Seizing the Opportunity

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Bottles of perfume and nail polish tumbled across the dresser as Audrey pushed Cara back against it, her hands gripping and squeezing the young woman’s waist as her teeth attacked the girl’s perfect, pale neck. The sweet little college girl gasped softly, only encouraging the aggressive nipping and nibbling to continue, Audrey’s teeth moving up to nuzzle into against Cara’s soft, silky blonde hair before biting the earlobe she found beneath.

Cara squeaked again, one hand gripping Audrey’s shirt at her lower back and the other rubbing the clippered remains of the older woman’s once-wild red curls. They’d met just over a month ago, right after Audrey had shorn her own long mane down to almost nothing, and it had not gone unnoticed that whenever friskiness ensued, Cara’s hands found their way to Audrey’s stubbly crowning glory.

Audrey kissed along Cara’s jawline, finding the younger woman’s lips with her own just before her palm found Cara’s perfect, pert right breast and pressed upward against it. Cara’s body shifted against hers, as if trying to climb up onto the dresser to avoid Audrey’s attacks, but, at the same time, doing nothing to actually stop them. Cara’s mouth opened, welcoming Audrey’s tongue and Audrey eagerly accepted, until she simply had to come up for air.

“So…. Dinner was nice,” Cara gasped softly, smiling as she pressed her forehead to Audrey’s and stole another quick kiss.

Audrey nodded, but her mind was elsewhere. She ran her fingers through the sweet little cheerleading goddess’s hair, brushing it back from her perfect, All-American features. Again, she attacked the girl’s neck, nipping and biting and ensuring there would be no ponytails worn for a good while, at least not without a turtleneck or scarf.

“Your hair is getting long,” she murmured, even though no one would really consider it long, in all honesty. It’d yet to reach Cara’s shoulders since she’d had it lopped off close to her chin last fall, but it’d be there soon enough. Audrey would have taken liberties to remedy that herself, especially in her current state, but Cara was a client of her friend and, technically, boss, so that was a little taboo at the moment.

Cara didn’t say anything, and when Audrey pulled away just enough to look her in the eye, the girl was anxiously biting her lip.

“You’re going to need to get it cut again soon,” Audrey persisted, kissing Cara’s cheek. She pinched the girl’s nipple through her shirt, and then tugged the top upward to free it from the cheerleader’s tight jeans.

“I… I was going to let it grow long again…”

Audrey smiled against the corner of Cara’s jaw. Was going to. Was. “No, I don’t think you will,” she whispered. “In fact, I think it’s time you finally learned how clippers feel against your nape, don’t you?”

Cara’s shiver was the only reply Audrey needed. She ran her right hand up Cara’s back, tickling her nape before playing through her soft blonde hair. She teased just beneath Cara’s occipital bone with her fingernail. “Right up to here,  a sweet, short little undercut. That’s what you’ll ask for, right?”

With a well-practiced flick, Audrey had Cara’s jeans unbuttoned, and was slowly tugging the zipper down. “You’ll do that for me, yes?”

Cara whimpered softly as Audrey nibbled and bit her neck some more, but then nodded.

“And some adorable bangs. Nice and short,” Audrey whispered. “No more of these soccer mom bobs.”

“But… but they make me look too young… I’ll get carded everywhere I go.”

“A minor inconvenience for looking so amazing, don’t you think?” Her hand slid into the girl’s panties, fingers caressing and teasing and exploring. Cara gasped, her brows knitting together in anxious, confused desire. “I want to see you sitting there, all cute and caped, with all that blonde hair in your lap. You’ll be so cute with your bangs and ponytail, showing off your naked, clippered nape that only I get to kiss and caress.”

Cara didn’t answer vocally, but Audrey could feel how eager Cara was to please her. She slipped her fingers into the girl, savoring the gasp that became a moan, drinking in how eager the young woman was to please her, and, in turn, how easy it was to get what she wanted from her.

Audrey held no illusions about the relationship – there weren’t many years between her and Cara, but they were important years. The college girl was letting herself be swept away in the tide of a relationship with an older woman and, at Audrey’s best guess, things would last maybe a year at most. Once Cara graduated, she’d look for something more stable, more grown-up. And eventually Audrey would find Cara’s limits and grow bored. That was just how things went. But until that time – within that year or so – she had an entire checklist of experiences for the Midwestern girl to have. Some, like the impending undercut, would be temporary and easily rectified in time once the relationship was over, while others  would be… far more permanent.

