School’s Out 2

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I walked out of the barbershop and could not resist the feeling of my bare scalp as I rubbed the short stubble.  My Mom looked my way smiling “Well we sure got our money’s worth today boys!  Kim took you down to the wood Chris!”  I felt myself blushing instantly “Yep, it is really short.  But I kinda like it.” I sheepishly replied.  “Well, it actually suites you. You look 5 years older.  I think Kim liked it too.  She is a cute girl. I know her mom from my pilates class.  Nice family.  You should ask her out some time.”  my mother poked fun winking.  “Stop Mom.” I replied as if programmed.

That though stuck in my head.  She was cute and I recalled her comment “I am only like 3 years older than you Chris.  Relax.”  Maybe I missed it.  Was she interested in me?  I hadn’t really noticed and was in a bit of a trance just having had my head peeled bare by her clippers but I did love the touch of her massage.  She had also had me rub her side shave.  Was I that oblivious?  From that moment I couldn’t get her out of my head.

The next week was the longest of my life.  As the hair grew each day from my shearing I counted one more day to my appointment at her shop Saturday.  I woke up Sunday morning sleepily rubbing my face and head instantly shocked by the rough stubble that remained on my head remembering my trip to the barber the day before.  This continued each day as my hair grew to a soft fuzz by Friday.  I don’t know quite where it came from but I could not deny the desire to be back in Kim’s chair at the mercy of her clippers.  It was weird, I had never though of it before but I liked being bald and the hair on my head was driving me crazy.

It seemed like an eternity waiting until 4pm on Saturday.  I also realized I hadn’t gotten her address.  Fortunately I was able to find her shop on Yelp.  There were a few pictures of haircuts she must have done as I scrolled through her page.  One instantly jumped out at me as I was shocked to see the image of me in her chair just as she had turned me to the mirror and placed the clippers on my forehead.  Someone must have taken my picture in the moment and I had no idea.  The next thing I noticed was her smile, mischievous, and her figure was gorgeous.  I have to admit I was a bit taken back by this.  Why had someone taken a picture of me with Kim shaving my head and put it on Yelp?  Was it her?

I made my way to my appointment around 3:45.  I was nervous.  I am not sure why.  I was actually looking forward to getting the fuzz off my scalp and honestly couldn’t wait to see Kim again.  I arrived at her house noting the sign indicating Kim’s Barber Shop was in the back.  I turned in a driveway that took me past the house and went straight up to a small red building in the back.  The barber pole outside was spinning and I could see lights through the window.  I parked my car making my way up the steps and opening the door.  A bell announced my presence.  Entering I noted the fresh scent and cool air.  A single black barber chair dominated the small room.  A tidy work station and sink took up the rear wall behind it that was covered with a large mirror.  Looking around I noticed Kim was not there.  As I turned around the bell rang and the door opened.  Kim smiled “You are early!  Couldn’t wait, could you?” she questioned.  “Honestly, I know its only been a week but I liked my haircut so much I really couldn’t!” I admitted.  “You definitely need a clean up.  Your hair grows fast!”  Kim exclaimed.  “But before we shave that noggin of yours I have a favor to ask.  Well more of a surprise for you Chris.  Have you ever cut hair before?”  she asked.  “Me?  Never.  Why do you ask.” I replied.  “Well sometimes I get tired of keeping up my own cut.  I is just nice to have someone else do it sometimes.  Will you touch up my sides and back for me?” she asked with a grin.  “Oh, I don’t know I have never…” interrupted.  “Don’t worry.  The worst that could happen is me being bald like you!” Kim laughed out loud.  She then proceeded to her station and pulled up her bob revealing her undercut and secured her hair with a rubber band.  She put a cape on and sat in the barber chair.  “Ok Chris, let’s get going.” she motioned toward the station behind her.  I complied.  Laid out on a towel was a collection of shiny metal clipper attachments, a large pink clipper and a small silver trimmer.  To the right was another towel with a straight razor and a can of shaving cream.  “I want you to take my undercut down to the skin today.  I usually use the 0A and the clipper but today we are going all the way so I want you to use the small trimmer.  It is 0 gapped and will cut the closest.  The razor and cream next to it, well, that is for you.”  As if I was in a trance I picked up the trimmer and turned it on.

The next few minutes it was like someone else controlled my body.  I began with the trimmer at her temple and proceeded to shear her side and back until only her bare scalp was revealed.  During the process she smiled commenting “That has never felt so good.”  She stood up and removed the cape examining my work in the mirror as she let her hair down and flipped it to reveal her shaved side.  “Nice work Chris.  Now my turn.”  she commanded.  Looking my way she glanced down acknowledging my arousal.  “You are gonna need some help with that.” she nodded with a wink.  Embarrassed I had not noticed and quickly adjusted myself as I sat in the chair.  Before I knew it she caped me and her clippers came to life.  “Back to a 00000 and then slick as glass Chris.  You ready.”  Kim inquired.  “Yes ma’am” I replied as she pushed my head gently down and glided the clippers up my nape.  She expertly guided the clippers finishing the back and sides before carefully laying bare the top of my head.  “God I love a man with a shaved head Chris.  Do like being that man?”  she inquired.  As her finger tips gently caressed my shorn pate I stated “I sure do.”  “Good, then we will shave you smooth and you can come to my house afterwards for dinner and maybe we can fix your little problem as well.”  she quipped.

Kim applied a warm towel to my head and gently massaged.  Next she applied an oil that smelled wonderful followed by soft lather that she worked in with her delicate finger tips.  Neither of us said another word as she prepared the razor and expertly removed the stubble from my head.  I closed my eyes the entire time enjoying the experience and her careful touch.  She wiped the excess lather and cleaned me up with another wet towel.  I was brought back to reality by a slight sting and bright coolness as she applied aftershave to my smooth bare scalp.  “Wow, that feels weird!” I exclaimed.  “Nope, that feels just like it should.”  Kim retorted.  She removed the cape and brushed my shoulder.  “Hungry?  Let’s go have a bite to eat.”  she commanded as she walked toward the door with her back to me not looking back.  I followed as expected and began the next chapter in my life.

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