Sarah’s Summer Cut

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So, where to begin this story… I was on my way to the adoption agency to go look at a few potential kids of mine. I was riding in a blue car, not a fancy one or anything, just something to get me around. It was a cheap one, I think around $1000, if I remember correctly. I lived in a pretty rural area, not much to see or do besides sit on a porch and do farmwork. I pull up to the agency. A receptionist helps me at the desk. I go around the corner to see a few potential candidates for adoption. There was Sam, Hailey, Genesis, they all seemed pretty average height, build for their age, etc.. Then I spotted Sarah. She had a nice full head of blonde hair, reaching down to the small of her back. I instantly knew she was the one. She looked like she was from the inner city, so life out in the country was going to be a drastic change.  She was practically begging me to adopt her, giving me the please do eyes.  I told the adoption lady that I would pick her. She said the papers would take a few months to finalize and then everything would go through as long as my background check was clear. Of course it was. I had no criminal record, no car accidents, no outstanding debt, and lived on a nice farm that I inherited from my father when he passed away long ago. Now, I wasn’t rich by any means, I still had to make a living, and I didn’t make a whole lot so it would be a little bit extra work to keep Sarah around, but It’d be worth it.

The day finally came when it was time to return to the adoption agency in my busted up old car. I went inside and Sarah was already packed up. We left and not a single word was said on the way home.  She gazed out the window at the marvelous farmland. Nearly 100 acres. All to us. As we pulled into the driveway, she looked at me. She said she was very grateful that I had adopted her. Little did she know what had to happen for her to adjust. I showed her to her room, she put all of her clothes in the drawer and we went to eat dinner.

The next morning she was struggling to brush through her long mane, reaching down to her back. She asked me for some help the next morning and I gladly obliged, she was my new daughter after all. We set off to work on the farm. She was a natural at her job but her hair kept getting heavier as she went due to the intense heat. Sarah got a massive headache and went to bed extra early that night. She woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon and eggs, fresh from the farm. She came downstairs and I let her know that she was to meet me out on the porch when she was done.

Sarah finished her breakfast and came out to what she thought was going to be more work. What she didn’t expect to find was a stool, a pair of scissors, some hair ties, and some clippers. She quickly came to the realization that she was going to be getting her glorious long mane cut off, she didn’t know how much though.

I walked over to her and she had a panicked look on her face. She asked me what I was going to do. I told her I was going to be giving her a much more manageable haircut than the massive length of mane that she had. She asked why I couldn’t take her to a shop to get it done, I replied that there was no point since she wouldn’t be seeing anyone she knew and would be home-schooled. She initially refused to sit down, but realized she had no choice. Her pride and joy was going to be much, much, shorter.

I picked up her hair, tied it in a ponytail, and asked if she would like to suggest a length. She told me, just please don’t make me bald. I held true to my end of the bargain.

I picked up her ponytail, thick as my fist, leveled it to her shoulders, and started sawing at it with the scissors.  SCRUNCH SCRUNCH SCRUNCH! Her extremely thick hair took nearly 4 minutes to cut through, even though my scissors were razor sharp!

What she was left with was a shoulder length bob, she asked me, “Are we done yet?” I told her no, we were just getting started. I pinned her hair up on top of her head, leaving the hair on her nape exposed. I also left the sideburns down. I made sure all the hair from her eyes up was on top of her head, and started to grab my clippers. She asked me, “You aren’t going to use those on me are you?” I told her we would be giving her an undercut, a popular way of reducing neck heat. I turned on the clippers and I put a #2 guard on it. I started to clip her nape as tears went down her face. 6 inch strands of hair were falling around her back, as the vibrating sensation went higher toward her optical bone. They stopped at about eye level then repeated again, to the left of the first stroke. I shaved her entire nape, then started to buzz around her ear.

She was crying the entire time. I felt kind of bad, but she needed to let her hair go in order to stay cool. Her left ear was tingling because of the soft silky strands of hair falling all around it. Then came the sideburns. I repeated the same motions on the other side. Buzzing away her crowning glory on the right side of her head.

I finally finished, or so I thought. I took a look at my handiwork. Then I realized, she needed it shorter to keep up with the heat, after all it is Texas and the weather is hot almost year round. I put the number one guard on the clippers, and Sarah looked at me sadly, “How much more are you going to cut?” I told her, don’t worry baby, it’s gonna be over soon. I put the clippers at the top of her forehead, and pushed them back into her remaining blonde locks. 6-7 inches of hair rained down on her for what seemed like an eternity. She grabbed her golden locks one more time as I drew another path with the clippers. More hair rained down. I made several more passes until her hair was nothing more than stubble. I made some more passes over the back of her head to even it out as well.

She looked at me, I told her to go look in the mirror. She looked in the mirror and said, “Thank you dad. I look beautiful.”  Then we went outside, swept up her massive amounts of hair, and went to work.




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