Secret Santa – Part 3

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Part 1 – Dawn shaves her husband (Ian) and then joins him as a baldie
Part 2 – Dawn discovers she’s pregnant. Her new stylist (Frankie) gets a headshave. Dawn re-connects with her old stylist (Cathy), leading her to shave her head too.
Part 3 – Read on…

Secret Santa Part 3

It was only been a matter of time before I knew that I’d have to bow to the inevitable and stop going to my gym class. I liked it, but it was too energetic for me and for the next few months I was only going to get bigger. Now that I was morphing into a space-hopper, I really didn’t want to spend more time with slim women. I’d go back when I’d got my body back as close to my fighting weight as possible.

I’d already told Caroline, the instructor, that I was going to take a break and she couldn’t have been nicer to me. Just as I was putting my coat on after my “last” session she came up to me. I’d never really exchanged anything more than a “hello, how are you” with her, so I was really surprised when she suggested grabbing a coffee before I left.

We headed over to the coffee shop and found a table. I wondered how long she’d be able to keep up the “mumsy” chat, particularly as I was under the impression that she didn’t have kids of her own. I suspected that she’d got too much respect for her body to rent it out to a little creature who’d probably trash it for her! She surprised me again, by only paying the briefest lip-service to anything to do with my impending motherhood. That was perfectly fine by me.

‘My husband’ll kill me if I don’t ask before you leave us’ she said cryptically, peering over the brim of her cup. I was still thinking about the contrast between her physical perfection and my own inflated state. I looked at her quizzically. She was choosing her words.

‘He’s seen you a couple of times when he’s come to pick me up’ she explained.

I wondered where this was going. I waited for her to continue, taking a sip of my spring water. Coffee was one more treat that I was denying myself for the time being.

‘It probably seems very rude, but he asked me to ask you about your hair.’

We smiled together. I knew what she meant.

‘All I’ve been able to tell him is that you had hair and then you didn’t, but he seems to find the whole idea intriguing’ she said with a wry smile.

‘I don’t mind, really’ I replied, looking at her with her glossy, dark ponytail. I gave her the clean version of finding the clippers during a clear-out, getting carried away when using them on Ian and then deciding that he shouldn’t be the only one to have some fun.

‘Sounds so simple’ she replied.

‘Completely painless.’

‘And you’re not tempted to grow it out? It’s been, what, four or five months now?’

‘Nearly five. It’s just so nice not to have to think about it.’

‘I must admit that it would be strange seeing you with hair again’ she added.

‘I can’t see it happening anytime soon. One less thing to worry about when this one comes’ I replied, hand on belly.

‘You’ll have your hands full, I’m sure’ she replied.

I took a sip of my water.

‘Do you mind me asking, is your husband just curious or is he angling for you to do it yourself?’

‘I think he’s just curious, but it’d make his day if I cut this off’ she said, her hand flicking towards her ponytail. ‘It drives him mad when I come out of the shower and spend ages drying it.’

‘I’m happy to give you my stylist’s number’ I offered. Was “Sonia” making an appearance? For some reason I found the idea of seeing her bald rather appealing. I didn’t think for a minute that she’d do it, but then I hadn’t expected Frankie or Cathy to do it either.

‘I think it’s just another idea that he’s got bouncing around that head of his. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was asking about your hair as a distraction.’

I looked at her, puzzled.

She looked at me, apparently wondering if she should clarify things for me. She sighed and put a serious face on.

‘We can’t have kids’ she said with an air of melancholy.

This wasn’t at all the conversation that I’d thought it was going to be, when she’d asked me to go for a coffee.

‘I’m sorry’ I said, touching her hand gently. I wondered how I could get out of there, without it being obvious. I certainly had to make sure that I didn’t tell her that my pregnancy wasn’t exactly planned. It just happened, as these things do. For some of us. Shit!

‘No, don’t be. We’ve accepted it. It’s just…’

I waited.

‘It’s just…I think he’s got a thing for pregnant women.’

Just when I thought that it couldn’t get any worse. What do you say to that?

‘Oh!’ I replied.

‘I think his workmates have joked about their wives getting really horny when they’re pregnant and he thinks he’s missing out.’

It was getting worse by the minute.

‘I don’t know what to say’ I replied.

‘I’m sorry. Probably more information than you wanted’ she said.

What did the woman expect me to do? Go round to her house and let her husband do me?

‘It must be difficult’ I said, trying to get that image out of my head. I’d seen her husband a couple of times when he’d come to meet her at the gym, but never actually spoken to him. The idea of getting it on with him was actually quite appealing. Both of them are fit and trim. Then reality barges its way back in and there’s the marriage thing and the fidelity thing. All those details!

She reached for her cup and drained it.

‘I’d better be going. I’m sorry if I’ve annoyed you’ she said.

‘Not at all. I just wasn’t expecting that. It’s not every day that someone tells me that their husband likes bald, pregnant women, particularly when I’m in that demographic myself’ I chuckled.

‘I know. I’m not sure how I’d take it if you told me that your husband likes dark-haired gym instructors.’

‘Maybe six months ago. Definitely not now’ I smiled.

She looked at me, confused. Then the penny dropped.

‘He likes his women bald nowadays?’

I nodded.

‘Just think. If this was a porn film, I’d be off to get my head shaved and then all hell would break loose’ she mused.

‘I wouldn’t want to put temptation his way’ I replied quickly.

‘Very wise’ she replied. ‘Well, I’d better be off.’

