Sadie’s Atonement

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She knew she shouldn’t have done it. She didn’t know what came over her. What possessed her to cheat on her girlfriend. It may have been that she had been without the touch of a man for too long. That she yearned for it. It also could have been because of Jessica’s new haircut.

Two days ago, when Jessica came home with her once waist-length red locks all buzzed off and a confident smile on her face, Sadie knew she absolutely hated her girlfriend’s haircut but couldn’t ruin the confidence and sense of liberation it must have given her by telling her so.

In hindsight, however, Sadie wished she’d have told her then. She wished they had discussed it before she went and slept with another person. She also wished that the other person she slept with wasn’t Jessica’s best friend. If it would have been anyone else, she thought, maybe she could have found out from me, instead of finding through Facebook.

While Sadie wanted to believe she would have told her girlfriend about it at some point, she would have taken this secret to her grave had Daniel not drunkenly posted a picture of them together on Facebook. Why am I acting like the victim? It’s all my fault. I wish I could take it back. I wish I’d never done it.

But I also wish she’d never cut off all her hair, she added, it looks terrible and I miss being able to play with it. Damn it, stop that. It’s not her fault. It’s all mine. Now that her phone is blowing up with angry texts from Jessica, Sadie is dreading arriving back home. She can’t bring herself to face her. But she knows she has to. She has to try and salvage what may be left of their love.

When she arrived at the house, all lights were off except for the one in their bedroom. For some reason, the drapes were open. She must really be hurt if she can’t even bring herself to close the curtains for privacy. Through the window, Sadie can see that Jessica was crying, her head in her hands.

At that moment Sadie wanted nothing more than to have that buzzed head crying on her shoulder, so that she could comfort her. However, Sadie realized that Jessica needed more than a shoulder to cry on, especially if that shoulder belonged to the one that hurt her in the first place.

Should I even go in there? Sadie asked herself. Or should I give her some space?

After contemplating it for a moment, she decided to enter the house and talk to Jessica. When she entered the room, the girl with the buzzed red hair looked up at her.

“Why, Sadie?” She asked, her voice shaky and tears building up in her eyes. “Why would you do it?”

Silence filled the room as Jessica waited for Sadie’s response. Sadie couldn’t speak. She opened her mouth, trying to find the words, but they weren’t there.

“Is it because of this?” Jessica pointed at her hair, or lack thereof. Sadie just stared, mouth frozen shut. After what felt like an eternity, Jessica stood up and walked over to Sadie, her sad look twisting into one of anger.

“Answer me! Is it because I cut my hair? Did you sleep with my best fucking friend because I cut my hair?” The power in Jessica’s voice forced Sadie to take a step back. Jessica switched to a lighter tone, though that one sounded even more angry than the first.

“I can’t believe it. T-Tell me it’s not true!” Jessica pleaded. Midway through the sentence, her voice changed from the soft tone that implied she wanted to kill Sadie into the shaky crying voice that she had been using when Sadie first entered the room. This time, Sadie spoke, her tone matching that of her girlfriend.

“I-I’m sorry Jess. It caught me off guard. But believe me. I regret it.” Jessica just shook her head.

“You told me you loved it. You looked me in the eye, smiled, and said you loved it. You looked me in the eye and said you loved me.”

“I d-do love you, Je-”

“You cheated on me over a fucking haircut!” Jessica once again snapped.

“I-I’m sor-”

“How sorry are you? How much do you really love me?”

“Jess, I love you more than anything.”

“Would you do anything for me?” Jessica asked, in a more relaxed tone now. The tears had stopped falling down her face.

“Y-yes anything. I would die for you!” At that Jessica smirked. Sadie had seen this look on her girlfriend’s face before. It only meant one thing. It meant she knew how she was going to get her revenge.

Before Sadie could back away and escape Jessica’s wrath, the red-haired girl had already grabbed Sadie’s hair, which was tied back by a red ribbon. Jessica walked out of the room with a firm grip on Sadie’s chestnut curls. To avoid having all her hair pulled out, Sadie followed the vengeful redhead.

They went downstairs, into the kitchen. Jessica pulled a chair out from under the table and dragged it into the living room, while still dragging Sadie along with her. Once Jessica stopped dragging the chair, she let go of Sadie’s hair, which caressed her thigh as it fell back down.

“Now take your clothes off.”, Jessica demanded. Sadie shot a confused look at the redhead. “Did I stutter?”

Not wanting to anger Jessica any further, Sadie pulled off her shirt. Jessica watched as she pulled down her pants and threw them aside, along with her shirt.

