Sarah’s Unexpected Trip to the Barber Shop

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Sarah’s Unexpected Trip to the Barber Shop

By JimB         ©opyright October 2018


Sarah Kerns was finishing her makeup when her mom walked in and said, “Five minutes Sarah Jane.

“Hurry up!”

“Ok mom,” Sarah called. Sarah finishing curling her long brown hair, then she applied some lipstick and ran to the car.

Great, she thought. I’ll have to sit in the back with five year olds, as she climbed into the back seat of the car.

“I’d really like to be leaving a few minutes earlier every morning kids.” Mrs. Kerns called, looking at Sarah through the rearview mirror.

“Sorry,” Sarah said sheepishly.

When they finally got to the high school, Sarah had to wait until everyone had gotten out of the van for her to get out.

As she was closing the door, her mom stopped her and said, “Sarah, I want you out here no later than three fifteen.

“I have to run a few errands before we go to the Miller’s for dinner tonight.”

“Ok mom, three fifteen,” Sarah said giving her mom a thumbs up, then shutting the door and running to catch up with her friends.

When the final bell rang, Sarah walked to her locker and started chatting with her friends. She was very popular, so by the time she had her books in her bag, a crowd had gathered to chat with her.

She talked for a while then looked at her watch.

“Oh shit!” She exclaimed. “I’m supposed to meet my mom out front like now.”

Sarah shut her locker and said, “See ya later guys.”

She sprinted across the school and ran out the front doors. She was out of breath when she opened the car door, “Sorry I’m a bit late, I just got a little side tracked.”

“Oh, that’s ok dear.” her mom said smiling.

“So, what kind of errands did you need to do mom?” Sarah asked as she buckled her seatbelt and her mom pulled out of the parking lot.

“Oh, well I just need to go to the grocery store and stuff.” Her mom said. “So, did you have a nice day Sarah?”

“Oh, yeah it was fine.” Sarah said.

“Are you getting ready for exams?” her mom asked.

“Gees it’s so hot out!” Sarah said as she took her sweater off and stuffed it into her backpack.

“Yeah, hard to believe in two more weeks you’ll be on summer vacation, huh?” Mrs. Kerns said.

“Yeah, tell me about it. I can’t wait.” Sarah said, wiping sweat off her face with her hand. Mrs. Kerns kept driving.

“Hey mom, isn’t the grocery store the other way?” Sarah asked.

“Oh, well there’s a few things I want to get done down town before we go to the store.” Mrs. Kerns said, still smiling.

Then, she pulled into a parking space right out in front of the barber shop.

“Where do you have to go mom?” Sam asked.

“Well you know, I was thinking.

“You’ve had your hair like it is so long, honey.

“You’re getting older and long hair is making you look babyish.” her mom said.

“I just thought maybe you would like to try something new, something short this summer. It would probably keep you much cooler in all this heat.” she said as she unbuckled her seatbelt and opened her door.

“Well mom, I really like my hair long. I don’t feel like getting it cut.

“Not today at least.

“I might consider getting a few inches cut off after school gets out.

“But I’m just going to leave it this way it is for now.” Sarah said as she got out of the car and waited for her mom on the sidewalk.

Her mom put some money in the parking meter and said to Sarah, “Well I want you to get your hair cut. It needs to go.”

Then, she walked towards the barber shop.

“Fine, I guess I’ll part with a few inches,” Sarah said, headed in the direction of their usual hair salon.

“Sarah dear, where are you going?” her mom called from in front of the barber shop.

“I thought you wanted me to get a haircut mom.” Sarah said, confused.

“No ….. no honey, you aren’t going to the salon today.

“They have a woman barber here.

“I’m just going to have her give you a haircut.

“So, come on back,” she said, as Sarah slowly walked into the barber shop.

Sarah and Mrs. Kerns walked into the barber shop.

The smell was awkward to Sarah, who had been used to the smells of hair salons.

The barber was reading the newspaper when she saw them walk in.

“How may I help you today ladies?” she said as she walked over and greeted them.

“Oh, well my daughter, Sarah, needs a haircut.” Mrs. Kerns said.

“What kind of cut were you thinking?” the barber asked.

“Hmm …..

“Something shorter.

“Much shorter.

“I want something which will keep her cool in the summer.” Mrs. Kerns said.

“Just use your best judgment.”

“How short are you thinking?” the barber whispered in Mrs. Kerns’s ear.

“Oh, what would you suggest?” Mrs. Kerns implied.

“Well, I could do a bob, or a bowl-cut with shaved backs or something,” the barber said.

“I think I want it shorter,” Mrs. Kerns replied.

“Well, how about a pixie, or a boyish cut?” the barber said.

“Well, what kind of boyish cut were you thinking of?” Mrs. Kerns asked.

“Well, I could do a standard boy’s haircut, or I could give her a buzz cut,” the barber mentioned.

“What’s a buzz cut?” Mrs. Kerns said interested.

“Well, I’d clipper her hair all the same length. Or, I could do a flattop, or something like that,” the barber offered.

“Now what’s a flattop?” Mrs. Kerns wanted to know.