I screwed the top back onto my bottle and gathered my things. We headed for the door, where she gave me a hug and wished me luck with the baby. I took a moment to remember which part of the car park I was in and then made my way to my car. I got in and thought about what she’d said. It was the most interesting conversation I’d had in a while. I watched a few gym bunnies go past, some on their way in and some on their way back to their cars. I was just about to start the car when I saw Caroline again. She wasn’t alone.

She was arm in arm with her husband. I wouldn’t have pinned him for her husband if I’d seen him on his own somewhere, he’d have just been a familiar face, but here, hanging off her arm, he was most definitely her husband. So there he was, Mr Caroline, lover of bald, pregnant women, in the flesh. I watched them walk to their car.

I shoved my bag under the seat and opened the door, easing myself out through the opening that was getting more unreasonable with every passing day. I was halfway to their car when I wondered what I was doing. It was too late. I’d been spotted. The driver’s window slid down. I could see Caroline leaning across from the passenger seat, so that she could see me.

‘Is everything okay, Dawn?’ she asked.

I dragged my attention from her husband.

‘Yes, fine thanks Caroline. I just thought I’d come and introduce myself. It’ll be a while before I have the chance again’ I said, finding it a little uncomfortable to have to bend so that I could see her properly. I wondered again what I thought I was doing. Caroline introduced me to Eddie, the man of the moment. I suspect that he’s usually more composed than he appeared just then. He reached out a hand for me to shake.

‘Pleased to meet you’ I said, trying to work out just how far along the creepy scale this meeting was, from both sides.

‘We were just going for a drink. Would you like to join us?’ Caroline asked.

I hadn’t been expecting that. My mind flashed to my bladder. More drink? Not wise. I put a hand on my belly. I saw Ed look. Red rag to a bull? Probably. I took my hand away.

‘I’d better not’ I replied. ‘I’m happy to come and watch though’, I added.

Ed turned away from me. There was muted conferring before he eased back to let Caroline lean across him.

‘We could go back to ours, if that’s easier?’ Caroline offered.

I tried to think about Ian. He got a cooked lunch at work on “gym day”, so he wouldn’t need to be fed. I could text him and tell him that I was going for a “farewell drink”. He would be fine with that.

‘Yes, that would be lovely, thanks.’

She gave me her mobile number in case I got separated from them going through town. I dropped a quick text to Ian to tell him what was going on and then followed them out of the car park. I was still wondering what the hell I was doing when I saw Caroline’s car slow down on a pretty residential street. It turned into a driveway. I pulled up at the kerb outside and took a deep breath. It was just a chat. With a friend. A friend that I’d hadn’t exchanged more than two sentences with until today. And her husband. Who has a thing for bald, pregnant women. This was the part where I scrawl “HELP” in pink lipstick on the car window. Caroline came out of the drive, smiling at me. As well she might.

I got out of the car.

‘There’s plenty of room on the drive’ she offered.

‘I’ll be fine here, honest’ I said.

She leaned in towards me.

‘Don’t worry about what I told you. He’s harmless. Almost normal, if you can say that about any man’ she smiled.

‘Are you okay with me being here. I can go. Say I’ve gone into labour, or something’ I said.

‘Bit early for that, isn’t it?’

‘Hopefully, but you never know.’

‘Just say when you’re ready to go. I’ll give him a kick if he starts to drool too much’ she offered.


She took my arm and led me into her lair.

‘This is lovely’ I said as I got inside. Just goes to show how beautiful you can have your house, without the need to allow for rugrats at some point.

I accepted the offer of a glass of water, so that I didn’t feel completely left out as they filled their wine glasses. Let the awkwardness begin!

I looked around the lounge, wondering out what their luscious sofa must’ve cost. Caroline was still in the kitchen. I was alone with her pervert husband, who was utterly charming. I tried to work out how old he was. Probably forty, maybe a little more. She looked like she was a couple of years younger than him. He was a clear product of living with a fitness professional. Trim, toned, but not overly muscled. I was just wondering about the wisdom of a man in his forties wearing jeans when Caroline came in. Shame, I was just about to get around to an assessment of his bulge.

‘Dawn’s taking a break from the class for a while’ Caroline informed him.

‘Oh, why’s that?’ he asked, straight-faced.

‘Eddie. Behave!’

‘Sorry’ he replied, raising his wine glass in apology.

What I would’ve given to be able to have a couple of those!

We chatted politely, as you do, none of which was overly interesting. I tried to get a greater appreciation of Eddie, and he split his time between looking at my head and my belly. Poor dear, he was spoiled for choice!

Eddie had just been relating a wonderful story about one of his work colleagues, when Caroline changed the subject.

‘Dawn used to be a blonde’ she said, out of nowhere.

The comment caught Eddie out as much as me. We looked at each other. I certainly didn’t know what to say to that.

‘Dirty blonde?’ Eddie ventured.

‘I had my moments’ I replied, wanting to show him that he wasn’t the only one who could make colourful comments.

‘So I see’ he replied.

‘Eddie! I can’t take you anywhere’ Caroline chided.

‘What? I’m at home. Master of my own castle!’ he protested gamely. ‘Anyway, what made you not be a blonde anymore?’ he asked, his attention fully on me.

‘I felt like a change’ I replied.

‘That’s pretty dramatic.’

‘I sort of wanted to try it’ I replied, before giving him a more detailed explanation than I’d given Caroline earlier on. He was an eager listener. I wondered what the front of his jeans would look like, if he stood up at that moment.

‘You wouldn’t do the honours, would you dear?’ Caroline asked, holding out her empty glass.

