Sandy’s New Cut

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Sandy’s New Cut

By JimB (C)opyright November 1991


Sandy has been going to the same stylist for years.

They were friends in high school and they’re friends now.

One day she found out her stylist had moved out of her small studio space into a trendy new salon.

She doesn’t think much of it.

She had made an appointment to get her usual trim and went back to her normal daily life.

The day of her appointment she walked into the huge salon where people milling around, peppy music, she doesn’t recognize, playing in the background.

The sound of scissors and clippers piercing through the salon.

She walked up to the reception desk and spoke to the receptionist, who had a dark blue Bob and two piercings below her bottom lip.

The receptionist entered her name into the computer and the name of the stylist she had the appointment with came.

The receptionist pointed to a woman who was sitting in her chair, playing with her phone, jumps up.

It takes Sandy a moment but she recognizes she is her friend Nat.

Nat has traded in her long chocolate locks, which used to fall all the way to her butt, for a style which is just long enough to fall just above her eyes on top and cropped short everywhere else.

Sandy’s jaw drops through the floor, even as Nat gives her a hug and asks, “How are you sis?”

“It’s been way too long!”

Sandy eventually gets her thoughts about her and mumbles, stunned, “Y-your hair.!”

Nat smiles happily and tells her, “Yeah.

“When I moved here, one of the girls got me on board with the company’s style.”

“Shorter than I ever thought I could pull off.”

Nat puts her arm around Sandy’s waist and shoves her forward, smiling, with an impish bend.

Sandy starts walking, unable to control it.

Her eyes dart around as she realizes how many of the women, sitting in chairs, are getting sheared shorter than she had ever imagined going and how many of the stylists have styles even shorter than their clients.

She’s always had her long, wavy, sandy blonde locks bouncing against her back and she didn’t want that to change.

Before she even realizes what is happening, she’s standing by Nat’s styling chair.

She steps into it and sinks into soft leather, which pulls her guard down quickly.

A black cape pulls against her neck and fastens quick and easy.

As Nat picks up a pair of comb and scissors and asks, “Just a trim?”

Sandy returns to reality and nods, silently.

As Nat starts the trim and starts telling Sandy, “Moving to this place was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

“More clients come through here, my coworkers are all friendly, and this style turned out to be perfect for me.”

Sandy looked at Nat and said, “R-really?

“I mean, it does look great on you.

“It’s such a big change.

“It’s not what I would ever have expected for you.”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect it either,” she replies, running her comb through dead ends and slicing them off expertly.

”But it just works, somehow.

“These girls are experts at seeing the appeal of super short styles.

“I’m still learning how to do it myself, though.”

Sandy’s nails dig into the hand rests on her chair as she listens for every snip of the scissors.

“You know,” Nat continues.

“You’d probably look good with a shorter style.

“You totally have the face for it.”

Sandy laughs nervously and telling Nat, “Yeah.

“I’ve thought about going shorter before.

“But, I’m way too much of a wimp to ever try it.

“I’ve had long hair forever and it would be too big of a change for me.”

“That’s too bad,” Nat replies.

“Because the clippers feel so good against your head.”

She pauses to run her hand along Sandy’s nape, making Sandy shiver. It was as if phantom clippers were running up her skin.

“You’ve never had short hair!

“So, I guess you don’t know how it feels?” Nat commented.

”Just imagine feeling like you’re getting a massage, without your hair getting in the way, for the first time in ages.

“And, there’s a wave of cool air against your skin.

“At the end, you can feel how soft and fuzzy you are after all that.

“And, you’ll never want to stop rubbing it.”

Sandy closes her eyes and tries to imagine the feeling.

It’s euphoric, even in her imagination.

Her eyes open when Nat tells her, “Well, guess it’s just not your thing. “We’re done for today.”

As Nat undoes Sandy’s cape, Sandy asks, “Wait! Wait!

“What if I did want to try it?

“Would you do it for me?”

“Of course I would!” Nat tells her, not waiting for Sandy’s answer Nat grabbed a strip of neck paper and wrapping around Sandy’s neck and re-pins the cape.

Nat grabs her clippers from the shelf.

Sandy had her eyes on them the entire time as Nat walks behind the chair.  Placing one hand her left shoulder and the hand with her clippers on her right shoulder.

The weight of heavy black clippers right up against her cape makes Sandy shudder nervously as she realizing they’re going to feel great up against her.

“So, what kind of short style were you thinking?” Nat asks with a smug smile of an absolute victor.

“I dunno!” Sandy wobbles.

“I haven’t even thought about.

“You’re the expert, right?

Nat smiled as she clicked the clippers to life.

“So, maybe you have an idea?” Sandy tells her.

“Of course I have an idea,” Nat tells her.

“I was waiting for you to ask me.

“What I’m going to do is cut the back and sides quite short and taper them as we go up, leaving some length on top.

“So, you’ll be getting a chic bowl cut, of sorts.”

Sandy didn’t respond.

Only thinking about how short of a style it would be,

Nat doesn’t wait for permission.

Her clippers grabs a lock of hair and slices most of it off, letting it fall to the floor irreverently.

She grabs another lock and does the same.

Working her way over the back of Sandy’s head, leaving a growing pile of blonde at her feet.

When she chops off the length on one side, she lets it roll down the cape, and asks, “Doesn’t it feel great to have all that weight off your head?

“It’s almost like floating.

“Since, nothing is weighing you down.”

Sandy still doesn’t respond.

Her face is bright red and she’s enjoying this experience more than she thought.