Audrey moved her fingers a little faster, listening to the tension grow in Cara’s moans. She glanced down, eyeing the curves of Cara’s breasts and the lines of her parted thighs. Such a perfect, beautiful, blank canvas.

Cara’s hand cupped the back of Audrey’s head and brought her lips against her mouth again. Audrey let her tongue flick and play with Cara’s, her own excitement growing as she anticipated how it’d feel against hers after being pierced, should  Cara and her last long enough to get that far down the checklist.

An abrupt, insistent knock on Cara’s bedroom door shattered the reverie.

“Cara?” one of the girl’s roommates asked through it. “Cara, we have a bit of an emergency out here.”

Cara broke away from the kiss but did not move away, notably staying close to Audrey.

“What is it?” she asked in a cracking voice.

“Cho is having a bit of a meltdown, and we could use Audrey’s help.”

Audrey startled, raising an eyebrow as she met Cara’s gaze. “What could I help with?” she whispered.

“What could she help with?” Cara asked. She giggled as she did, eliciting a similar reaction from Audrey.

“Just… could you open the door? Are you decent?”

Audrey wriggled her fingers, still inside Cara. The college girl bit her lip to keep from making any noise, but then gently pushed Audrey free. “Just a minute.” She stole another lingering kiss, then moved to open the door after straightening her clothes.

Kerri stood on the other side. Audrey liked her well enough, though she seemed a little vapid and superficial at times. One of those women who were more than happy to lend support with words, but not so much with action. The superficiality paid off in some ways, though, as she made sure she was always pleasant to look at. She had cute, elfin features, with sharp blue eyes and rich auburn hair that was currently braided to fall in front of her shoulder and past her breast.

“What’s going on?” Cara asked.

Kerri looked to Audrey. “You’re a hair stylist, right?”

Audrey nodded. There was no way this was headed anywhere she wanted it to go on her day off.

Now Kerri was glancing back and forth from Audrey to Cara and back. “Cho had a job as a hair model today. She was just supposed to get some layers or something but… I think something went wrong. She’s locked herself in the bathroom and was crying for a long time.”

“It’s pretty bad,” another of Cara’s roommates shouted from a distance. Audrey wasn’t even certain how many roommates there were; there seemed to be different people around any time she came over and she never really bothered to get to know them.

Cho, however, was a standout among the nobodies; a gorgeous Korean girl with perfectly petite features and an awe-inspiring waterfall of thick, shiny black hair that swayed against the curve of her ass with every step she took.

Cara glanced toward Audrey, then back to Kerri. “It’s not cool to ask her for this on her day off.” From her body language, Audrey couldn’t tell whether Cara was being genuine or just trying to hide the fact that she wanted to get laid.

“Please?” Kerri asked, clutching her hands together. “If you don’t have your stuff with you, we have some pretty good kitchen scissors…”

“Oh god, no.” As much as trying to salve the battered ego of a college girl was the last thing Audrey wanted to do right now, she had to assume the damage done by an actual professional would be minimal at best. Most likely, the hysterics were pure drama, and a simple trim or shape-up would have Cho looking better than ever.

Since the alternative was most likely having an overconfident roommate butcher a beautiful head of hair even more, Audrey almost felt a professional  obligation – no, a moral obligation – to do something.

“Alright, fine. Let me get my stuff.”

“Thank you! I’ll go let her know!”

Cara was pouting in the doorway as Audrey passed. Audrey kissed the pout and tucked the girl’s blonde locks back behind her ear. “It won’t take long, I promise.”


Including Kerri and Cara, a total of four young women watched as she approached the bathroom door with her bag of equipment and a stool from the kitchen. It was a weird sensation, like she was a lone warrior approaching a dragon’s den, but she certainly wasn’t aware of any reason to think of Cho as a dragon.

Maybe it was more like a concerned family watching a surgeon approach the operating room where a loved one was. Yeah, that was probably more like it.

She knocked softly. “Cho? How are you doing?”

