Sarah’s new toy

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David had been eyeing Sarah for a while now. Her long, flowing hair and dazzling smile caught his attention every time they passed each other in the hallway. He finally mustered up the courage to ask her out on a date, and to his surprise, she agreed.


As they sat across from each other at the restaurant, David couldn’t believe his luck. He was finally on a date with the girl of his dreams. But as they chatted over dinner, Sarah brought up an unexpected request.


“David, I have a favor to ask of you,” she began, “I want you to shave your head completely bald.”


David was taken aback. He had always prided himself on his thick, luscious hair. He couldn’t imagine shaving it all off.


“Why?” he asked, trying to wrap his head around the request.


“It’s just something I find really attractive,” Sarah replied, holding his gaze.


David agreed and told Sarah that he would do it for her. David asked her if she wanted to do it.

Sarah smiled mischievously, “I would love to do the honors.”

David felt nervous as he sat on the stool in Sarah’s bathroom, a pair of clippers in her hand. He looked at himself in the mirror, his hair falling just past his shoulders. He had never had his hair this long before, and he was about to lose it all.

Sarah stepped behind him, her hands resting on his shoulders as she switched on the clippers. David flinched as the blades buzzed to life, the sound filling the small bathroom.

Sarah began to run the clippers through his hair, starting at the base of his neck and working her way up. David watched in awe as his long locks fell to the floor, revealing his scalp underneath.

It was a strange sensation, feeling the cool air on his newly-shaved head. Sarah continued to work, her fingers tracing the newly-exposed skin. David couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement and anticipation, knowing that he had found the girl of his dreams. Sarah than took shaving cream and rubbed it on David’s head.

David closed his eyes as Sarah expertly ran the razor over his scalp, removing any remaining stubble. He could feel her breath on his ear as she leaned in close, admiring her handiwork.

When she finished, she stood back to admire her work, a grin spreading across her face. David looked in the mirror again, amazed at how different he looked. He felt liberated, as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. And he couldn’t deny that Sarah’s reaction made it all worth it.

As they left the bathroom, Sarah took David’s hand, leading him back to the living room. David couldn’t help but notice the way her eyes lingered on his newly-shaved head, a hunger burning behind them.

They sat down on the couch, Sarah snuggling up next to him. David could feel her fingers tracing patterns along his scalp, sending shivers down his spine. He leaned in to kiss her, feeling a newfound confidence bubbling up inside of him.

That night they made love

, their passion fueled by David’s newfound sense of freedom and Sarah’s desire for him. As they lay tangled in the sheets, David knew that he had found something special with Sarah. She had pushed him out of his comfort zone, and in doing so had opened up a world of possibilities.

The next morning, David woke up to find Sarah snuggled up against him, her fingers tracing lazy circles on his newly-shaven head. He smiled to himself, feeling content and fulfilled in a way he had never experienced before.

As they lay in bed, Sarah turned to him and whispered, “You know, I have a few more requests for you.”

David raised an eyebrow, curious as to what she had in mind.

“First, I want you to wear nothing but a speedo for the entire day. And second, I want you to let me tie you up and have my way with you,” she said, her eyes sparkling with desire.

David felt a rush of excitement at the

thought of Sarah binding him to her bedpost and taking him for a ride. Without a single protest, he turned over, exposing his naked ass to Sarah.

“Good boy,” she said, running her slender fingers across his toned cheeks.

 “Now, roll over and put your hands behind your back.”

David obeyed her command, and Sarah tied his wrists together with silk scarves. She made a makeshift slipknot and attached it to the bars of his bed, raising his arms high above his head.

“Let’s go for a walk,” she told him. As David walked beside Sarah, his bulge was on display for the world to see, only concealed by the thin silk of his underwear. As they walked, Sarah couldn’t resist running her fingertips along the outline of David’s cock, stroking him ever so lightly. He tried not to get too aroused, knowing that he would be in for an even more intense session once they arrived home.


When they got home, Sarah told David to remove his underwear and put them in the laundry basket. She sat on the couch, her eyes never leaving David as he stood there in the nude.

“Now David, you will present yourself to me, and you will do so without hesitation,” she said, her voice firm but playful.

David got on his knees, crawling towards her like a cat. He sat in front of her, his cock brushing up against the fabric of the couch. David closed his eyes as Sarah reached out and stroked his cock, feeling him hardening as her touch.

Sarah leaned in and whispered in David’s ear, her hot breath driving him wild, “You love being my little bimbo, don’t you?”

David nodded, knowing that he couldn’t deny what he felt for her. Sarah’s hand continued to work his cock, rolling the foreskin down and exposing the head of his dick. Precum dripped from his cock,

leaving a wet spot on the couch.

Sarah started stroking him faster, her grip firm as she jerked him off. David felt himself getting closer and closer to the edge, all but ready to burst. She pulled back, her hand leaving David’s throbbing cock to his dismay.

She took her panties off, revealing her bare pussy underneath. She spread her legs, her juices glistening on her smooth lips. David leaned in and ran his tongue along her clit, tasting her sweet juices. He felt her hands in his hair, pulling him deeper into her pussy.

Sarah bucked her hips, grinding her pussy against David’s face. His nose was nearly pressed against her clit, and he could feel her getting closer and closer to the edge. Sarah wrapped her legs around his head as she orgasmed, her juices dripping onto David’s face and into his open mouth.

She took her panties and tied them around David’s eyes, blindfolding him


“I’m just getting started,” Sarah said.



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