Rosaline’s Imagination

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St. Marie Joys High school, a well-established institution in the society, the students were roaming all around the place talking cheerfully with one another, couples teasing each other and fooling around and some resting peacefully under the shades of the well grown trees planted around the campus,

Inside one of the class rooms,

Before the gathering of around sixty or so students stood a gorgeous busty beauty, she was Rosaline a fair-skin toned young women of mid-twenties, she was 5’7 tall, dressed conservatively with a modest skirt below her knees and white blouse with a plain navy- blue overcoat on it, just appropriate for the teacher’s profession, she had beautiful green eyes, rosy lips and luscious blonde locks with dark highlights on it, she wore it in a neat ponytail which ends were wavy, it fell just past her bra straps, she looked professional yet playful at the same time, which gave the students a pleasant feeling, and they were listening intently to her melodious voice without missing out a word she spoke and they looked at her with a mesmerized gaze and also lustful eyes while she moved around gracefully with her slender body, her not so small breasts would be jiggling around, occasionally she would point at the board and explain with some simple hand gestures

Suddenly a loud bell rang out,

Bringing everyone form their stupor

After picking up the books she came with from the table, she turned around facing the students with a faint smile on her face as she said “So that’s it for today’s class then and remember to finish up your assignments in your summer break, remember I don’t want to hear any excuses!”

All the students smiled back pleasantly and thanked her after being dispersed

Clanking sounds of heels accompanied her as Rosaline walked in the wide corridor, while holding her books against her breasts, a middle-aged lady came into her view, she was dressed neatly in a tailored white blazer with her black hair reaching her shoulder length and had signs of grey on the sides, she greeted the approaching young women with a smile on her face and said “How are you doing? Rosaline”
Rosaline’s lips curled into bright smile as she replied “doing great Mrs. Allen”

Mrs. Allen replied “Let’s have chat while walking, I just left my things at my table”

Rosaline replied politely “Oh, I was just on my way there as well, to pick my bag and leave”

Mrs. Allen asked “oh anyway, so any new plans for summer this year, Rosaline”

Rosaline pondered for a while looking up and sighed as shook her head and said “nothing much, just the usual. what about you Mrs. Allen?”

Mrs. Allen replied “Oh, I was planning on getting myself a haircut, think’in about taking it little shorter than usual,what do you think?”

Rosaline responded while wiping a sweat from her forehead “Hmmm haircut huh. that sounds nice, the temperature’s really’s been unbearable and the forecasters are saying it’s only increasing, it’s sounds like a viable option and I already noticed many of our staff members sporting short haircuts”

Mrs. Allen”Hmmm, so when are you getting a haircut, in my opinion something really short would look fabulous on you”

Rosaline was taken aback and said “Huh? , yeah.. my sister been pestering me about the same thing, but It’s just that I like my long hair so much I can’t bring myself opting for something short, so I think I’ll manage to preserve through the heat somehow”

Mrs. Allen smiled knowingly “darling, I have been like you in my younger days too, but soon the heat will get to you and you’ll find yourself longing to get rid of all that lovely long locks you adore, moreover I have gut feeling that we may get to see you with a proper haircut very soon”

Rosaline forced a smile and said “I hope your wrong”

They talked all way about many other things and when they arrived, she went near her table to pick out her hand bag and leave the place with haste, but suddenly she heard her phone ringing within her bag, she picked up and answered the call, as she placed the phone on her ears, a feminine yet familiar voice greeted her ears,

“Hey Rosaline, please do your sis a little favor and pick my kids from the school on your way home, will ya?”

Rosaline replied in instant “No way! I’m definitely not picking those brats up and I don’t see why I have to do your little errands anyway!”

