Sarah takes Caroline to get her fantasy restyle

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Fiona soon had Sarah wrapped in one of the lemony silky gowns that was nicely tied tight at the back of her neck. Sarah could smell the previous clients perfume and hairspray on it. She just loved the smells of the salon. Fiona said that new cut is looking good on you darling.
Your new drastic cut and colour looks good on you too, Fiona. What happened as last time I was here  on your  birthday you said that you loved your natural colour and long hair? You look really hot and sexy with it.
Oh yes, thanks. Suzie enthusiastically gave me a surprise makeover just after you left on my birthday. Although it was an exhilarating experience I wasn’t too keen on it at the time but didn’t get a lot of say in it! My husband certainly likes it and won’t leave me alone at night now, I’m worn out!
Anyway, Let’s  give you  a nice sexy hot fiery red colour  and an undercut would really finish it off to look more edgy. Sarah gulped as she hadn’t planned on a cut today since her major transformation last time and certainly hadn’t considered an undercut. Didn’t they include clippers? She had never had those used on her before. Yet the thought sort of it turned her on and she felt her self getting a bit wet in her panties.
As they walked off to Fiona’s chair Sarah said to Caroline oh by the way this is Susie I’ve told her all about what are you are secretly wanting to do but you’re too scared to do it. You’re definitely in the right salon now and I’m sure you’ll be leaving the salon looking very different if Fiona’s new do is anything to go by. Tee hee.  Its my treat too. Enjoy and blew her a kiss.
Suzie smiled and held out her hand. Pleased to meet you. She walked up towards Caroline and shook her hand and then gave her a big hug squeezing her up against her breasts. Caroline got her first waft of that perfume and felt herself relax. Suzie sensually  ran her hands through Caroline’s long and very straight brown hair and said right sweetheart I do drastic transformations here and it will be a very sensual experience. You’ve seen what a good job I can do on Fiona. Your next.  I hear that you’re not sure whether you want this or not and need a push. Well I’m your woman. I’m a lesbian dominatrix and can be very persuasive with the ladies. Once I’ve got you wrapped up in my special silver gown and safely in my bondage chair there will be no going back. You will be powerless to have a say in it.  Most find it quite an erotic experience so don’t be embarrassed if you find it a massive turn on. Fiona actually came several times. Caroline gulped and wondered what Sarah had got her into.
Suzie lent in and gave her a kiss on the lips and another inhalation of the perfume. Well what is it to be, sweetheart? Stay or leave now and be forever wondering what I meant?
She could not explain herself, but for the first time she actually felt as though she should just go for it. What’s the worst that could happen, it’s only hair. Also she her pussy getting a bit wet and felt a strange attraction to Suzie and was curious about what she said.
She stuttered well I do need it cutting. But I’m getting very nervous about this. I’ll stay but please be gentle with me but, having said that, promise that you don’t let me stop you no matter what I say. The last stylist had me all sectioned and the scissors around my pony last time and I stopped her.
Great. I’m sure you won’t be telling me to stop but if I hear those words I will. One hot purdy cut and colour change coming up. You will look drop dead gorgeous. Let’s get you changed into this special silky gown sweetie, they feel so great on your bare skin.
Emm Suzie I thought that I was only booked in for the haircut gulped Caroline I don’t  think it was colour as well. What do you mean by bare skin?
Oh no, we’re going for a full transformation. That’s what Sarah and Fiona booked you in for. You’re gonna look irresistible by the time you leave here. We don’t want to get little hairs and colour on you beautiful clothes so we need to get you out of that skirt and blouse and into this gown plus it’s a real turn on to be naked underneath these gowns and the silky material on your body. Suzie lead her to the changing room by her hand.
Once in the changing room Suzie made Caroline face the big mirror on the wall and said right just let me do everything now, relax and  submit yourself. She ran a finger gently down her back and then gave her a big hug and a kiss on the forehead leaving a trail of the irresistible perfume behind her and Caroline felt like she was in a trance, unable to resist.
She slowly unbuttoned the blouse  and took it sensually off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Next she went behind Caroline and ran a finger down her spine and then unzipped her skirt and sensually slowly peeled it down her silk stocking clad legs.
Her bra and panties soon followed until all she had on was her suspenders and silk stockings. Suzie reached  around and massaged Caroline’s bare breasts and pinched her nipples with one hand and rubbed her pussy with the other pulling her tight into her body and breasts. You so need this haircut sweetie. You’re going to look stunning. Let’s get you into my special gown before you change your mind.