The barber answered, “It would be buzzed all the way around, it would be quite a bit shorter on the back and sides, and the top would be longer, and clippered flat across the top.”

“I think that sounds good.” Mrs. Kerns said.

“How short do you want the top clippered?” the barber asked.

“Oh, fairly short.

“What do you recommend?” Mrs. Kems said.

“Well, why don’t I start out longer.

“Then, I can clipper it down to you’er liking from there,” the barber said.

“That would be great!” Mrs. Kerns said, as she walked back to the waiting area.

“Go sit down in the barber chair honey,” she told her, as she patted Sarah on her bottom as she stood up.

Sarah slowly walked towards the red leather barber chair.

“Have a seat,” the barber said. “You’re Sarah I take it.”

“Yes.” Sarah said quietly.

“Well, I’m Molly,” the barber said.

“I’m going to need you to sit down so I can give you a haircut.” she said patting the barber chair.

Sarah slowly sat down.

Oh, how comfy it was.

Molly pulled Sarah’s hair up in a ponytail, held it up so she could wrap a tissue around her neck and pulled the cape around Sarah’s neck. She dropped the ponytail and picked pair of large scissors.

She placed them just above the ponytail and cut through Sarah’s long hair.

Sarah gasped as she saw more than foot of her hair fall to the ground.

“I thought you were just going to cut a few inches off,” Sarah said, as she looked at her mom for an answer.

“Oh, dear, I thought you needed a whole new look.

“Just sit still and let Molly give you a nice short haircut,” Mrs. Kerns said.

Sarah started to cry, “Wh wh why?”

“Oh, Sarah, please stop crying.

“I told you your hair is much too long for someone your age.

“It’s all scraggly and split ended.

“You are going to look so much nicer with shorter hair.” Mrs. Kerns said calmly.

Sarah, blubbering, said, “Mom, why are you doing this to me?”

“Sarah, I want you to act a little more mature about this.

“Really, your hair is making you look childish.

“I want you to have short hair. I don’t like your hair so long.” Mrs. Kerns said.

Sarah wanted to jump out of the chair and leave.

But, she couldn’t, her mom was guarding the door. If she tried to escape, her mom would surely catch her.

Then, she would probably cut her hair even shorter.

Sarah said, “Mom, how short is she going to cut it?”

Sarah begged.

“Don’t worry about it dear.

“I’ve already discussed it with Molly. It will be much shorter though.” Mrs. Kerns said.

“Now there will be no further discussion about this today. My mind is made up.

“So, just calm down so Molly can start.”

“Mom can’t this please wait until school gets out?” Sarah whined.

“No, I think now is a good time,” her mom said.

Then, Molly whispered in Sarah’s ear, “The longer it takes for you to let me start, the harder it is going to be on you.”

Sarah finally surrendered to the barber.

“Good, I knew you would see it my way,” Molly said as she pulled the clippers out of the drawer.

Sarah got a nervous look on her face.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to shave your head.” Molly laughed.

Sarah relaxed a bit.

Then, she heard a loud POP, followed by a low hummmmmm.

Sarah heard the roaring clippers coming closer.

Sarah looked terrified as she saw the clippers coming to the back of her head. She couldn’t move as she felt the clippers touch the back of her head.

Molly slowly pushed the clippers forward, buzzing an inch wide path of hair.

A large chunk of her hair slid down pass Sarah’s face into the cape.

Molly kept on pushing the clippers forward.

Sarah was so scared she was going to be bald.

What were her friends going to say!

Sarah felt the clippers eat through another path of her hair. Sarah started balling.

“I’m going to look sooooooo ugly.

“Wha wha wh whwh,” Sarah’s whining was cut off by her mom’s soft hand on her mouth.

Sarah looked up to see her mom standing over her, smiling.

“Sarah, stop crying. You need to learn this is for your own good.” Mrs. Kerns said.

“Wh wh why are you d d d doing this t t to me?” Mrs. Kerns put her hand over Sarah’s mouth again.

“Just close your eyes and it will all be over sooner.” Mrs. Kerns said, she walked back to the waiting area.

Sarah felt the clippers buzzing closer to her ear.

She felt Molly pull the clippers off the top of her head and start buzzing up her sideburn.

Molly buzzed her sideburn right off. She continued to buzz the right side, then started to buzz the other side.

She buzzed Sarah’s other sideburn off.

Molly brushed her hand over the freshly buzzed hairs and walked behind the chair. She held Sarah’s head and firmly pushed it into her chest.

She placed the clippers at the base of Sarah’s nape and started to run them up the back of nape and head.

She buzzed up way high.

All the way past the occipital bone to the crown.

Molly pulled the clippers away and buzzed up the next path of Sarah’s hair.

Sarah was in a trance, not able to move or speak.

She just sat there frozen letting the clippers buzz off her long locks she treasured so much.

She began to feel weak in the knees as Molly ran the clipper over and over the occipital bone.

Her nipples became as hard as a rock.

She couldn’t believe how much she was turned on by this haircut. She closed her eyes and let the clippers buzz away.

It was so relaxing.

All of a sudden, she felt the clippers leave her head and she heard the buzzing sound stop.

Was she disappointed?