Rebecca, Rosaline’s elder sister paused and continued
“Oh?, is that right, then how about when I say I’ll introduce you to my friend John, who you have been trying your hardest to impress at my colleague’s party last week”

Rosaline was taken by surprise and she practically screamed “Really?, you’d do that for me”

Rebecca burst into laughter and said “don’t get too excited little sister of mine, of course I’ll introduce you to him and put in some sweet words about you, but now after picking the kids from the school, you will be taking them to Vivian’s Barbershop for their Summer haircuts, do we have deal”

Rosaline gritted her teeth and said “alright”

Rebecca said “That’s ma girl, I’ll let Vivian know that you’ll making a trip soon with the Kids…., oh! and what about you, we don’t want my little sister feeling left out, so I shall ask her to give you a good chop for the summer”

Rosaline retorted “In your dreams”

Rebecca chuckled and said “Why not, for once just let her cut your hair, she’s really good at what she’s doing, I swear that if you experienced it once you’ll be never visiting those expensive saloons again, taken me for example I always get myself a haircut there, whenever I take the kids in for a cut”

Rosaline pulled her ponytail forward and said while swirling the curly wavy ends of it “I don’t see that ever happening and I have no intention of getting my hair done in a frickin Barbershop and I just got my hair done last week and I’m satisfied with it”

Rebecca sighed and replied “come on lil sis I thought you should move on from being childish to more of a mature woman and adopt a conservative style now that you have grown up and started doing all that independent thingy, long hair will only be on your way, whatever it’s your call”

Rosaline flicked her ponytail back and said “Yeah right whatever, but you better keep your promise”

Rebecca chuckled softly and replied “Yeah sure sure, I’ll make sure you both get together”

As the call ended Rebecca dialed another number as she spoke “Hey, Vivian it’s Rebecca, my younger sister Rosaline will be making visit to your shop in a while with my kids Sam and Sheila, so make sure everyone leaves the shop with neat and proper haircut”

Vivian replied “got you love, I’ll give them a good snip”

Rebecca said “Alright I’ll leave you to it then, and one more thing, try to get my little sister on your chair, she’s a tough nut to crack but I want to her to have her hair cut in a proper style, something little shorter should be appropriate for summer ”

Vivian replied with chuckle “Sure honey, i think she’ll come around besides whose gonna present her with options anyway”

Rebecca chuckled and replied with a bitter smile “Right… everybody does come around just by being there with you, considering how you got me in your barber chair I should know better”

Vivian laughed out and said “Well, aren’t you glad now”

Rebecca smiled and replied sheepishly “I guess I am, I’ll come by the shop later for my cut”

Vivian replied “My shops always open for those requiring haircuts”

And they ended the call

Back to The Campus:

After Rosaline ended her call with her sister, she picked her bag walked out the gate leaving the campus premises
As she walked in the direction towards the school to pick up the kids, on her way she felt the heatwave getting to her and looked up at the blazing sun atop the clear blue sky with squinted eyes, it was awful and sweat dripped out down her neck and cheeks, occasionally she would wipe her forehead with a handkerchief from her bag, experiencing the weather herself she couldn’t help remember Mrs.Allen’s words and have thoughts about consider having her haircut, but she pushed back all thoughts like that behind the back of her mind
As she stopped by a pole she pulled the band holding her ponytail and she shook her head gracefully letting her luscious blonde locks cascade down on her shoulders and then she caressed her wavy locks with her fingers for a second, after that she used both of her hands and rolled up her long locks in rough and casual bun and took a hairpin out of her bag and pushed it in her bun to hold it in place, she placed hand over her bun to make sure it stayed in place and moved on

After short Ten minutes~

She arrived near the school and little kids started pouring out continuously and made their way out of the school enthusiastically and hugged their respective parents, she was standing there waiting for her sister’s kids to show up, not so long after a, young and petite girl of age 11 showed up, she had blonde hair in a cute long bob style with an fancy-pin holding her bangs aside, she made her way while holding a little a boy’s hand.

Rosaline walked up to them with a bright smile and said “Hey Sheila, how have you been”

Then Sheila looked up to Rosaline and smiled innocently and said “Aunt Rosaline, I’m doing fine but what are you doing here and where’s mom”

Rosaline patted her head and replied “Oh, it’s just that your mom’s been busy with her work so she sent me to pick you guys up and also asked me to take you guys to Vivian’s Shop for your summer haircuts”

Sheila pouted her lips cutely and made round eyes and said “Aunt Rosaline, can we please… skip the haircut”

Rosaline could not help but pity them, but she remembered the deal with her sister and replied with helpless expression on her face “no can-do cutie, your mother has already called in, I’m just taking you guys there”

Sheila seemed down upon her response,

The three of them held each other’s hands and they walked on the pavement slowly to match each other’s pace,

