Samira receives severe punishment for venial offence (Episode 2)

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Samira was getting shocks after shock and pleaded, ” Please don’t call the neighbours. They know me too. It’s very embarrassing being punished in front of them.”

Auntie: “That’s the whole idea my darling, to make it as embarrassing as possible for you,” she said in a very teasing voice. In the meantime Natasha arrives with her three friends, all giggling away as Natasha had briefed them on their way about all that they had missed so now they could all understand what’s happening and enjoy the show. Auntie made them sit on the bed opposite the dressing table. Samira feels uneasy seeing them giggle in the mirror, but she avoids eye contact and looks down.

Auntie: “So lets begin the show,” she said placing a white Cape around Samira’s neck and tucking it in really tightly and picks up Natasha’s hairbrush. “Hmm so this brush carries lice ha?” she holds it up looking at Samira and starts brushing her hair with the same brush starting from the crown and moving down to her waist in long strokes. As soon as the brush touches Samira’s hair she just closes her eyes avoiding to say anything cuz she realises, its her stupid words which have put her in this state.

Slowly the strokes start getting becoming more and more rough and Samira feels the pain and a jerk and her head moves back while the brush moves firmly through her hair. “Oucchh its paining aunty. Please do it a slowly.” she requests. But the strokes only become more firmer. Samira doesn’t understand what’s happening and meekly asks, “Are u going to cut my hair too? cuz i just got a trim last week.”

Auntie: “Oh Just shut up you silly girl or I will gag u now.” as she continues stroking Samira’s hair. Natasha and her friends burst out laughing at Samira’s sorry state and silly question. Samira gets more tense with every second passing by. Then auntie stops stroking and starts parting Samira’s hair in the middle very neatly. In no time with the parting she makes a centre line starting from the front of her head right till behind. Then taking the left side of the hair and separating them into three sections she starts braiding them tightly attaching a red rubber band in the bottom to hold it firmly.

Samira: ” Oh no, don’t make braids… I hate it… I look so kiddish in them. Braids are for school girls,” she said pointing towards natasha.
Auntie: ” We will see honey whats good for whom today,” continuing and now finishing with the right side in the same manner. So now, there sat Samira with a white Cape around her and two tight thick braids tied with red rubber bands in the bottom placed in front, not even a hair left loose. She really did look like a schoolgirl. Then aunty putting the brush down and opened her small silver suitcase and took out a pair of big haircutting scissors and announced, ” Okiee girls now begins the fun.”

Samira panicked looking at the scissors and screamed,”What fun? Aunty what are you saying?” Auntie didn’t say anything but with a wicked smirk just brought the scissors close to the beginning of Samira’s left braid. Natasha and her friends started cheering and rooting loudly. Samira still in a state of shock stuttering with words, “What are you doing?… Are you out of your mind!… You cant cut my hair… No wayss… Please stay away”

Auntie: [unaffected] “Wish your braids goodbye sweety, you are not going to see them again for a lonngggg longggg time.” Samira gets more desperate starts moving her upper body frantically trying to get away. Auntie calls natasha and her friends to come and hold her tight on the chair. Natasha and her friends oblige with great delight.
Samira:” Natasha please tell your mom not to cut my hair, I will give you all my hair brushes, I will never be rude to you, I promise u natasha.” She begs but to no avail.

Natasha: ” Too late sis, now we will see who has longer hair,” and starts giving hi fis to her friends. Samira’s eye literally pop out in horror seeing auntie bring the scissors closer to her braid. Auntie places the scissors just below the ears with Samira’s braid between the shears and starts cutting hard. It takes quite a bit of effort as Samira’s hair was thick but after a few minutes the left braid falls on Samira’s lap and natasha and her friends shout a loud in glory. Then aunty moves to the right side and placing the scissors at the same level starts tearing into the right braid and to the right braid too falls into Samira’s lap in minutes.
Samira watches in disbelief with tears rolling out, “My hair.. why did you do this aunty why? it was my crowning glory and you just hacked it off. Why?”

Auntie: “When glory gets to the head it needs to be shown its true place darling.” Samira sat there looking really weird with her hair still mid parted, braids chopped off. Natasha and her friends start clicking pictures of her on their cells. Samira tries to avoid them by looking away but since she was tied up she couldn’t do much with natasha and her friends exploring every angle to click pictures.

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