Role of a Lifetime

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Jennifer was beyond nervous as she answered the phone.  She recognized the number, it was the casting agency.

“Hello?  This is Jennifer?”  she answered the phone.

“Jennifer, hi, this is Derek.  We’ve decided to go ahead and cast you in the role.  The details and information is in an email I’m sending to you right now,” said the voice on the other end.  Jennifer’s heart leapt.

“That’s so amazing!” she exclaimed.  “Which role did I land?”

“Sorry Jennifer, I don’t have that information.  Everything is in the packet in the email.  I just make the calls.  Congratulations!”

“Thank you so much,” Jennifer said as she hung up the call.  She ran over to her desktop computer, heart racing, and found the email.  She had been cast in a small, unnamed speaking role on a major television drama.  This was her first speaking role since she had started auditioning, and Jennifer felt liberated and vindicated.  Her parents, her ex-boyfriend, they’d all been wrong about her- she had what it took to become an actress.  She had almost started dialing her parents number when her heart sank.

Beneath the basic info about the show and the character were some important notes from the casting agency.  “This character is undergoing chemotherapy.  Any actor portraying this character will be required to shave their head prior to shooting the scene, independently.”  She couldn’t believe what she was reading.  Her mind raced back to the day she submitted the audition tape to the agency, and filled out paperwork agreeing to change her hair and appearance for any role they may cast her in…but she couldn’t believe that a television program was asking her to shave her head to play a simple walk-on role.

Jennifer sat back in her chair and pondered her options.  Rejecting the offer wouldn’t be career suicide, but it wouldn’t look good if she wanted to work there in the future.  Shaving her head for even a minor role would speak to her dedication, commitment, and willingness to do anything to capture a character.  It might be great for her career.  However, it would come at great cost.  She would have to shave off her thick, healthy, luscious brown hair.  She had never cut it above her collarbone, and it had been at her mid-back since high school.  The thought of cutting a ponytail of her beautiful hair sent a shiver down her spine.

A moment passed, and Jennifer sat only in the glow of her computer desktop, running her fingers through her long locks.  She pulled it back tightly into a ponytail, and tied it off with a hair-tie that she wore around her wrist.  The thought of cutting her ponytail off was stuck on replay in her mind.  She remembered her ex, running his fingers through it while they kissed on his bed.  She remembered her mother, constantly preening and primping it all throughout her childhood.  And the thought of her ponytail being snipped off with scissors…  It was all overwhelming.  She knew she had to accept the role and shave her head.  Without pause, she responded to the email accepting the job.  Shooting was to begin on Friday, and she was expected to arrive on set completely bald.  She had two days to shave her head.


The next afternoon, while running errands, Jennifer drove past by a hair salon.  Her hair hung limply in the ponytail she had applied last night, and the thought crossed her mind.  She was supposed to arrive on set completely bald.  But there was a day between then and now, and Jennifer would savor every last moment with her ponytail and her beloved hair.  When she got home, she finally called and told her parents.

“Mom, I’m shaving my head for my next role,” Jennifer proclaimed.  The silence on the other end was palpable.

“You’re what?” her mother asked, incredulous.

“I’m going to shave my head, I’m playing a chemo patient that has a speaking role, and the studio wants me to shave my head.  Tomorrow I’m going to do it.”

“You can’t, Jennifer, oh, why, your beautiful hair!  You’ve always had long, thick, chestnut hair, it will be a tragedy to shave it off!” her mother offered.  Jennifer had expected this type of reaction.

“It’s too late, I’ve already signed on for the part.  It will grow back,” Jennifer said.  Her mother remained unconvinced, but Jennifer had become used to that.  She posted a blurb about it on social media and relished in watching all the support come in.  Her ex would definitely see this, too, and she couldn’t deny that was half the reason she had posted it.

The next day, Jennifer arrived at the salon in the afternoon for the big cut.  The lady at reception was shocked when Jennifer explained she needed her head shaved bald.

“Are you sure, sweetie?” the woman asked.  Jennifer nodded, irritated at all the second guessing.  She waited for only a moment before a gentleman called her to the back.

