Sally Conquers Her World – 6 – The Glorious Return of the Dirty Evil Queen

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Sally entered the office with a sense of purpose, her short curly perm bouncing with every step. She greeted Ellen, who had her long blonde hair elegantly styled in a bun, and couldn’t help but appreciate the contrast between their hair choices.

“Good morning, Ellen,” Sally greeted with a warm smile. “How’s everything going today?”

Ellen returned the smile and replied, “Good morning, Sally. Everything is running smoothly so far. Oh, by the way, Mr. Robert would like to see you. He mentioned it earlier, and I believe he’s waiting for you in his office.”

Sally’s curiosity piqued as she wondered what Mr. Robert wanted to discuss. She nodded in acknowledgement and replied, “Thank you, Ellen. I’ll go see him right away. If anything urgent comes up, please let me know.”

With that, Sally made her way to Mr. Robert’s office, her mind abuzz with possibilities. She knocked gently on the door and, upon receiving a muffled “come in,” she entered the room.

Mr. Robert was seated behind his desk, engrossed in paperwork. He looked up as Sally entered, and a warm smile spread across his face. “Ah, Sally, good to see you. Please, have a seat.”

Sally took a seat across from Mr. Robert, her eyes flickering with curiosity. “Good morning, Mr. Robert. You wanted to see me. Is there something specific you’d like to discuss?”

Mr. Robert leaned back in his chair, his expression thoughtful. “Yes, Sally, there is something I wanted to talk to you about. First of all, let me say that I’ve noticed the change in your hairstyle. It suits you quite well, I must say.”

Sally’s cheeks flushed with a hint of pride, and she replied, “Thank you, Mr. Robert. I’m glad you like it. It’s been a refreshing change for me.”

Mr. Robert nodded approvingly. “Indeed, it’s always good to embrace change and find what suits us best. Now, onto the reason I wanted to see you. I’ve been reviewing your recent performance, and I must say, Sally, you’ve been doing an exceptional job. Your dedication and hard work haven’t gone unnoticed.”

Sally’s heart swelled with a mixture of gratitude and anticipation. “Thank you, Mr. Robert. I truly appreciate your kind words. It means a lot to me to know that my efforts are recognized.”

Mr. Robert leaned forward, his gaze steady and encouraging. “Sally, I have an exciting opportunity I’d like to discuss with you. We have a new project coming up, and I believe you would be the perfect fit to lead the team. Your exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail make you an ideal candidate.”

Sally’s eyes widened with excitement, her short curls bouncing with every movement. “Mr. Robert, I’m honored that you think of me for such an important role. I would be thrilled to take on the challenge and lead the team to success.”

Mr. Robert smiled warmly, his confidence evident. “I had a feeling you would be up for it, Sally. Your commitment and passion for your work make you a valuable asset to our company. I have full faith in your abilities. Also, I want to

nform you that Mrs. Crowley is doing much better now. She’s eager to return to work, albeit on a limited basis, just a few days a week.”

Sally’s eyes widened with relief and joy. “Oh, that’s wonderful news, Mr. Robert! I’m so glad to hear that she’s recovering well. She’s a valuable member of our team, and I’m looking forward to having her back, even if it’s part-time.”

Mr. Robert nodded in agreement. “Absolutely, Sally. Mrs. Crowley’s expertise and experience are invaluable. However, I must emphasize that you will continue to be in charge during this transitional period. Mrs. Crowley will be working under your guidance and support.”

Sally nodded, understanding the responsibility entrusted to her. “Of course, Mr. Robert. I’m honored to take on that role and ensure a smooth transition for Mrs. Crowley. I’ll provide her with the necessary support and help her ease back into work gradually.”

Mr. Robert smiled, reassured by Sally’s commitment. “I have full confidence in your abilities, Sally. You’ve proven yourself time and again. I know you’ll handle this responsibility with professionalism and care.”

Sally felt a sense of pride swell within her. “Thank you, Mr. Robert. I won’t let you down. I’ll do everything I can to ensure a seamless transition and support Mrs. Crowley in her return to work.”

With their discussion concluded, Sally expressed her gratitude once again and left Mr. Robert’s office. She returned to her desk, a renewed sense of purpose and determination filling her.

As she sat down, Sally couldn’t help but reflect on how far she had come since starting at the company. She remembered the days when she was just a few days a week, learning the ropes and gaining experience. Now, she was trusted with leading a team and guiding others in their roles.

Sally felt a surge of motivation and responsibility. She was determined to continue growing and excelling in her career, not only for herself but also for the team she led. The journey was far from over, and she was ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

With a smile on her face, Sally dove back into her work.



Mrs Crowley silently enters Robert Clennagh’s office, “Hello Robert”

Mr. Robert greeted Diane with a friendly tone, using her first name. “Diane, it’s so good to see you! I hope you’re feeling much better now. We’ve missed having you around here.”

