Roma’s Makeover

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Roma waas a beautiful Oriental Lady who stood 5’6” tall with Shiny Long Black hair that fell to her waist. She was well proportioned, walked with confidence and spoke gently and soft. I first met Roma at a Bingo Hall. I was selling scripts, Roma and her mother were playing Bingo every Friday night.

I commented to Roma about howbeautiful she was and how silky and long her hair was. Roma would always say THANK YOU OC, Thank You very much and then blush, which was so cute to see. I found out Roma was 20 years old, was taking college courses, had a 4.0 Grade Point, was persuing a degree in Criminology. I took Roma under my wing as I was in my 12th year as a Sheriff Sargeant in Patrol.. We got together weekly at the Bingo Hall, Roma would come in at 4pm to let me help her with her weekend assignments, then play Bingo at 7pm to 11pm. With her Mom.

For about 2 years we studied, then Roma graduated. I told her to take the Sheriff’s exam because she was a female, a minority as Oriental, plus she was very smart with a 4.0 GPA as a Criminal Justice Candidate. Roma took the test, passing with flying colors Roma hired on and by my surprise was assigned to me as her FTO (Field Training Officer). Roma was now on Probation for six months, then when she passed she would be on her own. Roma was a superb Officer, she followed my instructions, BUT: Roma was a Black Belt in Karate knowing how to restrain and cuff an individual, plus she was very meek looking, beautiful as someone whom many melted seeing her as an Officer. Roma commanded the scene from her first entry to her closing the report with and excellent writing of the case as it had transpired. As we drove around I asked Roma had she ever thought of cutting her hair short as long hair in police work could be a liability. Roma said “NO OC NEVER OC, it is a custom to have long beautiful hair OC, I always thought I could keep my long hair. I have never in my life had short hair OC??” I said “OK just keep it in mnd that it is nice to have, but; long hair can become a liability.” Roma replied “OK OC I will think about it, but, will keep it long as always, Thanks OC.”

Roma had one month to go as a rookie. We had an altercation that night. Roma and I were taking down a drunk on drugs, rolling around on the ground when Romas hair became undone and flowed all around us. The drunk grabbed her hair trying to pull Roma down to him, Roma screamed as he pulled her long mane of hair over and over again. Finally we subdued the drunk, Roma pulled her hair back into a nice bun of hair on her head,, we then took the drunk to the Jail and booked him.

We went back to the car, back to the district to finish the night shift. Roma said, “That was scary OC, I mean my long hair coming down, him grabbing my hair, pulling it hard, trying to control me. All I could think about was OUCH THAT HURT ASS HOLE, I thoiught I was a gonner OC, I never want to go through that again.” I looked at Roma and replied “I told you back 5 months ago about long hair as nice but; a liability, tonight you experience what I was saying Roma.” Roma looked at me, smiled, then said, “ OC do you want to cut my hair for me.?” I said “Only of you want to Roma, is it now time to shed the long mane than can be a liability? How short do you want it. You know I will cut it for you Roma.” Roma looked at me and said “OK OC after shift at your shop where we just trimmed my hair over the years.” I replied “OK DEAL ROMA a new you with a new do.” Roma nodded then smiled.

We finished up the shift, went to my house, went to the basement Beauty Shop where Roma had been to have her ends trimmed every 3 months for the past 2 years, so it was not like Roma did not know about the side business I had. We looked at books for a style Roma would like. It was July 1985, the Movie “ THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN” had just come out, the movie was causing quite a stir. with young ladies trading in their manes of hair, for the cropped look of Bille Jean (Helen Slater) who cut her long locks off after seeing Joan of Arc. Like Joan of Arc, starting a wave of rebellion in the movie, plus a wave of long hair to a buzz cut makeovers. Roma looked at me then asked in a sheepish voice; “OC, can I pull off the Billie Jean Look, what do you think OC??” My jaw dropped, I was stunned by Romas idea of cutting off over 32” of gorgeous Shinny Black Hair that fell to her waist, for a buzz cut of about 11/2” on top, not to mention the sides, plus back at 1/2”, I was stunned to say the least, yet replied, “Wow Roma thats a drastic change, but; if thats what you want I will do it?” Roma paused for a moment, looked at the ad in the newspaper from Sunday. Billie Jean was in full color, standing near a swimming pool, with hair all shorn short. Roma wanted to do this style, WOW, Yes, I would be glad to do this makeover. Roma looked at me smiled then said; “Lets do it before I change my mind OC, OK lets do it now please OC right now, I am getting excited to have this long hair shorn off so it cannot be pulled like it was today OC, so cut it off short like Bille Jeans hair is OC, I want to do it now.?

