Safety first Haircut

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Jared slowly backed in a parking spot, as Samantha smiled at him.

From were they were parked they could see Bruce’s  spinning barber pole.

As Jared put the truck in park, Samantha said “are you going to come in with me”

He had no intention of stepping inside Bruce’s shop.

Jared look over at Samantha, and said “if I have to”.

As Samantha reached for the door handle, she said “you have to”.

Once they were both standing on the uneven pavers, Jared said “I rather we just go to the shop my family goes to”.

He look a brief pause, and then said “look at this place”.

Samantha assumed Jared didn’t like the place, because of the chipping paint and flickered neon sign.

When Samantha didn’t immediately say something, Jared said “who still has neon signs”.

As Samantha reached for the door handle of the shop, she said “it will be fine”.

When they walked into the Bruce’s shop, they saw him caping a young boy.

He looked over at Samantha, and then said “I was hoping you would come back”..

Bruce had his hair cut into buzzed flattop.

Samantha could not take her eyes off him.

She was definitely a sucker for a man with a flat top haircut.

He snapped the snaps on the cape, as he said “take a seat back here”.

She nervously walking towards the empty barber chair.

When she right in front of it, Bruce said “just put one foot on the footstool, and step up into it”.

As Samantha took her seat in the chair, she said “thanks, I’m good”.

Once she was seated, with her purse on her lap, she crossed her arm, and then looked straight at a picture on the wall.

Bruce picked up a set of clippers, and then flipping them on.

The boy in the chair next to her, didn’t get there much before they did.

In fact, they were parking the truck as he walked in with this mother.

As he picked up the clippers he used on Rachel, the boy’s mother said “I’m going to head out for a smoke, Bruce”.

At this point, Jared was the only person in the waiting area.

Bruce got closer to the boy, as he said “I hope you don’t mind her seating back here”.

He took a brief pause, and then said “Samantha, will be continuing to look straight at that wall”.

Samantha knew she was supposed to look, but she couldn’t help but look.

As she looked over, she saw his face.

The clippers skinned his nape down to the bone, as Samantha wonder how only he was.

She thought he was probably ten years old.

For a brief second, their eyes met, and then Samantha quickly looked away.

She didn’t want Bruce to catch her.

Much like Rachel’s cut, Bruce wasted no time reducing his hair down to almost nothing.

Samantha took her eyes of the pictures, and looked on the floor.

She saw alot of curly, blonde, hair on the floor.

Based on the amount of hair she saw on the floor,  she assumed the boy was quite bald by now.

In reality, he still had a quarter of an inch on the top of his head.

Bruce quickly put a guard on the clippers, and then dragged them over the top of this head.

After what seemed like forever, Bruce hung the clippers up.

When Bruce removed the cape from him, he said “wait in the waiting area till your mother comes back”.

Samantha looked over at the boy’s transformation, as he made his way to the waiting area.

She quickly realized that, if she would go though with this, her hair would be shorter than the boys.

It started to become a very uncomfortable situation for Samantha.

Bruce looked over at her, and then said “we will get started once I get paid”.

He began sweeping up the boys hair, as they waited.

She haven’t come back before he finished cleaning up.

He didn’t have time to seat around, and wait for her any longer.

He picked up a towel, as he said “were going to get started”.

Bruce placed the towel over the back of Samantha’s neck, and then tilted the barber chair back.

This was not how Samantha saw this haircut starting out. 

She never thought her head would be in a shampoo sink.

She decided to just try to enjoy the experience. 

It felt amazing to have Bruce wash her hair, but she was hoping for more of an experience like Rachel got.

The warm water quickly soaked her hair, and then he applied shampoo.

Bruce had very strong hands.

She experienced how strong his hands were, as he worked the lather. 

He definitely gave a much better shampoo than the women that worked at the salon in Plymouth.

Bruce rinsed her off hair, and then he reapplied shampoo.

As Bruce continued to work on her, she began thinking about a salon she used to go in Brookfield.
They had a stylist who was also had very strong hands.
The cooler rinse water brought Samantha back to the moment.