Diane returned the warm smile and stepped closer to Mr. Robert’s desk. “Thank you, Mr. Robert. I’m doing much better now, and I’ve been looking forward to coming back. I’ve missed being part of the team and contributing to the work we do.”

Mr. Robert nodded, genuine concern evident in his expression. “I’m glad to hear that, Diane. Your health is of utmost importance, and it’s wonderful to have you back. Please remember to take it easy and gradually ease back into work. We want to make sure you’re comfortable and well-supported.”

Diane nodded appreciatively. “Thank you for your understanding, Mr. Robert. I will definitely take it at my own pace. And I must say, I’ve missed the camaraderie and the sense of purpose that comes with working here.”

Mr. Robert leaned forward, his voice filled with sincerity. “Diane, your contributions to this company have always been valued, and your absence has reminded us of how much we rely on your expertise and dedication. We’re thrilled to have you back with us.”

A warm smile spread across Diane’s face as she expressed her gratitude. “Thank you, Mr. Robert. It’s good to be back. I’m ready to dive back into work and contribute to the success of the team once again.”

Mr Robert takes Mrs Crowley’s hand and kisses it, ” I also missed you personally, your warmth, you kisses”. He gives her a kiss on the cheek. She answers with a big kiss on his lips, “and I missed you, I missed you so much”

Mr. Roberts invited Diane to take a seat in his office, wanting to discuss something important regarding the recent changes in the office due to the Wilson contract.

“Please, have a seat, Diane. I wanted to talk to you about something important,” Mr. Roberts said. “With the Wilson contract in place, we need to maintain a more professional image throughout the company.”

Diane looked curious as she settled into the chair. “What do you mean, Mr. Roberts?”

“Well, Diane,” Mr. Roberts began, “I think it’s time for us to step up our game. Our appearance plays a significant role in how we are perceived by clients and colleagues. I’ve noticed how Miss Pierce presents herself with confidence and professionalism, and I believe it’s something we can learn from.”

Diane’s surprise was evident as she listened intently. “Are you suggesting that I should change my look?”

“Not a drastic change, Diane,” Mr. Roberts clarified, “but perhaps a subtle transformation that aligns with the more professional atmosphere we are striving for. A hairstyle update, for instance, could make a difference. It’s about showcasing your best self and projecting a more polished image.”

Diane paused, contemplating Mr. Roberts’ suggestion. “I’ve always felt comfortable with my current style, but I understand your point. What kind of hairstyle are you suggesting?”

Mr. Roberts considered his words carefully. “Something that exudes sophistication and confidence. Maybe a sleek bob or an elegant updo. We can consult with a stylist who can guide us in finding the perfect look that suits your features and our professional environment.”

Diane thoughtfully considered the idea. “It’s certainly an interesting proposition. I never thought about changing my hairstyle, but I’m open to exploring new possibilities.”

“That’s the spirit, Diane,” Mr. Roberts encouraged. “Change can be invigorating, and it shows our willingness to adapt and grow. Let’s set up an appointment with a stylist who can provide expert advice and assistance throughout the process.”

Diane smiled, appreciating Mr. Roberts’ guidance. “Alright, Mr. Roberts. I’m willing to give it a try. Thank you for your insight and for pushing us to be the best versions of ourselves.”

“You’re welcome, Diane,” Mr. Roberts replied. “I appreciate your openness to this suggestion. I believe it will be a positive change that reflects our commitment to professionalism. Let’s move forward and embrace this transformation together.”

Nodding in agreement, Diane expressed her enthusiasm. “Absolutely, Mr. Roberts. I’m excited to see what the future holds with this new look and the opportunities it may bring.”

Mr. Roberts guided Mrs. Crowley back to the office, feeling a renewed sense of pride in having her return. He wanted to reintroduce her to the staff and ensure a warm welcome.

As they entered the office space, Mr. Roberts called for everyone’s attention. “Excuse me, everyone. May I have your attention, please?”

The staff turned their heads, curious about the interruption. They saw Mr. Roberts standing with Mrs. Crowley, and the air filled with anticipation.

“I have some wonderful news to share with all of you,” Mr. Roberts began with a smile. “Mrs. Crowley, who has been away for some time due to health reasons, is officially back with us. She’s made remarkable progress in her recovery and is ready to rejoin our team.”

The office erupted in applause and cheers, expressing their genuine joy at Mrs. Crowley’s return. She stood by Mr. Roberts’ side, feeling overwhelmed by the warm reception.

Mr. Roberts gestured toward Mrs. Crowley. “I know you all missed her expertise and contributions, just as I did. She has been an integral part of our team for many years, and we are fortunate to have her back.”

