Saloni Di- The Shearing

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Hello people I’m Rishita I’m 19 and from a very beautiful mountain town and have just joined a very good college in Delhi. I’m a very happy go lucky person, quite talktive and I can get along with almost anyone. But something happened with me a few months back which has changed me a little, I’m trying to get it out of my mind but still thought about telling you all thru this story. Before I can tell you what happened I have to tell you about myself about how I look, so I’m 5’9 a little taller than average girls I have the best looks the most beautiful skin people call me princess at times. When I was in my early teens I saw Rapunzel she looked so beautiful to me that I decided I will become Rapunzel one day, my parents were fine with it until it didn’t bother my studies. So, I worked very hard on my hair growing them more and more beautiful with time. While I learned it was almost impossible to grow them as long as Rapunzel I managed to grow the most beautiful waist length hair I could, due to hair falls and other problems I maintained the length but people loved me for it I would always get compliments on how beautiful my hair looked.

My 12th board results came last year I had done very well scoring 93% marks everyone at home was very happy with me and quite frankly I too was really happy. My parents had started looking for good colleges for me after the 12th exams but we waited for results. The problem we faced with colleges was they were all in other cities which were quite far from home, my mom wasn’t very keen on sending me away alone. Well luck was on our side in Delhi my father found our old tenant Saloni Ji she was living there alone with her 13 year old son, he found her by shear luck he was in some market where she recognized him and took him home. She had lived at our place for 4 years even her son was born when she was with us, her husband left her for another woman, she left our place 6 months after. She insisted so Dad lived there for a few days and told her why he was there, she was more than happy to keep me at her place so I could attend college. We were all very happy with the proceedings within a month of my results I shifted to Delhi at her place and joined the college.

Her place was nice there were only 2 of them mother and son, it was a 3 bedroom flat where they lived. Saloni di worked as a teacher in the same school her son was studying. Apart from little things here and there everything was kinda fine for me there, I had joined college and in months became quite popular among students because of my happy nature and beautiful looks. I enjoyed living there too and would always help Saloni di in daily chores. His son Shobhit was fine like every early teen he was curious about things at times too stubborn but then every teen kinda is like that I too was the same. In the 15 months I’ve been here there has been only one argument between me and di but it got sorted too when I apologized to her, I was actually having hairfall at the start when I came to delhi may because of the weather change my hair couldn’t bare the heat. She found hair everywhere and suggested me to get a hair cut, I was kiddish and got really angry at her for saying it. She herself had hair boyish hair and got them cut at the same shop as his son. I said some harsh things to her then when I realised my mistake I apologized. It was long forgotten tho and the summer came again I saw some hair fall she did too and gave me that same look like last year but instead of arguing I promised her I’ll take care of it.

Last weekend we were home the summer was lethal, no one dared going out due to excess heat. Early sunday morning when I woke up I heard Shobhit argue with her mother they were in the lounge. I went there and asked her what happened

Saloni Di- Look at him Rishu look at his hair they are so long for a boy. I got scolded at school because of him. I’m asking him to get a hair cut but he is refusing.

While I myself felt his hair wasn’t that long but considering the heat I thought di must be right.

Me- Shobhit di is right you should get a hair cut

Shobhit- I don’t want to and I will not

We both tried convincing him for almost an hour until finally he agreed to go but clearly told us he won’t go with her mother. We agreed to his demand and I took him with me to the shop, since it was a Sunday and the shop wasn’t far I only wore a lazy T-shirt and my pyjama shorts and kept my hair in a bun. When we reached the shop both barbers were sitting idle on their chairs. I hated this shop it was small and very uglish even the 2 barbers weren’t good men. Whenever I was here before with either Saloni di or Shobhit they would spend whole time staring at he, some times touching my hair by accident. There was no waiting area in the shop so if someone was accompanying a person they would either stand out side or sit in the other chair if it’s empty. We went in the shop both barbers stood up looking at us they greeted us and asked us to sit down, I never liked sitting on those big leather chairs but the heat outside was lethal so I decided it’s better to stay in.

