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I showed up at her house around five, the grandma welcomed me in with an astatic demeanor; she had always wanted to do this since she was a little girl but life got the best of her. This couldn’t be pushed back anymore.

Her apartment was small but we had enough room to place a chair down on newspapers, she sat in the chair and I swung a striped cape about her.

Her current hair was a fairly long, mildly-curly cut: kinda bouffant-ish.

I took some pictures of her, all caped up in the chair and looking beautiful.

Now, the big event was about to begin, I plugged in my clipper device and turned it on.

She smiled at the vibrating blades as they continued to her hairline, she gave an awed squeal as my clippers came towards my body.

Her hand felt the path left by my tool, she was pleased to lose the bulk.

Again and again, more and more hair cascaded down to the ground, her head was left barren but stubbly.

She requested I finish the cut, shave her smooth and I obliged with a gleeful grin.

Sliding my razor down her scalp was satisfying and the result was a beautiful, bald senior.

I took pictures of her bald and cleaned up the space.

Before I left, she asked me to come again when she had enough hair to shave again.

I sure would come again and make her beautifully bald.

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