suzuki listened intently and promised to give her more freedom, but in reality, he had no intention of doing so.

Instead, Suzuki began to punish Risa for speaking up. He would withhold food and water, deny her orgasms, and lock her in a cage for days on end. Risa became a shell of her former self, completely broken and dependent on Suzuki for everything. She had no one to turn to and nowhere to go. In the end, Risa realized that the life she thought she wanted was not what she truly desired. She wanted to be loved and cared for, not controlled and abused.

As months passed, Suzuki asked Risa to marry him, but she always hesitated. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to make such a commitment, especially since their relationship had started in such an unconventional way. He kept asking her for months, But Suzuki was persistent, and eventually, Risa gave in.

However, she wasn’t happy about it. She felt like she was being pressured into something she wasn’t fully prepared for. On the day of the wedding, Risa felt uneasy and anxious. She didn’t want to go through with it, but she had already made a promise to Suzuki and didn’t want to back out now.

On the day of the wedding, Risa felt sick to her stomach. She had spent hours getting ready, wearing a revealing wedding lingerie and preparing for the big day, but all she wanted to do was run away. But it was too late now. Everyone was present in well dressed clothes wearing owl masks, as Suzuki had requested. It was a strange sight, but Risa didn’t have time to dwell on it.

As Risa walked down the aisle in her transparent wedding gown, people couldn’t help but stare at the exotic white lingerie underneath her dress. It was clear that Suzuki had chosen the most revealing outfit possible for her special day.

Suzuki watched with a smile on his face as Risa walked towards him, her body on full display through the transparent dress. He was proud of the beautiful woman he had transformed her into and couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her.

As Risa reached him, Suzuki took her hand and led her to the altar. The wedding ceremony proceeded with all the guests, dressed in owl masks, looking on. It was an unusual sight, but it didn’t faze Suzuki or Risa. They were too focused on each other and the love they shared.

When it was time for the exchange of rings, Suzuki presented Risa with a beautiful diamond ring. As she slipped it on her finger, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of sadness. She had never truly wanted to marry Suzuki, but she had agreed to it out of fear of losing him.

As the ceremony ended, the couple walked back down the aisle together, hand in hand. The guests cheered and applauded, but Risa couldn’t shake the feeling of unease in her stomach.

At the reception, Risa’s discomfort only grew. The guests were rowdy and inappropriate, making lewd comments about her appearance and the sexual nature of her relationship with Suzuki. Risa felt exposed and objectified, and she longed for the safety and comfort of her old life.

After the ceremony, the reception began. Everyone was dancing and celebrating, but Risa couldn’t bring herself to join in. She felt like a prisoner, stuck in a life that she had never wanted. As the night wore on, Risa slipped away from the party and went to her room.

She sat alone, crying and feeling lost. She knew she had made a mistake, but she didn’t know how to fix it. She was married now, and there was no going back.

After the wedding, The next day, As his wife, Risa never wore clothes again. She was only allowed to wear a simple white chemise that barely covered her curves. Suzuki loved the way she looked in it, her nipples and pubic hair visible through the thin fabric. He wanted to show her off to everyone, to prove that she was his possession.

Suzuki had complete control over Risa and he took advantage of it in every way possible. He would often make her kneel in front of him, her head bowed in submission, as he stroked his cock and ordered her to watch. Risa would obey his every command, eagerly lapping at his shaft with her tongue and sucking him deep into her throat. She loved the way he would grab her hair and hold her head in place, forcing her to take every inch of him.

As time passed, Suzuki’s demands became more extreme. He began to introduce Risa to his friends in the BDSM community, and she was expected to participate in their kinky activities. She was hesitant at first, but Suzuki promised her that it would make their bond even stronger. Risa wanted to please him, and so she agreed to participate.

Despite the abuse, Risa couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction in her new life. She loved the way Suzuki had transformed her, both physically and mentally. She was no longer the shy, insecure woman she had once been. Instead, she was a confident, sexually empowered submissive, eager to please her master in any way she could. And she knew that as long as she continued to satisfy Suzuki’s desires, she would always be his cherished possession.

Soon, Risa found herself being used by multiple partners, forced to endure pain and pleasure at their hands. It was a world she never imagined herself in, but Suzuki’s dominance over her made her feel safe and secure. She trusted him implicitly and was willing to do anything to make him happy.

Years went by, and Risa’s appearance changed even more. She had tattoos covering her entire body, and piercings adorned every inch of her flesh. Her once innocent face was now a canvas of dark makeup and bold piercings, her hair dyed a deep black. But through it all, she remained devoted to Suzuki, her master and husband.

One day, Suzuki surprised Risa with a trip to an underground BDSM club. Risa had never been to a place like that before, but she was excited to explore new things with her husband. At the club, Suzuki introduced Risa to shibari, the art of Japanese rope bondage. Risa was hesitant at first, but as Suzuki bound her tightly in intricate patterns, she felt a sense of peace and surrender. The rope pressed against her skin, marking her as Suzuki’s property.

Suzuki spent hours binding Risa in intricate patterns, his nimble fingers deftly weaving the rope around her body. Risa felt a mixture of excitement and apprehension as she was suspended in mid-air, her body completely at Suzuki’s mercy. But with each tug and pull of the rope, Risa felt a sense of liberation, as if the bonds were releasing something deep inside her.

As the weeks and months passed, shibari became a regular part of their sex life. Risa would eagerly await Suzuki’s knots, each time feeling more and more comfortable with the sensations and the complete surrender that came with it. She had never felt more alive or more connected to Suzuki than when she was bound and helpless in his hands.