One of them tied a white cloth on Shobhit and started sprinkling water on his head. Saloni di had handed me a piece of paper secretly and told me to hand it to the barber without looking at it, If shobhit got to know what it was he won’t let the barber work she told me. I handed the paper to him before sitting down when shobhit was looking elsewhere.

Shobhit- Bhaiya dont make it short just cut a few inches

Me- No shobhit it’s too hot out there and saloni di told me to get the shortest haircut possible for you. Bhaiya cut it very short

Shobhit- No No No No I won’t

He stood back up from the chair wearing that cloth in his neck

Barber 1- It’s okay shobhit you will look good and there’s so much heat outside long hair isn’t good for this

Shobhit- She has long hair too why is it good for her and not for me

He started making a big fuzz in the shop trying to get out while both I and the 2 barbers tried convincing him.

Shobhit- Okay I will get my hair cut if she will too. Heat is for everyone right then both of us should have short hair.

I was stunned at his request but he kept arguing with us

Me- okay okay I will get it done but you will do it first

I tried defusing the situation I knew if he decided not to do it then it will become a problem for di.

Shobhit- why you’ll do it later there are 2 of them and 2 of us they can do us both together.

I almost held my head in my palm and signalled the barber to act as if he was giving me a haircut. The other barber stood in his positions he took another white cloth and tied it to my neck. He started spraying water over my head without opening my bun while the first barber started combing shobhit’s hair. Shobhit noticed it “how can you cut without her hair open?” He yelled at the barber who looked at me thru the mirror. I really didn’t want him to touch my hair but thought about the situation in hand and signalled him to open it. I saw his eyes pop when he opened my bun his eyes were glued to my hair slowly falling down.

The barber behind Shobhit started turned on the clippers at the back of his head he stopped him and started looking at the one behind me. The barber looked at me when he started staring at him “what have I gotten myself into” I thought to myself I bent my head down. He picked it up again and started combing my hair from my forehead to tips “I combed your hair first right so he is combing hers now sit still and let me start working” Said the barber

Shobhit turned back on his chair thru the mirror I could see him looking at us I felt the barber behind me was having a great time he was slowly combing my hair taking his time he must have never touched hair so beautiful in life. After combing it properly there wasn’t much to do for him he tried making gestures wasting time, the one working on Shobhit seemed like he had finished half his work. Shobhit gave a stare to me and then to the barber behind me, he came forward when he opened his drawer I saw scissors and clippers there he kept looking for a few minutes then picked up the clippers. I got scared when I looked at them it was an old trimmer. He didn’t turn them on acting in front of Shobhit he started running them at my ends and then sometimes he came up to the forehead.

It continued for a few minutes until shobhit’s haircut was almost finished. In a sudden movement shobhit jumped out of the chair, I don’t know if the barber panicked or did it on purpose but he turned those trimmers on while they were still on my forehead. He ran them straight down the middle of my head. My jaw dropped when I looked at what he had done, I could see a black strip of hair in the middle of my head. Before I could react or stop him he ran the trimmer again right beside the first strip, I felt as if my body had gone numb I could not move not even my eyes they were guled to the mirror looking at the barber who was clipping away my beautiful hair.

He didn’t stop pass after pass on my head I could see only very small stubble of black hair over the top of my head. He came forward and ran the trimmers on my sides bringing them to the same length. When he went behind again he pushed my head down I felt him running those trimmers behind my head I could feel hair falling down from my head. My head was down chin into my breasts my eyes could see the large pile of my locks in the white cloth over my lap. I saw my tears fall over that cloth but nothing came out of my mouth. When he pulled my head up I saw there was nothing but stubble all over my head, tears flowing down my face and a smirk on the face of the barber behind me.

Shobhit shook me “let’s go we’re done” He ran his hands over my shorn scalp. I wasn’t able to move my body at all so he almost pulled me out of the chair. The barbers looked at us it felt I could even hear what was going around me, shobhit put his hands in my pockets almost pulling my shorts down revealing most of my butt. He took the money his mother had given me and paid the barbers. He walked me back to home, when we reached up Sonal di was at the door. I didnt know if I saw it wrong but it looked like she had a wide smile on her face when she first looked at me but then she covered her face with her hand.

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