Salon Surprise

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  • On a Sunday morning I received a call from my friend Beenish , asking if I would be able to company her to the salon for her usual visits.

I agreed and told that sure I’ll be at her place till 12pm then we can go , as her appointment was of 12.30pm so we would easily make it.

Everything was going as plan I was just 5min away from her home and the tyre of the bus went flat and now we had to wait till it was fixed it took around 20 minutes and I was back on the road.

As I reached her house almost at 12.30 she quickly came out and said in a worried tone : You made me late hope everything goes fine. I can’t waste even a single second. We started to walk on full speed finally we reached the salon at 12.45 and she quickly ran to the salon area, where as I had no option but to sit and wait in the waiting area.

Almost after 1 hour a woman in her late 40’s came to the waiting area and snapped her fingers. Which brought me to her.

She just said “COME YOUR NEXT”, in a very stern tone, it was an order and not a request.

In confusion I started to follow her , as we reached her station she sat in her chair and told me to turn and let her see my hair. I did as told.

As I turned she saw my thick black braid reaching my knees , again I heard a snap of a finger and turned to face her.

Stylist: Ok 1st we need to was that and then I think will reduce the length till mid ear below that everything will be shaved. Then I’ll decide which look you will have. Now go and stand in that line and get your self caped and washed

Me: I think your mixing me with someone else , I’m just waiting for my friend and not here for a haircut.

The stylist just stood up from her chair and slapped me, the slap was so hard that I moved a few steps from where I was standing.


Pointing me to the far end of the salon, I started to walk after that slap I was not going to argue with her.

I can see almost 4 girls standing before me one by one the line started to move till it was me and another girl behind me. Both the shampoo girls got free and told us both to come forward and started to cape me and the girl who was behind me.

1st shampoo girl : let’s have a race who can wash faster and better.

2nd shampoo girl: Sure but will the winner get?

1st shampoo girl : the winner will give 10 whips from the cane to the loser.

2nd shampoo girl : Make that 20 and we have a deal.

They both shook hands and told us to kneel and dunk our heads in the sink . As I dunked my head I felt the icey cold water on my head and a very rough shampooing started, not caring if the shampoo was going in my eyes or not, she just wanted to win.

When she was washing the shampoo someone said “make sure you wash their faces properly, the stylist don’t want any make up on the girls face”. Just as the sentence was completed the shampoo girl took a bar of soap and started to wash my face with full force and speed as she was washing her clothes.

Once she was satisfied she placed a big towel over my face and head and started to roll it on the back of my head, while doing that she started shouting I won I won yes.

In excitement of winning she forgot that II my face and head was wrapped in towel and started jumping , which made my head rock back and forth.

2nd shampoo girl: yes yes ok! You win. But before claiming your price take her to her stylist before she gets angry.

1st shampoo girl: who’s your stylist (gave a light tug on the towel and asked

Me : 3rd chair on right.

The shampoo girl started to pull the towel and making me walk back wards and said “Girl.. Madam Zee is your stylist, your in trouble” before I can say anything I heard. “Ahh perfect timing I was thinking what took her so long. Girl go and check on the 4th dryer if the girl is cooked on not, then inform me”

Shampoo girl removed my towel and said Yes madam. and went.

Stylist : now let’sget started shall we.

She pushed me in the chair and grabbed all my went hair in her one hand , picking her scissors in other hand.

Stylist: Now girl if you will behave and let me do my work you will be out of my chair in around and hour but if your going to misbehave or talk back then you will be in lot of trouble. UNDERSTOOD.

Me: Yes

As I said she started cut my hair with her scissors above my neck, I can hear the scissors cutting through my hair, once the cut was done she tie a rubber band on one end and placed it on the counter. And started to comb my hair , she would comb and cut small hair fall on my shoulder, on the cape ,on the floor.

Once she was satisfied with the length she said now I’m going to give you a choice , I want you to colour or curl your hair.

I thought changing the colour would be better then getting curls.

I said colour, but she said no wrong answer I will be doing both as you like to keep long hair like old ladies , then your going to be leaving this salon as a old lady, and laughed.

I opened my mouth to speak and saw that the stylist was putting some kind of collar around my neck. I looked in confusion to her and she just showed me a remote, before I could say anything she pressed a button on the remote, which released an electric shop to my from the collar and said now this was the lowest setting , you better stay quiet and be cooperative otherwise I have 10 more levels of the shock. Would you like to feel.

I lowered my eyes and let her do what she wanted.

She started to put colour on my hair and then wrap them in small rollers , once my whole head was covered in colour and rollers she told me to follow her and made me again kneel on the hard floor facing the wall.

Stylist: now no talking I activated it’s voice sensor , if you will speak a level 5 of voltage will be released. So no talking.

She lowered the big dryer hood which covered my whole face and turned it on, I don’t know for how long I stayed under the dryer but by the time the shampoo girl came to release me my face was red, neck was sweaty.

The shampoo girl took me again to her station, removed my rollers and washed my hair and face again then I was again taken to MADAM ZEE.

There she started to comb out my hair making them puffy like a cotton ball. When she was done I was shown the mirror.

I was not able to recognise my self I have white cotton ball hair very thin and eye eyebrows. Which plucked before showing me the mirror. I was in deep shock and didn’t realized that she have removed my cape but left the collar on.

I came back to reality when she twisted my ear and said your next appointment is in one week and if you won’t return in one week the collar will keep shocking you till you come back. Now go and pay the bill and come back next week at 12pm.

I started walking to the waiting area receptionist there I saw my friend sitting with a bowl cut with her face having several slap marks.


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