Suzuki also continued to modify Risa’s body. He had her nipples pierced and stretched, her labia pierced and adorned with rings and chains, and her back tattooed with intricate designs. He loved to see the pain and pleasure on her face as she endured the modifications, and she loved the feeling of his control over her body.

As the years passed, Risa became more and more devoted to Suzuki. She was completely submissive to him, always eager to please and fulfill his every desire. Even as they grew older, their relationship remained strong, and Risa never regretted her decision to become Suzuki’s plaything and wife.

He Loved playing with his wife but was irritated with her hair blocking his way. After the club, Suzuki took Risa to a dark alleyway. She was nervous, but excited at the same time. She knew that whatever Suzuki had planned for her would be thrilling and would make her feel alive.

Once they were alone, Suzuki told Risa to strip and lean against the wall. Risa obediently followed his command, feeling a rush of excitement and anticipation as she exposed her naked body to him. She could feel his eyes on her as he approached her, a pair of scissors in his hand. Without warning, he grabbed a handful of her long hair and began to cut it away, piece by piece. Risa gasped as she felt the sharp blades of the scissors against her scalp, but she knew better than to protest or resist. This was what Suzuki wanted, and she was willing to do whatever it took to please him.

As he cut away her long locks, Risa couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss. Her hair had been a part of her identity for so long, and now it was being taken away from her. But at the same time, she felt a sense of liberation. With each snip of the scissors, she felt like she was shedding a part of her old self and embracing a new, more submissive identity. When Suzuki was finished, Risa was left with a short, choppy haircut that framed her face and exposed her delicate neck. She felt exposed and vulnerable, but also incredibly aroused. Suzuki leaned in and whispered in her ear, “You look beautiful, my pet. I’m proud of you.” Risa felt a shiver run down her spine at his words. She knew that she was nothing without Suzuki, that her existence revolved around serving and pleasing him. And she loved it. She loved the way he dominated her, the way he controlled every aspect of her life.

After a few days, Risa’s mind broke under Suzuki’s constant manipulation and control. She became his pet wife, doing whatever he asked of her without question. Despite the abuse and control, Risa felt a sense of security and belonging with Suzuki. She felt like she had found her purpose in life, to serve him and fulfill his every desire. He showered her with attention and affection, and in her mind, she knew he loved her.

She became increasingly submissive and obedient, eager to please her husband in any way possible. He would command her to crawl on all fours, lick his boots clean, and even bark like a dog. At first, Risa felt embarrassed and ashamed by her behavior, but soon she found herself enjoying it. She loved the way Suzuki would praise her for being a good pet and pet her on the head or scratch her behind the ears. One day, Suzuki decided to take things further and put a collar on Risa. It was a thick, black leather collar with a heavy metal ring in the front. Risa felt a rush of excitement as he fastened it around her neck, feeling the weight of the leather and metal against her skin. The collar made her feel even more owned and submissive to her husband. From then on, Risa wore the collar all the time, even in public. It became a symbol of her submission and devotion to Suzuki. She would crawl at his feet on a leash, wearing nothing but a skimpy lingerie set, with her hair cropped short and her body covered in tattoos and piercings. Some people would stare in shock or disgust, while others were intrigued or even turned on by their unconventional lifestyle.

Suzuki had complete control over Risa, and she had become entirely dependent on him. He was her master, and she was his pet. Risa no longer had any sense of identity or self-worth outside of serving Suzuki’s desires. She had lost all touch with reality and had become a mere shadow of her former self. Suzuki continued to transform her appearance, and Risa had come to love the changes he made. She was now covered in tattoos and piercings, and her hair was shaved down to a buzz pixie  cut. She wore a thick leather collar around her neck at all times, and she was only allowed to wear a revealing chemise dress. Despite the drastic changes in her appearance, Risa had never felt more beautiful. She loved how the collar made her feel owned and how the tattoos and piercings marked her as Suzuki’s property. Her mind was entirely consumed by him, and she felt nothing but pleasure in serving his every desire. Suzuki would often take Risa out in public, leading her around on a leash like a pet. People would stare at her in shock and disgust, but Risa relished in the attention. She loved being on display for everyone to see, and she loved how it made Suzuki feel powerful.

Risa was now completely submissive to Suzuki and would do anything he asked of her. She no longer had any sense of self or identity, and her only purpose in life was to serve her master. When they were alone, Suzuki would often engage in BDSM activities with Risa, subjecting her to intense pain and pleasure.

Despite the physical pain she endured, Risa found herself feeling more alive than ever before. Suzuki had completely broken Risa’s mind, and she was now his obedient pet. She would wait for him eagerly, naked and collared, until he returned home from work. As soon as he walked through the door, Risa would crawl over to him, wagging her tail in excitement. Suzuki had complete control over Risa, but he knew that he had to keep her submissive and obedient. He would often use humiliation and degradation as a way to keep her in line, reminding her that she was nothing but a worthless pet. Despite this, Risa remained devoted to Suzuki and would do anything to please him.

Risa was always willing to try anything he asked of her, and she found herself growing more and more addicted to the pain and pleasure that he inflicted upon her. For Risa, there was no going back. She had given herself over completely to Suzuki, and she knew that she would always be his obedient pet, eager to serve him in any way possible.

Suzuki loved the control he had over Risa, and he enjoyed showing her off to the world. As they walked around in public, Risa would crawl on all fours, her leash attached to her collar, and her naked body exposed to the world. Passersby would often stop and stare in shock and disgust, but Suzuki reveled in the attention. Risa loved the feeling of the collar around her neck, the weight of the leash pulling her along. She felt a sense of belonging and security being led around by Suzuki, like a prized possession.


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