Room 318

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I open the door with my freshly manicured fingers and walk purposefully across the lobby as my black heels clack against the floor. I approach the receptionist and she greets me, “Hello and welcome to Edgewater. How may I hope you?”
“Hi,” I smile kindly but briefly. “I’m checking in for my reservation for Smith.”
“Oh yes. I see you have booked a room for one night with a city view. Is this correct?”
“Yes it is. And just double checking that you you saw the request for two keys?”
“Yes Ma’am I see that as well. Sign here and I’ll call for a bellhop to assist you to your room with your bag.”
“No thank you. I’ll be capable of locating my room on my own but thank you.” I say signing the document and taking the keys.
I turn and walk towards the direction of the elevator and wait patiently for it to open. As it opens I see a well dressed man in the elevator eyeing me up and down. I walk in and as the door shuts he asks, “what floor ma’am?”
“Oh three please,” the question takes me off guard for a moment as I didn’t realize he was a employee of the hotel. He pushes the button and I politely say “thank you.”
After only a moment the door opens and he says “floor three ma’am,” as places his hand to hold the door in place for me. “Thanks,” I say as I walk out and towards my room with the help of the sign pointing out which way I should walk.
Reaching door to room 318 I take out my key and place it in the slot and the green light flashes signally that I can open it. I walk in and place my bag down in the bed and glance at my phone to see the time, 4:30pm. 30minutes until I should be in the hotel bar. “Perfect timing,” I say aloud as I put my phone down, grabbing makeup bag and walk towards the bathroom.
I flick on the light and my mouth drops. A gorgeous bathroom with a full glass shower door and a separate full garden bathtub. I place my makeup bag on the counter and take a deep breath as I look at my self in the mirror. I double check that my short pixie brown hair doesn’t have a hair out of place. Smokey eye makeup and gorgeous soft pink lip gloss. Glancing down I smooth out my little black dress even though it doesn’t have any wrinkles but just to feel the fabric on my skin.
I begin freshening up my makeup. Apply a bit more mascara and more lip gloss and decide to call it good.
I turn off the light and walk towards the bed where I left my bag. Looking in my bag I pull out a couple of things. First I pull out a black lace lingerie outfit and hold it up to my body and smile with confidence and place it on the bed. Next I pull out my pink Oster 76 clippers and giggle at the thought that I left all of my guards at home and place them on the desk. Pulling out the black cape I fold it and place it on the desk next to the clippers. Then I pull out shaving cream and fresh razor and walk to the bathroom and place them on the counter. I pick up the basically empty bag and take it the closet and put it on the shelf.
I glance at my phone and see that it’s 4:45 and decide it’s time. I pick up the key cards and place them in my bag along with my phone and walk towards the door. It shuts behind me as I walk towards the elevator and select the up arrow.
After a minute the elevator opens and the same gentleman is in the elevator. “Hello again,” he greets me as I walk in the elevator. “What floor ma’am?”
“Rooftop please,” I smile as he selects the button for me. The elevator rises 7 floors and opens up to a bar.
I walk out and I’m quickly greeted by a hostess. “How many I help you ma’am?”
“I have a reservation for Smith and a guest at 5 but I’m here just a bit early.”
“Yes ma’am. Your guest is here and I can show you to your table.”
As we are walking towards the table I see you before you see me. Sipping on a drink in a short glass with a skinny black straw and looking as handsome as I pictured you would be. You see me as I’m two feet from the table and you stand and pull the chair out for me and nod and a quick “thank you,” to the host.
I sit and place my bag on my lap and you take a seat next to me. “Hello my dear. You look fantastic,” you say looking me up and down.
“Thank you and you look as handsome as I have pictured,” I say looking down an my hands with a hint of nervousness. You hear this and take my hand with one and gently list my chin with the other.  “My dear we have talked about this moment for years. Please relax and enjoy yourself,” and you look deeply into my eyes and smile.”
A woman approaches the table carrying a clear drink with a lime on a stick and a black straw and places it on the table. “Thank you,” you say to her and she flashes you a huge smile
and says “you’re welcome Sir.”
“I hope you don’t mind. I took the liberty of ordering a drink when I ordered mine. Tequila, Sprite and lime, just like we talked about,” he says looking at me.
“Thank you. I appreciate you,” picking up the drink and taking a sip.
After engaging in brief conversation and finishing our drinks you smile at me. “Are you ready?,” you say placing you hand gently on my leg. “Yes Sir I am,” beaming back you as I reach into my purse to grab the extra key card and I slide it to you.
“Thank you dear. I’ll take care of the check. Please take care getting yourself back to the room and getting yourself ready like we talked about,” a bit more firmly. “Yes Sir,” as a stand and walk towards the door knowing you are watching me as I walk.
Walking to the elevator the hostess presses the down button for me and I say “thank you.” After a brief moment the elevator doors open to the same man waiting to press the button again. “Floor 3, correct ma’am?” “Yes, thank you.”
The door opens and I walk towards my room. Pulling out my key I slip it into the door as I did before and walk in. I place my bag in the closet and walk towards the bed where I left my black lace lingerie. I slip my dress off of my shoulders and allow it the fall to the floor exposing my very naked body. I arrived to our meeting sans panties and bra just as I had been told to and I’m not sure if you even noticed.
I stepped into my teddy and pulled it up over my body. Running my hands along my body I feel the lace only covering my nipples, the slit of my vagina and very little anywhere else.
I then pick up my dress and walk to the closet to hang it up and leave my heels on my feet. I pull out a blindfold and then walk towards the chair. I sit and then place the blindfold on my eyes and the straps behind my ears leaving my hand still fully exposed. I spin the chair towards to wall and wait only moments and I hear sounds at the. door.
You reach into your pocket and take the key out and slide it into the hotel room door. You walk in and see me sitting in a chair facing the wall and blindfolded. From your view you can only see my bare arms and legs. I can hear you walking towards me and then I feeling your fingers dragging across the fabric of my teddy. You can see the black lace lingerie barely covering my body in all the right places.
You continue to walk around the chair and stop the the back. You place your hands on my shoulders and lean down and gently kiss my neck. “Good girl” you whisper in my ear as you place your hand around my throat making me sit up straighter.
Looking to your left you see on the desk guardless pink clippers already plugged in and neatly folded up black cape.
“I see you decided to bring a cape but I won’t be using it,” I hear you say as you pick up the clippers and turn them on.
Positioning them at my forehead you kiss the back on my head and pull them backwards until they reach my crown. Small brown tuffs of hair fall down on my shoulders and neck.
Lifting the clippers up you place them to the right of your first pass and make the bare strip wider. Lifting up the clippers you place it now on the left side of your first pass and pull them backwards.
You take your fingers and rub my almost bare scalp and gently brush off some of the tuffs still on my scalp. Running your fingers along the outside of the bare patch. “My dear you appear to be balding. I’ll help you with the removal of the rest of this.”
I sit quite and still knowing you weren’t going to stop anyways. Placing the clippers on my right sideburn you push them straight up. I feel the hair tickle down my neck and shiver a bit. I feel you continue to move the clippers along my head slowly taken everything down to the same length.
You take your hand and brush the hair off of my head a couple of times. You continue to buzz me until all of my pixie length hair has been taken down to the skin. Your last meaningful pass of the clippers is at my left sideburn. After that you take the clippers along my scalp with a quick pace insuring that you have stripped me of all of my hair on my scalp.
“Let’s finish this in the shower,” you say turning off the clippers and spinning the chair around to see me buzzed for the first time. You take my hand, turn and walk towards the bathroom.

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