Scarlett’s New Beau

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Scarlett was a stunningly beautiful redhead with curves that commanded attention. She exuded confidence and had a strong, dominant demeanor, but her eyes held a warmth that showed she also had caring nature. She had been dating Ryan for a few weeks and wanted to do something special for him. Ryan is handsome, his medium-length brown hair with a slight wave to it, making it look slightly unkempt in the best way. He has a dry sense of humor that is often punctuated with a mischievous grin, making him all the more attractive to Scarlett. She decided to invite him over to her apartment and surprise him with an ultimate makeover – a haircut. Her heart raced with anticipation as she imagined Ryan’s reaction to the surprise.

Ryan arrived at Scarlett’s apartment, his heart pounding with excitement. He was both nervous and eager to see what the night might bring. When he knocked on the door, Scarlett answered, wearing a sleek black dress that clung tightly to her curves with a deep V-neckline that showed off her pale, freckled skin and ample cleavage. The dress finished just below her knees and was paired with a pair of strappy black stilettos that added a few extra inches to her height, making her just slightly taller than Ryan. Her long, flaming red hair was styled in loose waves that cascaded down her back and her lips were painted a deep red. Her piercing green eyes held a smoldering look of mischief, and the black choker necklace around her neck only added to her aura of dominance. She looked dangerous and inviting, a combination that was sure to drive any man wild, Ryan included. 

With a mischievous smile and her eyes twinkling, she welcomed him in and led him to the living room, where she had a chair set up in the center of the room. Scarlett looked him up and down, glad that he had accepted her invitation. She wanted to give him an experience he would never forget. “I know you mentioned you needed a haircut,” she said, her voice low and inviting. “I thought I’d give you one myself. I have all the supplies I need, and I think it will be a lot of fun. I’m sure you’ll love the result.” She winked at him, and Ryan couldn’t help but feel the excitement bubbling up inside of him. “O-okay,” Ryan agreed to her idea. “Come on now, sit down in the chair,” she said in a commanding yet playful tone. “I’m going to give you a haircut that you’ll never forget.” Ryan nervously sat in the chair as Scarlett circled him, her eyes glinting with anticipation. He couldn’t help but be aroused by her beauty, confident stance, and authority. He noticed she had laid out a cape, brand-new Wahl clippers, and a straight razor with a can of shaving cream on the coffee table. She looked at him intently, her gaze burning with a mix of desire and control. Ryan knew what was about to happen, and he couldn’t deny that the prospect of a completely shaved head excited him. 

Scarlett produced a coil of rope and, whispering into his ear, she said, “I want you to stay still and really enjoy the sensations, so I’m going to tie you to the chair …Do you trust me, Ryan?” He responded excitedly, “I do.” She smiled devilishly, her red hair brushing against his cheek as she leaned in close and whispered, “Then close your eyes and let me take control.” “Why am I tying you to the chair?” she asked. “Because you’re in charge” Ryan replied, feeling his heart race as he looked into Scarlett’s eyes and a thrill of excitement coursing through his veins. He knew he was in for an unforgettable experience.

Scarlett stood in front of Ryan, rope in hand, her eyes smoldering with desire. She began to wrap the rope around his torso, her fingers caressing his skin, her touch eliciting quivers from his body. She took her time, both of them savoring the anticipation of what was to come. Her hands moved deftly around his body, weaving the rope into an intricate web of seduction. She pulled the rope tight, binding him securely to the chair and leaving him helplessly in her hands. Scarlett’s smoldering gaze again met his, a satisfied grin spreading across his face. He could feel the heat radiating from her body, and the way he looked, so vulnerable, only increased the pleasure. She tenderly kissed his forehead, leaving a faint lipstick stain. Leaning in close, her lips brushing against his ear, she whispered, “Now that you’re secure, let’s cut that mop of yours.” Giving him another kiss, this time on the cheek, leaving another stain.

Scarlett stepped behind Ryan, draping the black nylon cape over his body and fastening the buttons at the back. The tightness around his neck was thrilling, and he felt a rush of pleasure as she adjusted the cape to make sure it covered his body completely. As she bent down, he couldn’t help but notice the shape of her g-string outlined beneath her tight dress. His breathing quickened as she began to caress his hair, teasing him with what was to come. Her touch was gentle yet her eyes were alight with a lustful hunger, and he could feel her desire radiating off of her. She was in control and determined to ensure he enjoyed every second of it.