No, she didn’t want to get this haircut.

Oh, how she longed to have those clippers back on her head.

Sarah looked up and saw Molly putting something on the clippers.

Then, she heard the loud POP followed by the low hummmmmmm.

Sarah felt her head being pushed back into her chest as the clippers touched her nape.

Molly slowly started to push the clippers up her nape.

Sarah felt little tiny hairs floating down from the clipper’s as they were being buzzed free from her head.

Sarah slowly rocked her head back and forth, falling in and out of her sleepy trance.

She felt the clippers reach the crown of her head then were pulled away.

Molly placed the roaring Oster clippers at the base of Sarah’s neck and buzzed up again.

When they reached the top, Molly started over. The pattern of the clippers resting at her nape, then slowly being pushed up her nape and pulled away repeated many times.

When Molly had buzzed the back down, she started to re-buzz one of Sarah’s sideburns.

Sarah felt herself getting wet as the clippers buzzed her once waist length hair shorter.

Sarah reached down her pants and tried to get her pussy to stay still. Her juices just kept running.

Sarah felt Molly start to buzz the other side of her head. She felt the clippers run up her other sideburn.

Molly kept working with the clippers around Sarah’s ear.

Finally, she rubbed her hand all over Sarah’s soft pelt of hair and turned the clippers off.

She took the plastic guard off the clippers and picked up a comb.

She placed the comb flat over the top of Sarah’s head and turned the clippers back on.

Sarah felt the clippers start to buzz over the comb. The clippers clicked as they buzzed over the comb.

Molly buzzed and buzzed until the hair on the top of Sarah’s head was perfectly flat.

Finally, she turned the clippers off and called Mrs. Kerns to inspect it.

While Mrs. Kerns was walking over to the barber chair, Molly unsnapped the cape around Sarah’s neck.

“Is it over?” Sarah asked, starting to get up.

Then, Sarah felt a firm hand pushing her back into the big red leather barber’s chair.

“I’m just shaking the cape out dear.” Molly said, as she shook the cape to get rid of the large pile of Sarah’s hair that had accumulated in her lap.

“Oh,” Sarah said, as she leaned back into the chair.

She reached up to feel her hair but her hand was grabbed and pulled back to her lap.

“No Sarah. You will keep your hands in your lap until the haircut is all done.

“Then, you may feel it.” Mrs. Kerns said.

Sarah didn’t say anything.

Molly asked, “What do you think?”

As she took a clean tissue out of the dispenser and wrapped it tightly around Sarah’s neck. She threw the cape back over Sarah’s shoulders and snapped it over the tissue around her neck.

Mrs. Kerns’ first reaction was, “Oh, it needs to be much shorter than that.”

“Well, I don’t know how short you wanted to go.

“So, how about I buzz a path with a slightly shorter guard.

“I’ll stop buzzing if you like that length!

“If not, I’ll buzz another path with a shorter attachment.”

“That sounds fine,” said Mrs. Kerns as she watched Molly put another guide on the clippers and buzz a path straight across Sarah’s head.

“Shorter,” Mrs. Kerns said.

Molly put a smaller guide on the clippers and buzzed the path of hair shorter.

She looked at Mrs. Kerns who said, “Shorter.”

Molly nodded and took out another guide, fixed it on the clippers.

Then, she popped them to life, and buzzed down the path again.

“How is that?” Molly asked Mrs. Kerns.

“Hmmm, now how long is that?” Mrs. Kems asked.

“A fourth of an inch,” Molly replied.

“And, I could shave a small strip down the center of her head. It’s called a “landing strip”.”

“How much shorter can you go?” Mrs. Kerns inquired.

“Well, I could do one eighth, one sixteenth, or zero,” Molly answered.

“How short is a zero?” Mrs. Kerns asked as she ran her long French manicured fingernails through her daughter’s newly buzzed hair.

“Zero is when there is no guide on the clippers.”

“The one eighth,” Mrs. Kerns inquired.

“It just buzzed the hair down to stubble. It’s usually for the back and sides on a flattop and high-n-tight though.” Molly said.

“If you want to go shorter, I would suggest the one sixteenth.”

“Well, it leave much hair to buzz flat across on top.” Mrs. Kerns asked Molly.

“No,’ Molly told her.

“Could it be done though?” Mrs. Kerns wanted to know.

“Yes. It would be very short on top,

“I would have to buzz it flat with the edging clippers.

“Then, I would shave the back and sides,” Molly said, running her fingers along the top of Sarah’s head.

“I could shave the top down the middle.

“It’s called a landing strip. I would only shaved a small strip in the middle of her head.

“How short would the back be if the top were one sixteenth?” Mrs. Kerns asked.

“Shaved. I use hot lather and a straight razor to takes off the stubble, leaving soft shiny skin.” Molly answered.

“Why don’t you do the high-n-tight Molly?” Mrs. Kerns said confidently as she walked back to the waiting area and went back to her magazine.

Molly fixed the fourth of an inch attachment on the Osters and popped them back on.

She pushed it back over the top of Sarah’s head.

Then, she lifted the clippers up and placed them next to the first path of hair she had buzzed and pushed them back.

