Sarah, smile!

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Last Friday evening Kelly and I were watching TV and settling in for the evening. Kelly had a glass of wine and me, I was drinking a Cognac. There was a knock on the front door. Kelly looked at me, and I shrugged my shoulders because we were not expecting anyone, especially at this hour.

I answered the door, and it was one of our friends, Sarah. Sarah looked as if she had been crying. Her eyes were reddened and she looked like she had tear streaks down her face. Kelly saw her at the door and came to the door and stood by me. We invited her in and she hugged Kelly and me and then broke down sobbing again! Sarah and her dick of a husband had just completed a really awful divorce. Thank goodness their children were grown and out of the house.

Sarah was a beautiful lady in her mid-40s. She was about 5’6″ tall, 150 pounds and the most striking feature of Sarah was her nearly transparent blue eyes. Her eyes really popped when she wore her mid-waist length white blonde hair down. She was nicely proportioned, not too busty and not too hippy!

We invited her to sit down and asked her if she would like anything to drink. She asked for a glass of wine and we started to talk. Even though the divorce was final, her ex was still being a real dick to her. She didn’t know what to do and just needed somewhere to go and someone to talk to.

After her second glass of wine, she said that she wanted to cut her hair. It was he that wanted her to keep her long hair. She looked at Kelly and said that I have always liked the style that you wear. And I do not want this hair any longer. Will you shave my head? Ever since Kelly’s perm accident, she has me do a bald fade every 2 weeks to keep it short that she doesn’t get another hair up her butt to get another perm. Sarah looked at me and said that since you do such a super job keeping Kelly’s looking so great, will you do it….now?

After hearing that story and after I heard about what a dick he was being to her, I said sure. I asked her how short she wanted it cut and her reply was bald-smooth, no hair! Kelly opened another bottle of wine and poured each of them another glass while I gathered my hair cutting supplies.

Kelly pulled out a barstool for Sarah to sit on. I returned with my clippers, trimmer and skull shaver. I started to put my towel around her shoulders but to my surprise, she pulled her shirt over her head and said that I didn’t want to get any hair on my shirt. She had no bra on and she exposed her beautiful pink breasts with large brown nipples. She looked at Kelly and said you should also because you will be cooler! Kelly, not wanting to be rude, slipper top over her head exposing her beautiful breasts also. She looked at me and I also removed my shirt, exposing my breasts also! But, they are not as ogleable as Sarah and Kelly’s.

Sarah sat down, I plugged the clippers in and asked her if she was ready? She nodded yes and Sarah said something about that bastard! I popped them on and turned them over and started at her shoulders and clipped away about 24″ of thick blonde hair. The hair cascaded to the floor and piled up under the stool. I then lifted the hair at her neck and pushed the clippers up to the crown leaving an almost hairless looking scalp since her hair was so blonde. I made several more passes up her neck and then moved to the sides and around her ears. I think Kelly was getting excited watching this because she had her hands inside her shorts with her eyes closed and both were breathing heavily.

Sarah asked for a mirror to see what I had done. Kelly grabbed one out of the hallway closet and handed it to Sarah. She looked and gasped at her nearly bald head. I said to her to watch this, and ran the clippers over her head! I saw her quiver and I asked her if she was OK. She looked at me and said that I just had one of the most wild orgasms ever! I said I was glad to help. I finished with the clippers and picked up my trimmer. I flipped this on and trimmed her neckline and then used them over her head to cut the hair to less than 1mm. Several minutes later I was finished with them and now picked up my skull shaver. I flipped them on and with a low growl of the high torque motor, began to shave away the fine blonde stubble left on her head. I was finished and rubbed Sarah’s head to feel for any stubble that I missed. I found none, then I put some soothing lotion on my hands and gently massaged it into her scalp.

After I was finished, I looked at Kelly who was in a frog-legged position on the couch with her panties off and she was playing with her shaved pussy. By the look on Sarah’s face, and the slight aroma of Kelly’s juices in the air, Sarah slid off the bar stool and slid her shorts off and walked over to Kelly, got on her knees and began to gently tongue Kelly’s erect clit and she also rubbed Kelly’s very erect nipples.

I was not wanting to be left out, so disrobed and walked to the couch. I asked Kelly if I could do Sarah and in a moaning voice she said yes. I put my hand on Sarah’s backside and helped her roll forward. I then entered her from the rear with my throbbing pole dancing inside Sarah’s hot wet cave. We traded places with Sarah on the couch and Kelly between her legs lapping at the juices and playing with her hard erect clit. I was inside Kelly from the rear and just about ready to explode when Kelly told me to take it out of her and come on Sarah’s face. I stood up and started stroking and shot my load all over Sarah’s face.

After we all collected ourselves and recovered, we redressed and had another glass of wine. We looked at Sarah and with her shaved head, she is a stunningly beautiful woman. Sarah asked if I would keep her shaved and we agreed. We will need to do this every week to keep it looking super. She agreed and we are now expecting Sarah Friday.

Ladies, if you have ever wanted to shave your head, do it. Chances are you will look amazing. Just need a little encouragement? Just do it, it will grow back!


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