Scarlett grabbed the hair clippers from the table, and with a smirk, flicked them on, filling the room with a buzzing sound. Ryan, tied to the chair, showed a hint of nervousness but welcomed the feeling of being in her control. She began to run the clippers slowly up the sides of his head, watching in admiration as the short hairs fell away, leaving fresh, stubbled skin beneath. As she worked, the vibration of the machine sent shivers of pleasure through them both, and the smell of her perfume filled the air. Ryan closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh of pleasure as Scarlett’s gentle hands guided the clippers slowly around his ears, feeling the newly exposed skin of his scalp. With each stroke, strands of his dark hair cascaded down around his neck and onto the cape. Ryan moved his head slightly, but Scarlett gently, yet authoritatively grabbed him by the ear to bring it back to its straight position. She put her hand firmly on top of his head to hold it still, as she continued buzzing the sides and back of it.

Scarlett stepped back and admired her work. Ryan had a clean buzz on the sides and back of his head, and as she ran her fingertips along the newly shorn sides, he let out a soft gasp. She looked up at him, her lips curled into a mischievous smirk, and her voice an alluring whisper, asked “How does it feel?” Ryan slightly quivered as he softly replied “Amazing.” Scarlett moved her hands slowly around his ears, feeling the newly exposed sides of his head. With each stroke, she could sense his body tingle with pleasure as her touch sent shivers down his spine. Ryan closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh of pleasure as Scarlett’s gentle hands massaged his scalp. He felt more and more relaxed in her capable hands and gave her a smile of appreciation.

Scarlett ran her fingers through the top of Ryan’s hair, feeling the silky strands between her fingertips. “I know you just wanted a trim,” she purred, her voice sending a wave of electricity through his body. “But I think you would look so sexy with a fully shaved head.” Ryan couldn’t move, tightly bound to the chair as he was. Scarlett was in absolute control. She smiled devilishly and said in a throaty whisper, “Now, I’m going to shave you completely bald. Are you ready, my darling?” Ryan’s heart was racing in anticipation as he nodded silently, his gaze never leaving her. He was too aroused to speak. “Good boy.” She said as she planted another kiss on his cheek.

Scarlett brought the clippers back to life, the buzzing echoing through the room. Her hands moved with steady confidence, guiding them in a single line from Ryan’s forehead to the back, leaving a reversed mohawk in its wake. Never had he felt so exposed and vulnerable before, yet somehow he felt safe and secure in Scarlett’s hands. His gaze was fixed on her, captivated by the intensity of her concentration as she worked, buzzing away the rest of the hair on his head until nothing remained except a faint stubble. When she finished, she turned off the clippers and set them back down on the coffee table. Ryan was in awe of how powerful and sexy Scarlett was.

Scarlett stepped back, a thrill of excitement coursing through her veins. Ryan’s head was buzzed, and she couldn’t help but feel a tingle of delight at the thought that she was the one who had done it. His eyes were wide with shock and arousal, and she could see the desire in them. She leaned forward, massaging his newly-buzzed scalp, the warmth of his skin and the softness of the stubble feeling heavenly beneath her fingertips. She felt his body tense beneath her touch, his eyes closing as she continued to explore his shorn scalp. His trust in her sent a wave of arousal washing over her, intensifying the intimate connection between them.

Scarlett’s sultry voice cast a spell as her red-tipped fingers lightly moved over Ryan’s smooth, buzzed scalp, sending tingles of anticipation through him. “I want to take this one step further,” she said, her voice low and purring. “I’m going to give you the closest shave you’ve ever had …with a straight razor.” Ryan had never experienced being shaved completely bald with a razor before, and the thought excited him. She grabbed the can of shaving cream and sprayed the foam into her hand and began tenderly lathering it onto his head, her fingertips lightly dancing along his scalp. Neither of them wanted this moment to be rushed, so Scarlett took her time lathering the shaving cream from his neckline to the crown. Ryan closed his eyes and his breathing became shallow as his entire head was covered in white foam.

Scarlett leaned in close to Ryan, her lips brushing his ear as she ran the razor over the leather strap to ensure its sharpness. “Now,” she said in a husky whisper, “Hold still. If you’re a good boy and don’t squirm, I won’t nick you with the razor.” Ryan gulped, but couldn’t deny that Scarlett’s dominant nature was a huge turn-on. Scarlett began to run the straight razor down the back of Ryan’s neck, he closed his eyes and felt the warmth of her hands and the briskness of the razor against his scalp. She moved the razor in a slow, gentle rhythm as she made sure to get every last bit of stubble, leaving a trail of perfectly smooth skin in her wake. With each swipe of the razor, Ryan felt himself relax further and further into a state of pure bliss. Soon, his entire head was shaved smooth and his heart was beating faster. He opened his eyes and found himself gazing into Scarlett’s smoldering gaze. Scarlett slowly ran the straight razor over Ryan’s scalp for the last time, taking her time to make sure she had achieved a perfectly smooth shave. She smiled as she saw the result of her work: Ryan’s head was now completely shaven, and his scalp glistened in the light of the room. She took a moment to admire her handiwork before she leaned in and pressed her lips against his own. She felt a thrill run through her as she kissed him and when she eventually pulled away, she could see the same excitement in his eyes. She grabbed a towel and wiped away the last of the shaving cream residue from his head, his freshly shaved head was so smooth and inviting that she couldn’t resist running her hands over it, letting her fingertips linger against the contours. She felt a thrill of power as she looked upon him, her captive. Ryan seemed to revel in the sensation of her fingertips against his scalp, and she could tell that he was enjoying the experience as much as she was. Ryan looked up at her with admiration and desire, taking in the beautiful sight of her standing there with the straight razor in her hand. Scarlett felt her heart skip a beat, knowing that she had the power to bring him pleasure and obedience. She kissed him on the forehead and whispered, “You look amazing.” Ryan blushed.