Mrs. Crowley blushed, touched by the kind words and support from her colleagues. She exchanged glances and smiles with familiar faces, feeling a sense of belonging.

“I invite you all to take a moment to personally welcome Mrs. Crowley back,” Mr. Roberts continued. “Let’s show her the support and camaraderie that makes our team so special.”

One by one, the staff approached Mrs. Crowley, offering hugs, handshakes, and heartfelt words of welcome. The office buzzed with excitement and genuine happiness.

Mr. Roberts watched with satisfaction as his team rallied around Mrs. Crowley, making her feel appreciated and valued. It was a testament to the strong bond they shared, and he couldn’t have been prouder of his staff’s display of unity.

With a smile on his face, Mr. Roberts knew that with Mrs. Crowley’s return, the office would continue to thrive and achieve new heights. Together, they were ready to face the challenges ahead and build a successful future.

Mrs. Crowley settled into her seat at her old desk, feeling a mixture of familiarity and curiosity. As she glanced around, she noticed something unusual—the drawers were empty. In the past, those drawers had been her secret hiding spot for her bottles of alcohol. They had disappeared.

A mix of relief and apprehension washed over Mrs. Crowley. On one hand, she was glad that the temptation was no longer there, as she had been working hard to maintain her sobriety. On the other hand, the empty drawers hinted at the possibility that her secret struggle might have been discovered. She couldn’t help but wonder if someone had stumbled upon her hidden collection.

Her gaze shifted towards Sally, her colleague. Sally seemed engrossed in her work, oblivious to Mrs. Crowley’s quick glance. Mrs. Crowley couldn’t decipher any signs of suspicion or knowledge in Sally’s expression, which offered her a small sense of relief.

Attempting to push aside her concerns, Mrs. Crowley focused on her tasks at hand. She knew that dwelling on the possibility of her secret being exposed wouldn’t serve her well. Instead, she resolved to continue her journey of sobriety with determination and to embrace the fresh start her return to the office offered.

As the day progressed, Mrs. Crowley found herself engrossed in her work, immersing herself in projects and reconnecting with her colleagues. She appreciated the sense of camaraderie and collaboration that permeated the office, feeling grateful for the opportunity to be part of the team once again.

While the absence of her hidden bottles brought a mix of relief and a tinge of nostalgia, Mrs. Crowley realized that it was time to embrace a healthier approach to her professional and personal life. She recognized the importance of open communication, trust, and self-care in fostering a positive work environment.

With newfound determination, Mrs. Crowley committed herself to being more present, more engaged, and more supportive of her colleagues. She understood that her return to the office marked a fresh chapter, and she intended to make the most of it.

As the day drew to a close, Mrs. Crowley reflected on her journey, from her absence due to her commitment to sobriety to her return to the bustling office. She felt a renewed sense of purpose and optimism, ready to contribute her expertise and make a difference in her role.

With a glance at the empty drawers, Mrs. Crowley realized that the absence of her hidden bottles symbolized her triumph over addiction and her commitment to personal growth. She was ready to embrace a new chapter, leaving behind old habits and embracing a healthier and more fulfilling professional life.

Satisfied with her progress and determined to make each day count, Mrs. Crowley packed up her belongings and prepared to leave the office. She smiled at her colleagues, appreciating the support and camaraderie that surrounded her.

As she walked out of the office, Mrs. Crowley felt a sense of gratitude and empowerment for the days ahead. She knew that despite the challenges she had faced, she was equipped with resilience and the determination to thrive in her renewed professional journey while maintaining her sobriety.

As Mrs. Crowley settled into her desk, her mind couldn’t help but wander back to the conversation she had with Mr. Robert earlier. His suggestion about emulating Miss Pierce’s look and hairstyle had stirred up anxious thoughts within her. She couldn’t shake the feeling that her appearance was being scrutinized and compared.

Glancing over at Sally, Mrs. Crowley observed her colleague’s short and curly hair. It was undeniably different from the long, elegant style she used to have. A sense of self-consciousness crept in as Mrs. Crowley questioned whether her own hair, which she had chosen to keep shorter for ease of maintenance, would be seen as suitable in the eyes of her superiors.

She wondered if Sally had noticed any change in how she was perceived since embracing her own short and curly hair. Did it affect her professionalism or the way others saw her? These thoughts swirled around in Mrs. Crowley’s mind, causing a touch of uncertainty to cloud her confidence.

But as Mrs. Crowley reflected further, she reminded herself that her worth and competence should not be defined solely by her appearance. She had proven herself capable and dedicated throughout her career, and her performance spoke for itself. The length and texture of her hair should not overshadow her abilities and the value she brought to the workplace.