After walking for about another ten short minutes~,

They reached a shop with large windows with yellow curtains draped on it and there was large colorful red and blue spinning pole beside the door of the shop and above it was large board, in the board bold letters stated “Cuts N Cuts” in huge block letters

After looking at shop, Rosaline realized it was her first time visiting the Barbershop although she had passed by the shop more often as it was on her way to the campus, but she had never paid much attention to it, as she regarded it a place reserved only for men and talk about football and she was pretty much perplexed and when her sister revealed to her that she is getting her haircuts from here, till this day she find it hard believe and could not find the reason, so she calmed her mind that she was bound to find some of her questions answered today, so she looked the board for a while and then gripped Sheila’s hand and pushed the door open,

she heard the bell chime and she was greeted by a warm smile of a women of late thirties with short tight curly black hairs just reaching midway to her shoulders, she was dressed in neat set of conservative clothes with white apron tied around her waist, she spoke “Please be seated, I’ll be with you shortly”

Rosaline responded with one of her own smiles and made her way to the waiting chairs and sat down as the kids followed suit and sat beside her,

Rosaline’s interest was piqued at the place before her eyes and she started observing her surroundings careful, after making herself comfortable by taking hold of a magazine laid out near her chair, the floor was tiled and stray hairs were decorating it here and there, and there were two large traditional barber chairs with a worn out dull brown leather and metallic handles and footrest, they were placed at the very center of the room accompanied by a barber on each,

It was traditional barbershop and everything looked neat in the surroundings and she thought it was well kept place, there were two huge mirrors placed on both the front and back of the room, and a neat shelf before the chairs provided with a socket and the shelf presented a lot of stuff like a water sprayer, various types of scissors, clippers and a can of shaving cream and brush.

After observing everything for while, Rosaline realized the lingering smell of cosmetics invading her nostrils, she felt everything new here, but she didn’t let it show on her face and maintained a carefree expression as she gradually started getting to like what she smells,

While she was observing, Sam has already made his way to chair and sat obediently on listening to his elder sister Sheila

Suddenly she heard a voice directed at her and looked to find a middle-aged bald man looking at her indifferently as he asked “I said how do you want his hair lady”

Rosaline replied “Oh, I thought my sister would have mentioned what she wanted to Vivian”

The bald man turned to Vivian, but she looked towards Rosaline said “Oh you must Rosaline then, Rebecca’s younger sister, she has always talked about you, it’s good to finally meet you”

Rosaline was curious about what her sister would have talked about but ignored it with a smile and nodded

Vivian then continued “George, just shave the Kid’s head”

George turned and pulled the cape around Sam’s neck and pinned it and said “Alright then”

Rosaline was stunned senseless as she thought out loud “Did my sister really wanted his head shaved bald”

Vivian responded with giggle and said “I’m surprised your sister didn’t tell you, Sam always gets his head shaved for summer”

Rosaline was shocked and pointed at Sheila and asked “and what about Sheila?”

Vivian still with a smiling face said “Oh! Sheila always gets a Bowlcut, but she did once got her head shaved by uncle George over there by mistaking her as Sam with overgrown hair, but your sister loved it on her and insisted on keeping sheila’s head shaved, so she had it shaved for a while, isn’t that right Sheila”

Sheila gave them a wry smile and nodded, which pulled an astonished expression from Rosaline’s beautiful face,

Vivian chuckled lightly at Rosaline’s reaction and continued with her work

Rosaline attention got to Vivian’s chair and she was curious as ever, the view surprised her yet again, as she observed closely, she found a teenage girl with glossy-black hair seated in the chair with a wide smile and her hair had been cut into severe and short hairstyle, it was barely touching her ears and the nape portion was devoid of any hair and was showing skin high up her neck till the optical bone, it was the same for sides of the girl’s head and she sported a very short micro bangs
Vivian placed her hands on the caped shoulders and asked while smiling at image in mirror “So what do you think Monica”

The girl in chair smiled and said “It looks much better, thanks for the dashing cut”

Vivian smiled back and released the cape from her shoulders and shook the cape as large clumps of black hair fell down the floor,
Rosaline gulped and looked at the raven black glossy black hair littered around the chair and thought “She must have had a lot of hair when she came in here”