I looked at her. She smiled. She was doing it deliberately.

‘Just a moment, dear. Dawn’s talking’ he replied.

‘No, really, that’s about it’ I replied, closing that avenue to him.

‘Same again?’ he asked, huffing as he got to his feet.

My mother always told me that it’s not polite to stare, but he gave me good cause. There was no hiding the fact that he’d been listening very attentively to my every word. He left the room.

‘Are you okay?’ Caroline asked.

‘Yes. It’s nice to get out of the house and have some adult company’ I replied.

‘He’s not making you feel uncomfortable, is he?’

‘I think Eddie might be the one feeling uncomfortable’ I suggested.

‘This probably isn’t the moment to say that I’ll go and give him a hand, is it?’

‘What are you two laughing about?’ Eddie asked, coming back in with the refills.

‘Nothing, dear’ she replied.

Caroline stood up to take her replenished glass off him, taking a sip. Rather than sitting back down in her chair, she perched herself on the arm of the sofa where I was sitting. Friendly, I thought.

‘Do you mind?’ she asked.

It was a bit too late to ask me, because she was already stroking her fingertips across my scalp.

‘It’s so soft’ she said before I had a chance to reply.

‘Fresh this morning’ I informed her.

‘How often do you do it?’

‘Once a week usually. Sometimes more than that, but usually just the once.’

‘Wow!’ she replied, her fingers still trailing across my scalp.

I couldn’t have foreseen this when I’d been sitting in Frankie’s chair this morning. Usually it’s just myself and Ian that get to feel Frankie’s handiwork, certainly for this length of time.

Your husband’s a lucky man’ Eddie said, taking a sip of his wine.

There was a loaded comment if ever there was one. Lucky to have a bald wife or lucky to have one that’s five months pregnant? Be careful how you answer, I told myself.

‘We both count our blessings’ I replied.

‘Do you mind if Ed has a feel? Caroline asked softly, in a way that contained every permutation of that question.

‘He can feel me if he likes’ I replied, regretting my flippancy the moment the words left my mouth.

I thought about Ian at home on his own. Eddie’s fingers joined Caroline’s on my scalp.

‘Isn’t it smooth?’ she asked.

‘Mmmm’ he agreed.

I wondered how literally Eddie would take my invitation to feel me. What sort of boundaries did he have? He’d only just met me. He knew that I had a husband at home. I was a pregnant woman, a guest in his house. Surely he wouldn’t try to take advantage? For some reason, I wasn’t sure that I’d rebuff him, if he tried anything. I’m constantly horny and, try as he might, Ian isn’t able to keep up with me. Would it hurt him if he didn’t know? The prospect of a little tumble with a well-heeled, well-scrubbed guy like Eddie wasn’t getting the short-shrift that I should’ve given it.

There was a hand on my left boob. It belonged to Caroline. She’d beaten Eddie to it. I wasn’t even sure if he’d noticed that his wife had just copped a feel. Everything told me that I should be outraged, but I wasn’t.

‘That’s enough Edward. I’m sure you don’t want to Dawn to think you’re a perv or anything’ she said with a little chuckle. All contact ceased and Eddie went back to his armchair, looking towards me for a reaction. There was silence for a moment.

‘Not every day that you get to feel a bald woman, is it, Eddie?’ she asked.

‘I could say the same to you’ he said. He’d seen.

‘I don’t mind, honest. I know I’m a bit of a curiosity’ I confessed.

‘What about your husband? Won’t he mind sharing?’

‘Let’s just say that he might be pleased that someone else is helping to spread the load’ I replied.

There was silence while they both analysed my response for pitfalls. I looked at each of them in turn. It was awkward with Caroline still perched on the arm of my sofa. I was going to get a crick in my neck. I seemed to have stunned them. Eddie reached for his wine.

‘By the sounds of it, you’d best not have any more of that’ Caroline told him.

Eddie was still looking at me. I was starting to find it unnerving. They still didn’t seem sure that I was prepared to go along with their little fantasy. I decided to help them out.

‘I hope you’ve done this before, because I haven’t. I’m not too sure how it kicks off. As far as I know, we need to be in the 1970’s and toss our car keys into a fruit bowl’ I said, trying to lighten the mood.

‘We wouldn’t want you to think that we’re in the habit of propositioning every bald, pregnant woman that we see’ Eddie replied, more than a match for my own humour. Caroline stroked my head. I’d started to hope for a bit more than that.

I stood up and held out a hand towards Eddie.

‘What’s a whale got to do around here to get fucked’ I asked, confirming my expectations for anyone who was in any doubt.

Eddie stood up and touched his fingertips to mine. One hand went for my belly, the other for my scalp. He was full of surprises! Caroline became his co-conspirator, undressing me slowly. I fought hard against all the self-conscious pangs that were shooting through me, telling myself that it was precisely because I was ballooning that he was interested in me. That and being bald. Once he wasn’t so pre-occupied, I’d have to ask him which was the main driver for him.

I was naked, between two fully-clothed people. Not something that I’d be overly-comfortable with in normal times, let alone in my current condition. I closed my eyes and took solace in the inquisitive fingers that were roaming far and wide. And deep.

Activity diminished for a few moments while hands were re-deployed to get Eddie’s clothes off. His urgency became obvious as soon as Caroline slid his trousers down. There was more of him than Ian has to offer, not that Ian’s offering isn’t perfectly adequate for my usual needs. Eddie was just better equipped for the current circumstances. I hoped that baby would be able to dodge out of the way!

