Sara tones it down

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Sara was a smart, beautiful young woman.  She grew up without a father and with a mother you      neglected her due to her own mental illnesses.  The family that did not value education.  Sara knew she needed to get out of her rural, redneck town and her brains were the only way to get her out.

Her uncle by marriage was the only educated person in the family.  He wasn’t just educated, he had 4 college degrees.  Uncle Adam identified Sara’s gifts early on in her life and worked to nurture them.  It was not always easy because the family often accused him of trying to steal their kid.

Sara was very shy in high school and her mother did not socialize her well.  Most nights and weekends were spent alone with her dogs watching TV while her mother did her own thing.  Sara developed an anxiety issue because of this.  She also built a reality about relationships that was based on Hollywood movies and reality shows.

Uncle Adam helped Sara get into a good college close to him and far enough away from her family.  He paid for most of her schooling and she lived with him and her aunt during school breaks.  Sara was encouraged to develop a social life and get a driver’s license.  By the time she turned 21, she had many friends and enjoyed the college social life, possibly a little too much for such a naive kid.

Upon graduation with a math degree, Uncle Adam helped her get a job in finance with a good friend of his.  She did very well at her job and earned many raises within the first year of work.   Sara moved out of Uncle Adam’s house and rented a house owned by him.

Sara did not date at all.  Guys talked to her all the time but she was more of a cock tease.   She had beautiful blue eyes, a slim body, and perfectly highlighted blonde hair down to her shoulder blades.  Her hair appointments were usually posted by her hair stylist Nicole on Facebook and Instagram.  Her hair always came out that well.

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Sara told everyone that she preferred to hang out with her girlfriends.  Dating was too much responsibility.  Other than her job, she did not want any responsibilities and wanted to just have fun.

She also expanded her social network to the point that she was out at a bar or other social gathering at least 5 nights a week.  Unfortunately, the partying left her tired and rundown.  She neglected her workouts and proper eating habits.  The other problem was known as the Delta variant.

Her perfect low stress life came to halt one Friday afternoon when she discovered she was COVID positive. She had no symptoms but tested due to a coworker being sick.  She was ordered to stay home for 10 days by her county health department because it could not be traced back to a particular exposure.

While her boss was understanding to a degree he noted that her next job review would include her careless behavior as well as her lack of quality work on certain days due to hangover and general exhaustion.

Her roommate moved out the next day due to safety issues and Sara’s wild partying lifestyle.  This left Sara with a big rent payment and precarious employment.   The worst was yet to come.

Uncle Adam made it clear to Sara in no uncertain terms that he was disappointed in her.  He expected certain things from his $80,000 investment in her education.   Things were going to need to change.

Adam had to wait a week for Sara to be released for her quarantine before he could read her the riot act face to face.

“You need to stop being a child and take on more responsibility.  Getting a second to pay the rent might have to occur.   No more vaping.  A better diet and and consistent workout program to boost your immune system is necessary”, Uncle Adam screamed.  “Hanging out at bars looking for a guy straight out of the Bachelorette is ridiculously.”, he continued. “You are going to start dating quality young men.  Men who have good jobs and are even a little nerdy.”

With that he went to her closet and started collecting all her sleazy clothing and began to throw it in garbage bags.  “These are going to goodwill.  You can keep your dress clothes and longer dresses.  You have so many clothes that you do not need to buy any more.”

“I am very serious about all of this Sara.   If you do not change your ways I am going to sell the house when your lease expires next month.  You can live with your mother for all I care.  You also will be out of my will.”

Sara started to cry.

“Don’t pull that crying shit with me, it won’t work this time young lady.  I have set up an account on eHarmony for you.  You will say you are 28 years old and you are looking for a serious relationship with a man 28-35 years old.  We can post some pictures and work on other details after Nicole fixes that slutty hair of yours.  You have an appointment with her at 9 am tomorrow.  Got it?”

“What the fuck is she going to do with my beautiful, long platinum blonde hair?”, she wondered.

Sara showed up bright and early to the salon.  She chewed her nicotine gum vigorously as she was getting withdrawals from not vaping.  Nicole greeted her with a smile and took her back to her chair.  “I know we both love your hair but Uncle Adam is my best client and has sent me literally half my clients.”, Nicole stated, “He also gave me $500 to fix your hair so that you look like a proper young woman.  Let’s get started.”

“What are you going to do?”, asked Sara.

“We will start by take off all this length and bring your hair up to your neck line.  Then we will color it a lovely medium brown and cut some short layers into it.   The layers will be needed to keep the curl even and controlled after it is permed.”

“Permed?”, screamed Sara, “I will not let you do that!”

“Look you little unappreciative bitch”, Nicole screamed, “We both owe your uncle a lot.  He loves you dearly but he needs you take on some responsibility.”  “You are going to get this perm, get a respectable boyfriend, settle down, and have fucking kids like the rest of us. Got it?”

