School’s Out

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I have as long as I can remember enjoyed getting a fresh haircut.  As a young boy I remember leaving the barbershop feeling renewed.  Something about sitting in the chair facing the other people waiting their turn while I was caped and being attended to seemed special.  The best part was when the barber brushed me off and removed the cape as I left the chair feeling new and looking sharp.  I also enjoyed getting my hair cut short, really short.  There is something about it that gives me a sense of confidence. I don’t exactly know where this desire comes from but I do remember one particular haircut that stands out in my mind.

I was 18 and school was out just having finished my senior year.  What could be better than that?  Of course I had everything under control and pretty much thought I knew just about everything as well!  I rolled out of bed on a Saturday earlier than usual, about 8 o’clock.  I lumbered down the stairs making more than enough noise to alert my mom.  She met me in the kitchen as I was awakened by the smell of coffee and freshly cooked pancakes.  She smiled, “Morning big boy.”  She tossed my hair and kissed my cheek.  “You are up just in time for breakfast.  Eat up and then I will take you and John (my brother) to get haircuts.”  “Today?” I feigned discontent.  “Yes sir. Your Dad is at work and I already called ahead to see if Kim is cutting hair today” my mother confirmed.  “Ok, fine.” I replied without looking up from the pancakes.  I honestly didn’t mind.  Miss Kim was super friendly and I found her very attractive.  She had been cutting our hair for the last two years and was always bubbly and dressed really hip with a super cool haircut of unpredictable color changes.  I really admired her and was intrigued by her multiple tattoos.  Ok, maybe I had a crush but what 18 year old boy wouldn’t?

I got up from the table.  “Sink!” my mother exclaimed as I robotically returned to pick up my plate and cup putting them in the kitchen sink.  “Go get cleaned up.  We are leaving in 15.  You to John.”  my mother directed.  I went straight to the shower and came down to find my mom and brother in the kitchen.  She smiled “Ready guys?” “Yep.” we replied in synchrony.

We hopped in my mom’s Tahoe and headed downtown.  Kim’s worked at a old but newly renovated barbershop downtown.  Just about everyone I knew went there to get their haircuts.  As we approached a car backed out just in front of the shop.  “I must be out lucky day!”  Mom exclaimed.  We pulled in, got out of the car and entered the shop which was fairly busy.  There were five barbers working mostly of young kids.  Kim was in the first chair and turned recognizing us “Hey guys!  We are a bit busy but you are welcome to wait.”  Have a seat as she motioned to the chairs opposite her station.  I have had worse waits.  I definitely was crushing.  Miss Kim looked amazing.  She wore a camouflage skirt with a white button up blouse tied at the mid drift.  Her hair was dark blue and cut into a very short bob. The back was angled up fairly high and the the left side of her head was shaved nearly bald.  “Love the hair Kim!” my mom exclaimed.  Smiling, “Thanks Deb, you could rock this too!”  Kim said winking.  Blushing my mom replied “Oh my.  Not me girl.  That’s all you!  Tom would kill me!” as the both laughed.  “One day!” Miss Kim stated as we sat down.

Kim finished up the young boy in her chair who had just received a nice short back and sides.  She looked toward mom “John going first?”  My mom looked up surprised “Are we next?” looking at the others waiting.  “I put you in the line when you called ahead.  We do that know to keep the waiting area open.”  she said.  “Go ahead.” my mom motioned to John.  Kim greeted him “You are getting big.  How old are you?”  Kim in queried as he stepped up to her chair.  “I am 12.”  he replied as she placed the tissue around his neck and caped him.  “What are we doing today Deb.” Kim inquired.  “Short for the summer I suppose.”  mom replied.  “Lot’s of the guys have been getting buzzcuts this year.  What do you think John.” Kim inquired looking at him and then to my mom.  “Whatever you think hun.”  mom replied indifferently.  “I will do a 3 on the top and 2 on the back and sides.  That was he won’t be peeled.”  Kim replied with a smile.  John sat quietly as Kim began working.  She took a large pink clipper off her station and changed the blade.  It came to life with a loud whirr.  Without hesitation she placed it on John’s forehead and in several quick passes reduced his locks to cleanly mowed carpet.  She changed blades repeating the process quickly on the back and sides.  After quickly blending it in with her clipper and comb she used a trimmer to line in around his ears and neck.  Blowing him off with an air hose she whipped of the cape, rubbed his head and exclaimed “One fresh summer buzzcut!”  John, clearly in shock reached up smiling “It feels neat.”  Mom agreed “That will last a while!”  “Kim, I will take John next door to get some new shoes while you cut Chris.  This should take care of them both.”  as she extended some cash.  Kim accepted the payment “Yes ma’am, I will take care of him.  Short like John I assume?  Y’all figure it out.  He is a big boy.” as she smiled in my direction.  “Meet us next door when you are done.”  mom instructed.  “Yes ma’am.” I replied.