Scarlett stepped behind the tied-up Ryan, her eyes captivated by the new, bare look of his freshly shaven scalp. She again ran her fingers over it for a moment, then moved her hands, grasping the sides of his head firmly, leaning in so he could feel her breasts on his back. Her breath was hot against his skin as she leaned forward and ran her tongue up from the nape of his neck to his crown. She felt the slight shiver that ran through him and relished the feeling of being in control. Her tongue slowly explored his scalp, lingering on the sensitive areas and sending waves of pleasure through his body. She felt the tension in his shoulders as he tried to remain still, and she smiled. With every inch her tongue moved, Scarlett could feel she was pushing him further and further into submission. She continued her tantalizing journey up to the top of his head, savoring the feeling of his smooth head against her tongue.

Scarlett smiled mischievously as she pulled out a wire head massager and stood before Ryan. With eyes sparkling with excitement, she ran her fingers along his cheeks and said, “Let’s try some sensation play.” She began to use the massager on the top of Ryan’s head, slowly and sensually. His eyes rolled back into his head as waves of pleasure washed over him. She moved it in small circles, lingering over the most sensitive areas, and then moving it in a little deeper with each pass until Ryan was soothed into a trance-like state. She lightly brushed it over his skin as if it were a feather and smiled wickedly as she watched Ryan’s eyes close in pleasure. He moaned softly as the tingling sensations spread throughout his body, even though he was tied to the chair, he wouldn’t be able to move anyways due to the near orgasmic sensation. Scarlett leaned down and whispered in his ear, “Isn’t it heavenly?” Ryan could only nod in agreement. Scarlett continued to massage his head with the wire massager, sending even more intense waves of pleasure through him, until he was completely enthralled in the moment, and Scarlett was pleased.

Scarlett took off the cape and watched as Ryan’s hair cascaded off of it and onto the floor. She smiled as she untied him from the chair. She was ecstatic that he was so submissive to her. She leaned in and whisper in his ear, “You were such a good boy while I shaved your head. I think you deserve a reward.” She smiled as she stepped back and watched the anticipation build in Ryan’s eyes. Firmly grabbing his arm, she tugged him towards the bedroom.” Come with me,” she said, her voice husky and commanding. As they entered the bedroom, Ryan felt a shiver of anticipation run down his spine. She held his gaze with her own, her curvy frame radiating a powerful air of dominance. She pulled him closer, her grip firm, and smiled seductively. “Now, Ryan, I think it’s time to show you how much I appreciate your obedience.”

Scarlett smiled at Ryan as he stepped into her bedroom, her eyes sparkling with mischief. In a gentle, but commanding voice, she told him to undress and lay on the bed. As he did, she took out a pair of soft cuffs and said, “Since you seemed to have enjoyed being tied to the chair, I thought you might enjoy being cuffed to the bed.” He nodded excitedly, and she proceeded to cuff his arms and legs to the four bedposts, making sure they were secure, yet comfortable. She ran her fingers along them, feeling the soft fabric against his skin and letting her fingertips trail lazily up and down his arms and legs. She leaned in close to his face to plant a gentle kiss on his lips, her breath on his skin making his heart race with anticipation. “It’s important to feel comfortable while exploring new things,” she said with a playful giggle. She ran her hands across his chest and abdomen, feeling the heat radiating off of his skin. She couldn’t help but feel a thrill of excitement as her fingers traced circles around his nipples and tickled his stomach. She moved her lips to his ear, nibbling on it playfully before her tongue began to trail down his neck, nuzzling for a second at the base where it met his broad shoulders. Her hands then moved back up, caressing his arms and chest while her lips moved to his face, gently kissing each of his cheeks. She felt the tension in his body as she explored his sensitive areas, and she couldn’t help but smile as her mouth drew closer to his. She straddled him, her hands tugging on the cuffs that kept him restrained and completely vulnerable to her. She leaned in close, her lips pressed against his in a passionate kiss. She tasted sweet and her kiss was hungry, her tongue exploring his mouth as her hands lightly traced circles over his chest and stomach. He moaned against her lips and she smiled, her hands sliding further down his body. She intensified their make-out session, her body pressing against his as she ground her hips against his. He felt her arousal as she moved against him, driving him wild with desire. He ached for more and she quickly obliged, her movements slow and deliberate as she took her time exploring every inch of him.