With a deep breath, Mrs. Crowley made a conscious effort to silence her anxious thoughts. She reminded herself that it was her skills, experience, and dedication that mattered most. As long as she continued to excel in her work, her appearance, including her short and curly hair, would be nothing more than a personal choice—a reflection of her individual style and preference.

Reassured by this self-affirmation, Mrs. Crowley shifted her focus back to her tasks, determined to channel her energy into producing excellent work. She knew that dwelling on insecurities and comparisons would only hinder her progress and dampen her confidence.

With renewed determination, Mrs. Crowley pushed aside her concerns about how her hair might be perceived. She trusted in her abilities and believed that her professional contributions would speak louder than any hairstyle. As she immersed herself in her work, she resolved to let her accomplishments shine and prove that her worth extended far beyond the length and texture of her hair.

Diane and Robert, as they often did during their lunch breaks, decided to dine together at a nearby restaurant. As they settled into their seats, Robert couldn’t help but notice the change in Diane’s usual drink order. Instead of her customary glass of white wine, she requested still water.

Curiosity sparked within Robert, and he regarded Diane with a gentle smile. “Trying something different today, Diane?” he asked, his tone warm and inquisitive.

Diane returned the smile, her eyes meeting his. “Yes, Robert,” she replied, her voice carrying a note of determination. “I’ve made a decision to lead a healthier lifestyle, starting with cutting back on alcohol. It’s part of my commitment to taking care of myself and embracing positive changes.”

Robert’s expression softened, a mixture of admiration and support evident in his eyes. “That’s wonderful, Diane,” he responded, genuinely impressed by her resolve. “Taking steps towards self-improvement is always commendable. I’m glad to see you prioritizing your well-being.”

As they delved into their conversation over lunch, Robert couldn’t help but feel a deepening respect for Diane’s decision. He recognized the strength and determination it took to make such a positive change in one’s life, especially when faced with habits that had been deeply ingrained.

Throughout the meal, Diane’s choice of still water served as a reminder of her dedication to personal growth and well-being. It also prompted Robert to reflect on his own choices and the impact they had on his overall health and happiness.

Their lunch continued with engaging conversation and shared moments of laughter. Robert admired Diane’s courage and commitment, recognizing the strength that emanated from within her. He felt grateful to have such a remarkable woman by his side, one who inspired him to embrace positive changes in his own life.

As they finished their meal and prepared to return to the office, Robert couldn’t help but feel a renewed sense of admiration for Diane’s determination to prioritize her well-being. Their lunch had not only deepened their connection but also reminded him of the importance of self-care and the positive impact it could have on one’s life.

Together, Diane and Robert left the restaurant, their steps aligned, supporting each other’s journeys of personal growth and self-improvement. They embarked on the rest of their day with renewed vigor and a shared understanding that positive changes, no matter how small, could pave the way for a brighter and more fulfilling future.

As Diane and Robert made their way back to the office after their lunch, Diane mustered the courage to address Robert with a request. She knew it was time to take a step forward and embrace the possibilities that lay ahead. With a gentle tone, she turned to him and said, “Robert, I’ve been thinking about our conversation earlier, and I was wondering if I could leave the office a little early today. I want to start making plans and take action on the changes I’ve been considering.”

Robert, ever supportive of Diane’s journey, regarded her with a warm smile. He recognized the significance of this moment and the importance of allowing her the space to explore her aspirations. “Of course, Diane,” he replied, his voice filled with understanding. “Take all the time you need. It’s essential to invest in yourself and give room for growth and self-discovery.”

Diane felt a surge of gratitude toward Robert, appreciating his unwavering support and encouragement. She knew she had made the right decision in confiding in him and valued the safe space he provided. With newfound determination, she thanked him and assured him that she would make the most of the time to focus on her personal plans.

As the day neared its end, and with her plans taking shape, Mrs Crowley seized the opportunity to engage in a conversation with Sally, her curiosity piqued by the stunning transformation of Sally’s hair. With a friendly smile, she approached Sally’s desk and struck up a conversation, subtly seeking insights into her new hairstyle. “Sally, I have to say, your hair looks absolutely amazing. It’s short, curly, and so vibrant. I’ve been considering a change myself, and I can’t help but wonder how you feel about your new look and how you find it in terms of maintenance?”

Sally, always willing to share her experiences, welcomed Mrs Crowley’s inquiry. She leaned in, her eyes sparkling with enthusiasm. “Thank you, Mrs Crowley! I have to say, I’ve never been happier with my hair. It’s been a refreshing change, and the curls are so easy to maintain. I spend significantly less time styling it, and the overall upkeep is much simpler. It’s become a part of my identity now, and I love how it exudes confidence and personality.”

Mrs Crowley nodded, absorbing Sally’s words. She admired the ease with which Sally spoke about her newfound hair journey and silently contemplated how a similar change might enhance her own life. As their conversation continued, she realized that this transformation had far-reaching implications, not only in terms of physical appearance but also in terms of self-expression and embracing newfound possibilities.

