Samantha’s Headshave

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Taylor put the truck in park, she said “maybe, it is nothing. However, I did see the gas gauge just drop. I don’t want the three of us to have to try to push this truck with that big trailer attached to it “.

Khloe knew right where they where. They where like a mile outside of Stephensport, Kentucky. She also know the closest gas station was miles and miles away. 

As Taylor dug thought her purse, she said “I’ll call dad. Maybe, the truck just does this”. Before the truck turned it self off due to a lack of fuel, Khloe turned the truck off. 

Once Taylor found her phone, she said “good thinking, Khloe”.

At fate would have it, her phone didn’t have any signal. Taylor thought about the situation for a minute, and then said “ever town in America is required to have a post office. Let’s just talk to the post office, and use their phone to call dad”.

As Samantha reached for her door handle, Taylor said “one of us should stay with the truck”.

When hand was on door handle, Khloe said “BG has a place out here on school lane. He may be there”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “it gambrel barn”.

Samantha began to exit the vehicle, as she said “did he tell you he was coming here, today”.

 With out even thinking about it, Khloe said “we weren’t talking to much, after Darryl left. If you know what I mean”.

When the three of them were all out the truck, Taylor said “are you good with staying with the truck, Khloe”.

In Khloe’s mind, her staying with the truck was a stupid idea. To the best of her knowledge, Samantha and Taylor didn’t know anyone in this town.

She knew people in the town. Some people didn’t like her, because they didn’t like BG. However, she felt like she had a better chance then them at gaining access to a phone or gas.

Before Khloe could suggest her and Samantha go, Samantha said “she will be fine with it, mom”.

At this point, Khloe decided they should find out about Stephensport on their own. Once she made that decision, she said “fine”.

After about 10 minutes of walking down 144 they arrived at the post office. There were no cars in the parking area, but they assumed it should be open.

 As they walked up to the dated building, Samantha said “is this a good idea”.

Her mother shook her head, and then said “no, but it is the only chance we got”.

When Samantha reached for the door handle, she said “I wonder if Khloe knows folks out here”.

With out even thinking about it, Taylor said “I’m so glad you volunteered her to stay at the truck”.

Once they were inside, they saw a bald woman working behind the counter.

Before the lady could say anything to them, Taylor said “we need to use your phone”.

With out hast, the woman said “good morning, to you as well”. In an effort to gain phone privileges, Samantha said “how are you doing, this morning”.

 The lady set her pen down on the counter, and then said “it has been a rough 24 hours”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “yesterday, I went out to my car. I want to go to Brandenburg to buy groceries. When I turned on my car, I saw the fuel gauge was on empty”.

 She took yet another brief pause, and then said “I think the town’s barber stole my gas”.

With out even thinking about it, Taylor said “why would he steal your gas”.

The lady gave Taylor a dirty look, and then said “he sells gas out of his shop”.

Samantha made eye to eye contact with the lady, and then said “we are in the market for some gas”.

The lady laughed, and then said “gas is like Gold out here. Yesterday, I had a full head of hair”.

In an effort to better understand the situation, Taylor said “he traded you gas for your hair”.

The lady made eye to eye contact with Taylor, and then said “he has a kinky related to shaving woman bald”.

She took a brief pause, and then she said “I got 2 gallons for allowing him to shave me”.

At this point, Taylor need to know only one thing. She need to know what the cash price was for a gallon of gas.

In an effort to get to find out what the cash price was, she said “what does he charge cash per gallon”.

There  few were a moments of silence, and she said “$ 100 a gallon”.

Taylor hated the idea of ​​giving up her hair, but even more hated the idea of ​​giving up a $ 100 for a gallon of gas.

As Taylor started walking towards the exit door of the post office, she said “where do I find this barber”.

Without even thinking about it, she said “keep walking 144 towards the bridge”.

Once they are out of the post office, Samantha said “I’m not going to let a man shave my head for 2 gallons of gas”.

As they started walking towards the bridge, Taylor said “it not the end of the world, if we have to shave our heads to get some gas”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “I shaved my head for the first time, when I was a little younger than you are”.