I don’t know why but now I was nervous.  Kim patted her chair with cape in hand “Let’s get you cleaned up Chris!”  I sat in the chair and Kim wrapped the tissue around my neck and caped me.  Moving to my right making eye contact Kim inquired   “Didn’t you graduate this year?”  “Yes ma’am.  I am going to State in the fall.” I announced with pride that she remembered me.   “Wow you grew up fast!  I guess you need a real man’s haircut!  How short are we going today?”  With a lump in my throat I was able to get out “What sort of haircut do you think would look good.”  Reaching up she ran her nails though my hair “Well I love short hair on a man.  The shorter the better honestly.”  she confessed.  “Short hair is back in these days and I have done several burr cuts recently which are great for the summer.” she said smiling.  “You would look great honestly.” she confessed.  “How short is a burr cut?”  I asked.  “Oh, it’s real short.” she said with a laugh.  Leaning in she turned her left side to me “My side was shaved with a 0A blade last week and when it is that short it grows out fast.  You can feel it.” as he took my hand and guided it.  Her head was soft but prickly and I was blushing.  “That feels cool.” I stammered.  “Let’s do it Chris.  I will use my 00000 blade.  I promise you will love the way it feels and you can pull it off great.”  she stated in a confident tone.  “You really think I will look good?”  I asked with a smile breaking through.  “Yes and I can tell you are curious too.  Let’s do it.”  she replied as she made her way behind me.  “Head down Chris.  You are getting peeled.”  I heard her change the blades on her clippers and with a popped they began to whirr.  She gently guided my head down and moved the clippers from my nape to my occiput with a deft swipe.  I could instantly feel the cool air on my scalp.  She made quick work finishing the back of my head and moved to my left.  She quickly removed my sideburn as she passed up my left side.  Clumps of hair slid down the cape.  “Don’t the clippers feel so good on your head?  I just love getting my side and nape shaved.”  Kim admitted softly.  “Yes ma’am, it does feel really good.” I admitted.  “I get mine trimmed once a week.  Sometimes it feels so good I think about just going all the way like you!”  she laughed.  After reducing my left side to nothing she spun the chair to the mirror behind us “You need to see this part.”  she exclaimed.  Smiling at me she bit her lip and moved the clippers to my forehead.  They moved quickly back revealing a strip of my pale white scalp. A few more passes and I was nearly bald as she moved shearing what remains on the right side of my head.  She finished up with her trimmers, blew me off with her air hose and removed the tissue.  “Let’s finish this up right with a razor.” she stated.  She spun me back around.  I hears a buzzing noise and was startled as she applied warm lather to my neck and around my ears.  She deftly used her straight razor to line in around my neck ears and temple.  She cleaned me up with a warm towel and handed me a mirror.  Looking back at me was a young man I had not recognized.  Standing back admiring her work Kim inquired “Like it? I think you look awesome!”  Let’s get some aftershave and sunscreen on that noggin!” she giggled.  The next few minutes may have been the best as she massaged the cooling aftershave into my scalp and applied sunscreen on my scalp as the faint stubble created a sensual contrast.  I was almost in a trance.

“If you like the burr cut you might really like a head shave.” Kim announced.  “Give it a week or two to get the feel of it and if you like come back and I can give you a complete razor shave.  That is actually my favorite and the feel of a shaved scalp is incredible.”  Coming to I reached up to feel my freshly shaved scalp.  Smiling at Kim I admitted “It does feel good.”  “Told you so!” she exclaimed with pride.  “If you like, I could make you an appointment at my shop.  I have a place behind my house I just opened.  I am only renting the chair here to build up my clientele.” Kim admitted.  I could feel myself blushing as I stammered “Sure, sounds great.”  “How about next Saturday then?  I will put you down for 4pm in my last spot.  And don’t be so nervous!  I am only like 3 years older than you Chris.  Relax.”  She placed her hand on my shoulder “See you then and we will shave that head slick.  Can’t wait.”  she stated turning to tend to her station.


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