Sarah felt the cold air on her scalp. She shivered.

She still did not move a muscle.

Molly kept on buzzing her head.

Sarah felt little tiny hairs falling as the clippers buzzed them off. They tickled her nose as they traveled to join the large pile of Sarah’s hair in her lap.

The buzzing continued.

Sarah felt the cool air blowing on the whole top of her head, she thought it must be close to being done.

She was right, as she heard Molly turn the clippers off and take the guide off them.

POP Hummmmmmmmm, the clippers went as they came back to life.

Molly firmly pushed Sarah’s head into her chest and placed the attachment less clippers at her nape.

The feeling of the cold steel clipper blades buzzing at her nape startled Sarah.

She felt her pants becoming wet.

The cold steel buzzing at her neck was very erotic.

Slowly Molly began to push the clippers up Sarah’s neck.

Sarah was showered in little hairs. She wondered how big the mound of her hair was on the floor.

Sarah felt the clippers buzz over her occipital bone.

Sarah had another orgasm as the vibrating clippers passed over it.

She felt the cool air bite into her freshly buzzed skin. She had never felt air on her head before.

It was a cool feeling, she decided.

Molly kept buzzing the back of her head, leaving behind nothing but stubble. The clippers slowly buzzed up to her ear, then up to the top of her head.

Molly pulled the clippers off the back and buzzed up Sarah’s sideburn.

One swipe and her left sideburn was reduced to stubble. The breeze blew on the side of Sarah’s head.

Another new feeling for her!

Sarah reached into her pants and began to play with her pussy as she was pleasured by the clippers on her head. She became very wet.

Molly, did not notice, and started to buzz Sarah’s other sideburn off.

Slowly the right side of her head was all buzzed.

With the sides and back all done, Molly placed the clippers at Sarah’s crown.

She slowly buzzed the fourth of an inch hairs to stubble.

Finally, the clippers were turned off.

Molly unsnapped the cape and shook it out.

She put the cape over the other chair and got a large white towel from a shelf. She tucked the towel into the collar of Sarah’s blouse and spread it over her shoulders.

Then, took out another and soaked it in the sink. Molly took the steaming towel out of the sink and wrapped it around Sarah’s newly buzzed head.

The hot water burned for a second, on Sarah’s skin. Her head had never been exposed to such feelings.

While Molly let the towel soften Sarah’s stubble, she stropped the straight razor on the leather strap.

Sarah saw Molly go over to a big silver machine.

She heard a whining noise and saw white fluffy stuff running into Molly’s palm.

When she was satisfied with the amount of lather, Molly walked over to Sarah and took the towel off her head. She applied the hot shaving lather onto the back and sides of Sarah’s head.

The cold air nipped at the top of Sarah’s head, as it was the only part of her head not covered in hot shaving cream.

Sarah’s orgasm started to grow again. She could feel her juices running down her leg.

Then, she felt hot metal on her neck.

Molly pushed her head down and said, “Hold very still.”

Sarah froze.

She felt the hot razor slowly shave up her nape.

Higher and higher up it went.

Up and over the occipital bone.

When it reached her crown, Molly wiped the blade then placed it at the base of Sarah’s nape again.

Sarah felt the hot blade scraping up against her virgin skin as it shaved off the stubble.

Molly shaved and shaved.

She finally lifted Sarah’s head up.

Sarah felt the cold air. It was even colder and harsher as it bit into her newly shaved skin.

Sarah’s orgasm just kept growing.

Molly did not notice and she walked over to the sink and ran the straight razor under the hot water and dried it off again.

She walked back to the barber’s chair and placed the straight razor at the base of Sarah’s left sideburn. Slowly she began to shave upwards.

She shaved Sarah’s sideburns clear off, leaving smooth, soft skin behind.

The cool air nipped at the freshly shaved sideburn and side of Sarah’s head.

Sarah continued to shave up the left side of Sarah’s head.

Sarah could feel the cool air rushing to her freshly shaved skin as the razor peeled the stubble and hot lather away.

Molly again rinsed the straight razor under the steaming hot water, and dried it off.

Molly walked to the other side of Sarah’s head and placed the hot blade at the base of Sarah’s right sideburn.

Even slower than the left side, Molly started to shave Sarah’s right sideburn. She shaved it right off.

The scraping was driving Sarah crazy.

Her pants were fully soaked by now.

Sarah could feel her juices running down her legs.

The shaving kept making her wetter.

This was the best orgasm she had ever had in her life.

She felt the razor scrape off every inch of the hair left on the back and sides of her head.

Sarah was in such a hypnotic state. When the shaving stopped she suddenly came back to life.

She stared straight ahead, staring in the mirror.

Sarah heard the familiar loud POP, Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

But, this time the hum was a much higher tone.

She felt the big flattop comb in her head.

Then, she felt the vibration of the clippers.

The clippers Molly was using now were much smaller. Sarah felt vibrating.

Molly ran the clippers over and over the comb, clicking and buzzing as they sheared away what was left of Sarah’s hair. Molly buzzed and buzzed, around and around and over the comb.

She finally turned them off and put them down.