Scarlett moved hungrily over Ryan’s body. Her lips explored every inch from his newly shaven head to his neck and then down to his chest. She felt his pulse quicken beneath her lips. As she traced her tongue down his chest, she lightly licked and nibbled on his nipples before continuing further south. Her red lips left a trail of fire in their wake and as her hands ran down his sides, her nails lightly scratched his skin. Finally, she reached his hard cock and took it into her mouth, her tongue swirling around the head, teasing and tantalizing. She used her skillful hands to massage his shaft as she sucked, her mouth and tongue finding the perfect rhythm to drive him wild. Ryan let out a deep moan, and Scarlett felt her own body responding to his pleasure. She continued to pleasure him with her mouth, taking him to the edge of pleasure and then backing off. She got off and stood in front of the bed, so Ryan could have a full view of her. She slowly and seductively slid her dress off her body, revealing her curves and milky smooth skin, barely contained by the red lace lingerie she wore. She smiled seductively as she reached around to unclasp her bra, slowly sliding the straps down her arms and off her body. Ryan’s eyes widened in anticipation as he saw her full and perky breasts. She then teased him further by slipping her fingers under the sides of her g-string and slowly pulling it down her legs to the floor, revealing her perfectly trimmed landing strip. She presented her body to Ryan, completely naked. He gasped as he saw the sight of her. She leaned down and whispered in his ear, “I want to really make this the best night of your life” running her fingers once again over his freshly shaved head, making him shiver at her touch. It had been her idea to shave him completely bald and he had accepted it eagerly. She was pleased with the results and with how he looked cuffed to the bed, completely at her mercy.

Scarlett straddled Ryan, her red hair cascading down her back and her soft voluptuous curves pressing against his body. She leaned forward, her breasts brushing against his chest as she kissed him passionately. Her tongue danced across his lips and he groaned in response, his hips thrusting up toward her. She moved her hips in slow circles, teasing him with her movements. She was wet and as she positioned his cock at her entrance, she heard him gasp. She lowered herself further and softly moaned as every inch of him glided into her. She felt powerful and desired at that moment, the sensation of her inner walls constricting around him sent tingles throughout her body. Ryan was entranced by her, completely at her mercy. She moved her body in a slow and sensual rhythm, tantalizing his senses with each movement. His entire body shivered in anticipation as she brought him closer and closer to the brink of pleasure. Scarlett leaned back, her hands gripping his cuffed ankles for support. She smiled as she felt him shudder beneath her. His eyes were wide and locked on her, and she could see the desire burning in them. She continued her slow, deliberate movements, her body undulating as she pleasured them both. The intensity increased, and she felt as if she was on fire, her whole body alive and tingling with pleasure. Her red hair fell in wisps around her face as she increased her tempo, her pleasure intensifying with every thrust. “Choke me,” Ryan begged, his eyes pleading with her. Scarlett smiled down at him and ran her fingers lightly around his neck. “You want me to choke you, baby?” He nodded, his eyes burning into hers. “Yes. Please.” She smiled mischievously, her hands encircling his neck. “As you wish,” she purred, her grip tightening around his throat. She felt him move his hips faster and faster, burrowing his cock deeper and deeper inside her. “Do you like it?” she asked between moans. “Do you like being choked, baby?” He nodded, unable to speak, as his breathing was heavy. She felt his breath quickening as she moved faster and harder, pushing him towards the ultimate pleasure. The intensity of their pleasure grew until finally, they both reached their ultimate climax at the same time, his cock pulsating inside her sensual den. Their screams of pleasure echoed through the room, her hands still around his neck. Scarlett collapsed on top of him, her heart pounding, her body still trembling from the intensity of the experience. They had both never felt such pleasure before.

Scarlett freed Ryan from his restraints. She laid behind him, her voluptuous curves molded against his body as she took the dominant big spoon position. They laid in post-coital bliss, basking in the afterglow of their shared orgasm. She ran her fingers over his newly bald head, feeling the smoothness against her fingertips, and kissed the top of it. They lay there for a while, their breathing slowing as Ryan’s body relaxed further against Scarlett’s, both drifting off into a deep, peaceful sleep.

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