Run in the park

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Anna is a girl in her early twenties with a great passion for physical activity, which she practices every day, and body care. Her main feature is her blonde hair that hangs down her back and reaches to her waist and she spends a lot of time taking care of it. Every morning she does her classic routine of warm-up exercises and a several mile run around the park and always does the same route. While she runs she often meets the same people who, like her, go running around the park and among these there is a boy who often looks at Anna while she runs.

Anna, like every day, always wears the same outfit from the race: black shorts, a sports bra and a little hat with a braid that goes behind the hat and spills over her shoulders.

The boy had a soft spot for Anna but he didn’t know how to approach her and secretly wanted to make love with her and play with that fabulous blonde braid of hers and after a while she got the chance that he was waiting for.

Anna was distracted and as she ran in the park she twisted and tripped and hurt her ankle as she fell. The boy who was behind her gave her a hand to help her get up but she couldn’t stand up because of the pain and so the young man told her that if he wanted he could take her to her house since he lived near the park. Helping Anna to reach her apartment, the young man made her sit on the chair in the living room and made her stretch her leg on another chair so that he could put ice on it. As she relaxed from the pain Anna let go and fell asleep for a few minutes and the boy thought that this was the opportunity she had been waiting for so long and she wasted no time. He went to the bathroom to get some towels he had and used to tie Anna’s hands to the arms of the chair and then he grabbed another chair by Anna’s other leg and tied the feet to the respective chairs they were on. After a few minutes Anna recovered and as she tried to move she realized that something was wrong and trying to straighten up from the chair she found that her limbs were all locked and she could not move.

“What’s going on!? Why am I stuck!!?” she said as her fear began to pervade her body.

The boy approached her and without answering he put a piece of tape on her mouth.

Subsequently the boy left for a short time and when he returned to the living room he had a small black bag which he placed on the table and approached Anna staring into her eyes and said “Don’t worry, I don’t want to hurt you”

So saying he grabbed Anna’s shorts and ripped them off and did the same with her panties revealing Anna’s pubic hair which she wanted to cover by closing her legs but he couldn’t do it due to her limitations.

The boy opened his purse and took out an electric razor and turning it on he said “stay still” and so he approached Anna’s pussy and plunged the razor into Anna’s pubic hair.

“MMMMHHH” Anna yelled as the razor passed through her pubic hair and she started making the first few passes by shaving off all the hairs. Despite her moment of fear Anna began to relax as the boy passed her with the razor. and this sensation was truly incredible so much that she began to experience strong pleasures and to get wet. She was almost ashamed of the moment but she couldn’t hide that in that moment she wanted something else and she wanted to be fucked by the boy.
On the other hand while he was finishing shaving Anna’s pussy the boy grabbed Anna’s bra and ripped it revealing Anna’s boobs which were swollen for her pleasure but he grabbed one of her boobs starting to squeeze her very tight.

Now Anna enjoyed more and more and her pleasure was at its maximum. The boy was just finished with the razor when he ripped the duct tape from Anna’s mouth and she said “please let’s do this!!”

The boy pulled down his pants and penetrated Anna’s cunt hard.

!AAAAAAAAAH! Anna screamed with pleasure and the young man pushed harder and harder. The fact that she was tied to her chair made Anna crazy like never before and she knew it was the craziest moment she had ever experienced. The boy then grabbed Anna’s head and as he kissed her he dropped her hat and kept kissing and fucking her very hard. They were almost at the final moment when the boy ran his hand from the neck to the long blonde braid of Anna. Anna was reaching orgasm and she wanted this to never end and while she was being fucked the young man kept squeezing her tit and pulling her braid. The young man had always wished he could play with Anna’s long blonde hair and as he kept thrusting on her he finally made Anna cum and poured all of her liquid inside her. Anna was still stoned from her fuck and he wasted no time: he took the razor and turned it on and with the other hand he grabbed Anna’s braid pulling it downwards and forcing her to look at the ceiling. Anna was not understanding anything and the boy placed the razor at the nape of Anna’s neck and quickly swiped it upward aiming Anna’s braid.

“ZZZZZZZZZ” the noise brought Anna to her senses as she felt the razor push against the braid

“Wait!!! What are you doing to my hair!?” but the boy didn’t stop and after a while he managed to cut the braid that was now dangling in the boy’s hands.

Placing the braid on the table, the boy lowered Anna’s head and plunged the razor into Anna’s forehead

!NOOOOOOOOOOO, PLEASE STOP!!!” But by now it was too late and step after step the boy had managed to completely shave Anna’s head who wouldn’t stop crying.

After turning off the razor, the young man dressed and untied Anna who continued to cry and touched her head, feeling her head for the first time without her beautiful blond hair. Despite her awful feeling Anna loved the touch of her hands on her bald head. After a few moments spent stroking her head Anna got dressed and turning towards her the young man slapped him leaving him silently looking at her and immediately after she came up and said to him “Why did you do all this to me?” and he replied “because I’ve seen you several times and I wanted to be your boyfriend” Anna taking another step towards him continued “and why did you shave my hair?”

“Because I wanted to play with them and cut them off so you could keep them” Anna was furious but she knew that what she had just felt was beautiful and even though her ankle hurt she got closer to the boy and said “I hate you for what you did . But it was beautiful” and so she gave the boy a kiss. Smiling, Anna asked her to help him sit on the chair to recover from the sprain and rest after what she had suffered.

A few days later Anna and the young man were walking in the park and Anna and they began to know and hang out and Anna also started hair care again to stimulate its growth hoping to be able to get her beloved blonde hair back as soon as possible.

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