Saturday Morning Justice

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This was not how I enjoyed spending my Saturday morning, cleaning egg off the windows of my beauty shop store front. Several businesses had been egged the night before and mine was one of them.
The barbershop across the street had also been hit and the old man who ran it was also cleaning his windows.
” Have any idea who did this?” I called out .
” Probably some young boys” he said. ” I’ve seen a few riding by on their bikes and staring and laughing as if admiring their work, I’m just trying to figure out how to get them in my chair so I can buzz them down to nothing.”
I laughed at his response and added ” Good luck, lemme know if you get one. I’d like a few snips at them too”
I finished cleaning it up and went back inside to the air condition, it was such a hot day.
I sat back into my styling chair and relaxed, as I was crossing my legs and lighting a cigarette I noticed a couple young boys slowly riding by on their bikes looking at my shop. They seemed to be very interested in it and made several passes.
These were obviously the culprits looking upon their work dissapointed that it had been cleaned up.
I tried and tried to think how I could get them into my shop and under the cape but nothing came to me. It was almost noon now and as I finished up the only client I had all morning when it came to me.
I ushered her and her new perm out the door and as the two boys cruised by I called out. ” Hey young fellas, wanna make some money returning some recycling for me?”
” Come on in here where it’s nice and cool, I have cold drinks and if you return these bottles you could make 20$ each.”
How easy it was, they turned their bikes and headed over. I stood there with the beauty shop door open as they parked their bikes and walked up to me.
A little apprehensively they entered the beauty shop, I shut the door behind them and quietly locked it.
One of the young boys turns around and said” we have soccer practice soon so we have to hurry mam”
” Oh no problem sweeties, have seats and cool off and you’ll be on your way”
” sit where?” The other asked.
” Just grab a seat in the beauty chairs, they are nice and comfy”
The two boys who were seeming to get nervous at this point inched toward the salon chairs and sat back into them slowly.
I stood behind one of them as he lowered himself into it. I placed my hands on his shoulders and pressed him into the pink chairs back rest. He squirmed a little and I said” don’t be shy, isn’t that much more nice than a barbers chair”
” I guess mam, but I don’t need a haircut, can we just go now?” I held his shoulders against the back rest and said” you could use a trim if you ask me, it’s the least I could do since you egged my shop last night”
His eyes got wide and the other boy in the chair next to us started to raise up, ” sit your ass back down” I quipped at him.
And he did.
” You boys are getting summer cuts today and I’m doing it so get comfortable and we can keep your parents out of this.”
” Do we have a problem with that?” I asked.
The boy sitting in my salon chair was sniffling now, ” no mam” he replied.
I pulled the black vinyl cape off the other empty chair and shook it out.
I threw it out infront of the young boy and vigoursly drew it in back towards him. It fell over his small body and covered him completely.
As I snapped it shut around his small neck the other boy watched in horror from the other salon chair. Fear set in on both their faces as I prepped my first victim.
” crew cuts or bowl cuts ?” I asked as I ran my thin fingers threw his shaggy blonde locks.
Neither responded so I said” bowlcuts it is”
” please mam, we are sorry the young caped boy pleaded.
” too late now sweetie”
” your lucky I don’t send you to the barber next door, he really wants a piece of this action.”
The thought of being in the barber chair must of scared them because they shut up and submitted.
Then there was a knock on the shop door and I looked over to see the old barber from across the street looking in inquisitively.
” Well look at this, y’all have another admirer” I said.
” Please don’t let him in mam, we will sweep your shop and do whatever for as long as you like.” The uncapped boy pleaded.
” Your definitely going to be my shop boys for a while but he is coming in too” I said .
” And if you don’t hush and take what’s coming to you, your getting perms”
I walked over to the door and let in the barber.
” What do we have here?” He said.
” Well these are the boys who egged our shops and they need haircuts” I said as I walked back behind my caped victim.
” This one is getting a bowlcut” I said as I twirled his hair in my fingers.
” The other one is yours to do what you like”
The barber placed himself behind the other squirming boy and examined his shaggy mop.
” I think it’s time for a proper trim” he said
The barber pulled the vinyl cape from behind the boys back and slung it out around him. The cape slowly fell over the trapped young boy and only his shoes hung out under it.
The two trouble makers were caped and ready for haircuts.
I focused my attention back to my unwilling client, he was staring at himself in the mirror obviously wondering how he got himself into this mess. ” Don’t worry, this will be over soon and you’ll be a well behaved young man when it’s over. ”
I kicked down on the chairs hydraulic pedal and pumped the salon chair sending him up higher and higher. He jumped at the sensation of the chairs movement as it inched him into the air .
The chair holding the boy beside us also was moving up. The sound of the two chairs hydraulics filled the salon as our victims moved upwards.
With the young boy now at working height I walked to the counter infront of him and grabbed my shears.
I turned around and stood infront of him, I placed my scissors just above his eyes and started snipping his bangs.
With the free hand I turned the chair slowly while snipping the same line around his head above his ears until he had rotated a 360 and now facing the mirror again. Hair collected on his caped lap and shoulders .
I heard the clippers roaring beside us and saw that the barber was shearing the other one with no guard right down to the wood.
Tears rolled down the cheeks of the two boys as they received unanticipated haircuts on this Saturday morning.
It felt good to exact our revenge on them.
With a perfect bowl shape now cut into his hair it was time to buzz the lower section.
I grabbed the clippers from the counter and now stood behind the salon chair.
I placed my foot on the lever and pumped the boy a notch higher just to remind him he was in my chair.
With only a 1 guard I worked from his neckline up to the freshly snipped line. I worked slow and methodically, little buzzed hairs jumped to his lap and the floor. Hair was every where now, the two boys had lost a lot of length between the two of them.
I looked over to see the barber had the other boys chin gripped firmly in his hand, he tilted the boys head sideways as he worked up and all around leaving nothing on his freshly buzzed scalp. The young boy sat helpless as the barber spun the chair around and back examine his work.
“looks much better ” the barber assumed out loud.
” I agree” I said as I executed some finishing snips on the boys hideous bowlcut.
” And we don’t need to worry about anymore vandalism” the barber said as he brushed the boys face off with the pink soft bristle brush I kept on the counter.
The two boys replied ” no ”
The barber said ” Good enough for me” and lowered the salon chair with one brisk stomp on the lever.
He thanked me and left the shop pleased with his work.
I picked up my blow dryer and blew both of the young boys off with warm air. There snipped hairs piled up on the salon floor as they sat still and caped waiting for my permission to leave.
I walked stood infront of them both and said” I want to see each of you here every Saturday morning to sweep my shop up and if I think you have been misbehaving I will have no problem putting the two of you back into these chairs.”
” yes mam” they both responded.
I uncaped them both and instructed them to sweep up the mess their haircuts had made.
As they swept there hairs up I sat into my pink chair and lit a cigarette. When the floor was finally rid of their hairs I stood up and ushered them towards the front door.
They awaited anxiously as I unlocked it and opened it, as they exited I ran my hands through their fresh haircuts and laughed. ” See you two Saturday ” I said as they sheepishly climbed onto their bikes and rode away.

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  1. Another great story! You are one of my favorites current writers. The flow of the story, the descriptions and the humiliation is all well done.

    I hope we get to see these two back in the salon chair soon for maintenance cuts; I really hope the first one gets a perm, maybe even a color.

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