No words had been exchanged. Caroline caressed me and eased me into the position that experience told her that Eddie would want. That just happened to be with her sitting on the sofa and me with my hands on her knees, arse towards Eddie. I’d never had anyone peer into my eyes as a man entered me. I wondered what my expression was like. I know that I uttered some sort of sound as he went deep. Caroline’s hands were on my scalp, her expression welcoming, as she shared her husband with me. His strokes were slow, deliberate and very, very pleasant. I thought about Ian. Wondered again if he’d be hurt if he found out. Wondered if he’d be annoyed that he didn’t get to join in.

‘Do you like that? Caroline asked. ‘My husband fucking you?’ The perfect hostess.

I grunted my response. I liked it very much. I let another couple of strokes pass. I was still using her as a support, a fully-clothed woman watching her husband screw me as if she were watching an afternoon soap. Eddie’s arms were around me. I had an image of that strongman competition where they have to run while carrying a barrel. That’s what I felt like. Caroline moved her attention to cupping my swinging, weighty boobs. My arms were getting tired.

‘Either hurry up Eddie or let the poor woman get more comfortable’ Caroline urged.

Eddie hurried up. The end, when it came, was a relief. For both of us. I needed to stand upright again, much as I liked Eddie’s bear-hug. My first thought was that I didn’t want to drip on their carpet or furniture. It must’ve been Caroline’s too, because in moments, I had her head between my legs and she was lapping up her husband’s gift.

I reached down and cupped her head in my hands. Felt her silky hair. I gripped her ponytail and used it to press her into me. Eddie was behind me, holding me loosely while his wife lapped at me. He kissed my neck, moved up to my scalp. Did wonderful things with his tongue, while his wife did even more wonderful things with hers further down. He was licking my bare head, kissing it, blowing softly on my hairless skin.

‘Wouldn’t you like to do that to Caroline?’ I asked.

‘She wouldn’t’ he replied.

‘Wouldn’t what?’ Caroline asked.

‘Cut her hair’ he confirmed with a flurry of barely-there kisses.

‘Have you asked her?’

‘Mmmm’ he replied.

I gripped Caroline’s hair more firmly and moved my head to look down at her.

‘Get me a pair of scissors’ I said, my grip on Caroline hopefully communicating to her that I wasn’t talking to her.

‘She won’t’ Eddie repeated.

‘I will though’ I replied. “Sonia” was well and truly in the room.

Caroline mumbled something unintelligible. I pulled her head closer to me. My focus returned selfishly to me as Eddie helped me ease myself to the floor to let Caroline have freer access. Eddie kneaded my boobs while his wife showed me what might’ve been with Frankie. I closed my eyes, savouring everything on offer.

My eyes stayed closed until the sensations had worked their way through me. Caroline was still fully clothed, on her knees at my feet. Somehow, Eddie had managed to come again and was still stroking it around my belly. I felt awkward.

‘I’d better be going’ I said, easing up to my elbows.

Caroline was a dear and helped me sort out my clothes discarded and get dressed. Eddie perched on the edge of a chair, silently observing my reconstruction.

‘Thank you for a lovely evening’ I said, just wanting to get out.

‘We must do this again sometime’ Eddie replied. Caroline flashed him a “look”, which saved me the bother of replying.

I wanted to get home, get showered and forget what I’d just done.

Caroline accompanied me to the door. She hugged me and smiled at me, not trusting herself to find the right words.

I sat in my car for a while before turning the key. What had I done? I’d betrayed Ian. I’d have to tell him. I couldn’t tell him. The baby was a witness. I argued with myself all the way home, castigating myself for my weakness, but by the time I pulled onto the drive, I had the perfect explanation. It had been “Sonia”. I couldn’t betray her confidence.

‘Had a nice time?’ Ian asked as I walked past the lounge door.

‘Yeah, it was fine. Bit of a bugger when you’re the only one not drinking though’ I replied.

I headed upstairs for a shower to wash away the deception.

Blaming “Sonia” meant that I had a decent night’s sleep. I thought about Caroline and Eddie while I had breakfast. My first infidelity and it had been a good one, but I didn’t feel bad about it now. What did that say about me? I thought about Eddie and his peccadillos. At least he was honest, and he’d shared the experience with his wife.

I reached for my phone and scrolled for Caroline’s number. I looked at it and wondered.

Was I weird? I’d clearly enjoyed Frankie and Cathy joining me as baldies, more than I’d thought. It was exciting, but it had taken Eddie to bring out fully the idea that I found it a turn-on to see another woman shave her head. Shaving Ian had excited me, but he was my husband and it was only natural in the setting that I’d created that I’d get turned on and it would lead to the inevitable. Watching Frankie shave Cathy had stirred something in me, but that encounter had fizzled out before it had begun. Something had happened in Caroline and Ian’s living room though, that had fully unleashed the urge in me. I composed a text.

“Thanks for last night. Enjoyed it. Fancy lunch before we go to the salon?”

My finger hovered over the button. We hadn’t said anything about going to a salon. I wanted to see her in the chair. I didn’t know if she would, didn’t even know if Frankie would be able to take her. I was making a fool of myself. I pressed the button. I immediately wished that I hadn’t.

I got up to clear away the breakfast things. I had flashbacks to “Recall” emails at work, when someone had suddenly realised they’d copied in someone that they shouldn’t have and had just committed career suicide in public.

My phone pinged. It felt like the baby did a somersault. I dried my hands. I picked up my phone with trembling hands and looked at the text.

