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After travelling the globe in hopes of discovering herself, Rosemary returned to her small town with a head that was as full of hair as it was of ideas. Her chestnut locks tumbled long and thick almost to her feet, having been nourished with organic creams and masks from all the continents and isles.


She now practiced meditation and yoga, drank bitter teas, and ate nothing derived from animals. Her social media posts were either about new-age enlightenment or social causes.


While these changes in attitude pushed some of Rosemary’s old friends away, almost all of them agreed that her long and healthy hair was nothing short of stunning; Way too long for some tastes, but stunning nonetheless.


However, between two tokes one day, Rosemary found herself bored with her mane. It had been no small feat to grow it this long, but now that it was this wild length, she was over the whole thing, and ready for a change.


Her new mentality saw idleness and stagnation as negatives; growth and change were the only way forward, with “growth” not necessarily referring to only her hair.


Looking at her weed-distorted form in the mirror, Rosemary swept her hair back and studied her face. She’d always found that she had a small forehead. Perhaps new growth could be made here?


With the help of her roommates, Rosemary sectioned her hair into two parts separated two inches above her forehead. Taking scissors to the front part, she hacked away at what had once been curtain bangs but was now dozens of inches of hair indistinguishable from the rest. Sitting down on their apartment toilet, Rosemary let her one roommate shear her crown closer with the aid of small dog trimmers that were being used in lieu of clippers.


Her friend refused to let Rosemary stand up and see her new look yet, insisting that they finish it with a razor. Shaving cream and a pink safety razor were retrieved, and cold blue-white foam soon covered Rosemary’s crown. This was followed by the scraping of a blade, pass after pass from one ear to the other. A cloth was then rubbed on her crown, after which Rosemary was finally able to see her new self.


Hair still tumbled down her shoulders and past the bathroom countertop in the mirror’s view, but Rosemary’s forehead now looked larger due to a two-inch bald strip going from one sideburn, along the entire length of her forehead, and to her other sideburn. She was immediately in love with the look, which she found complemented her new self and the journey of discovery that she was now committed herself to for the rest of her life.

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