Sadie’s experience.

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I’m back! I know you thought you would never see the day, but ol’ Jill is back! Got a new story too, should be good. On with the show!


Sadie’s experience

Sadie opened her eyes dizzily. It was cold, and bright. Her scalp hurt. Her inner thighs and vagina were wet. She was….strapped down in a chair? And her boobs were being groped? What the fuck was happening? She tried to scream, but she couldn’t muster the strength to do so. She tried shaking – couldn’t move. What the hell? The hands groping and squishing her boobs where gloved and sleeved; she couldn’t tell who it was. The hands weren’t distinctly male or female; but they were very strong. They traced circles around her tits, and then ran down to her vagina. They slowly rubbed her pussy, and then drifted away. She heard footsteps walk around the dark, empty room. Suddenly, there was a rolling sound. A full body mirror was rolled in front of Sadie. She looked at her reflection; naked, E-cup breasts hanging out; her pussy and legs were wet; her arms and legs were tied to the arms and legs of the chair; and her sand brown wavy hair was tied in the tightest hightail she had seen. That explained the pain in her scalp. She looked down at what appeared to be a jar of…well, it was white. The figure then emerged from behind her. Their body had absolutely zero curves in the black mask and body suit. They picked up the jar from the floor, and walked back into the shadows. Moments later, they emerged with a rolling cart. She couldn’t see what it held. The figure lifted a hairbrush from the cart, and reached into the shadows for a chair. They sat down behind Sadie, and began stroking the hightail. They pulled the hair tie out slowly, causing Sadie to wince in pain as her hair only got pulled tighter. Finally, the tie popped free from her hair, and her thick hair fell to cover the entire back of the chair down to her butt. Suddenly, the figure plunged the brush into Sadie’s hair, immediately catching a tight knot. Sadie started to cry, as the pain was becoming too much.  Pass after pass was made through her knotty hair, making Sadie want to scream. Finally, after brushing her hair out so it covered her entire body, the figure stood, placed the brush in the cart, and rolled it away back into the shadows. They remerged holding a large pair of shears. Sadie started to really get scared. The figure got very close to Sadie, and she have almost sworn that she saw a small lock of sticking out from underneath their mask. The figure grabbed a lock next to her face. They held the shears at her forehead and quickly snipped off the lock. Sadie started to cry harder, as the figure placed the lock on the cart. The figure then went and started to grab thick chunks of Sadie’s hair and chop them off. Sadie watched as they ravaged her hair, the floor and her lap slowly gaining large piles of her hair. Finally, after the last long lock had been shorn off, the light above Sadie went out. She woke up in an ally, completely bald and having only a single lock of her resting on her chest.

Uh-oh, where am I gonna take this? – Jill

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