School headshave punishment

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Hi, I am Niharika and today I will tell you my headshave story. I am studying in 8th grade and I love painting. I live in Pune with my family. I am the only child and my parents are pretty strict.They always want me to study and get good marks. But I am not so interested in studies, I love art. I want to be an artist when I grow up but my parents want me to be a doctor.

Anyways, I am a tall girl, long face, with mid back length hair. I have jet black hair, straight and it shines brown when I go to out in the Sun. I guess I got my genes from my mother who has long shiny black hair. So when I recently graduated seventh grade and got good marks. During the summer vacation me and my friends were hanging out in their place and we were talking about how eighth grade is going to be. As we were talking about it my friend my different school told me that after 7th standard they don’t have to wear two plaits to school and they are allowed to have a pony hairstyle. They were not allowed to leave their hair open but other than that they could just tie their hair and go.

So until 7th grade it was compulsory for all girls to braid their hair into two sections, tie ribbons and clip any loose hair. If anyone has loose hair they would beat us with the ruler. So every morning mom used to ask me to sit in front of her. She used to comb my hair neatly and make it into two sections. She used to braid both the sections tightly and then tie matching ribbons with the uniform. She would then tie it up and clip the loose hair to the sides. I used to hate doing this every morning but had to do it to avoid punishment.

Now when my friends told that they don’t have to wear braids everyday and could do different hairstyles I was very happy that I could do the same too. So when summer vacations finished my hair had grown long and shiny and straight. On the first day me and two friends decided that we will tie pony tails high up and go to school. I told my mother not to braid my hair and just to tie a ponytail. She started scolding me and said you will get punishment for this. But I told her that my friends from other school are going to school like this and I wanted to go the same way. She was really angry because according to her, pony tail won’t look like a student. I was stubborn and asked her to just tie a pony. That day me and my two friends went to school with pony tails and yes we looked good.

All the boys were looking at us because our hair had grown long and the pony looked really nice. All the other girls had braided their hair into two plaits just like they used to. They were all jealous about the three of us looking so good. We did not care and went inside the class. The teacher noticed that we were not looking like usual. She asked the three of us to stand up. We immediately knew why she was doing this. As we stood up she asked us why we did not braid our hair like the other girls. The whole class was looking at us smiling as they knew we would be punished. The teacher walked towards me and asked me loudly why I did not braid my hair and why have I come with a pony. She also asked why do you think you are special from the other girls.

I was scared at this point because I had to face punishment. I told her that my friends in thr other schools said they don’t have to braid their hair once they start 8th grade. The teacher was very angry and asked me to put my hand out. She took the ruler and hit me hard on my palm. The slap of the ruler was heard loudly as the entire class looked at me. I screamed as it hurt a lot. She then turned to the other two girls and asked why they did not braid their hair. The other two said I told them about my friends and so they didn’t want to braid their hair too. They also got hit with thr ruler on thier palms.

Our school was very strict and did not tolerate any misbehavior. So the teacher called the principal of the school and showed our hairstyles to her. The principal wss furious that we were breaking the rules. The principal had a short bob cut length hair a little grey and mostly black. I don’t think she cared a lot about her hair. She asked us to come out of the class. We were taken to the bathroom where she asked the teacher to take out our pony styles. The teacher did as she said and wr now had out hair let free. She asked the teacher to quickly braid our hair and tie it with a ribbon. So followed the instructions and tied it up. We hated it and one of my friends spoke and said thr girls in the other schools are allowed to do different hairstyles but we are not. I also repeated the same thing as I did not like this style. The principal warned us not to talk back to her like that and she said that she will punish us for this when time comes.

She then sent us to class and we went back and sat. The next day we came to school and everything was normal. We were attending school like a normal day. Suddenly the principal sent someone to called us to her cabin. We did not know the reason why we were being called because we had braided our hair that day. As we entered her room, she had called all our parents.I saw my mother had come and do did my friends too. Ths principal told them that your daughters think great of themselves, they want to look good in front of all the boys so they broke the rules. They did not follow the discipline like every one else. Our parents did not support us, instead my mom started saying I she spends a lot of time in front of the mirror everyday grooming herself. She has lost interest in studies etc. All the other mothers agreed to it.

The principal listened to them and said because your daughters have broken the rules I have decided to punish them. This should be a lesson to everyone that they should follow the rules strictly. She said that she had invited a local barber to cut our hair. When she said that my heart almost stopped. I started begging her that I will braid my hair everyday and asked her not to get my hair cut. I asked my mother to tell thr principal the same. To my surprise my mother started to support the principal. She said that she was planning on getting my haircut short anyway so this is better. All the other agreed that their daughters hair can be cut. We all started to cry and were begging to excuse us this one time. Meanwhile, someone said that the barber is ready in the extra room.