The feeling of the vibrating clippers moving so close to her skin, leaving the cool air behind and mixing with the hot blood coming to the surface, is almost dizzying.

Nat smirks as she continues cleaning up the length on the other side, before she pulls a comb out of her smock pocket.

Nat begins shearing the back.

She puts the comb directly up close to Sandy’s nape, pulls the still long locks away from it and whisks them away with her clippers.

Feeling the clippers only separated from her skin by a thin piece of plastic, Sandy lets out a long held breath and lets the vibration take over her senses.

As the clippers move up, Sandy feels the rush of coolness she was told about and struggles not to shiver violently and ruin her hair cut.

She imagines Nat blowing onto her practically slippered nape, only for it to happen a few seconds later as Nat blows away stray hairs.

Nat ignores Sandy’s behavior, even while encouraging it with a smile and continues her work as normal, quick and efficient.

It only takes Nat a few of minutes to finish the back of Sandy’s hair.

It feels like the longest minutes in Sandy’s life as it happens.

Even so, she still wants more.

Her wish is granted as Nat moves to her left side and unveils her ear, clipping away the locks still covering it, leaving a thin veneer and nothing else.

Nat blows hard on the ear, and into it, clearly just teasing at this point giving Sandy several eliciting shivers and subdued moans.

After she’s done teasing, Nat moves to the right side and does the exact same thing, before finally stopping her clippers and putting them on their hook.

She grabs a pair of scissors instead and begins styling the top.

Despite the fact this is to be the longest part of the cut, Sandy sees long thick locks falling in front of her face and down to her caped lap.

Even falling to her shoulders, or brushing along her sheared nape, on their way to the floor.

She can tell from the relative silence Nat is concentrating hard.

She is enjoying the sound of the quick snipping and the feeling of hairs tickling her skin.

Within a few minutes Nat puts her tools away and takes a step away, smiling broadly.

Sandy takes a look at herself in the mirror and sees a practically different person.

She’s wearing her formerly long blonde locks in a stylish bowl cut and seeing how much care and attention gave to every cut, with every hair in place as it should be.

Nat is grinning as she grabs a hair dryer and uses it to blow away stray hairs.

Sandy is concerned this will ruin the artistry of the hair cut.

But, when it’s over, it looks similar, even better than Nat had intentionally built this hair cut to look.

So, good it would ruin other styles.

Her big, impish smiles makes more sense now.

“I’m speechless,” Sandy whispers.

Nat leans in and ask, “What was that?

“You’re too quiet, sis.

“I need you to speak up.”

“You did a amazing hair cut,” Sandy whispers, just a bit louder.

“Well, we knew I would do an amazing hair cut.

“That’s why you trust me!” Nat replies, grabbing a smaller pair of clippers with a high pitch as she fires them up.

“Now sit still.,” Nat told Sandy.

I’m not quite done yet.”

Nat pushes Sandy’s head down, forcing her chin to her chest and pulls the paper around her neck down.

Nat moves the small clippers up from the bottom of her nape and along her neck.

Sandy practically jumps up in the chair from the feel of the clippers vibrating along sensitive areas as Nat’s hand forces her to stay still.

Nat makes at least seven passes, each long and exerting subtle control. When she lets Sandy’s head go, she walks to the left side of the chair.

Holding Sandy’s head she placed clippers as she runs her trimmers up the sideburn, slow and steady as ever, leaving no hairs behind.

Nat felt Sandy shiver under her touch and massages her skin with her loose fingers.

When she’s done on the left side, she does the same thing on the right side.

Finished, she shuts off her clippers and tells Sandy, “Okay, now I’m all most done.”

She puts her clippers away and unpins the cape and neck strip, brushing away any stray hairs which may have managed to get in.

As she removes the cape a pile of blonde hair falls to the ground.

As Sandy is turned around to see a similar pile behind her.

Nat reaches in a cabinet and removes a mug, a shaving mug with a brush.

She flows hot water and began working the brush over the soap.

Standing behind her chair, Nat began lathering Sandy’s head where it was clippered close to her head.

Taking her straight razor, Nat began shaving Sandy’s lathered head.

Shaving away the little hairs, left behind by the small clippers, leaving behind soft hairless skin.

Finished Nat wipes the excess lather.

Sandy looks in the mirror and cautious raises her hand to touch her nape. The moment she touches her nape, her expression becomes one of pure pleasure as she begins running her nails over her nape.

The texture of the hair is soft as promised and her hairless skin is sensitive.

As she rubs herself, Nat puts a hand on top of her head, in her newly shorter hair and ruffles it.

Sandy falls apart under the ruffling and her own hand falls to her side.

Nat laughs, and tells her, “It really does feels differently when someone else does it?

“Doesn’t it?”

When Sandy goes to pay after bidding her friend goodbye, the girl at the front desk smirks at her.

Sandy looks away from her, blushing bright red.

“Did you have a good time?

“Do you like your new cut?” The receptionist teases.

“Yes”, Sandy told her.

“Well, a cut like that is going to need a lot of up keep,” the receptionist told her.

“You wanna come in again next month?”

“Yes,” Sandy tells her as she pays.

As she turned to leave, Sandy stopped.

“Why wait for a month!” Sandy tells the receptionist.

“Make my next appointment for next Saturday.”
The receptionist smiles and puts Sandy down for next Saturday as she leaves happy, enjoying the light breeze against her scalp.

Sandy’s New Cut By JimB (C)opyright November 1991

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