I caped up Roma, put the tissue around her neck, pulled her long Black shinny hair out, fastend the cape at the nape. Roma was looking in the mirror like a deer in the headlights look. I combed the mane out for the last time, then measured it. 31.5” , it hung so shinny, so beautiful was Roma’s hair. I told Roma I was going to cut it all off to 1 1/2” all over first, then the sides at the part mark would be clippered to ½: all around. Roma looked at me in the mirror, nodding an OK. I parted the hair at the part lines and pulled the top hair into a nice bun on top of Romas head. I pulled a section of hair at the sideburns up, adjusted it to be loose about 5” from the scalp, turned on the clippers , Roma jumped, looked wild eyed in the mirror as I pushed the clippers up through the spire of hair. As I pushed upward,the section being severed by the clippers fell across the back of my left hand, what a sensual feeling that was, seeing severed strands of hair raining down on my left hand back side while looking at the ½” path of hair left behind. Roma shreeked a cry of “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD OC; THIS IS SHORT REALLY SHORT OC OH MY GOD is that and inch and a half OC?.” I kept silent pushing the clippers over the ear, then upward to the part line. With every spire being held then clippered, came 31” of a long beautiful lushious mane of hair severed with 5” falling over the back of my hand. I went around the scalp from right to left till all the hair was 1/2” long as I held on to 31” of severed hair.

Roma was in awe, I said; “Surprise it is ½’ now I thought if I cut it at 11/2” you would stop there, so I cut it too 1/2” to be done with it once and for all.” Roma looked at her very stricking short ½ Crew cut hair from left to right then fel the stubbled hair over and over again saying OH LORD OC IT IS SHORT FOR SURE NOW NO GOING BACK HUH?” I undid the top knot bun and the hair fell long and loose in a top knot ponytail. Her long mane was gone now only a small remenance of what once was remained. Roma looked at me saying;”OC CUT IT OFF TO 11/2”, NOW OC I WANT IT ALL CUT SHORT OC JUST LIKE BILLY JEANS HAIR ISIN THE PHOTO.”

I put the attachment on for 11/4”, along with the #2.5 steel blade of 1/4” making a 11/2” cutting to be done.” I grabbed the loose top knot ponytail with my left hand, held it up so it was loose, I turned the clippers on, Roma jmped, I brought the clippers to the forhead at the right partline, then ran the clippers through the long mane. The hair became severed as the clipper roared through the long hair reducing it to 11/2”. Roma shreiked as the path of long hair was lifted from the clippered 11/2” hair leaving a nice clean long 11/2” left to be seen as a new cut. Romas eyes were wide as she watched the long hair to short hair transformation taking place with jaw dropped. I went down the middle of the forehead again reducing more of the long mane to 11/2′ FROM 31 1/2”, it was exhillerating seeing 30 “ of severed locks in my hand . I looked at Roma who was in shock at the hair being severed.was smiling a big grin. I went down the left side as the last path of long hair remained. As it was clippered away Roma watched saying:; “OC THIS IS SO COOL, NO MORE LONG HAIR TO BE PULLED, NO MORE 2 HOUR WASHING AND DRYING THE OLD HAIR, NO MORE HAVING TO DECIDE WHAT STYLE TO USE FOR THE DAY, NO MORE TOP KNOTS, WOW OC HOW COOL IT IS SHORT, I LOVE IT OC, THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME BECOME A NEW LADY.”

Roma kept tossig the 11/2” of hair and rnning her hands through it then dropping to the 1/2” crew cut hair. I combed the hair like Billie Jeans style. Uncapped the cape, then the cape was removed, Roma stood up, looked at herslf in the Mirrors, smiled, gave me a big hug, then a kiss on my cheeck saying; “I love it OC, thank you OC,it will be a long time before I grow a mane of hair again if I do?” The next day at work, everyone was abuzz about the Roma with the new short Billie Jean cut.

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