Our teacher asked us to go to the extra room. She dragged us to the room where the barber had placed a chair in the middle. He also had a kit he carried with him with all the instruments. He said he is ready and my teacher asked me to go and get seated. I was crying as she made me sit on the chair. The barber quickly put a white cape around my neck and tied it at the back. He picked a comb from his kit and started to comb my long hair. He asked the principal what he should do. The principal asked him to do a short bob cut. He instructed him that the edge should be just below the ears. He nodded and took the water spray and started to spray water all over my hair. I started to cry loudly and my mother asked me to be quiet.

He combed my hair for a while and then used to comb to part my hair in the middle. After that he bent my head down and seperated the back into two more sections. Now at the back of my head there was four sections and he twisted the upper sections and clipped it. He combed the lower sections and grabber the scissors. He made a snap and I felt the scissors cut a small section of my hair. I could hear my hair getting snapped off. He ran the scissors across my neck and cut it very short. I could not see but my head started to feel lighter. He then took some more sections and cut it as my hair got shorter. All I could hear was my hair getting cut more and more. I think by then he had cut all of my back hair. He then let the rest of the hair started to make a cut right below my ears all the way back. Now all my hair was uniform just below my ears. He walked to the front and combed the front section. he sprayed some water and asked me to close my eyes.He grabbed the front section twisted it and cut it to my eye level.

Yes, he cut a short fringe at the front. He then cut thr rest of the length to make them just rest just above my eye brows. My hair was cut and I was given a bob cut. He was finishing up the ends as I just sat there frozen shocked after loosing my beautiful hair. Just as he was about to remove my cape and ask my friend to come in, the teacher have a suggestion. Why don’t we shave her head fully? A bob cut is pretty common now and this isn’t even a punishment. She was such a bad person, she just enjoyed seeing me suffer. The principal looked at my mother who just stood there and did not protest. After a while she said, yes then no guy would approach her for the next year, this is perfect. I could not believe what was happening there. I just started to cry again and protested. I was screaming and said I don’t want to shave my head. But the principal said then go to the other schools where they allow you to leave your hair. I had no choice as the year had started and honestly my mother was in their favour.

She asked the barber to shave my head completely. He agreed and reached out to his kit. He came back and took the comb and started to comb my hair. He was murmuring to himself if they had told me to shave i wouldn’t have to spend so much time cutting it. He took the sprayer again and started spraying water over my hair. This time he sprayed a lot of water and I was soaking wet. He didn’t tie my hair as it was already too short. He just parted my hair in the middle and used both his hands to kinda seperate it so that the middle line appears clearly. He inserted a blade and snapped it back into the razor. He said just 5 minutes it will be over and I started crying. He placed the razor right in the middle and scrapped my scalp. It was very rough, I felt the razor shave my head. He then bent my head down towards him and pulled the razor from the mid back to front.My fringes were shaved first as I saw few short hair fall on my lap. I felt the cold breeze hit against my bald scalp.I was probably bald in the front with a bob. He then shaved my center all the way back to my neck. I was completely bald in the middle and still hair left on the sides.He started to shave the right side as more and more hair fell on the cape.I was completely bald on my right. He shaved me behind my ears, my side locks everything. Next he shaved the left side of my head the same way. Now I was fully shaved with my white scalp exposed. He ran the razor a couple more times fully all over my head to ensure not even a small hair was left. I was bald as a cueball.

He removed my cape and I stood up crying. I didn’t want to see my teacher or principal or my mother. I just ran out of that room.My friends who were waiting outside were shocked to see me clean shaved. I went to the bathroom and was crying. I felt my head with my hands. Small hair freshly shaved and I could barely feel them. I looked in thr mirror and I looked fully bald. I could not recognize myself first.

Next my other friend was called in.Her mother also agreed to get her completely shaved. So the barber directly sprayed water on her head, sectioned it into two, tied the two sections with their hair and shaved them. They came out crying too. We three met in the bathroom all of us fully shaved bald. We were crying looking at each other. I did not speak with my parents for 15 days.

Now my hair is growing back slowly. Its been two months and I still don’t even look like a boy. My hair growth is pretty slow. I guess it will take 3-4 years before I get my hair back. I only wish my mother doesn’t shave my head again for my 10th boards. Then I would be bald again and it will take 3 more years.

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