Samira receives severe punishment for venial offence (Episode 3)

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In the meanwhile Auntie using her combs and scissors starts styling the remaining hair and in fifteen minutes she shaped a good chin level blunt cut for Samira. She then takes a step behind comes behind Samira, puts her hands palms facing up on both the sides of the blunt hair checking the level and admiring her wonderful work.
Auntie: “Not bad ha! My haircutting skills have still stuck by me in all these years. So my dear Samira how do you feel with waist level hair down to chin level. I’m sure you feel so much more lighter,” she said laughingly and teasingly.

Samira thinking its all over, shakes her head feeling her hair now only on her cheeks. “Please untie me now, I don’t know how i m going to live with such short hair,” wanting to get up.

Auntie looking at Natasha and her friends with a wicked smile: ” So what do you think of Samira’s new blunt. She wants to get up now.” Natasha and her friends get up and start screaming in rhythm “Go shorter” “Go shorter” “Go shorter”.
Samira in disbelief cries out, “What’s left to cut anyway, just let me go. Enough of your nonsense.”

Auntie: ” Hmm someone has still not learnt from their mistakes and continues to speak rudely. Okaiee you girls will have it. LETS GO SHORTER.” Natasha and her friends hearing this shout aloud in glee.

Samira: “I don’t believe this you are cutting more. I will complain to my mom, I will complain to the police. You all are torturing a girl here.”

Auntie: “Sure no problems go ahead, but the minute you complain to anyone, Natasha has clicked some lovely pictures of you getting a haircut. They will be circulated to all your friends in college, everyone in the building and even put online. So do you think complaining is a good idea?”

Samira just burst out crying as she’s left with no choice but to continue to sit there and see her hair hacked down further. She realized she is helpless and can’t do anything. Auntie consoles her, “Don’t cry honey we will give you a better style. You will look cuter.” Saying this auntie picks up the brush and starts brushing Samira’s hair again. Same way from the crown downwards. Only this time the strokes are faster as the length is so much shorter. Samira too feels the brush hard on her scalp.

Then once again auntie neatly parts her hair in the centre and make two fluffy ponytails on both sides which barely fall below the ear. The ponytails look like dogs ears. Natasha comes forward and remarks how cute and lifts both pony tails upwards with her hands and asks her friends to click a picture of her in that pose. Auntie feels glad that her daughter is enjoying it, and asks Samira to smile for the picture but Samira feels completely humiliated and shuts her eyes and looks away.

Natasha complains to her mom and auntie tells Samira that if shes not going to smile and look in the camera she will circulate her haircut pictures everywhere. So once again natasha holds Samira’s droopy ears like pony tail up and auntie puts her fingers on Samira’s lip ends and stretches them and makes Samira give a fake smile. ???? CLICK ????CAPTURE

“There you go honey. What a lovely picture.” Remarks auntie.
Now auntie without wasting much time gets the scissors closer to the base of the ponytails and chops them off with great ease this time and more hair falls on Samira’s lap. Natasha and her friends seeing this start clapping and shouting. Samira just blankly stares in the mirror with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Auntie: “Don’t worry darling you still have five to six inches of hair on top,” which she quickly styles it into a short bob. She steps behind then to see how it looks. Not very satisfied she says “it looks too plain.” Then another idea strikes her and she comes in front of Samira now with a brush pulls her hair in the centre of the head and gathers them in her hand and tries to collect more and more strands into her hands. Then she secures it tightly with a thick pink rubber band which has 2 small teddy bears fastened to it. She adjusts the teddy bears at the base on the small pony and pulls the pony at the end on both sides so that the ponytail stands like a fountain or a coconut tree right in the centre.

Auntie: [stepping behind] “So tell me little baby what do you think of this cute hairdo?” she asks to tease and embarrass Samira. Samira can’t recognize herself in the mirror. She looks into the mirror and as if a 8 year old girl stares back at her. She can’t believe this is happening to her. It feels like she would open her eyes and this nightmare would end. But unfortunately the nightmare would continue for Samira.

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