Monica got up from the chair while rubbing and feeling the hairless skin on her nape behind the back of her head and she smiled widely at her reflection and said “The feeling never gets old”

Both Vivian and Monica laughed, leaving Rosaline clueless, but what bothered her was, even Sheila joined in with them as she giggled cutely with a hand placed over her mouth

After that Monica paid for her cut and promised to come back after three weeks and left the shop,

Suddenly the room was filled with Buzzing sounds drawing Rosaline’s curious eyes to the source of the sound, and she found George with red clippers on his hand as he mowed down Sam’s blonde hair, his hair was flying around and some fell down the floor, but Rosaline could not see the whole process clearly, as George’s burly body hid most of little Sam’s head, Rosaline couldn’t contain her curiosity and so she got up from her seat and made her way beside the barber chair where Sam was in and tied her hands behind her back and looked, as if a mother inspecting her son’s haircut.

George saw her, but he didn’t mind it and continued with his work, he made pass after pass across his little head and each pass left behind nothing but scalp with minuscule of hair, he placed the clippers on the side burns and slid the clippers side-ward from left to right and he continued with fast movements as he buzzed off all the hair on his head,

Rosaline was watching everything with wide eyes and was astonished at the efficiency of the clippers ability to cut hair, she watched as the clippers moved unhindered through his head as hair collected before the clippers and with flick of his wrist it would be sent down the floor
Suddenly she had crazy thought on her mind as she kept her gaze locked at Sam’s appearing bald head “What would it feel to have my hair buzzed like that” she found it as weird thought and even wondered why she thought about it and shook it out of her head, but it still lingered around her thoughts

Vivian peeked at Rosaline’s actions and smiled while turning her head towards Sheila and said “common hop in the chair cutie, let’s give you a haircut that’ll make your mama happy”

Sheila gave a small nod

Rosaline looked at Sheila, as she made a beeline to chair and climbed up to Vivian’s chair and sat herself comfortably,

As Sam was already pretty much bald, Rosaline decided to watch the next victim and returned to her seated and looked on as Vivian draped the cape across Sheila’s shoulders and she was inwardly very excited to watch Sheila getting her haircut, for what reason she was excited for seeing a little girl getting her haircut, she didn’t know why either but for the time being, she decided to watch and fixed her gaze on the chair

Vivian felt Rosaline gaze and turned around and smiled at her

Rosaline felt her smile send chills down her back and felt disturbing so she avoided eye contact for some reason and meekly pretend to focus on magazine

Vivian chucked lightly and returned to work

Vivian removed the accessory pin holding Sheila’s bangs aside, that let her overgrown bangs fell before her eyes and she started damping her hair wet with water while she spun the chair around and continued watering and after she felt the hair was damp enough
She combed down the front portion of her hair and snipped slowly just above her eyebrows as snippets of blonde hair gradually fell down the cape and landed on her lap, it ended up as thick short bangs and said “Now it won’t hinder you vision”

Sheila gave forced smile at her remark

Vivian combed down the left portion of her hair which ended just past her jaw and placed the scissors slightly above her ears and opened the scissors and closed as 3 inches of her hair made their way down the floor and she snipped again in the same direction expertly and continued snipping and combing down, she repeated the same actions monotonously and soon she had made a thick blunt line on the right side of her head, which made Sheila’s right ear visible and stood out for all to see, after that she combed down repeatedly and made sure everything was uniform,

she moved to the backside of her head and slid the scissors in the hair, just at the optical bone level and she started hacking continuously, she lifted with the comb and snipped, she repeated her actions with fast and precise actions, as bits and bits and large clumps of blonde hair profusely fell around chair and joined the black hair down the floor, as locks continuously fell detached from Sheila’s head, soon she made a bouncy plump blunt line behind her back, which connected with the blunt line on her right side,

Sheila didn’t mind anything and looked at her transforming reflection in the mirror and the snippets of blonde hair sticking to her neck and pile of hair forming in her lap, as she watched her hair reduced in length, she had dull look on her face, because she was very familiar with the haircut she was receiving and she almost knew how she would look after the haircut was done. So, she was not that least bit excited or nervous about it

Rosaline on other hand was smiling without knowing and was feeling butterflies fluttering all around her stomach and she had all sorts thoughts in her head like “Shall I ask her give my hair a little trim” and she placed hand over her casual bun and thought about how she was sweating just minutes before she arrived and concluded that “I think I do need a cut after all, it’s very hot out there”