The silky silver gown was slowly pulled up over Caroline’s  arms and sensitive erect nipples and tightly tied around her neck as were the other 3 ties down her back. The gown had been doused in Suzie’s hypnotic perfume and Caroline felt herself getting strangely aroused. Emm Suzie that’s a bit tight what the… Suzie quickly grabbed the long arms and crossed then over Caroline’s body and securely fastened then tightly behind her rendering her helpless.
Suzie gave her a big hug from behind pulling her tightly onto her braless breasts and pointing out nipples. Mmm, there doesn’t feel too bad does it? Just how I like them and gently kissed and sucked on Caroline’s neck. Caroline melted into it as she inhaled that erotic perfume again. She felt herself oozing down there.
Right let’s go and sort this mop out, darling. One sexy fiery red Purdy cut coming up.
They walked back into the salon and over to Suzie’s special area.
Sarah said oh that looks like an interesting gown, Suzie. You certainly aren’t going to get out of this, this time are you Caroline. It’s great you’ve agreed to the same colour as me too. Fiona’s going to give me my first undercut after too perhaps we can both have one and done and at the same time? I’ve never had clippers used on me before. I’m scared but the thought is turning me on a bit!
Suzie said yes this gown is quite fun Sarah. Maybe I can get you into it one day. I keep it and the special fittings on my chair for those who might want to change their mind once I get started. It also adds to the arousal of the occasion. Once secure in here the outcome is totally up to me. Wasn’t going to give Caroline an undercut but think I will now. It is quite an arousing experience to have those vibrating clippers gently running up your neck. We can let you face each other and see who comes first, and you will come, because all the girls do the way we do it. It’s just a matter of how quickly. The winner gets to have Big Bertha at the special shampoo area next time.
Suzie quickly pulled Caroline backwards onto her chair and the straps were soon fastened and she was  safely secure and barely able to move.
Right Suzie said I think we need to get you all nice and smooth down there first to make this a very erotic occasion. She then tilted the chair right back and lifted up the gown a little. Then very  carefully and lightly ran her index finger up the inside of Caroline’s silk stocking clad leg until she squealed as it clearly was now entertaining her.
My my said  Suzie you seem to be enjoying the anticipation of this already. I’ve never known someone be so wet and gooey down here at this stage. She then slipped three fingers up her pussy and massaged her G spot whilst rubbing her clit and flicking it with her thumb. Caroline had been moaning and gasping loudly and soon screamed out oh my god and released her first orgasm.
Suzie just smiled and said I think we’re going to need to do something about all that noise you’re making. And got Caroline’s silk panties that had been taken off her, rolled them tightly into a ball and stuffed them in her mouth and put tape over to secure them. Mmmmm that’s better. Oh, I told you that you wouldn’t be telling me to stop. Because you can’t say a word  now, ha ha. That’s it sorted no going back now!
Suzie then reached for her clippers turning them on and rubbed them gently down Caroline’s neck and breasts circling her nipples which made her squeal as the vibrations worked their magic. Soon the clippers were on her pussy and Susie made quick work of reducing it to a fine stubble whilst all Caroline could do was let out mumbled gasps and wriggle about in a ecstasy.
Next the tingly shaving foam and razor came out and Caroline was gently shaved smooth as a baby down there. Soon Suzie was drying her off gently with a towel.
Now here comes the fun bit said Suzie this is where we insert matching remote controlled vibes up our pussies. It will be Sarah who holds the remote and decides when to turn them on and off. Just relax while I get this in your juicy pussy hole.
Suzie worked her away up under the gown between Caroline’s legs but before putting it in said oh I forgot to tell you part of the service is checking I’ve done this properly too. Bet you’ve never been pleasured down there by a woman before. I really know what a woman wants. All the girls love it. Feel free to come whenever you like. Soon enough her head was under the gown bobbing up and down and pleasuring Caroline until her whole body quivered and she let out a muffled large orgasm. And quickly after that another gasp as Suzie firmly placed the vibe into her pussy with a loud squelching noise.
Then Suzie grabbed the other vibe and placed her pussy on Caroline’s silk stocking covered leg and ground it firmly up and down until her pussy was all slippery.  She leaned into Caroline at the same time as inserting the vibe into her own pussy with a squelch, gasped and kissed her on her forehead.
Suzie then went over to Sarah whose shag was now covered in a bright red dye. Looking good hun. Thanks for bringing Caroline to me. Here you go, our pussies are in your hands now. You control when they go on and off, what strength and what setting. If you ever get in my chair one day you will be getting the same treatment darling. She leaned in a gave her a kiss.