With a sense of excitement building within her, Mrs Crowley bid Sally farewell, expressing gratitude for the insightful conversation. She knew that this encounter had provided her with valuable information and further ignited her determination to pursue her own hair transformation. Leaving the office, Mrs Crowley felt a renewed sense of purpose, ready to embark on her own journey of self-discovery and reinvention.

As Mrs. Crowley made her way through the office lobby, she happened upon Jean Thornton, Miss Pierce’s previous boss. Seeing Jean as an opportunity to gather more information, she greeted her warmly. “Jean, it’s been a while! I hope you’re doing well. I couldn’t help but notice Sally’s amazing haircut. It suits her so well. Do you happen to know where she gets it done?”

Jean smiled, happy to reconnect and assist Diane with her inquiry. “Diane, it’s great to see you. Sally’s hair does look fabulous, doesn’t it? She goes to Geena Adams at Studio Glamour. It’s just a few blocks away from here. Geena is a talented stylist, and she’s done wonders with Sally’s hair. I’m sure she could do the same for you if you’re considering a similar transformation.”

Diane’s face lit up with anticipation. She was grateful for Jean’s helpful response and noted down the name and address of the salon. “Thank you so much, Jean! I really appreciate the information. I’ll definitely check out Studio Glamour and schedule an appointment with Geena. Who knows, maybe I’ll be sporting a new look soon too!”

Jean chuckled, delighted by Diane’s enthusiasm. “I’m glad I could help, Diane. I have a feeling you’ll love the experience. Don’t forget to let me know how it goes!”

With a friendly farewell, Diane bid Jean goodbye and continued on her way. Armed with new information and a growing sense of excitement, she knew she was one step closer to transforming herself and embracing the possibilities that lay ahead.

Diane walked into Studio Glamour, the salon recommended by Jean, and was greeted by the owner, Lisa. “Hello, welcome to Studio Glamour. How can I assist you today?” Lisa asked with a warm smile.

Diane returned the smile and replied, “Hi, I’m Diane. I heard great things about your salon, and I’m interested in booking an appointment with Geena Adams. I’m looking for a haircut similar to Sally Pierce’s.”

Lisa paused for a moment, contemplating Geena’s schedule. “Well, Geena is quite in demand, but let me check her availability for you,” she said, looking through the salon’s appointment book. “Ah, it seems we have an opening in three weeks. How does that sound to you?”

Diane hesitated briefly, realizing it would be a while before she could get her desired haircut. “Three weeks? That’s quite a wait, but I suppose I can manage. Please book me in for that date. I’m really excited to try out this new style.”

Lisa noted down Diane’s appointment and assured her, “Great! You’re all set for three weeks from now. Geena will take excellent care of you. In the meantime, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if anything changes.”

Thanking Lisa for her assistance, Diane left the salon, eager to embark on this journey of transformation. Three weeks may seem like a long time, but she knew it would be worth the wait to achieve the hairstyle she admired on Sally. She looked forward to her appointment and the chance to experience Geena’s expertise firsthand.

Lisa walked over to Geena, who was diligently working on a client’s hair. She gently tapped Geena on the shoulder, and Geena turned around with a friendly smile. “Hey, Lisa. What’s up?”

“Hey, Geena. I wanted to let you know that we have a new client who specifically requested a haircut like Sally Pierce’s,” Lisa informed her, her excitement evident in her voice.

Geena furrowed her brow, slightly puzzled. “Sally Pierce? That name doesn’t ring a bell. Was she a recent client?”

Lisa nodded. “No, she used to be a client here, but it seems she’s been elsewhere for a while. However, this new client is really interested in getting a similar style. Do you have any idea what Sally Pierce’s current look is?”

Geena thought for a moment, trying to recall the details of Sally’s hair when she last styled it. “Honestly, it’s been months since I’ve seen her, so I can’t say for sure what her current style is. She used to have a short, curly look, but she might have changed it since then.”

Lisa’s eyes gleamed with anticipation. “Hmm, it would be great if we could find out. This new client seems like a perfect fit for the salon, and if we can replicate Sally’s style, it could be a game-changer. Do you think you could reach out to Sally or someone who knows her to get more information?”

Geena nodded, understanding the potential of this opportunity. “Absolutely, Lisa. I’ll try to track down Sally or someone who can give us insights into her current hairstyle. It would be fantastic to provide our new client with the exact look she desires.”

Lisa grinned, grateful for Geena’s willingness to go the extra mile. “Thank you, Geena. Let me know if you find anything. I have a feeling this could be the start of something great for the salon.”