Instinctively she watched herself in mirror and admired her beauty and her mind wandered in her own imagination about her haircut,
she imagined herself in the barber chair as a spotless white cape was draped around her pinned tightly around her neck, but the most shocking event was, in her imagination she saw herself with a bald head just like the barber George and Sam, yes that’s right she was bald, not a single strand of hair on her head, nothing but fresh skin, it was so smooth, pale and shiny all over, and strangely enough she felt that the bald head fitted in just perfect with her head, just like this is how her head was meant to be in the first place, she was smiling widely at her reflection and she saw Vivian kissing the top of her bald head from behind

Buzzing sounds snapped her out of her imagination and she felt her whole-body going stiff and instinctively her hands went behind the back of her head and she sighed with relief after feeling her fluffy bun still attached to her head

she watched Vivian plugging something on the socket, and watched her take large black clippers from the hook in her hand and went behind Sheila and placed her hand on the bowl cut and said “Heads down for me, dear” Sheila bend her head forward willingly and
Vivian snapped it on with a “CLICK” and placed the lively buzzing clippers up her nape and pushed it forward as the clippers easily made its way effortlessly buzzing the hair in it’s way, leaving behind nothing but half inch of hair, she stopped barely reaching the blunt line at the optical bone and she took the comb and lifted the blunt line and made a few passes beneath it and she continued buzzing her nape, till it was clear of any hair and she moved on to the sides and made passes with her buzzing clippers, ringing in Sheila’s ears, she removed the side burns and all bristles of hair beneath the blunt line, blonde snippets of hair was gathering and slid down cape, soon she cleared all the sides, and blow dried her hair and combed it to a perfect mushroom shape after inspecting everything
Vivian exclaimed “There you go, you look a lot cuter now”

For some reason Rosaline agreed with Vivian’s statement and smiled as she said “Sheila, thank her for the cut”

Sheila muttered out a thank you and got down from the chair and made her way back beside Rosaline, where her bald brother was already sitting

Rosaline got up from her chair and rubbed Sam’s smooth bald head and said “it’s so smooth” and smiled and just as she pondering about how she was to go about to get herself on the barber chair for her haircut, she turned, to her surprise, Vivian was already turning the chair towards her with a cape on her hand and looked at her smilingly, and said “well, get in the chair young lady”

Rosaline felt her throat dry up and had confused look on her face as cleared her throat and she said “Did my sister put you up to give me a haircut”

Vivian smiled and replied “yep, your sister had already informed me that you’ll be requiring a proper cut and she also mentioned how you have been skipping your haircuts for a while, so brace yourselves, cuz your in for a ride today young lady”

Rosaline felt the butterflies in her stomach again and knot in her stomach tighten and somehow, she was fighting with herself, as one half her wants to take up the offer and sit herself in the chair to have her hair shortened and other half of her was searching for excuses to escape, running through her thoughts quickly,

But finally, one half of her won, as she thought “I thought I already told my sister…ah whatever I’ll just ask her to give me little trim nothing drastic, it won’t be problem, just couple inches down the bottom”

She made her mind and walked with awfully slow steps, as she neared the worn-out Barber chair, she placed her trembling hands on the cold metallic hand rest and rested her legs on the footrest and she leaned back and sat comfortably Rosaline thought “Wow, this chair feels so much comfy than I thought it would be”

Vivian watched everything with an evergreen smile on her face and placed one of her hands on the Barber chair and spun it around, making the chair face the Mirrors again, Rosaline watched herself smile in the mirror with excitement written all over her face, soon she felt a cloth spreading across her whole body, pressing against her breasts, as she watched herself covered with a spotless white cape draped across her body and it was fastened around her neck tightly, She felt trapped and she felt like she got no other way out, now that she was here
Vivian pumped up the chair as Rosaline felt the chair jerk

Vivian placed her hands-on Rosaline’s caped shoulders and asked with a grin “Although your sister mentioned about your haircut, I’m going decide your what haircut you’ll be receiving with the next question I’m going to ask, are you game Rosaline darling?”

