Secretly A Baldie

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Secretly a Baldie


Mary was a librarian. Her life was boring. Every day she went to work, sat down at the table and did the same thing. Checked books in and out. Re-shelved them. Rinse and repeat.  She was almost 30. She was curvey with golden blonde hair hanging to her belly button. She didn’t have many friends though and since libraries were relics of the past, few eligible bachelors were likely to stumble into her work. She didn’t go out much either. Her weekends she mostly spent at her home watching Netflix or reading. Her only interactions were the occasional hello she got from her apartment neighbors. Her only sexual excitement came from her nightly porn watching. Each day it was a new guy a new girl. Sure, she got off, but it wasn’t enough, she craved something new and exciting.

On one particularly slow day, Mary decided to browse the stacks. Sure enough, she ended up in the adult section of the library, where more mature books were kept. She began scanning the shelves for a book that looked interesting.

“Excuse me, are you a librarian?” The question startled Mary she felt like she was gonna have a heart attack.

She looked up, it was a girl, about her age maybe slightly younger, with bright blue eyes and dark brown eyebrows. She was wearing a baseball cap, but it looked like there was no hair underneath. Mary quickly looked away, she didn’t want to stare. The girl was clearly beautiful though, despite her lack of locks. Her athletic body and perky breasts were evident through her t shirt and shorts. The girl blushed. “I just wanted to return this book, can you do that?” “Yeah, no problem, I’ll sign it back in, have a good day,” Mary said. “Thanks.” With that the girl quickly hustled out of the store.

Sure enough, when the girl turned around to walk out, it was clear that she was bald. Her scalp looked freshly shaved too, it was so white.

Mary looked down at the book that the girl had handed her.

“Fet Life Vol. 7:The Sensuous Shaved Scalp; How a shaving your head can create pleasure.”

The book was short, only about 30 pages or so. Really closer to a magazine than a book, but it had a hardcover. Underneath the title, was a pair of clippers with the vibration symbols around them, forming an x with a pair of scissors.

Mary quickly looked up to see if anyone else was in the library, but there didn’t appear to be anyone there. The coast was clear. She tucked the cover of the book tight to her chest and walked back to the desk. Time for some light reading.

Chapter 1: Haircutting for Pleasure

If you are reading this, clearly you are a sexually curious person or perhaps your partner is. Many people think that cutting hair is simply an act to keep oneself looking clean and well kept. In reality, a haircut can be a sensual experience, whether done with another or alone. Imagine, chopping all your hair off, buzzing it short, completely denuding yourself of those locks.

Mary began to feel her stomach leap up. This DID sound fun.

Wouldn’t it be fun, wouldn’t it be exciting, wouldn’t it be erogenous? Imagine cutting off just a little bit, a few inches. Feeling the hair tumble down you. Seeing yourself change right before your very eyes. Just like that, you become a different person. Now imagine you fire up those clippers. Yes the ones you look at in the drugstore or the supermarket. Or maybe the ones you see at your hairdresser, wondering what woman asks to feel those. Imagine the vibration as all your hair is shorn, right to the scalp. You could rub it, touch it, feel the kiss of the clippers as they rumble over your head.

Mary gulped, she could feel the redness of her face.

Chapter 2: (Y)our little secret.

Whether you cut your hair by yourself, or with a partner, just know that its always your little secret. No one else will know that your new cut is for your sexual gratification. That little trim, those 5 inches, that big chop, even a shaved head. Cut your hair and no one will be the wiser. Just think, even if you shave it smooth, you can wear a wig and hide your new self from everyone. Then when you get home, you can experience the transformation all over again, just by yanking that fake hair right off your head. Nothing is sexier to a man than when he thinks he is grabbing a nice head of hair to pull your mouth further onto his cock, only to find that hair come off your head and into his hands!

Mary shut the book and took off her glasses. She cleaned them when she got anxious. Mary searched the book’s title. Last person to check the book out: Natalie Green. Mary checked the book back into the computer and glanced at the time. 4:00pm. Closing time on Fridays.

She made one stop on her way home. Walgreens. 25 dollars later, she had what she needed.

When she got home, she made a bee line for the bathroom. Her button up shirt, skinny jeans, panties, bra, and socks provided the evidence from her door to the bathroom.

Her pussy was already dripping. From excitement, from anxiety, from arousal, who knows. She ripped the box apart as fast as she could and plugged the clippers in. Maybe she should have started with scissors, but her desire for pleasure was too intense. She plugged the clippers into the socket. The plastic guards from 2 to 8 were tossed aside with the box, she had no need for them. She placed her glasses on the sink. Her left hand went to her sopping wet pussy; her right roared the clippers to life. They first went skyward, then headed for the middle of her forehead. They sheared right down the middle of her head. All the way across the top of her scalp. A swath of long blonde hair tumbled down the back of her head. The vibration of the clippers soaked her fingers. This was what she had been searching for.

The next pass buzzed through the right side of her head, sending a sheet of blonde hair down to the floor. Then she went to the left side. This time, the hair passed over her slick fingers. Her mouth was agape, forming an o. She was moaning, she couldn’t help it. Her left hand reached up, feeling the top of her head and passing through the remnants of her long blonde hair on its journey. All that remained of her luscious locks was a thin layer of prickly stubble. She felt her pussy tighten and the wetness intensified.

She kept buzzing her head, slowly so she could savor the sensation. Letting the vibration trickle down to her fingers as they did their work. She had never felt such erotic pleasure.

Finally, her whole head was peach fuzz.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Where a few minutes ago a beautiful woman with a head of luscious locks once stood, now there was a sexy shaved supermodel. Her nipples were rock hard. Her pussy was dripping down her things. Her head glistening from where she had stroked it with her hands. Now her right hand was deep in her pussy as her left massaged her newly denuded scalp: a unique erogenous zone. After a few passionate seconds, already primed because of her haircut, she came.

Mary then looked up again. What had she done? What would the people at work say? Then she remembered. “No one has to know but you.” She had two whole days to find a wig. No one would ever know she was a sexy shaved slut. Her pussy began to drip again.

She stepped into the shower, feeling the hot water drip over her. Instinctively she reached for the shaving cream. She sprayed it into her left hand, but felt her legs and realized they were smooth. It still wouldn’t go to waste. She lathered up her shorn scalp, massaging the lather through the peach fuzz. She grabbed her razor and made long strokes, scraping away the last remnants of her blonde bombshell days. Now the water felt even more spectacular. It slowly slipped across her slick, shiny, shaved scalp.

The water turned off. She stepped out and ran her hands over her smooth shiny bald head. All she could think was how great a scalp covered in cum would feel, and she knew the perfect girl to join her in the search for the right guy: Natalie Green.

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  1. Interesting! But I cannot help to wonder what Fet Life Vol. 1-6 are about? Tattoos, piercings, latex? Plastic surgery? Is there more than 7 volumes? Could be a room for continuation in that.

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