Geena returned to her client with renewed determination. Not only did she have the task of creating a fabulous hairstyle for the new client, but she also had the exciting challenge of uncovering Sally Pierce’s current look. She was determined to provide the best service possible and ensure that the salon remained at the cutting edge of style.

As Geena continued working on Amy’s hair, she couldn’t help but be intrigued by the mention of Sally Pierce. Seizing the opportunity, she casually asked Amy if she remembered Sally.

Amy paused for a moment, her eyes scanning the salon as if searching for a familiar face. “Oh, yes! I saw her just last weekend at a party. She had this stunning new hairstyle, a very tight curly perm. It suited her beautifully.”

Geena’s curiosity piqued further. “That’s interesting. She used to be a client here, but it seems she’s moved on to a different salon. Do you happen to know why she switched?”

Amy shrugged, a thoughtful expression on her face. “I’m not entirely sure, but from what I gathered, she was looking for a more unique and personalized style. She mentioned wanting a hairstylist who could really understand her vision and bring it to life.”

Geena’s worries about potential competition eased a bit upon hearing Amy’s next words. “But honestly, Geena, you have nothing to worry about. She mentioned the salon she went to—Edith’s, I think. Apparently, they specialize in old-fashioned, obsolete hairstyles. It’s not really competition for you.”

A sense of relief washed over Geena as she realized that Edith’s salon didn’t pose a threat in terms of style and trends. She felt more confident in the quality and expertise that she and her team at the salon could offer.

“Thank you, Amy,” Geena replied with a smile. “I appreciate your insight. It’s always good to know what’s happening in the industry. I’m glad to hear that our focus on modern styles and staying ahead of trends sets us apart.”

As Geena continued working on Amy’s hair, she couldn’t help but feel a renewed sense of purpose. With the information she had gathered about Sally’s new hairstyle and the reassurance that Edith’s salon wasn’t a direct competitor, she was eager to bring fresh, innovative styles to her clients and establish the salon as a go-to destination for cutting-edge trends.

Geena’s determination grew stronger as she focused on creating an exceptional experience for Amy and all her clients. She was determined to showcase her skills, stay at the forefront of the industry, and provide the best possible service to everyone who walked through the salon doors.

As Geena approached Edith’s salon, she couldn’t help but feel a mix of curiosity and apprehension. Her eyes widened when she spotted Sally entering the salon, her tight perm catching her attention immediately. Wanting to remain unnoticed, Geena quickly covered her face and decided to find a vantage point across the street.

Luck was on her side as she spotted a cozy coffee bar just opposite Edith’s salon. She hurried inside and found a seat by the window, ensuring she had a clear view of the salon’s interior. From her discreet spot, Geena watched intently as the scene unfolded.

She observed as Edith warmly embraced Sally, a familiar connection evident between them. Geena couldn’t help but feel a pang of nostalgia, remembering the time when Sally was a client at her own salon. But her focus quickly shifted to the woman sitting in the styling chair, her hair styled in a similar tight perm.

Geena’s eyes widened in surprise as she realized that the woman in the chair had the exact same hairstyle as Sally. It seemed that Edith’s salon specialized in replicating and maintaining this particular style. Geena’s curiosity grew even stronger as she wondered how these women had become connected and why they all chose to have their hair styled in such a distinctive way.

As she continued to observe, Geena couldn’t help but notice the meticulous attention to detail. The women received a new set of curls, and their necks were expertly shaved, creating a polished and uniform look. It was clear that Edith had honed her skills in these particular techniques, catering to the desires of her clients.

Geena couldn’t help but feel a mix of admiration and intrigue. While this style wasn’t something she offered at her own salon, she recognized the artistry and craftsmanship involved. She wondered what it was about this style that drew these women to Edith’s salon and what their motivations were for maintaining such a consistent appearance.

As the evening progressed, Geena quietly finished her coffee and left the coffee bar. She made a mental note to further explore the world of these tight perms and the allure they held for Sally and the other women. It was clear that there was more to this trend than met the eye, and Geena was determined to uncover its secrets and perhaps even incorporate elements of it into her own repertoire.

As Geena made her way home, her mind was consumed with thoughts of the tight perm style she had witnessed at Edith’s salon. She couldn’t help but marvel at the precision and skill involved in creating and maintaining such a distinctive look. However, as a stylist, she knew that merely observing and replicating were two entirely different challenges.

The prospect of executing the tight perm haircut filled Geena with both excitement and trepidation. She knew that she couldn’t fully understand the intricacies of the style without experiencing it firsthand. It was one thing to watch the process unfold, but quite another to undertake the cutting and perming techniques herself.

Lying in bed, her mind still buzzing from the caffeine she had consumed, Geena’s determination took hold. She realized that she needed to immerse herself in this world of tight perms if she truly wanted to comprehend its nuances. Tomorrow, on her day off, she decided that she would pay a visit to Edith’s salon and undergo the transformation herself.