Sarah thought she was done as she felt the heavy towel lifted off her shoulders.

Then, she felt Molly’s firm grip on her shoulder, pushing it back into the seat.

Molly placed a clean white towel over Sarah’s shoulders, then took a clean small towel and soaked it in the boiling hot water in the sink.

She carefully placed the hot towel on the top of Sarah’s head.

Then, she took the straight razor and stropped it on the leather strap. She stuck it in the sink to soak in the hot water.

She walked back over to the lather machine and pushed the whining pump down, letting a nice pile of lather to fall into her palm.

Molly took the towel off the top of Sarah’s head and placed the lather on it. She slowly rubbed it into Sarah’s scalp.

She washed the lather off her hands and dried them off.

She took the straight razor out of the sink, and wiped it dry.

Then, she went back over to Sarah and placed the straight razor on the middle of her head.

Sarah all of a sudden got very afraid.

She was in such a shocked state she couldn’t talk or move though.

So, she sat still.

She thought Molly said she wasn’t going to shave her head clean.

Sarah went ice cold as the hot metal blade touched her head.

Molly ever so carefully and slowly started to shave down the center of Sarah’s head.

Sarah didn’t move a muscle. She was in such a shocked state she peed in her pants.

Molly did not notice the urine dripping from the seat as she skillfully shaved the landing strip on Sarah’s head.

She shaved the same spot two or three times, then shaved more of the flattop off. Molly shaved the other side, to even out the landing strip.

Carefully, she shaved around the inside edges of the flattop, to complete the landing strip.

Molly put the straight razor in the sink, took another clean, hot towel and wrapped it around Sarah’s freshly shaved landing strip.

She softly rubbed the excess lather off of Sarah’s head with the towel. When she was sure it was clean, she threw the towel in the laundry basket.

She rinsed her hands off and dried them.

She placed her hands around Sarah’s shaved skin. She carefully searched with her hands for any stray hairs that needed to be wiped or shaved.

When she was sure it was perfectly smooth, she called Sarah’s mom over.

Mrs. Kerns took a good look at it. She got her face right down into her daughter’s scalp and rubbed her finger’s over the shaved skin, buzzed flattop, and landing strip.

“Is this want you wanted Mrs. Kerns?” Molly asked as she started to sweep the floor.

“Hmmm,” Mrs. Kems said, “I’m not quite sure I like the landing strip on top. I’m sorry to do this but I’m changing my mind. I would like you to shave the flattop off.

“A full head shave.

“After you shave the flattop of, I want you to re-shave her entire head again.

Sarah sat there in total and complete utter shock.

“b b bu mom? Yo yo said you weren’t going to shave my head” Sarah said balling.

“No, I never said that dear.

“Molly did.

“And, Molly is doing what I tell her to.

“So please calm down and let Molly give you a nice head shave.” Mrs. Kerns said.

Sarah was too weak from crying to move. She felt the tissue and cape wrapped around her neck again.

Then, she saw Molly pick up the clippers.

Molly placed them on Sarah’s forehead and slowly buzzed off the remaining hair from her high-n-tight down to stubble.

Sarah’s face was showered with little hairs. They stuck to her cheeks, now red and wet with tears.

The clippers buzzed off every last inch of Sarah’s former mane.

Finally, Molly turned the clippers off and put them on the counter.

She unsnapped the cape and took a clean towel off the shelf. She draped it around Sarah’s shoulders and took another clean towel and soaked it in hot water.

She wrapped the towel around Sarah’s head.

Molly took the straight razor out of the sink and wiped it dry with a towel.

She stropped it on the leather strap. She placed it under the steaming hot running water, and pumped a small amount of hot shaving lather into her hand.

Molly went back to Sarah and slowly spread the lather around the horseshoe shaped stubble on Sarah’s head.

Molly walked back to the sink and rinsed her hands off.

She took the straight razor out and dried it off.

Molly walked back over to the barber chair and placed a firm hand on Sarah’s head, holding it still.

She carefully placed the straight razor on Sarah’s forehead and slowly started to shave the stubble.

She shaved all the way to the back of the horse shoe of stubble, then wiped the blade and started shaving the next path of stubble.

She shaved Sarah’s flattop completely off.

When Molly stuck the razor back in the sink, there wasn’t a trace or shadow of hair on Sarah’s head.

Molly wiped Sarah’s head off, then took a clean towel and soaked it in the hot water.

She wrapped it tightly around Sarah’s head.

Sarah could feel the hot water on her sensitive, newly shaved skin.

Molly took the towel off Sarah’s shoulders and took a clean, much bigger and heavier one off the shelf. She wrapped it tightly around Sarah’s shoulders and tucked the ends into Sarah’s collar.

Molly took the hot towel off of Sarah’s shaved head and replaced it with an even hotter one. She wrapped it even tighter this time.

Sarah started crying again.

“Oh dear Sarah, what is it now?” Mrs. Kerns called from her seat.

“I I It hurts mommy. It’s so hot” Sarah wailed.

“Oh, sweetheart, I’m so sorry,” her mom said, rushing over to comfort her.

She hugged her daughter and said, “It’s almost over Sarah.