“Hi, I’m Trevor, I heard that you need your head shaved?” he inquired.

“Yes, I do, I was recently cast in a role that requires a shaved head,” Jennifer explained.

“Wow, that’s really exciting.  Well, I’ll get you taken care of today, I usually just cut men’s hair, but the ladies didn’t really feel comfortable shaving your head,” Trevor said.

Jennifer understood why.  It was probably extremely rare for a woman to come to the shop asking for over two feet of long, healthy hair to be shaved off.  Trevor tied up Jennifer’s hair in a tight ponytail.

“Okay, I’m going to cut it,” he began, nearing the tie with scissors.  “Last chance to back out.”

Jennifer paused a moment, took a deep breath, and felt overcome once again.  “Cut it,” was all she could muster.

The scissors took only a moment to chop through the thick ponytail, and suddenly, her hair hung like an uneven bob just above her collarbone.  She took a deep breath.  The moment the scissors had cut through had been…unique.  Her mouth was dry and she felt cold all over, but looking at herself in the mirror sent shivers down her spine.  Is it even me? she thought.

“Okay, I’m going to run clippers right down the middle,” Trevor began.  “No going back now.”

Jennifer let him do it.  The clippers were without a guard, and they cut through the chestnut brown locks as if they were nothing.  Her hair tumbled down her cheeks and onto the cape around her shoulders, and then onto the floor.  She could feel herself get wet, her face flushing.  This was exciting her, she couldn’t believe it.  Having her head shaved bald was erotic to her, and the thought made her a little more excited.  Trevor continued to shave her head, pass after pass, and more hair tumbled down to the floor.  She looked up in the mirror to see a patchwork where chestnut fields had once laid, uneven stripes of hair, with out-of-place long strands clinging on as the clippers made short work of what was left.

Jennifer was tempted to sneak her hand down her pants to rub her clit, but resisted the urge.  Trevor was finishing off the clipping, and her head was nearly completely free of hair.  What remained was little more than stubble.  It was cold, like she was naked, but for the first time, and her hands wanted to fly to her head to start exploring the remains of her former crowning glory.  Trevor was not finished, however, and he began to apply a warm lather of shaving cream to Jennifer’s head.  She hadn’t thought this would happen, but it made sense.  Soon, she felt cold metal kiss her head as Trevor began to pass the straight razor over her scalp.

The razor sent a tingle down Jennifer’s spine, and she couldn’t help but orgasm as it worked its way over the gentle curve of her head.  She had never been such a mess in public, but was hoping that everyone else would just think she was emotional on account of being newly bald.  Trevor took another path with the razor, and Jennifer could feel the areas that were bare skin.  The feeling of air alone passing over the bald areas of her scalp was too much to handle.  Trevor finished up, and Jennifer looked at her reflection in the mirror.

She was stunned by what she saw.  Her same, beautiful face, no longer framed against waves of brown, rather, now her head was completely skin.  It hadn’t diminished her one bit, she was as beautiful as ever, more feminine, graceful, demure than ever before.  She could picture herself bedecked in jewelry and golden hoop earrings, her bald head complimenting stunning features and cheekbones.  Jennifer was in love with the way she looked.  Trevor removed the cape, and her hands flew to her silky smooth scalp, caressing it gently for the first time.  She came again.  The feeling was surreal, like the softest leather she had ever felt.  It was truly intoxicating.

“Thank you,” was all she could muster as she left the store and paid.  She had stuffed a beanie cap in her bag to hide her baldness, but now found she had no desire to wear it.  On her way to her car, she caught eyes on her, but just smiled.

When she arrived at her home, she went upstairs and undressed to shower off.  She looked herself over in the mirror, running her hands over her bared scalp.  Her parents and her ex probably wouldn’t even recognize her.  She was truly naked, for the first time, and the feeling was unlike any other.  In the shower, as the water pattered against her scalp, she touched herself, and came thinking of her hair being shorn.  She knew her hair would never be that long again, and she wasn’t growing this out any time soon.

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