Ryan Gets A New Look

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I was reading a book when I heard my mom and my brother come home from the barber.

I didn’t really pay much attention but it did confuse me a little just how quickly they came back. It usually takes a little longer to trim hair in a specific way and then make sure you’ve got it all correct.

After a bit my mom called to me. “Ryan come downstairs and check out Blake’s new haircut!”

I sighed and put my book away. I walked downstairs and heard my mom saying things like: “It’s so smooth!” And “You look a lot better now!”

When I got downstairs and looked at my mom and my brother my jaw almost hit the floor.

Blake was completely bald. And my mother was running her hands over his head while smiling.

My mom looked at me a noticed my confusion. “Well? What do you think about Blake’s new style?”

“U-Uhhh… It looks great.” I stuttered out as Blake was looking at me while grinning.

My mom looked at me and said “I know right? We are definitely keeping this style for you Blake!”

Blake smiled and said “I am definitely ok with that!”

“Any way I don’t know about you but I am hungry! I’m going to go make some hot dogs for us and then I will cut your hair like I always do.” My mom said to me.

As my mom went into the kitchen to start cooking Blake came up to me. “You know what Ryan?”

“What?” I responded

“I think you would look great bald too…” He said as he ran his hands through my hair.

“U-Uhhhh I-I think I’ll pass…” I said nervously.

Blake smirked and said “Suit yourself.”

When mom was done making the hotdogs we sat down and started to eat them. While we were eating I felt a certain level of tension. My mom kept making glances at me like she was thinking about what I would look like bald.

When we were finished eating my mom got the newspaper and the chair that we use to cut my hair as Blake went upstairs to his room.

I sat down as my mom brought the scissors out. I also noticed that she was holding a small black container. But I figured it was nothing.

My mom walked behind me and started trimming with the scissors like she usually does. I closed my eyes and let her do her work.

I was starting to relax for a moment when all of a sudden I heard a sharp buzzing ring throughout the room. I opened my eyes and saw my mom holding Clippers in front of me.

“W-What are you going to do with those?” I asked nervously.

“Look Ryan. When I was at the barber’s the owner told me about how boys always look better with a shaved head. At first I didn’t believe her but after Blake’s headshave I’ve realized that most boys need a good smooth head like Blake did.” My mom explained.

“B-But mom! I don’t want to be bald!” I said as tears formed in my eyes.

“I know baby. But soon you will realize this is for the best.” My mom said as she sat in my lap while continuing to face me.

“A-Ahhh m-mom! Do you really have to sit on my lap like that?” I asked

“I know it might be weird for you but this way I have you for sure. Trust me you need this.” My mom said.

My mom placed the Clippers at my forehead.

“Do you have any last words for your hair? Because I assure you it will never be longer than stuble ever again.” My mom asked.

I shook my head silently.

My mom smiled at me. “Good boy” she whispered as she mowed a strip right through the center of my head.

Truth be told it actually felt really nice. My buzzing on my scalp made it feel like I was getting I massage. The cool breeze in the house going through my new strip felt good on my head.

My mom kept shaving the top of my head. Strip after strip I saw years of hair tumble onto my mom’s chest and my lap.

When my mom had the top and sides done she spoke up. “I Need you to put your head down for me ok baby.”

I obeyed and looked down so my mom could buzz the back for me.

After she was done she ran her hand over my head to check for any spots she missed.

She placed the deactivated Clippers on the table and said “Ok I’m to go get some shaving cream and a razor so we can finish this up real quick. I need you to be a good boy and stay here while mommy gets what she needs. Can you do that?”

I nodded. I was already buzzed down may as well go all out right?

My mom smiled at my cooperation and kissed me on the top of my buzzed head.

My mom got off of my lap and went to the bathroom to retrieve the cream and razor.

While she was gone Blake came downstairs.

When he saw me he smiled and said “Glad to see we are going to have matching haircuts bro. We can be known as the ‘bald brothers’ at school.”

Mom came back and saw Blake and I talking “Oh there’s my bald little boys!” My mom said as she placed the stuff on the table.

“Are you going to watch Blake?” My mom asked as she squirted cream on her hand.

“Sure why not. I’ll be more than happy to see my brother look as good as I do now.” Blake said sarcastically as he leaned up against the wall with his arms crossed.

My mom carefully spread the shaving cream on my head as eventually as possible.

When she was done she pulled out the razor and started scraping away at what little hair I had left from my hairline.

It felt even better than the Clippers did.

Before I knew it the shaving was over. My mom washed her hands and then rubbed them all over my head. The water soaking my scalp felt incredible.

I walked over to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked…fine. It definitely was going to take some time to grow on me. (No pun intended)

My mom looked at me and said “I will shave your head everyday after I take Blake to the barbers to have his shaved.”

It will take some getting used to but I’m sure I will start to like it soon enough.

I hope at least.

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