“Just close your little eyes, and in a few minutes, it’ll be over.”

Then, she walked back to her chair.

Sarah closed her eyes, but the hot water stung her freshly shaved virgin skin. It had never been exposed to buzzing and hot water and shaving before.

Sarah leaned her head back and tried to calm down.

In the mean time, Molly had taken the straight razor and sharpened it.

She carefully checked it.

Then, sharpened it some more.

When she was finally satisfied with the sharpness of the straight razor, she placed it under the boiling hot running water in the sink.

She walked to the barber chair where Sarah had almost fallen asleep.

She slowly unwrapped the hot towel from Sarah’s shaven head.

The cool wind hit Sarah’s shave head as Molly took the towel off.

Sarah shivered.

She could tell that her face and head were red.

Sarah heard the whining of the lather machine.

Molly pumped out a huge amount of hot shaving lather, walked to the barber chair, and gently used her free hand to lift Sarah’s sleepy head up.

“Just hold your head up for a few more minutes, then you can go back to sleep dear.” Mrs. Kerns called.

Sarah slowly sat up and opened her eyes.

She felt Molly applying the hot lather on to her head. She could only imagine how silly she must have looked with her head covered in white fluff.

The hot lather made her head feel better though. Her head had lost some of the heat from the towels when they were taken off.

Molly gently worked the lather into Sarah’s scalp. She covered every inch and corner.

The feeling of Molly’s soft warm hands and long nails gently scratching her newly shaven head was starting to arouse Sarah.

Sarah felt Molly’s hands leave her head.

She heard Molly rinsing them off in the sink. Taking the freshly sharpened straight razor out of the steaming hot running water in the sink.

She dried it off and walked over to Sarah.

She placed the hot straight razor on Sarah’s forehead.

Sarah held her breath as she felt Molly slowly scrape away the hot lather.

The cool breeze immediately rushed to the freshly shaved strip of skin.

Sarah felt her pants become wetter.

She stuck her hand down in her pussy and enjoyed herself as her head was being shaved.

Molly shaved ever so slowly. Strip by strip, the top of Sarah’s head was shaved.

Then, Molly shaved Sarah’s sideburns.

She carefully shaved the sides of Sarah’s head. She pushed Sarah’s head firmly down into her chest.

Molly placed the straight razor at the base of Sarah’s nape.

She slowly started to shave upwards.

Up, up, up, higher and higher she shaved,

Sarah’s orgasm continued to grow as the razor shaved over her occipital bone.

Molly shaved until she reached the top of Sarah’s head. She wiped the sharp blade and started to shave the next path of Sarah’s head.

Molly took slow long strokes with the sharp razor as she shaved Sarah’s head. She shaved up to the crown of Sarah’s head.

She shaved behind Sarah’s ears. She folded Sarah’s ears over to shave up over and around them. The cool breeze seemed so much cooler.

Sarah felt the sharp razor scrape the base of her nape over and over.

She felt Molly’s hand on the top of her head firmly bring her head back up.

Molly came back and wiped Sarah’s head clean with another towel. She took another clean towel and soaked it in the hot water.

Molly tightly wrapped the towel around Sarah’s shaven head.

She let the hot towel sit for a few minutes while she started to clean up the station.

Finally, she walked back to the big red leather barber chair and took the hot towel off of Sarah’s head.

She removed the huge towel from Sarah’s collar.

She picked up a small horsehair brush and brushed off the top of Sarah’s head.

The soft bristles tickled Sarah’s freshly shaven hot skin.

Molly brushed the back and sides of Sarah’s head.

Then, she brushed off Sarah’s face and cheeks, where many little buzzed hairs had stuck.

Sarah felt her back and breasts start to itch. She started scratching them.

“Sarah dear, what are you doing?” Mrs. Kerns wanted to know as she walked over to inspect her daughter’s newly shaven head.

Molly rubbed her hands over it to make sure it was perfectly smooth.

Mrs. Kerns then did the same.

She stepped back and looked at her daughter’s newly shave head carefully.

“Thank you Molly. This is much better.” Mrs. Kerns said.

Molly nodded as she took a small brown bottle off the top of the shelf. She opened it and put a few drops onto her palm.

She placed her hands on Sarah’s freshly shaved head and started to rub it in to Sarah’s skin.

The cold stuff Molly had gotten stung Sarah’s sensitive shaved skin. It helped to cool off her head though, which was bright red from the hot shave Molly had just given her.

Then, Molly got several more drops of the stuff out of the bottle and again started to massage it into Sarah’s newly shaven skin.

“What is that stuff?” Sarah asked as the strong smell and sting made her curious.

“Lilac talc,” Molly replied as she continued to rub it in to Sarah’s head. “We always used it if we shaved something, whether it is just the back of your nape, a beard or mustache, or like in your case, a completely shaven head.

“It helps to cool off the skin from the hot shave and it helps the hair to grow in straight so you don’t end up with ingrown hairs.

“It also in some cases makes the shave last a bit longer,” Molly said as she patted Sarah’s shaved skin and said.

“There you go, shiny and smooth as a cue ball Sarah.”

Then, she washed her hands and dried them off.

