Sara the swimmer

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Sara was a normal 16-year-old girl who loved swimming. She had just moved to Denver due to her parents’ job, leaving behind her friends and familiar surroundings. Starting a new school and making new friends was challenging for her, but she remained focused on her passion for swimming.

When tryouts for the varsity swim team came around, Sara was determined to make the cut. To her delight, she not only made the team but also discovered that they were the state champions. However, just before their first practice, the new coach called for a team meeting.

Sara walked into the meeting room to find her teammates sitting silently, their eyes fixed on an empty chair. Beside the chair was a bag filled with unknown items. The coach began to speak, announcing the implementation of new rules.

“All swimmers on the team,” she declared, “will have to shave their heads and eyebrows for the entire season.”

The room fell into a stunned silence, and a few people immediately left. One brave girl named Peyton raised her hand, willing to take the first step. Peyton had a stylish blonde bob, which made the impending transformation even more significant.

The coach retrieved clippers from the bag and began buzzing Peyton’s hair, leaving only a tiny stubble on her head. Peyton tried to get up, but the coach pushed her back down, applying shaving cream generously on her head and eyebrows. She then proceeded to use a straight razor, completely shaving Peyton’s head bald, along with her eyebrows.

The coach followed the same process for everyone on the team, until Sara was the only one left with hair. Suddenly, it was her turn to take the seat. The clippers roared as they passed over her head, leaving her feeling a strange sensation. She realized it was the coach shaving her head bald. The experience became a blur, and when it was over, she found herself completely hairless.

After the shocking transformation, Sara took a shower and went home. As she lay down on her pillow that night, she realized how good it felt against her bald head. The swimming season began and Sara and her team excelled, winning every race. Sara herself was unstoppable, winning her first seven races in a row.

However, in school, the team faced ridicule and isolation due to their bald heads and lack of eyebrows. Sara, being new to the school, was a particular target for mockery. That was until a cute girl approached her and not only complimented her bald head and said how much she loved it. That’s girl was named Brooke and she became Sara’s girlfriend. Brooke came and supported every swim meet that Sara participated in. The season ended and the team was state champions. Sara managed to win every race she races in. After the season the girls where allowed to grow there hair out. Sara would of but her girlfriend liked her bald head to much so Brooke shaved her head twice a day to keep it nice and bald

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