sanctuary: life

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in the future the whole world is is taken over by men and women were considered only as worthless slaves and reproductive sluts. in this world women are no longer loved by men but men start to love each other and all the cities and divided into two halves where one half which consists of more than 70% of the land is occupied by men where they live in large mansions and due to the technological advancements all the money generating work is done by the robots. thanks to evolution alot of things have changed firstly all mens life was ristricted to 100years and forever 30 whereas women were immortal but their life was in the hands of men that is men attained complete control over women through magic a women can never disobey a mans word and must kill herself if said so. and the remaining 30% of the land is converted into a sanctuary (one very big ashram) where nearly 100,000 women per city live under the very strict rule of men and also due to evolution the hair growth rate of women changed that is now a girl can go from bald to waist length in one month but somehow a very powerful psychological fear was implanted in their head that even if it is the 1000th time they are having a hair cut their mental pain would be very high and will always be reluctant to get a haircut

(i will continue to give information about this world in the later parts of the series )

a day in the life of a 25 year old girl (non grand slave)

girls start their work as slaves and sluts in the mens world when they have had their first period where they have to either choose to work under one of eight grand households where they will be given the title of grand slave or slut or they can work for the government who have to take care of the general public

swathi was a fair skinned slutty slave who works for the government where she will have to work for a public family for a month and after every month she will be allotted a new family to work with

her day starts at 4 in the morning where she will wake up and get ready to go into work. today she was to be allotted a new family and she was very nervous cuz families new slaves are treated very harshly and were personally prepared by for their work by the family

by 5 she had reached the govt hq and entered the allotment room where she will change into all white cloths and be injected with a formula which will make her hair grow till her waist which she will braid into a very beautiful French plait . her body and pubic hair will also grow considerably much and then she will board a bus to her new work place

by 6 she will reach the house of her new owner for the month. when she entered she was greeted by a bald completely hairless and toothless skinny girl who was collared and she was very happy to see swathi and bowed to her because she was gonna take her place as the family slut

the bald slut left throught the front door and swathi moved into the livind room where two adult men were sitting along with two 15 year old children one of the man stood up and walked towards her all while she was bowing down

he went toward her and told her it was time for preparation she was then led into a room with 4 chairs where all the four men sat and swathi was kneeling infront of them and then one of the man started to read out the rules

  • she will have to arrive at work completely naked and hairless everyday
  • she will be toothless and live on water for the whole month
  • she will have to cook them 4 meals 3 times a day from scratch
  • she will have to clean the house twice a day along with wet mopping and utensil cleaning by hand
  • any rule breaking would result in death
  • she will have to endure 4 people having to use her body how ever they want

then one of the kid came infront of her and ordered her to remove her dress which she obediently did and then he gave her a tablet which she eat without questioning

after 5 mins another man came towards her with a liquid which he poured on her head and body after completely undoing her braid and after few seconds her whole body was itching beyond belief which she had to quitely endure

after some time one of the men came started pulling her hair to which the hair came out without putting up any fight and then swathi startedto cry uncontrollably but did not resist
after 10mins she was completely bald and the man stated to pull her tooth out one by one and in 10 mind she turned into a completely hairless and tooth less girl

she then started doing her chores and during the night she would under go 3hours of brutal sex and blowjobs and the return to the sanctuary at around 2 in the night

the next she she will again wake up at 4 in the morning shave herself completely bald from top to bottom and then go to work and the cycle continue for the next one month




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