Sara trip to TJ for spring break

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It was the first day of their spring break vacation, and Mike and Sara decided to take a trip to Tijuana. After a delicious lunch at a local cantina and a few beers, they found themselves caught in the rain. In an effort to stay dry, they ducked into a unisex hair salon they passed by. Sara thought a quick light trim would suffice, but little did she know that she was about to have one of the worst haircuts of her life.

As they walked into the salon, they were greeted by the sight of a small space half dedicated to salon services and half to barbering. The only worker in the salon was a female barber, who motioned for Sara to sit in the barber chair. Sara was nervous but sat down in the chair and was caped. The barber only spoke Spanish, and Sara asked for a light trim in English. The barber seemed to understand and motioned for Sara to turn her head away from the mirror.

The barber began to cut Sara’s hair with shears, and long chunks of hair fell to the floor. Sara was surprised at how much hair was being cut, but the barber continued. Suddenly, the barber’s phone rang, and she answered while continuing to cut Sara’s hair. She was yelling in Spanish on the phone, and suddenly, without warning, she unhooked the clippers and began buzzing the back and sides of Sara’s head to a uniform 1/8 inch length.

Sara was in shock and tears began streaming down her face. She had never had her hair cut this short before, and she knew it would take a long time to grow back. The barber continued to buzz the top of Sara’s hair to a 1/2 inch length with short bangs, and then applied a thick hair product. She completed the cut with a side parting, making Sara look like a boy.

The barber used a small hand mirror to show Sara the back of her head, and Sara was horrified at the sight. The barber finished the cut with a smaller clipper, using it to define an unfeminine, squared look in the back with sharp lines that made it look even more severe.

Sara left the salon with the most severe butch haircut she had ever had, knowing it would take a year to grow out. She was devastated, and tears continued to flow down her face as they left the salon. To make matters worse, there were no mirrors in the salon, so Sara had to use her cell phone to take a selfie to fully grasp the extent of her new haircut.

The rest of their spring break vacation was spent with Sara trying to hide her short, masculine haircut. It was a constant reminder of the traumatic experience she had in that unisex salon in Tijuana.

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