Rosaline didn’t give it much thought and said “Alright”

Vivian with same grin she asked the next instant “Quick question, Which haircut did u like Sam’s or Sheila’s”

Rosaline never expected this question, as she searched for answers within her brain, subconsciously she remembered the image of her own bald head and said “Sam’s”

Vivian smiled brightened and asked “And may I know why is it Sam”

Rosaline herself didn’t known why she was sitting in barber chair in the first place and how she said she liked Sam’s bald head over Sheila’s cute haircut, so she pondered and said “I don’t know, maybe it’s because of how his head feels so smooth when touched”

Vivian chuckled and removed the pin holding the bun up and let it flow down and ran her long fingernails through the blonde locks and said “It’s Decided then, why don’t we shave all this off and make your head smooth like Sam and Uncle George, so that you can touch it all you want and whenever you want”

Rosaline’s facial expressions froze, for the next instant she didn’t believe what she was hearing and she never expected this question to be raised ever in her wildest dreams and she waited for Vivian to say she was just kidding, but much to her disbelief Vivian was waiting for her to answer, whether she wanted to be bald or not and she finally muttered out with disbelief in her tone “are you for real”

Vivian continued with calming smile “full on serious, I’m asking you, shall we shave your head, you don’t have to say ‘shave my head bald please’ just give me a nod and all your lovely locks will be resting on the floor”

Rosaline felt her world spinning at the thought of having skin all over her head instead of her glorious mane and looked at her reflection once more and asked herself in her mind, what would happen the next instant she gave nod and thought excited her to no end, when she realized if she really does just that, she’ll be walking out of the shop a bald women leaving behind all her hair down the floor which will be swept and dumped in the bin and that got her mind haywire and single word echoed in her mind “Bald”

Unknowingly she looked at her own reflection’s eyes and without her thinking her head moved to give a small nod

Vivian smiled and said “Thoughts so, now let’s chop the lot off and take you down to the wood” at that without even giving much time, Vivian gathered her hair in a rough ponytail in hand and took her scissors and placed it at the base of the tail and opened and closed the scissors and continued hacking away

When Rosaline felt the tugging feeling behind her back and crunching sound reached her ears, and she was already too late to realize what has transpired when she heard the finally “Schcck” sound, suddenly the tugging feeling stopped and hair started falling over her chin and framed her face with a rough bob and she felt her head slightly light and she heard Vivian from behind “The tough part is Over” as Vivian dropped all wavy luscious blonde locks on Rosaline’s capped lap

Rosaline’s eyes went wide with shock at sight of all her own hair lying lifelessly on her lap and remembered the situation she had just signed herself, just the thought sent her head reeling in fright, then she heard the sound she was growing familiar with, the buzzing sound came from behind her back and looked in the mirror with wide eyes to find Vivian holding the same large Buzzing clippers in her hands and Rosaline asked in fright “are you really shaving my head”

Vivian giggled and said “Yep” and without giving a way-out Vivian gripped Rosaline head and pushed it forward forcefully and placed the buzzing clippers up her nape and pushed it up the ragged bob and tone of the clippers would changed rugged upon contact with her hair, as the hair in it’s path is buzzed and gathered at the head of the clippers, and with a small flick Vivian’s wrist, waves and waved wavy blonde hair would be sent down the ground and clippers would roar even louder on contact with thick portions of her hair and she watched as hair slid from her eyes and fell down her lap, with nervous expression across her face she felt the cold blade and vibrating sensation spread all across her scalp, Rosaline strangely felt it was a good sensation and slowly lost herself to it and closed her eyes, without realizing that it had denuded a part of her head with a pale bald spot visible on her nape

Vivian didn’t pause and continued making pass after pass and swiped across her head with buzzing clippers in her hand as clump and lumps of hair tumbled down from her shoulders and gathered in Rosaline’s lap and she felt coldness creeping behind her back as felt her head growing lighter

After few more passes The back side of her was completely buzzed to the skin with a bump of her optical bone visible behind her back for everyone to see, Then Vivian placed clippers on her sideburns and gave full on swipe across her scalp from the right to left and peeled off a large lump of hair on its way and sent it hitting the floor and soon Vivian positioned Rosaline’s head straight and pulled it back and placed the vibrating clippers on her forehead and pulled it behind leaving behind a wide path across her head and with a few more passes, Vivian cleared all the hair left on Rosaline’s head and finally the buzzing sound came to halt

