Sarah’s Induction

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The military induction ceremony started out as a typical affair — a line of fresh faces eager to sign up for duty stretching in front of the recruiting office. One of them was Sarah, a young woman with bright blue eyes and long golden locks that tumbled down her back like a shining waterfall. She stood there eager to swear her loyalty and get started in the military.

Little did she know one of the terms of her induction was to get a buzzcut. She was filled with apprehension, fearing the humiliation of having her beloved locks shorn away. But there was nothing to be done about it and she resigned herself to the haircut.

The induction process began with Sarah being led to a chair and instructed to sit down and wait. She was trembling with worry and fear but she couldn’t refuse. The barber chair was cold and hard against her back and she suddenly realized the magnitude of what was about to happen.

She felt as if her entire world was crumbling around her. The prospect of no longer having her beautiful hair was devastating. In a last-ditch effort, Sarah begged the barber to leave her locks a little longer. But the barber snorted and began clipping her hair mercilessly.

The sound of the buzzing clippers was like a death knell for Sarah’s previously bountiful tresses. She felt so exposed, the sound of the clippers seemed to reverberate through her body. She could feel her scalp exposed before the barber and she blinked away tears of humiliation.

But to her surprise, as the layers of her locks fell to the ground, Sarah felt a strange sense of liberation. The humiliation was strangely freeing. She felt powerful in the chair. The clippers buzzed away, the barber pressing a bit too close to her scalp for comfort but still, she remained still and silent.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the barber was done and Sarah’s head was paper-thin and chillingly exposed. She swept away a single tear as the barber draped a towel around her shoulders. As she stepped away from the chair, Sarah felt more confident than before.

Sarah left the induction ceremony loaded with a new-found sense of boldness. She felt a strange thrill run through her body at the memory of her shorn locks. As soon as she got home, Sarah quickly stripped off her clothing, still feeling exposed from the haircut.

She lay back and closed her eyes, feeling the strange mix of embarrassment and arousal sweep over her. Eagerly, she explored the exposed skin around her scalp, and her hands traversed the curves of her body as a wave of pleasure engulfed her. Before long her breathing had become ragged and she was languidly writhing against the sheets.

And that was the day Sarah found a new way to latch onto her newfound freedom. She found a thrill and pleasure in exposing her vulnerability — something she hadn’t known before. As she walked away, Sarah knew she’d never forget the liberating feeling of being shorn like that, and the anticipation of what the next buzzcut would bring.

— This is the first story I have written but I have been a lurker here for a long time. I hope you all enjoy it. Any donations would be appreciated, trying make a few bucks for school. Venmo is @crab-man-00 —

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