The idea of sitting in the styling chair, feeling the scissors trim her own hair and the rods wind tightly into curls, both excited and unsettled Geena. She understood that it would be a leap into the unknown, but she was willing to take that leap in the pursuit of growth and expertise.

As she lay there, restlessly unable to sleep, Geena began to form a plan. She would go to Edith’s salon as a client, letting them know that she was a fellow stylist seeking to expand her repertoire. By experiencing the tight perm firsthand, she hoped to gain valuable insights into the techniques, tools, and products necessary to achieve the desired results.

With her mind set on this new mission, Geena finally found a sense of calm. She knew that tomorrow would be an important step in her professional journey, and she eagerly awaited the opportunity to learn and explore a style that had captivated her curiosity.

As sleep eventually overtook her, Geena’s dreams were filled with visions of tight curls, precise cuts, and the exhilarating anticipation of mastering a new technique. Little did she know that her decision would lead her down a path of discovery, challenges, and unexpected transformations, both for herself and her salon.

On her day off, Geena gathered her courage and stepped into Edith’s salon. She approached Edith and explained her intention to get a tight perm, mentioning that she had been referred to this salon for such styles. Edith confirmed that she indeed specialized in creating tight perms, and Geena was directed to take a seat.

As Geena settled into the styling chair, she observed the familiar surroundings with a new perspective. This time, she wasn’t there as a stylist but as a client, ready to fully immerse herself in the process. Edith, a seasoned expert in her craft, approached Geena with a warm smile and introduced herself.

Geena felt a mix of excitement and nerves as Edith began cutting her hair, carefully shaping it to lay the foundation for the tight perm. She paid close attention to every movement, taking mental notes of the technique and precision that Edith employed. It was a chance for Geena to understand firsthand the intricacies involved in creating this particular style.

Once the cutting was complete, Geena watched intently as Edith skillfully wrapped the tight rods in her hair. She noted the specific pattern and tension used, eager to replicate it in the future. Edith’s experienced hands moved with confidence and precision, putting Geena at ease and building her confidence in the process.

As Edith applied the perm solution, Geena closed her eyes, surrendering herself to the relaxing sensation. The familiar scent of the perm solution wafted through the air, evoking memories of past treatments. However, this time, Geena paid attention to the brand of the perm solution, committing it to memory as she sought to recreate this style with her own clients.

Throughout the perm processing time, Geena allowed herself to relax and reflect on her journey. She knew that this experience was not only about obtaining technical knowledge but also about embracing the transformative power of hair and the impact it had on one’s confidence and self-expression.

As the perm solution worked its magic, Geena felt a sense of anticipation. She knew that when the rods were finally removed, she would witness the result of Edith’s expertise and her own willingness to embrace this new adventure.




Diane walked into the salon, feeling a mix of nervousness and anticipation for her appointment with Geena. As she scanned the salon, her eyes fell upon Geena, who greeted her with a warm smile. Geena’s hair had grown out since her previous visit and was now styled in a sleek, flat look by Lisa.

“Welcome, Diane,” Geena said, motioning her towards the styling chair. “Take a seat, and let’s discuss what you have in mind today.”

Diane settled into the chair, her anxiety evident in her expression. She knew she was about to undergo a significant change, and she trusted Geena’s expertise to guide her through the process.

Geena stood behind Diane, her hands poised with the cutting tools. With a resolute determination, she began to work, carefully trimming Diane’s hair, gradually removing length. The sound of the scissors and the sensation of hair falling away created a mix of excitement and apprehension for Diane.

As the locks of hair fell to the ground, Geena skillfully shaped Diane’s hair into a shorter style, creating a look that suited her features and personal style. With each precise snip, Geena infused a renewed sense of confidence and empowerment into Diane’s appearance.

Throughout the process, Geena engaged Diane in conversation, easing her nerves and ensuring her comfort. They discussed different styling options and maintenance tips for the new haircut, assuring Diane that the shorter length would be versatile and easy to manage.

As Diane settled into the chair, Geena retrieved the small red rods she had observed Edith using during her previous visit. With a firm grip on the rod, Geena carefully sectioned Diane’s hair and began rolling each strand onto the rods, ensuring a consistent and even placement.

Once all the rods were in place, Geena reached for the perming solution. The pungent odor filled the air, causing Diane to wrinkle her nose in discomfort. Geena, well-aware of the strong scent, reassured Diane that it was a necessary step for achieving the desired result.

With steady hands, Geena saturated each rod with an ample amount of the perming solution, ensuring that every strand was properly coated. Diane, though not fond of the smell, understood that enduring it was part of the process and a small price to pay for the desired outcome.

As Geena worked, she engaged Diane in conversation, diverting her attention from the smell and putting her at ease. They talked about hair care routines, shared styling tips, and even found moments of laughter amidst the chemical scent.