“Sorry. Got a class. Salon???”

What did that mean? She’d got a class now? Got one over lunch? The question marks after “salon” could mean anything. No mention of the events at her house. Didn’t want to incriminate herself? Who the fuck knew?

It was mid-afternoon when my phone pinged again.

“Sorry. Full on today. Tomorrow?”

She was still speaking to me. All was not lost. I rang Frankie and outlined the situation for her. She told me I had an evil streak. Maybe she had something there, but I blamed “Sonia” as soon as I ended the call.

In brief, Frankie told me that she could work with me at short notice and hadn’t got anyone booked in who would object to being palmed off onto one of the other stylists, if it came to it. We agreed that I’d aim for mid-morning and she pencilled us in.

“Know ur busy. Hair at 10:30 then coffee?” I texted.

Caroline’s reply came back almost immediately.

“Has he put u up 2 this?”

I ignored the question and texted her the meeting place for 10:15 tomorrow. That gave me the rest of the day to try to work out why I was so keen to get her to shave her head.

I was none the wiser by the time I waddled up to the ceremonial bandstand in the middle of town. I was slightly late due to a parking nightmare, but I needn’t have stressed. She wasn’t there either. Ten minutes to go, so all was not lost. I wanted to sit down, but the state of the benches put me off. I played with my phone, trying to look like I hadn’t been stood up.

A couple of minutes later, I felt a tap on my arm and turned round, tightening the grip on the strap on my bag. I breathed a sigh of relief.

‘Sorry I’m late. Couldn’t park’ Caroline said, slightly out of breath.

‘Me too. You’re here anyway.’

‘Who could resist a mysterious invitation like that?’

I looked at her, dark hair flowing. I’d never seen her with her hair not in a ponytail. She looked good. Elegant, sexy. It amused me that she’d seen as much of me as my husband, done things to me that only a couple of men have done, but I’d never seen what she looked like naked. She and her husband had pleasured me, but I hadn’t come close to returning the favour. All I’d done was to scheme against her to take away something that she clearly treasured.

‘Sorry, it was just an idea. Probably doesn’t make sense, once the passion’s subsided. Eddie seemed keen, but I’ll cancel the appointment and we can just go for a coffee.’

‘You’ve not spoken to him?’

‘No, why would I?’

‘I just wondered why you’d go to the trouble of making an appointment for me. Particularly for something that I haven’t even said I want.’

‘You’re right. It sounds silly in the cold light of day. Let’s just go for coffee and forget it. Give me a sec to ring Frankie and let her know.’

I reached for my phone, feeling foolish. The idea should never have seen the light of day. I was just scrolling through my contact list when Caroline spoke.

‘He’s not stopped talking about you, you know.’

I looked at her.


‘He’d marry you in a heartbeat.’

‘There’s a couple of things in the way’ I chuckled.

‘Maybe. Anyway, he’s still on Cloud Nine about the other night. He didn’t expect that in his wildest dreams.’

‘So are we going to give him something else from his wildest dreams?’

I hoped that she took that as I meant it. A haircut was one thing; filling the massive gap in her existence was out of my control.

‘Were you scared?’ she asked.

‘Not really. It just sort of happened. Frankie was lovely and gentle and it just felt right. A bit like the other night really.’

‘We’re going to be late’ she said.

I took her hands in mine, standing in front of her.

‘You’ll be beautiful’ I assured her. ‘Even more beautiful. And you’ll have more time in your day for coffee and lunch when you don’t have to mess about with your hair.’

We walked to the salon hand in hand. It didn’t even feel weird!

Caroline’s expression was a joy to behold when she first saw Frankie. I hadn’t told her that Frankie was now as bald as me, hoping that it would give her a little more comfort than if she was just joining me in being different.

Frankie greeted me as if we were long-lost friends, despite the fact that it had only been a couple of days since I was here on my own. I introduced her to Caroline and could see her appreciation and envy of a fine-looking woman. I was grateful that the salon hadn’t yet got busy.

‘So, my dear, Dawn tells me that you want to simplify your daily routine.’

Caroline looked at me.

‘Partly that. Partly because my husband’s met Dawn and liked what he saw.’

‘Did he now?’ Frankie said, raising her eyebrows at me.

‘The head, Frankie, the head! How could he possibly be interested in me, when he has this gorgeous creature in his bed?’ I said, hoping that Caroline wouldn’t betray me.

‘Well then, let’s see what we can do for him’ Frankie said, leading us both to the styling chairs.

Frankie glanced in my direction. If she was looking for help, it wasn’t going to come from me. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning, about to unwrap my big present. She sat down, nervously running her hands over her lap. The gown settled over her gently. I was torn between watching Caroline and watching Frankie. There was another present that I’d love to unwrap and after my initial experience with Caroline, I think that I’d be a bit more insistent than I’d been when we’d had our tentative encounter that time with Cathy. Frankie stood behind Caroline’s chair. The bald and beautiful surveying the beautiful, soon to be bald. It struck me that Frankie wasn’t talking, wasn’t trying to put Caroline at her ease, wasn’t giving her a chance to back out.

Frankie’s tunic tightened when she bent to retrieve the clippers. She examined them, looked at them almost reverentially. They started to sing. This is the part where I should feel nervous, guilty. I just felt turned-on. I wanted to film it, but didn’t want to burst the bubble. There were still no words, just a gentle gasp when the clippers touched Caroline’s hairline and it was too late. It wouldn’t have taken much for me to come right then. I watched the clippers ease tantalisingly across the top of Caroline’s head. It was too late for any objection; all she could do was to accept it.