Sara just hung her head and cried as Nicole pulled her hair back into a ponytail.  She then took large shears and chopped it off.  “Now let’s get some color back in these blonde locks.”  This was a long process that involved “filling in” all the shades back into the hair shafts that were stripped out when it was made platinum blonde.  The process took almost 2 hours but when it was done her hair was a homely boring brown.  Nicole layered it all around and cut bangs for Sara.  Her hair was about 4 inches long now in perfect layers. “See you tomorrow for your perm.”, said Nicole, “We need to let the color stabilize overnight.”

Sara went home and cried most of the day and evening.  She had gone from a hot platinum blonde to a frumpy, boring brunette.  Because of all her crying she could not wear her contacts and her glasses made her look even more plain.

Sara was back at the salon by 10 am the next morning.  She had on a longer skirt and a conservative blouse.  She wore her glasses.  She brought extra nicotine gum this time in case they were there a long time.

“How do you like the haircut and color?”, asked Nicole.

“I hate it Nicole but I now I need to clean up my act if I hope to find a respectable husband.”

“I think you will learn to like your new look.”, replied Nicole, “It is so much easier to maintain and it relieves you of the pressure of looking perfect all the time.  The Plain Jane look is is so much easier.”

Sara smiled weakly and tried to stay positive.

Nicole washed Sara’s hair and then sectioned it for a standard wrap.  She wheeled out a trolley of perm rods and separated out blue and pink rods.  “These will give you a nice firm curl without looking to frizzy.”, Nicole assured her. Using her rat tail comb she wove out a thin strip of hair, wrapped an end paper around it, and rolled the first pink perm rod tightly to Sara’s scalp before securing it with a rubber strap.  The process was repeated through the back sections, sides sections and on the crown.  By the time she was done wrapping  Sara’s hair there were two rows of rods on each side of her head and one long row from her forehead to her nape.

“Holy shit!”, screamed Sara, “How many rollers did you use?”

“About 120.”, she replied.

Nicole went to the back room to get the perm solution, processing cap. plastic sticks, and cotton coil to finish the initial process.  She placed one plastic stick under each rod’s rubber band to prevent indenting the hair with the band.  Cream was spread around the whole hair line and the cotton coil was put into place.  Nicole pierced the top of the perm solution bottle and asked, “Are you ready?”  Sara smiled meekly and nodded her head.  “Do I really have a choice anyway?”, she thought to herself.  While she covered her face, Sara’s head was doused with perm solution.  Each rod was saturated thoroughly.  Nicole changed the cotton coil to a dry one and placed the clear processing cap over the rods.  She was lead to a heating lamp to process.

After 20 minutes, Nicole checked the curl and declared that it would need 10 more minutes.  Sara got teared up again thinking about how her bar buddies would laugh at her and cute guys would not talk to her anymore.  10 minutes later she was lead over to the sink to be rinsed for 5 minutes; as much as Sara hated what was being done to her hair the rinsing of the rods felt really good.  Her rods were then blotted dry with a towel, another cotton coil placed around her hair line and neutralizer was blotted on with a sponge.  After five minutes, Nicole started carefully removing the perm rods. “Oh this took so nicely Sara, Uncle Adam is going to love it!”

“Will I love it?”, she asked.  Nicole ignored her question.

Back in the styling chair with a towel wrapped around her head Sara shook with fear.  Nicole removed the towel to reveal the cutest poodle perm imaginable.  Sara’s jaw dropped.  “My hair, my beautiful long blonde hair is gone.” she sobbed.  “I look like a fucking dork.”

“Oh Sara, shut the fuck up!”, Nicole retorted.  “You are a damn mathematician who has never been on a date before.  You think you are such hot shit but in reality you are just a dork.”

Sara cried all the way home.  Uncle Adam was waiting there for her to set up the eHarmony account.  “Wow, Sara, your hair looks great.”

Sara looked in the mirror a little closer.  Her curly dark bangs really made her blue eyes pop out.   Looking at the crown she suddenly had fullness she never had before.  She studied herself closely and thought to herself, “I hate to admit it but I look really cute with short curly hair.”

Sara posted pictures and her interests on eHarmony. Much to her Uncle’s disappointment, nerdy guys did not respond as well to her profile.  Instead she matched with a lot of really cute athletic guys.  They all were enthralled with her short permed hair.  It was so unique that it set her apart.  She dated many guys and lost her virginity many times over.  

Sara’s uncle was at least happy she stopped going to bars all the time and that she stopped vaping.  This left more time to cook and work out.  Sara also stopped wearing extremely exposing clothing; she only wore clothes that complimented her figure without looking trashy.

Finally she met her husband to be. He was a nice professional man but far from a nerd.   He did have a short hair fetish and Sara obliged him by getting her hair clippered super short on the back and sides with an even tighter perm on top. This was done by Nicole because even though she was a bitch she was a super talented hair stylist.  Sara promised her fiance’ that she would go back to platinum blonde for their wedding but with a buzz cut no more than a half inch long all over.  She had found her perfect man and her short hair obsession.


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