She then leaned over Caroline from behind and looked at her in the mirror and as she sensually massaged her breasts and nipples said right a short red purdy with undercut it is sweetie. Take one last look at yourself with boring long hair in the mirror looking like that, next time you see yourself in it you’ll be completely transformed into a sexy little minx. She then ruffled Caroline’s hair and covered the mirror with a cape. Just tell me to stop if you don’t want it but not sure you can speak at the moment! She let out an evil laugh.
Caroline tried to speak and say that she didn’t want it short or the undercut doing but the words just got muffled in her gag.
Suzie reached for a light blue silky cape and fastened it tightly round Caroline‘s neck. She then pulled her long hair into a ponytail saying don’t really need this and with a quick couple of snips it was savagely severed off Caroline’s  head. She was left with a rough jagged medium bob that felt lighter already. It was already the shortest she had ever had it cut.
She then put a colouring cape around Caroline’s shoulders and went to fetch the remaining dye from Jodie who had finished using it on Sarah‘s head. Soon the bright red dye was also being plastered on Caroline‘s head and she could do nothing about it.
All of a sudden Caroline and Suzie both gasped out loud as Sarah turned the remote on to full strength and pulsating mode. Within a minute both of them were coming in ecstasy.
Fiona soon whisked Sarah off to have her colour rinsed out and Caroline was being tilted back into the shampoo bowl by Suzie to get her’s rinsed off then get a good head massage and shampoo. Just as she was melting into her head massage the vibes fired up again which made Caroline squirm and ooze and Suzie followed her and had to stop and gasp. She gently laid herself on top of Caroline and hugged her tightly and ground her pussy into Caroline’s until they both let rip into another big orgasm. Suzie got a towel and dried off their soaking pussies.
Soon Sarah and Caroline were facing each other across the salon upright in their chairs, with their wet hair looking a completely different bright red. Each wondering if their own was really that colour. Their hair was being sectioned at the back and sides ready for their undercuts.  They both were very nervous and thought it felt like the sectioning was quite high up their necks.
Never had one of these before Caroline, have you? I’m scared but I’ve been told at the same time it’s quite an arousing experience! I really like the sound of big Bertha so hope I win! Said Sarah.
Fiona and Suzie looked at each other, nodded and pushed their victims heads forward and held them down firmly so their chins were resting on their breasts and were unable to move their heads. Both gasped. All they could see was their laps covered in the silky capes and their aroused nipples pointing through. Then they jumped as a click and the hummm of the clippers filled the room whilst their napes were gently massaged, then fingers gently stroked up the hair, which were slowly followed by the vibrating clippers their hum changing to a crunching noise as they met hair. Both girls gasped Caroline started to cry, she hadn’t planned for an undercut but couldn’t say anything and was in no position to do anything about it either. Her idea to cut her long hair was just a bit of a fantasy really and the thought aroused her but she never intended to go through with it as she would always change her mind in previous stylists chairs. She realised that Suzie was different to the previous stylists. She was so dominant and hard to resist. Caroline didn’t think she was into girls but she found she was attracted to Suzie and that aroused her even more.
After 30 seconds Sarah gasped and let an intense orgasm rip through her body. OMG, I win, wow this is better than sex, cheer up Caroline. You’re looking a bit sad. This may help she said as the remote was switched on  at full power. Both Caroline and Suzie gasped.
That was enough to send Caroline into another orgasm as the vibe pleasured her and kept going. Going to see if we can get you two a multiple orgasm. I’ve never made a woman come before I’m and I’m finding it quite a turn on said Sarah.
The tingly menthol shaving foam was sensually massaged into their necks and The razor soon had them smooth and feeling sexy.  Just as Suzie finished Caroline’s neck she looked up to see Sarah and realised that her’s was likely to be the same, then she and Suzie both burst into a glorious multiple orgasm and were panting. Caroline passed out in extasy. The orgasms were that intense and strong that the vibes were popped out of their pussies.
Fiona turned Sarah back to the mirror and said well we just need to get your shag blow dried and you’re done, darling. Better get you booked in again soon for your consultation with big Bertha then. She is best enjoyed, fully naked under the silky gowns, and laying flat on the new shampoo bed whilst having a long head massage and conditioning treatment. She is so big it certainly makes you  gasp when she goes in. Jodie just loves it in her pussy.
Sarah now noticed the bright new red colour of her hair and was really pleased with how it was looking as it was starting to get dry.