A large hank of perfectly conditioned, beautiful dark hair tumbled behind Caroline’s back. I watched her expression in the mirror. It appeared to be frozen in disbelief. I hoped that she didn’t hate me.

The clippers stroked her again and again, leaving a field of stubble which I quite liked. I wanted to see her smooth, but there was something about Caroline’s colouring that made the stubbly-look interesting. This woman was just annoyingly sexy!

Frankie hadn’t broken her rhythm. She might just as well have been clippering a dummy, because she just did what she was going to do, regardless of the reaction. Caroline was silent, but thankfully didn’t seem to be teary. That really would’ve broken the spell for me.

A few last passes, this way and that and Caroline was a skinhead. I couldn’t resist moving closer to stroke her.

‘You’re already gorgeous’ I told her.

‘Keep telling me that’ she said, her voice not as confident as it had been.

Frankie rested a consoling hand on Caroline’s shoulder for a moment, stole a quick glance in my direction and then reached into the cupboard for the shaving foam and razor. There went the fabric of her tunic again. Another little flutter for me.

I could watch her applying foam to someone else’s head for hours. It’s soothing, almost hypnotic. But that wouldn’t get me to the streamlined version of Caroline that I was so eager to see. I focussed on the razor in Frankie’s hand and watched it create the first strip on the journey to perfection. Caroline’s expression didn’t seem so disturbed now. There was acceptance, interest even. More and more of the foam was eased away.

My thoughts turned to Eddie, hoping that this really was what he wanted. Up until a few moments ago, he had a conventional wife who would turn heads wherever he went. Now he’d need to rely on a bit more acceptance from people, although those of a male persuasion would probably be able to see beyond the lack of hair and focus on her boobs, backside and legs in the traditional way.

I got a slightly forced smile from Caroline when she got up to go to the basin. She lay back, gently guided to the basin by Frankie’s hands. That really would be a picture for posterity, a bald woman lying prone, tended to by another bald woman, both of them beautiful. It was a sight that I wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

Caroline raised herself up effortlessly when Frankie had finished, years of gym work making it just one more sit-up. In my current condition, I need a crane.

The towel made short work of the water droplets on Caroline’s head. I could see her looking forlornly at the pile of hair around the chair that she’d just vacated. I hadn’t had the same sense of regret, because my own hair had essentially annoyed me, as a result of the odd style that Cathy had created. It was a relief to get rid of it, but Caroline hadn’t had that thought to ease her passage to baldness. To be honest, I couldn’t quite believe that she’d done it. It wasn’t as if I’d spent any time persuading her. I’d just presented her with it as a fait accompli. She either turned up or she didn’t. If she turned up, it was going to happen. It had happened.

I went over to her and hugged her.

‘You really are beautiful. Stunning. I can’t tell you how much’ I told her quietly.

She gave me a gentle hug.

‘Eyebrows?’ Frankie asked.

‘Next time, maybe’ I interjected on Caroline’s behalf. She’d probably had enough for one day.

‘Thank you, Frankie’ Caroline said graciously.

‘My pleasure. I’ll see you again, I hope.’

I paid Frankie and told her that I’d be in touch. She’d played her part magnificently.

Caroline and I were on the street, arm in arm. She was feeling her scalp with her free hand.

‘I can’t believe I did that’ she said.

‘Neither can I. Eddie won’t believe his eyes.’

We walked in silence for a while, uninterested in the shops, wrapped up in our own thoughts. We were still arm in arm, walking aimlessly. I started to look for a coffee shop. I needed to sit down. Caroline had other ideas.

‘I think I just want to go home’ she said.

That stopped me in my tracks. I let go of her arm and moved in front of her.

‘I need to know that Eddie’s okay with it, before I can feel comfortable’ she explained.

‘He’s at work though?’

‘He’ll come home for lunch, if I ask him.’

‘Okay, sounds like a plan.’

Caroline got out her phone and texted him. I watched her, appreciating the curve of her scalp. Looked at her features. I hoped that it wasn’t only me who thought that she looked even better without her long, glossy hair.

‘Done’ she replied.

‘I may as well hang about and get a few bits’ I told her. I really didn’t want to go home just yet.

Caroline looked a little surprised.

‘Don’t you want to see his reaction?’

‘I thought you just wanted to be alone?’

‘I just don’t want to be in town. It feels like I’m cheating Eddie in a way. He should see me before the world does.’

So much for my shopping. We headed to the car park.

‘Coffee?’ Caroline asked as soon as we’d got through her front door.

‘Please’ I replied, watching her assess herself in the hall mirror.

Her expression was familiar from the first time I went home and looked at my hairless reflection.

‘You’ll get used to it. Then you’ll love it’ I told her.

‘We’ll see’ she replied, leading the way into the kitchen and to her swish coffee machine. Who needs to pay coffee shop prices when you’ve got one of those at home, I thought?

I heard her phone ping.

‘He’ll get away as soon as he can’ she told me once she’d read his message.

‘You’ve obviously got him at your beck and call.’

She smiled knowingly.

We sat and drank coffee, chatting the way that two bald women do. I was getting a little nervous as time passed. I was sure that he’d like Caroline bald, but what if he didn’t? Maybe I should go. Leave them to it.

‘I want you to stay’ Caroline confirmed.