Samanatha made eye to eye contact with her mother, and then said “that was different. You wanted to shave your head”.

At this point, Taylor didn’t know what to say. She knew we had to say something, so she said “it will grow back. Not only that, but I don’t see an other way of us getting gas”.

They walked in silence for about 5 minutes, and then they saw a street sign that said “school lane”.

 Once Samantha saw the sign, she said “let’s walk up there, and see if BG is there”.

As Taylor looked at all the old mobile homes on the street, she said “I don’t want to go deeper into their community”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “I don’t even know what a gambrel barn is”.

From were they standing, they could see a brown barn. There where a few trucks parked up it. Samantha pointed at the barn, and then said “that could be it. Plus, there are trucks parked there. Even if it wasn’t his place, they could tell us where his place is at”.

As Taylor began to walk towards the bridge, she said “that is a pole barn. Those folks would probably only be interested in raping and killing you”.

 Samantha knew her mother was probably right, so she began walking towards the bridge, as well. They only walked about a 100 feet more, and there the barbershop was.

 It was an older house that barber pole attached to the side of it. The closer they got to the place, the scarier it got. Not only was the building in awful shape, but the yard was filled with junk.

When they got to the door of the place, they weren’t sure if you where just supposed to walk in or if you were supposed to ring the door bell.

 Taylor wanted to air on the side of caution, so push the door bell.

After a few minutes of them standing there, a man walked out a garage door. The man had a shot gun in his hands. When they looked over at him, when he said “want business you got here”.

With out even thinking about it, Taylor said “we need gas”. As the man walked towards them, he said “does this look like a gas station”.

Samantha wanted to say it looked like a junk yard, but she said “no, sir”.

Once Samantha said that, he said “are you aware of my pricing for gas”.

There was a few moments of silence, and then Samantha said “we heard you enjoy shaving woman’s head in exchange for gas”.

Bo laughted, and then said “you heard right”.

He took a brief pause, and then said “I will give you two gallons of 87 octane gas, if you let me shave your head. That should be enough to get you to the next town, as long as your not driving a big truck pulling a trailer “.

Right after he said, he began to remove a tarp from a barber chair in his yard.

Once he had the tarp off the chair, he picked up the clippers that sitting on the seat of the chair. He had an extension cord plugged into the clippers that was power up an outlet on the side of the garage.

The clippers got set down on pile that was covered with a tarp. There were a lot of piles that where covered by tarps in his yard.

At this point, Samantha wished that where was another option. Just as began to walk towards the chair, her mother said “we actually are a big truck pulling a trailer”.

Bo took the cape off the arm rest of the chair, he said “if she doesn’t fight me or cry, I’ll give you 4 gallons”.

Samantha knew there was no way out of this, so accepted her fate.

As she took a seat in the old school barber chair, the man said “I’m Bo”.

As Samantha tried to get comfortable in red leather barber chair, she said “I’m Samantha, but everyone calls me Sammie”.

Once Samantha said that, Bo draped the cape in his hand over her.

When he was securing the cape to her neck, he said “I wish we could have met under different circumstances”.

He was securing the cape, as she said “do you not date or associate bald girls”.

Bo began to run his fingers through Samantha’s hair, as he said “never really had the opportunity. Topically, after I clip them down they never want to see me, again”.

 As Bo grabbed his clippers, Samantha said “this time will be different, Bo”.

When Taylor heard that, she began to walk away. She couldn’t believe her daughter was flirting with the man that was about to shave her bald.

Samantha felt her heartbeat pick up, and she saw her mother begin to walk back to the truck. She thought her heart was going to beat out of her chest, as she heard Bo turn the clippers on.

When the clippers ready to go, Bo said “I could feel that you had an undercut, so you should be familiar with what I’m holding in my hand”.

Samantha laughted, and then said “yes, my mom uses clippers to do my undercut”.

Once she said that. She felt his hand on her body. He gentle titled her forward, as he said “are you ready”.