When he was done, he tilted the barber chair up again.

As he titled the chair up, he said “are we doing the haircut you were supposed to get the last time you were in here”.

He began drying her with a towel, as he said “I hope your shampoo was on the same level, as the ones you get from Kim”.

There were a few moments of silence, and then she said “Kim never cut my hair”.

Bruce tossed the towel into a basket, and then said “I would have assumed she was the one cutting your hair”.

With out even thinking about it, Samantha said “no. Mom has taken me to that place in Plymouth by thrift store”.

As Bruce grabbed a piece of tissue paper, he said “you will never get a good, quality, cut at a chain place”.

Bruce was wrapping a strip tissue paper around her neck, as he said “does boy toy know what cut your getting”.

As he grabbed a cape hanging on the wall, she said “he has been wanting me to get buzz cut for a while, now”.

A green cape got tossed over Samantha shoulders, as he “you have facial structure for it”.

Samantha began to wonder if he was going secure the cape.

When he used this cape on Rachel, he didn’t secure it.

Secretly, she was hoping he wouldn’t secure it.

Unfortunately, in her mind, he secured the cape to her neck.

For weeks, now, she thought about what it would be like to be back in one of Bruce’s barber chairs

He spun the chair, so Samantha could see herself in mirror.

As she looked in the mirror, he said “last chance to tell me, no”.

She laughed, and then said “we are good”.

He turned the chair to the position it was previously in, and then said “what is boy toy’s name”.

Jared got up from the waiting room chair, and said “her man’s name is Jared”.

Samantha looked at the wall, as Bruce said “could you go see if you can see his mom”.

He made eye to eye contact with Bruce, and then said “sure”.

Samantha was exploding with nervous excitement, as Jared left the shop.

She squirmed in Bruce’s barber chair, as he cleaned his clippers.

There was already moisture.

Her legs were squeezed together, when Bruce flipped them on.

The sudden whir of the blades caused Samantha to jump slightly.

Bruce put his hand on her shoulder, and then said “these aren’t the clippers they use at the chain places”.

At this point, Samantha knew her panties were going to soaked by the end of this haircut.

He somewhat aggressively titled her head, and then the cut began.

Samantha didn’t mind at all that Bruce was a little aggressive with her.

As soon as she felt the vibration of the blades against her nape, she knew she was going came.

Bruce hoped Samantha was enjoying her experience, so far.

He ran up the clippers up her nape for second time, as he said “our you enjoying this”.

She began wondering if she was feeling a cool breeze from a ceiling fan, when she said “very much so”.

On pass three up the nape, Samantha said “sitting back here for his cut was a nice extra bonus”.

As Bruce continued to work on nape, Bruce said “which was better for you, the boy or your neighbor”.

Bruce was about start on her sides, so he somewhat aggressively moved Samantha head.

After his adjustment of head was complete, Samantha said “Rachel”.

When her ear got pushed forward, he said “were you into all the crying”.

As Bruce quickly reduce all the hair behind her ear to stubble, Samantha said “does it make me a monster, if I say yes”.

Her ear was released, as Bruce said “no”.

He turned the chair a little bit, so he could finish up that side of head.

Once the bare clipper blades finished peeling that side down, Jared walked back into the shop.

As the chair was turned, so that Bruce could get the other side of head, Jared said “she will be in, in a minute”.

Right before Bruce started peeling more of Samantha’s hair off, he said “is this going to be short enough for you”.

Bruce continued to work, as Jared made his way over to the barber chair.

Her ear got pushed forward, as Jared said “when my sister’s get their hair done, it doesn’t have the sand paper feel”.

He quickly got behind her ear, as he said “you touch your sister’s head after they get haircuts”.

The ear was released, when Jared said “you know what I mean”.

Right before Bruce made the final pass on that side, he said “what it means is you can go sit in the the truck. I don’t let guys in my shop, that are touching their sister’s heads”.

Samantha and the boy both started laughing, when Bruce said that.

The boy’s mother walked into the shop, right before Jared left.