Suzie massaged Caroline’s shoulders, kissed her on her newly smooth neck and then picked up her comb and scissors. Right then, although you probably can’t say a word anyway, I’ve not heard you tell me to stop so this is it. Your fantasy is about to become reality Sweetheart. Enjoy the emotion of realising it’s happening and the anticipation of what you will look like but are helpless to stop it happening. And all being done by a sexy woman who you cannot resist and turns you on. She combed her wet red hair forward and started at her front and cut some short bangs first and used those as a guide to work her way around down the sides and just so the bottom of her ears were showing and then around the back. Caroline could not see herself in the mirror and all she could see was long bits of red hair sliding down the cape into her lap and hear the sickening sound of the scissors crunching through her now shorter hair. The longer hair pieces falling were soon getting shorter as Suzie refined it. Caroline gasped at the amount and length  of hair being cut off and the colour of it. She felt her head getting lighter and it also felt colder. She started to cry realising that her loose threats to get her hair cut short, which she never had any real intention of doing, were now a reality not a fantasy.
Sarah was now dried and styled and sprayed into position. Wow I’m glad you persuaded me to get this cut and colour Fiona . I look so hot. She went to the reception and Fiona released her from her gown and booked her in for her big Bertha prize appointment. Fiona told her the only stylist available  for late in the evening next Friday that she asked for was Suzie. She gulped unable now to retract that and unexplainably felt herself immediately getting aroused.
Suzie shouted across oh that’s great I would love to do that for you darling. Book her in for a special Fiona. Oh and Sarah wear something sexy but with no knickers underneath and come with a open mind. You look so hot now I certainly would take you to bed and ravish you. We can have some fun next week. I will have this special gown ready for you to try.
Sarah was intrigued and wondered what she had let herself in for but felt a warm arousal down there. She had seen how Suzie had driven Caroline to several massive orgasms and fantasised what it would be like for her to get the same. She sat down and watched Caroline close to her total transformation coming to an end. Wow she thought she looked so hot but so vulnerable strapped in to the chair and wearing her special gown being totally transformed and dominated by this sexy sensual and beautiful woman. She nervously thought that it would be her there next week and began to wonder what she has actually agreed too and at the same time found herself getting very wet down there.
Caroline was now sat there in a daze as Suzie blow dried and curled her new red hair under. Had one last check and then secured it in place with what seemed like 20 seconds of hairspray. Suzie removed the blue cape and the neck strip and brushed any little hairs that remained off her neck and released the straps.
Suzie then leaned in and removed the tape and pulled the panties out of her mouth and quickly moved in for a long deep passionate French kiss which Caroline eagerly responded to as she was smothered in the aroma of that perfume again. God you look so sexy that I want you to fuck me silly, I’ve done a great job. Let’s show you in the mirror.
The cape was removed slowly and Caroline just gasped and realised that her fantasy had been taken out of her control and was now reality. The sensual sexy babe looking back at her with a firey red Purdy cut was actually her. It was now shorter than she had ever had it cut before with the bottom of her ears showing for the first time and was like a red mushroom sat on her head all curled under to give it volume. Suzie picked up the mirror and showed her the smooth clippered nape and gently rubbed it with her hand. Caroline  just burst into an orgasm and squirted all over the chair.
Soon Caroline was eased out of the chair and released from the gown and Suzie drew the curtain and helped her back into her lingerie,skirt, and blouse. Then they both came out and went over to the reception. Fiona  said that Sarah had already paid so they were ok to go. Suzie went over to Sarah and said see you next week darling for some fun hot girlie stuff. She gave her a big hug and a kiss on each cheek and the aroma of her perfume made Sarah melt. Suzie winked, reached down,  and gave Sarah’s pussy a little rub, a slap, and then a squeeze and she nearly came just stood there.
Then Caroline and Sarah left the salon arm in arm with two hot firey red hairdos leaving a trail of lovely perfumed hairspray behind them.

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    1. Hi Holly
      What do you think Caroline should do next about her hair and where and who should she go to?
      Caroline now has the bug and has opened her Pandora’s box of her secret hair fetish which Suzie understands. She secretly wants to go back to get another restyle and definitely with Suzie. She just was in heaven from being undressed, tightly bound naked in the silky gown, inhaling Suzie’s perfume, being transformed into a new style not of her choice and not seeing it happen, and had never been pleasured so erotically and as often in such a short time and by another woman. Suzie knows that she will come back and already has a few drastic ideas. She just loves to control these woman and gets off on seeing how desperately scared they are as she totally controls them and then takes their new style to something dramatic.

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