“How long will her head stay shaved do you think, I mean before stubble appears?” Mrs. Kerns inquired.

“Well, it depends. Most people who have shaved heads do it themselves and shave every day or every other, depending on how fast their hair grows.

“Do you plan on keeping your daughter’s head shaved for a while?” Molly asked.

“Yes. I am going to have her keep it shaved for a while,” Mrs. Kems told her.

“How fast does her hair grow?” Molly asked.

“Oh, her hair grows pretty fast.” Mrs. Kerns said.

“Then, you will probably want to shave it every day. I know some people who will shave their heads every morning, then shave again in the evenings if they are going out.” Molly said.

“If you would like, I can show Sarah how to shave her head herself.” Molly offered.

“Well, I’m not quite sure I’m ready for Sarah to start shaving her own head. I don’t want her head to have cuts and nicks all over it.” Mrs. Kerns said.

“Besides, you did a great job today.

“So, I know if you continue to shave it for her, it will stay nice looking.”

“Well then, you have two choices if you want Sarah’s head to stay shaved.

“You could shave her head yourself or I could continue to shave it for her,” Molly said.

“I would be happy to show you how to shave it. If you wanted and I could order you some of the tools and stuff I use for head shavings.”

“Hmm,” Mrs. Kerns thought about it for a moment.

Then, she said, “How early are you open in the mornings?”

“We open at six o’clock, both weekdays and weekends.

“And, we stay open until seven, however we will stay open later if you make an appointment a head of time.” Molly said.

“And, how long do you think it will take you to shave her head again?” Mrs. Kerns asked.

“Well, between ten and fifteen minutes if you just want me to shave it once.

“But, if you want me to shave it twice, like I did today, it will be about half an hour.

“We also offer a special head shaving treatment, called The Ultimate Head Shave.

“I’d say about an hour to an hour and a half, because I’ll soak it extra and massage it before and after shave it.

“I’ll also wash it before I do the pre-shave massage and I use a special oil.

“I’ll wash her hair again, to get the oil out.

“Then, soak it in the hot towel once before the first shave, twice before the second shave, and three times before the third shave.

“Then, after the third shave I’ll oil her head again and massage it, then wash her head again, dry it off, and massage it with lilac talc,” Molly answered.

“Do you think if I pay you ahead of time you could shave Sarah’s head every morning?” Mrs. Kerns said.

“I don’t have time to shave Sarah’s head just, yet, and I would rather you shaved it for her.

“But, I want it to be shaved every morning, so I could have my husband drop her off on his way to work.

“I could swing by and get her on my way to school on weekdays.

“Then, I could just bring her down early on weekends.”

“Sure, no problem.

“What time should I expect her every morning?” Molly asked.

“Well, her father leaves for work at quarter to six. It only takes a few minutes from out house to get down here though.” Mrs. Kerns said.

“Oh, that’s no big deal, she can come even earlier if need be. I arrive at five sharp daily to prepare for the day.” Molly said.

“Oh, perfect. Could you keep an eye on her when you’ve finished shaving her head for a little while though, because I drive some of the neighbor kids to school, and we don’t usually leave until eight,” Mrs. Kerns said.

“Sure, that is no problem. She’ll probably be the first person in here.

“So, I’ll shave her head right away and she can just watch some television in the back, or help sweep hair and stuff.” Molly said.

“How much do you charge?” Mrs. Kerns asked.

“Five dollars for a single head shave, ten dollars for a double head shave, and twenty five for The Ultimate Head Shave.” Molly replied.

“Well, she’ll be here awful early. I don’t want her just sitting around for the whole time, so I want you to give her one of those head shave specials, it’ll probably keep her head smoother longer as well.” Mrs. Kerns said.

“The Ultimate Head Shave,” Molly confirmed, “is that what you would like?”

“Yes. I will pay for it now, for the rest of this week, then when I bring her in this weekend, I’ll pay you for next week.” Mrs. Kerns said.

Then, she walked with Molly to the front desk and took out her checkbook.

“How much do I owe you for her head shave today?” Mrs. Kerns asked.

“Oh, ten dollars.” Molly replied.

“Nonsense, that is not even close to enough.” Mrs. Kerns said handing Molly a fifty dollar check.

“This is for today Molly. You probably gave Sarah five haircuts.” Mrs. Kerns and Molly laughed.

“Oh, then here is the check for Sarah’s head shaves for the rest of this week.” Mrs. Kerns said, handing Molly a check for one hundred dollars.

Sarah sat still, not moving a muscle in the barber chair, as her mom paid for her head shave, and made plans for daily head shavings.

Sarah still could not figure out why her mother would do such a thing to her.

She sat in a trance.

Not wanting to leave.

She was scared to death of how awful she would look.

“Sarah dear, it’s time to go. I have some errands to finish before we go out for dinner.” Mrs. Kerns said.

Sarah slowly got out of the chair. She immediately felt how much lighter her head was without pounds and pounds of hair covering it.

Her wet pants clung to her thighs.

Her mom smiled as she talked to Molly.

Sarah left her hands at her side, too nervous to touch her newly shaven head.

She slowly approached the front desk and stood next to her mom. Her mom turned and looked at her.