Then she told me what she’d been thinking about, which is how, ten minutes later, I found myself sitting on a chair in the adjoining dining room. She’d closed the sliding doors between the lounge and dining room, leaving a small gap for me to look through and to aim the lens of the camera on my phone. She wanted to film his reaction, but thought that it might be less genuine if I was there with them. She’d propped her own phone up on an occasional table, out of the way, so mine was a backup, a different angle. I didn’t know exactly when Eddie would be back, but hoped that he wouldn’t be long, because I’d need a bathroom break before too long. One of the joys of pregnancy!

Caroline sat alone in the lounge for a couple of minutes, ignoring me completely. Then she got up and by the sounds of it, went upstairs. A few minutes later she was back. It was a long time until Christmas, but it looked like Eddie was about to get an early present: his wife, gift-wrapped and bald. She was dressed to fuck. Gorgeous purple bra and knickers, matching garter belt and fishnet stockings. She could be a model. She turned in my direction to flash me a smile and then turned her back to me, doing a little bum-wiggle towards the ostensibly closed door.

‘Too much?’ she asked.

‘Too little, if you ask me’ I replied with a chuckle.

‘Maybe I feel the need to distract him’ she said. ‘He’s here’ she added brusquely.

My heart was pounding. I wondered if I counted as a voyeur, since I was there by invitation. I heard a key in the door.

‘Bambi, I’m home’ Eddie called out.

“Bambi”? What the …

Now I had images going through my head. Legs all over the place. Stocking-clad legs all over the place. Was that where the pet name came from? Maybe I’d never know.

‘In here’ she replied, with a swift glance to check that I was fully concealed in my hiding place.

She’d taken a dining chair into the lounge and was straddling it in reverse, the chair-back supporting her chest, stockinged legs either side of the seat. The underwear clearly wasn’t intended as the first course for his eyes to feast on. The door from the hall opened. Eddie stood there, stopped in his tracks. Caroline tilted her head provocatively. There probably isn’t a man with a pulse that would fail to be aroused by the sight that greeted him.

‘I thought I’d do something special for lunch’ she said, standing up. ‘I could make you something else, if you prefer’ she added.

Eddie’s face was a picture. Caroline struck a pose, a boob cupped with one hand, the back of her bald head with the other.

‘Your hair’ Eddie managed.

‘I thought you’d like it if I did something different’ she said.

I still wasn’t sure which way this was going to go.

He took a step closer to her and reached out to touch her head. His arm obscured my view of her eyes, but in my mind, she’d closed them to enjoy his first touch.

‘You loved your hair’ he said.

Probably not the right thing to say just then.

‘I love you more than my hair’ she replied quietly.

The film director in me wanted to tell her to speak up, but that would probably ruin the moment for all of us.

Eddie raised his other hand to Caroline’s head, cupping it, examining it intently. Dialogue from “Hamlet” surged up from the depths of my schoolday memories. Not at all appropriate for the scenario of a husband in deepest communion with his lingerie-clad wife.

He kissed her forehead. Kissed her again towards the crown of her head.

‘You’re beautiful’ I could just make out.

‘Fuck me’ she replied almost too quietly.

Whoa, it’s lunchtime and what about me? It’s going to ruin the moment, when I raise my hand and ask to be excused for a bathroom break.

Eddie had taken a step back and was looking his wife up and down, as if appraising a prospective purchase.

Just ask for it to be wrapped, and take it away, I urged him silently.

He stroked her head again, squeezed a boob, filled the gap between her thighs with his other hand. Just be quick about it! You’ve got to get back to work!

Caroline was trying to get his belt undone. She had a sense of urgency, as if she wanted to strike before he changed his mind. His trousers were down and so was she, his cock in her mouth. He was looking down at her, at a sight that he probably never expected to see in real life. Her bald head bobbed back and forth, his fingers trying to maintain contact. She was up again, moving over to the sofa directly opposite me. She sat down, tugging her knickers off and leaning back, spread her legs, in what seemed like a single fluid movement. She reached round to unclasp her bra, easing her backside to the front edge of the sofa. Now I had a perfect view of everything that wasn’t on display the other night. I wanted to return the attention that she’d lavished on me, but I wasn’t on the guest list this time.

Eddie’s pumping backside rapidly obscured my view of Caroline. She was holding on tight, his hands looked like they were cradling her head. This wasn’t a man who didn’t approve of what his wife had done.

‘Fucking bald bitch’ he gasped.

That’s no way to talk to Bambi, I thought. He was close.

‘I’m going to come on your fucking bald head’ he promised.

Okay, but hurry up! I could see that his thrusts were getting more insistent, Caroline responding to each one with a little grunt. Then it all started to happen. He was getting faster; she was getting louder. He pulled out, she tried to lean forward, although she was mostly obscured from my view. He uttered the traditional man-sound that they make when they come. His buttocks clenched and he looked up to the ceiling. Nice buns!

Eddie looked down at her, thankfully moving slightly to one side, so that I and my camera could appreciate what he’d done. He’d certainly christened his wife’s new look. She reached up to wipe a blob from her eye, but then he decided that it’d be cool to spread the joy over her head. She dipped her chin to let him work. He eased to the side a little, improving my view. This was probably the point that I should step out from the wings and tell them to smile for the camera.

Caroline looked up at him. Her “post-sex” face was cute.

‘So you don’t hate it, then?’ she asked.

‘If you weren’t covered in cum, I could just stay here and lick you all day’ he replied.

‘I’ll go and have a shower. Then you’ve got no excuse’ she replied, looking up at him.

‘I’d love to, but I need to get back. We can pick this up tonight.’

‘You make me sound like a task at work.’

‘Absolutely not. You’re all pleasure, you know that.’