Now Sadie was in her red lace bra and the red lace thong that matched it. Sadie looked at Jessica.

“Keep going.” Jessica demanded. Sadie undid her bra and pulled it off, throwing it to the side as well. She pulled her underwear down her legs and stepped out of it. She threw it on top of the rest of her clothes. Without a second’s hesitation, Jessica pushed Sadie back into the chair and sat on her lap, pinning her down.

“What the hell, Jess? Let me up!” Sadie said. The other girl shook her head.

“No. Not until I’m done with your punishment.” Jessica said, grinning.

“Punishment? Jess, I said I was sorry!”

“Well that’s not good enough. Now wait in this chair or I’ll never forgive you.” With that, Jessica stood up. Sadie decided to listen to Jessica’s warning and remained seated on the chair while Jessica walked out of the room. A few minutes later, the redhead returned to the living room, now with a bag in her hand. She set the bag down on the floor and reached inside. She produced two two-foot long ropes.

Sadie sat there in shock as Jessica tied her hands to the arms of the chair.

“What is happening?” Sadie asked her girlfriend. Were they about to have makeup sex? Sadie didn’t know Jessica was into bondage. “And what else is in that bag?”

“Shh,” Jessica put her finger to her lips. “Be quiet and you’ll see.”

Jessica reached into the bag again, this time pulling out a roll of black duct tape.

“Is that absolutely nece-” Sadie was interrupted when Jessica pressed a strip of duct tape onto her mouth. She put two more on as well, to ensure it wouldn’t come off.

Sadie wanted to scream, but decided against it since it would be of no use anyway. Jessica was pulling something out of the bag and Sadie’s eyes widened in fear when she realized what it was.

Hair clippers.

Jessica walked behind her and plugged them in. She then re-entered Sadie’s line of sight and knelt right in front of her, their faces almost touching.

“By now I assume you have figured out what your punishment is?” Jessica asked, grinning because she knew that Sadie couldn’t resist. Sadie screamed through the tape.covering her mouth. She wanted to kill Jessica. She couldn’t have her hair buzzed off like her girlfriend’s.

“If you think you’re so much better than me because my hair is all buzzed off and yours is to your knees, then I’m going to fix this problem. We’re going to be even. I am going to buzz your hair off- number two, just like mine, so you still have something there but not much- and you’re going to keep it like that until I decide to grow my hair back so that you never feel like you’re better than me because of the length of your hair again. And I have taken a liking to not having hair, so we very well may both end up being buzzed for the rest of our lives.”

At that thought, chills went down Sadie’s spine. I can’t live with no hair for the rest of my life! She thought. I don’t even think I can live with you for the rest of my life! In her mind, cheating on Jessica was almost justified.

Sadie watched as Jessica pulled a guard for the clippers and a pair of scissors out of the bag. Jessica stood behind her now, with her tied-back chestnut curls in her hand.

Tears started to build up in Sadie’s eyes. She remembered when she failed her freshman year of high school, how her mother cut her waist-length hair off into an uneven bowl cut as punishment and made her live with it until it grew out. She thought of all the hard work that went into growing her hair back out and the sense of accomplishment she got whenever she saw that her hair had finally reached her knees after seven years.

When she felt a tug and knew that the scissors were opened and placed in front of the ribbon that tied all of her curly tresses back, she had a hard time swallowing.

When she heard the first snip and felt a few strands of hair brush against her right cheek, stopping in front of her right eye so that she could see they were only six inches long, the tears fell.

Crying, Sadie stared in horror as more and more hair brushed past her cheeks and ended up right in front of her face, taunting her with what her knee-length mane had now become.

Then her ponytail, along with the red ribbon that tied it all together, was placed on her lap. She screamed in horror as she saw it. However, she became even more terrified once she heard the snap of the yellow guard being attached to the clippers, then the roar as they were flicked on.

When they were placed to her forehead, it was as if her head was vibrating. It was a feeling that was so foreign, yet so hauntingly familiar as it had happened to her once before seven years ago.

She felt the vibrations follow the clippers as they were ran down the middle of her head, stopping at the crown. Strands of chestnut hair fell to the ground. More and more hair fell as the vibrations kept going up and down her head.

Roughly five minutes later, it was done. The clippers were flicked off and the tape was taken off Sadie’s mouth.

“I can’t believe you did this to me!” Sadie yelled, reaching to play with her hair- her usual way to cope with stress- and realizing that she was still tied up and her hair was actually gone. She started crying again as Jessica untied her arms.

Sadie stood up and, without any hesitation, ran up to the bedroom and slammed the door, locking it before jumping into the bed and planting her face in a pillow.

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