Bruce finished peeling that side, and hung up this clippers.

Before he walked to the counter to get his money, he turned the chair, so that Samantha could see herself in the mirror.

She put her hands over her face, as Bruce made his way to the counter.

He was almost to the counter, when the boy’s mother said “I got a call when I was out there”.

Bruce made eye to eye contact with her, and then said “I understand completely”.

As she dug though her purse for her wallet, she said “your taking her pretty close”.

She opened up her wallet, as Bruce said “around here it’s not uncommon for farm girls to get crew cuts or take it all off”.

A 50 dollar bill was handed to Bruce.

As she handed it to him, she said “if you say so”.

The cash register opened, as Bruce said “I know so”.

He put the bill in that she gave him, as he said “farm kids don’t have the luxury of long hair”.

Her change was pulled out of the register, as he said “they don’t have time to maintain long hair”.

As he handed her change, he said “there is also the safe issue of having long hair around machinery”.

The boy’s mother could see where this conversation was going, and she just tossed the money in her purse.

Once they were out of the shop, Bruce looked over at Samantha.

As he began to walk towards her, he said “this is only going to be your look, when your doing chores”.

He put his hand on her shoulder, and said “your going to be wearing a wig, when your off the farm”.

Bruce unsnapped the cape, and folded it down off Samantha’s shoulders.

As he did this, he said “long hair, especially ponytails, are dangerous in any number of situations”.

He tucked a towel into her collar, and then he said “safely first”.

Before Samantha knew what was going on, Bruce was applying hot moist lather around her ears and nape.

Bruce quickly put a new blade in his pearl handled straight razor, as Samantha watched.

As he changed the blade, he said “I want to give the clippers a chance to cool down”.

A towel was placed over her left shoulder, and then slight stubble was removed.

As he removed the stubble, he said “we can’t have you leaving with half a haircut”.

Bruce wiped the razor, and moved the towel to the right shoulder.

He quickly finished the right, and then placed the towel on the counter.

As he prepared to do her nape, he said “head down“.

Samantha’s head was held down slightly, and the razor touched her again.

Bruce wiped the razor for the final time,  and cleaned it before he set it down.

As he wiped the razor, he said “to get the smooth feel, I would have to do your whole head like that.

The chair got turned so Samantha was looking at pictures on the wall, again.

Once the chair was were he wanted it, Bruce said “we are looking at $75 for straight razor shave and haircut”.

With out even thinking about it, Samantha said “just the haircut is fine”.

As he reached for the clippers, he said “step mom is more than qualified to it”.

He turned on the clippers, as he said “why hasn’t Kim been cutting your hair”.

Bruce went to tilted her head back, as she said “she doesn’t like me”.

When the clippers were directly in front of her forehead, Bruce said “how many bitches named Kim is your mother fucking”.

As he dragged them a cross the center of her head, he said “the Kim that worked here adorns you”.

He made the second pass a cross the top of her head, as he said “she always had positive things to say about you”.

There were a few moments of silence, were the clippers were the noise in the shop.

He was making his last pass over the top of her head, when he said “when your mother scheduled your appointment, it was her that told me you got D’s”.

When he began to randomly run the clippers over her head, he said “do you know why she quit working here”.

Samantha knew, but she didn’t want to tell Bruce.

As he hung up the clippers, he said “do you”.

He was began to blow off the cape, when she said “my mother didn’t like how you treated Phil and Rachel”.

The hair dryer got hung up, as Bruce said “how does your mother talk to the black sheep of the family”.

As the cape was removed, he said “my brother is an embarrassment”.

Samantha was getting out of the chair, when Bruce said “his kids will never be able to sell those trains for anywhere near what he paid for them”.

She was walking to the counter, when she said “they have kids”.

Bruce hung the cape back up, as he said “they have two kids together, and he three from previous relationships”.

As he began to walk towards the counter, he said “you never saw them, because they refuse to have anything to do with him”.

Samantha began opening her purse, when Bruce said “the cut is free. Just tell your mom, I’m good guy”.

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