‘I need to get cleaned up’ she said, standing up and throwing a quick glance my way.

Eddie followed her out of the room and up the stairs. I took the opportunity to sneak out of my hide and pop to the downstairs bathroom. I noticed a damp patch on the back of the sofa, where Eddie had overshot. Caroline would need to pop down to the shops for a can of “cum remover” before it stained. I could hear running water upstairs, which covered any sound that I made. I hurried back to my den.

A few minutes later, I heard the thunder of feet on the stairs and the slamming of the front door. I hoped that it was Eddie rather than Caroline. I was still replaying my little video on my phone when Caroline came back into the room.

‘It’s okay, he’s gone’ she said.

I slid the door open. Caroline looked at me. I looked at her, standing there in a short black robe, loosely tied at the waist.

‘Bambi?’ I queried.

She laughed.

‘Maybe I’ll have to delete the video, so no-one knows that he calls me that’ she replied with a smile.

‘Feel better?’ I asked, standing up.

‘You could call that “confirmation and reinforcement”‘ she replied.

‘I’d call it a damn good seeing-to, myself’ I smiled.

‘Just what I needed though’ she replied.

‘No regrets?’

‘No. Except for the “Bambi” thing.’

I smiled. There was a movie that I wouldn’t be able to watch with my little one, when the time came.

‘I need to get this little masterpiece to you’ I said, holding up my phone.

‘You could hang onto it for a while, if you like’ she suggested.

‘It’ll only get me all hot and bothered again.’

‘Isn’t that a good thing?’ she asked, her hand moving to the loose knot in her belt.

‘That’s not fair’ I said, watching her ease the gown off her shoulders.


‘You’re perfect and I’m like this’ I said, stroking my belly.

A flash of sadness washed over her face.

‘You know I’d trade places with you in a heartbeat’ she said quietly.

‘Shit! That’s not what I meant’ I replied.

That’s what you call ruining a moment.

Her hand joined mine on my belly.

‘Come to bed with me? Please?’ she asked quietly, her hand stroking my bump.

‘I didn’t think you did “bed”‘ I replied, desperate to lighten the mood. ‘By the way, you need to sponge that bit of cum off the sofa’ I added for good measure.

‘We can do it wherever you feel comfortable’ she replied with a passing glance at the sofa.

‘One condition.’

‘What?’ she asked, apparently taken aback.

‘It’s my turn to come. You and Eddie had yours, but I had to be quiet in there.’

‘I think I can manage that’ Caroline replied, reaching up to stroke my head.

‘Go for it, Bambi’ I replied, turning to let her undo my dress before she could object to my use of Eddie’s pet name for her.

My shoulders were covered in a flurry of little kisses, as she eased the dress off my shoulders. She unclipped my bra to save me the trouble, but then went back round in front of me, which is where I wanted her to be. She knelt at my feet, allowing me to look at her bald head. I wondered if I could make myself come just by looking at her, and taking in that it was effectively me that had done it. She was bald because I wanted her bald. True, her husband may have had a small hand in getting her there, but if I hadn’t taken her to see Frankie, she be here with hair tumbling over her shoulders. She drew my knickers down and then surprised me by rolling back onto her shoulders, trunk vertical, legs in the air. She did the splits. Legs near enough at 90 degrees to her body. If ever there’d been any doubts about her being shy, she’d just dispelled them. That was the suppleness of a serious gymnast.

‘Wow! Now I know where to come if I ever need somewhere to put a bunch of flowers’ I said, stroking a tentative finger through her furled petals. I waited for thunderbolts to appear, waited for the disapproving vision of my mother to come to mind, but neither came. I lowered my head to taste her.

She beamed a smile back up at me as she saw me realise that I could eat her out and look at her freshly-bald features at the same time.

That’s quite a talent’ I told her, taking a quick break.

‘Just a little party trick’ she replied. ‘Anyway, this wasn’t meant to be about me. Stand back a sec and let me get the right way up’ she added.

I watched her lithe body gracefully right itself and for her to position herself at my feet once again, face pressed to my mound. Her tongue nestled between my pussy lips as I pressed my hands against her bald head. She helped me ease to the floor, got me comfortable with a cushion under my head and then transported me to somewhere that I’ve never been before, further even than on that first occasion when she had Eddie as a helper. I’d completely forgotten that her phone was still on the side-table, still recording.

‘You provide the complete service, don’t you?’ I said as she soaped me in the shower once we’d finished.

‘I just wanted to show you how grateful I am. Eddie too. I wouldn’t have done this without you. Eddie wouldn’t have pushed me, he’d have just kept it all inside his head. So, thank you’ she repeated, tweaking my left nipple.

‘No, thank you for doing it. It’s been fun, but I think that maybe we should keep this just between us. One of those things that never happened.’

‘I know what you mean’ she said, her soapy hand stroking the swell of my belly. ‘It was fun though’ she added.

‘Too much fun’ I agreed, taking a final chance to run my hands over her torso, to feel her firm boobs, slippery in my soapy grip.

She helped my get dried and dressed, just the sort of help that I could do with at home. I distracted her by stroking her head at every opportunity, until she’d had enough and stood upright in front of me. She looked into my eyes, held my head in both of her hands and kissed me, her tongue taking its time to say farewell.

I left her in the bathroom to get herself sorted out and made my way back to my car. I looked up at her house for the last time and got into the car. Much as I wanted to, I knew that what we’d just done could never happen again. I started the car and headed back to my life with Ian and my bump, where I belong.


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