Taking a step back to look at the egg head before her eyes, Vivian exclaimed “Woah, you look more beautiful than I thought you would, but I still can’t believe that’s all it took for you let me shave it all”

Rosaline didn’t know what to say at this moment, after all, she had already gone through with it and there’s no going back and so she smiled wryly and said “Well, you did say that you’ll be shaving my head”

Vivian grinned widely and said “Alright now that you are bald, let’s make balder so that its end up smooth and shiny” such that she released Rosaline’s Cape and let all the blonde locks on her lap to fell down the floor and She replaced it with a white towel on her neck and she picked up her straight razor and said “Hey George pass that Shaving cream can”

George threw the can and Vivian grabbed it and shook and let foam directly on Rosaline’s nude scalp and spread it across all over her scalp without missing a single spot and started scrapping across her head and she left completely pure skin behind and she scraping strip after strip, after she scrapped all over head, Vivian re-lathered her head once again and shaved her head with safety razor and finally she wiped the excess cream on her head and she said as she removed the towel “Ta-da. now that’s what I call a good ol head shave, down to the skin”

Rosaline finally gotta chance to look at her final look in mirror, but she was having trouble to recognizing her self in mirror, the mirror reflected her own face which glowed brighter than usual and all her delicate features stood out without hiding behind her locks and she could not even believe when she seeing, when she looked at her head, which was bare, denuded and naked with skin all over her head and she desperately tried to believe it was not her, but realty proved her otherwise and suddenly felt a touch on her scalp and was shocked find out in the mirror, just like her imagination Vivian was kissing her denuded bald head

Vivian chuckled and said “Go on, get feel at your bald head and tell me how it feels”

Rosaline was feeling flustered and said “Yeah..” and brought her hand and rubbed it against her own head and she was stupefied at how smooth it was and brought her another hand, with both hands she caressed her bald head from her forehead to the nape and exclaimed out loud “Oh my god….I’ BALD” Which made everyone chuckle at her

And Vivian said “You sure are, I gotta say though you look better than George with it”

George chuckled and said “She does pull it off better than me huh”

Vivian chuckled and pointed at Rosaline and said “Hey George why don’t we take pic with you and with egg head over there”

Rosaline was still sitting in the chair smiling at her own reflection and when heard the conversations, she looked at them for answers

Vivian opened her shelf and fished out her camera and George moved behind the barber chair in which Rosaline was seated and turned it facing the camera and Vivian instructed him put the cape on her, and so he did and Vivian positioned herself to take photo but she looked towards Sam and she lifted him and placed him on Rosaline capped lap and exclaimed “Now that completes the Family of Baldies”

As everyone facing camera Vivian said “Say cheese egg-heads”

And a Flash went across and she looked the photo and smiled

Rosaline was removed out her cape and stood up and was opening her purse to pay but she was stopped by Vivian as she said “This on the house but I’ll charge you for your next shave baldy”

Rosaline took a step back looked at Vivian still expecting to say it was just a joke, but there she was already asking when she returning for her next shave

But Rosaline just rubbed her bald head and said “I’ll think about it or…… “ she dragged as best she could but finally gave in and said “you may expect me after two weeks for another shave”

On her way home, Rosaline dialed her sister numbers and said “Hey Rebecca, do you think john would like a Bald girl”

Rebecca was shocked, but she managed to connect the dots and exclaimed “NOW DON’T TELL ME YOUR BALD”

Rosaline remained silent, which caused a thundering laughter from the phone and gradually died

and Rebecca spoke “You never know my Bald sister, but i do know he has thing for short haired girls”

Rosaline sighed

Author’s Note

Wrote this cuz im horny not expecting much, anyway if you have any suggestions feel free and comment


3 responses to “Rosaline’s Imagination

  1. Nice summer haircut story! I’m sure Rosaline won’t forget her experience in Vivian’s chair. I think it’s nice that your story included multiple haircuts as well.

  2. Well written.By the way is there Part 4 of Spare Time story coming where,maybe, Elizabeth Green was given a mere trim by Sharon and reserve the drastic head shave on Elizabeth when her hair grows much longer on her next visit with her sister, if any, and brother.

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