Throughout the waiting period, Geena’s expertise and reassuring demeanor helped Diane stay calm and confident. They discussed the upcoming neutralizing step, which would neutralize the perming solution and set the curls in place.

As the time passed, Diane patiently endured the lingering scent, knowing that the transformation she desired was just around the corner. She trusted Geena’s expertise and felt excited to see the final result.

After carefully instructing Diane to wait for a little while longer, Geena excused herself from the chair and approached Lisa at the front desk. They engaged in a brief conversation, discussing the latest salon updates and sharing a few laughs.

Lost in the conversation, Geena momentarily forgot about the time that had elapsed since Diane’s hair had been processed. Realizing her oversight, Geena’s sense of urgency kicked in, and she hurried back to Diane’s side.

With swift and practiced movements, Geena led Diane to the washing station and gently rinsed out the perming solution from her hair, just as she had observed Edith doing. Diane’s anticipation grew as the water cascaded down her head, washing away the scent of the solution.

Once the perming solution was completely rinsed out, Geena applied the neutralizer to Diane’s hair, ensuring that every strand was covered. She carefully monitored the time, determined to achieve the perfect balance between setting the curls and maintaining the health of Diane’s hair.

As the neutralizer worked its magic, Geena engaged Diane in conversation, helping to distract her from any lingering discomfort or impatience. They chatted about their favorite hairstyles, upcoming trends, and even shared a few anecdotes from the salon.

Finally, the time came to rinse out the neutralizer. Geena guided Diane back to the washing station, carefully removing the rods one by one as the water flowed through her hair. Diane felt a sense of relief and excitement, knowing that the perming process was nearing its end.

As the water washed away the neutralizer, Geena gently towel-dried Diane’s hair and led her back to the styling chair. With a smile, Geena assessed the results, ensuring that the curls were well-formed and bouncy.

As Geena examined Diane’s hair more closely, she realized that she had slightly overprocessed it during the perming process. However, rather than dwelling on the mistake, Geena quickly made a decision. With a newfound confidence, she reached for the clippers, ready to take Diane’s hair even shorter.

With precise and deliberate movements, Geena skillfully trimmed Diane’s hair, creating a shorter, more manageable style. She carefully used the clippers to achieve a clean, precise cut around the edges, shaving a high neckline and tidying up above the ears, just as she had observed Edith doing to Sally’s hair.

Diane watched in surprise as Geena confidently worked her magic, transforming her frizzy, curly hair into a chic and stylish short cut. Though it was shorter than she had initially expected, Geena quickly improvised, assuring Diane that this new, shorter length was perfect for the upcoming summer season. She explained how the lighter, breezier style would be easier to maintain and provide relief from the heat.

Diane, initially taken aback by the change, started to appreciate Geena’s explanation. She admired the precision of the haircut and how it enhanced her facial features. Geena’s confidence and genuine enthusiasm for the new style helped alleviate any doubts that Diane might have had.

Geena, relieved that her quick thinking had paid off, completed the styling with finesse, using her expertise to ensure that Diane’s hair looked its best. She shared styling tips and recommended products that would help Diane manage her new look.

As Diane left the salon, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement and adventure with her shorter, more manageable hair. Geena’s bold decision and skilled execution had transformed her appearance and given her a renewed sense of confidence.

Geena, proud of her ability to adapt and overcome unexpected challenges, continued to gain confidence in her craft. She learned from every experience, further honing her skills as a hairstylist and embracing the creative possibilities that each client presented.

Diane, despite feeling a bit uncertain about her new haircut, left the salon and ventured into the warm evening sun. As she walked towards the restaurant where she was meeting Robert for lunch, she noticed something unexpected. The breeze gently caressed her freshly cut hair, providing a sense of lightness and coolness that she hadn’t experienced before. It was true, her head did feel lighter, and she couldn’t help but appreciate the practicality of her new style.

As Diane entered the restaurant, Robert’s eyes lit up with excitement. He stood up from the table, unable to hide his admiration. “Wow, Diane, you dared to go even shorter! It looks absolutely stunning,” he exclaimed. Intrigued by her transformation, Robert asked if he could touch her hair, and Diane nodded, granting him permission.

Seated at their table, Diane and Robert engaged in delightful conversation over a delicious lunch. They talked about their future plans, with Robert acknowledging the newfound confidence and daring that Diane’s style portrayed. He remarked that her bold haircut, along with her overall appearance, made her look ready to reclaim her previous role with vigor and determination.

Throughout their conversation, Diane sipped on her still water, feeling content and refreshed. She savored the flavors of their meal while enjoying the pleasant company and the newfound sense of self-assurance that her haircut had brought.



To Be Continued. . . .








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