At this point, the clippers were in her view. Samantha laughted, and then said “I ready when I stepped foot on your property. Your the one fucking around here”.

With out hast, Bo began driving the clippers down the center of Samantha head.

She loved feeling the of the teeth blades effortlessly going across her head. Bo free hand was on the back of head.

Bo was preparing to make his 2nd pass, as Samantha said “it would be nice if you had a mirror out here, so I could watch you work”.

Bo laughted, and then said “it’s a good thing it’s spring. The exposed spot seems to match your skin tone”.

Bo placed the clipper slightly to the right of the cleared area, and more aggressively pushed them back.

As they were getting pushed back, Samantha said “I spent a lot of time outside in the summer time, so I guess it is good that I’m going this, now”.

As Bo his hand under Samantha chin, he said “I enjoy being out side, as well”.

He forcefully pushed her head, and then began making another pass. He now standing behind the chair.

Samantha was alright with Bo getting more forceful with her. She get aroused by the experience.

He a few more passes over the top of head, as got more and more aroused. When he removed his hand from underneath her chin, she moved her head forward.

Before he started working on the removing the hair on her sides and back, she said “do you have the cigarette I could have”.

Bo laughed, and then said “you can have one when I’m done with you”.

After he said that, he turned off the clippers.

He set them down on a pile that was covered up a tarp. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Once he one out of the pack, he tossed the pack on a pile.

He walked in front of Samantha, and then lit the cigarette.

He exhaled his first hit right into this face. Once he did that, she took hand out from underneath the cape.

She gave him the finger, and then said “atleast we smoke the same brand”.

As Bo picked up this clippers, he said “I would have pegged you as Virginia Slim 120 kind of girl”.

Bo flipped the clippers back on, as Samantha said “I’m a Marlboro girl”.

He began assaulting the left side of her head with the clippers, as she said “my tramp stamp is world Marlboro”.

The cigarette was dangling from his lips, as he pushed her ear forward. After he got all the hair in that area, he look the cigarette out of his mouth.

He ashed it, as he said “I would like to see that, Sammie”.

With out hast, Samantha said “good job on not forgetting my name”.

At this point, he was almost done with the left side of her head. He was making his last pass on the left side of her head, when he said “it a shame I’m having to cut off all this good fade work”.

Bo took on last hit of the cigarette, and then handed it to Samantha.

As took it from him, she said “thank you, for not making me wait til the end”.

As she took her first of the cigarette, her head was pushed forward. She him making a vertical pass up her nape, as she exhaled her first hit.

The cape was now covered in hair. She continued to smoke what was left the of the cigarette, as Bo kept making pass up her nape.

She sat there wondering  if Bo liked her, or if she was just going to be another head of hair to him .

As stubbed out the cigarette, she said “what does your girl think of your gas trade program”.

He tilted her head, so he could get the right side easier.

Once the clippers plowed thought the right side of her head, he said “I don’t have a girlfriend”.



There where a new moments of silence, and then he said “she would have to expect that this is a part of who I’m”.

With out even thinking about it, Samantha said “would she get to shave girls heads, too”. He moved her ear, as he said “I guess, if she was into it”.

Bo gave her the right answer, but she wonder if their were enough victims to go around.

As he made his final pass, she said “do you get alot of girls out here”. He flipped off the clippers, as he said “4 or 5 a week on average probably”.

The chair began to lower, as he said “so far you have been the most enjoyable one”. When it got to it’s lowest point, Samantha said “that is sweet of you to say”.

He pulled the cape off her, as he said “I’ll get your gas from the garage, and then we can be on our way”.

He tossed the cape on pile covered by tarps, and picked up the pack of cigarettes. He open the flip top box, and then offered Samantha one. Once she had it to her lips, he lit it for her.


After she exhaled the hit, he said “how would you feel about taking pics in the chair for me”.

Samantha took another hit of the cigarette, as Bo said “tasteful pics. Fully clothed.smoking”.

After she exhaled the hit, she said “is it just for your personal collection.

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