“Sarah, I want you to go get the car started and I’ll be there in a minute,” Mrs. Kerns said handing Sarah the keys.

Sarah slowly walked to the front door.

There seemed to be so many people downtown.

She had butterflies in her stomach as she pushed the door open.

The cold air on her freshly shaved head gave Sarah the chills.

She wanted to run and hide in the car, but took her time getting there, making eye contact with no one.

She opened the car door, and got in.

She buckled her seatbelt, then put the key in the ignition and started the car.

She turned the music off and sat back. She reclined the seat and closed her eyes.

Tears gently rolled down her cheeks.

Sarah then slowly took her hands up to her shaven head.

She placed her cold hands on her shaved skin.

Slowly, she rubbed it.

It was so soft and so smooth.

Sarah started to explore every nook and cranny.

The touch of her fingers on her sensitive shaved scalp sent chills up Sarah’s spine.

Finally, she sat up and turned the rearview mirror.

She peered in and saw two huge eyes staring back at her.

She looked closer and continued to caress her head.

Sarah turned her head form side to side. It had a nice shape to it.

Then, she saw her reflection in the window.

Without her hair, she wasn’t as ugly as she thought she would be.

Although it would take a lot of getting used to!

Mrs. Kerns walked up and saw her daughter staring at herself in the window.

“Sarah honey, the shaven head looks nice on you.” Mrs. Kerns said. “I want you to know this was not a punishment.

“I just didn’t like your hair so long. It got in your way.

“Although in the beginning I had no intention of having your head shaved.

“It didn’t turn out too bad.

“It will be just so much more practical for you dear,” Mrs. Kerns said.

Then, she placed her hand on Sarah’s freshly shaved head and gave it a gentle rub.

“Besides, you will probably find it much more comfortable.

“And, although it’s not my favorite hairstyle of yours, I know this was the best way to go.”

“Mom, you never really said why you did it though.” Sarah said quietly, stroking her soft shaved nape.

“Sarah, I don’t like the look of you in long hair. It hid your pretty face and made you look dirty, and ugly.” Mrs. Kerns said.

“But why did you get my head shaved?” Sarah asked.

“Because,” her mom started to say.

“I think having a shaved head will be a good thing for you.

“It will be easy to have shaved smooth every day and it will make life easier for you.

“I know you probably hate it though.”

“Yes. I do hate it somewhat mother.

“It is awkward.

“I feel like the whole World is staring at me like I’m a freak or something.” Sarah said softly.

“Oh Sarah, you’ll get used to it.

“You may not like it too much now but it will grow on you.

“You just need to look for the good things in it and not worry about what other people think of you,” Mrs. Kerns said, pulling out of the parking space.

“How long do I have to keep it shaved?

“Can I grow it back out next year?” Sarah asked.

“No. I want it to stay shaved for quite a while. You will have it shaved daily for the rest of this school year, all summer long, all of next school year.

“I will work out a way for you to keep it shaved when you go to college.” Mrs. Kerns said.

“We’ll find a way to continue to shave it on a daily basis when you finish college.

“ Besides, it will look terrible if you start to grow it out.

“Keeping it shaved will give you a nice, clean-cut look.” Mrs. Kerns finished.

Sarah just nodded.

“Dear, I love you very much and I just want what is the best for you.

“Please don’t hate me for having your head shaved.” Mrs. Kerns said, seeing her daughter’s heart-broken face.

“On the bright side, having a shaved head will show off your pretty face dear.”

“I don’t hate you mom but I can’t imagine why you are forcing me to have a shaved head for the rest of my life.” Sarah said, tears forming in her eyes.

“Oh Sarah, try to understand even though you may not like having a shaved head now, it will grow on you. Getting it shaved every day will become routine.

“Soon, it will be awkward to go a day without having it shaved or having hair on your head.

“I was just sick of your long hair and wanted to see a change in your appearance darling. It really doesn’t look so bad on you hon.

“I promise, you’ll get used to it. You may even come to like it.

“It may be a little extreme for the time being.

“But, people will get used to seeing you without your long hair and you can still live a normal life.

“I’m sure in a few weeks, you’ll find things you love about your shaved head. I’m sorry you don’t like it.

But, it needed to be done.” Mrs. Kerns said, driving through town.

“The only big change in your lifestyle is that you’ll leave with your dad the mornings and not with me.

“You will get up the exact same time. All you will need to do is shower, which won’t take you too long since you won’t have hair to wash, get dressed, eat your breakfast, and do your makeup.

“The only thing you might want to do until your head has gotten some color is to brush some bronzer on it after Molly has shaved it in the mornings.

“In fact, we can go buy some now. I bet you can just keep it in a cupboard at the barber shop.

“We’ll also get you some moisturizing lotion, some special sunscreen, and hats for the summer.

“Your shaved head wouldn’t look too nice if it were sunburned, now would it?” Mrs. Kerns joked.

“It would look pretty bad sunburned,” Sarah agreed, starting to smile a bit.

“Sarah, you are really such a pretty girl and with a shaved head you look even lovelier.” Mrs. Kerns said.

By JimB         ©opyright October 2018


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