The door opened, revealing the young Cho looking sadder than just about anyone Audrey could imagine.  Her beautiful, dark eyes were red and puffy, and she continually dabbed at her cute button nose with a crumpled Kleenex. Her hair, from what Audrey could tell, was still awe-inspiring, with face-framing layers giving way to long, smooth blankets that looked to still reach her hips. Audrey couldn’t get over just how thick and shiny it looked, especially against the girl’s pale blue sundress.

The door opened wider, and Cho motioned her in, though plainly made an attempt to prevent anyone outside the bathroom from seeing behind her.

“I was told I was going to get layers, so I knew a lot would be cut, but… I didn’t realize it’d look so bad.”

“What do you mean? It looks—“

Cho turned around, and Audrey wondered whether she had any crime-scene tape in her equipment bag.

“Okay, it could be worse…”

Maybe it could have been. Cho was given layers, alright, but instead of acting with the goal of creating a beautiful everyday look – a target that should be almost impossible to miss given the quality of Cho’s tresses – whoever inflicted their work upon her head opted for a high-fashion, artsy type look. Stilted layers, starting at about chin-length and alternating all the way down her back, had been chiseled into Cho’s fairytale princess mane. None of them were deep; at a distance, it might look like nothing had been done at all.

But one attempt at creating a ponytail proved what kind of damage had been done, with wispy flyaways and hanks of shorter locks falling free from any makeshift updos Audrey attempted. She cursed whoever did this; not so much because they upset Cho, but because they wasted such magnificent virgin locks on… whatever this was. Audrey just couldn’t believe it. They probably could have done anything to the voluminous, silky locks, and… they chose this? A minimum of cutting for maximum damage?

“It’s bad, isn’t it?”

It really wasn’t. If layers were to be avoided, the girl could still have an amazing chin-length bob. With slightly more maintenance required, she’d look fantastic with shoulder-length layers. And if she was willing to be a little ‘80s rocker, she could easily escape with a funky style that left some of her locks tickling her bra-strap.

“Are you asking my opinion, or because you don’t know?”

Cho sniffled again. Her cheeks reddened before her reflection in the bathroom mirror looked away.  “I haven’t been able to get myself to look. I just heard all the clippering he did and felt where he was working and then saw all the hair left on the floor, and kind of lost it. I know he was cutting pretty high.”

“It’s salvageable, I think, but it’s going to be really short compared to what you had before.” She imagined Cho with the chin-length bob, and then with a thick blanket of bangs across her forehead. “Are you ready for that?” she asked, guiding the girl to sit on the stool without letting her see the backside of her reflection.

Cho nodded. Another sniffle. “I think so.”

Audrey nodded sympathetically, gathering her comb and scissors before running her fingers through the girl’s thick, soft hair. A chin-length bob would be easy to grow out, and would look absolutely amazing, that much was for certain.  But the girl’s features were just so beautiful, and her hair was clearly ingrained as part of her identity…it’d almost be a crime not to seize this chance to show her how good she could look with a gamine cut.

“Will it still be long enough to wear up?” Cho asked, her puppy dog eyes looming large in the mirror.

Audrey played with shortest layers of Cho’s shorn hair, careful to not lift them high enough to be seen in the mirror’s reflection. She almost felt bad for the girl; not just for having this current style inflicted upon her, but also because if Kerri had just waited twenty minutes – maybe even ten – then Audrey probably would have been sated enough after fucking Cara to not take advantage of this moment. Sated enough to let Cho escape the day with a beautiful, sleek bob.

But Kerri hadn’t, so Audrey wasn’t, and Cho wouldn’t.

Audrey pinched a thick hank of Cho’s chin-length locks between two fingers, her palm resting gently against the crown of the girl’s head.  “I’m afraid not,’” she said, shearing away the exposed length. Eight to ten inches of immaculate, shiny black hair tumbled to the floor, sentencing the rest of Cho’s magnificent mane to the same fate.

“I don’t know what whoever did this was thinking, but I’m afraid he really didn’t leave us many options.” Audrey gathered up another grouping of the long, silky tresses. This time, she angled her hand in a way that let Cho see just how much was being cut, just how much was being stolen away from her.  The girl’s beautiful eyes widened and her mouth fell open as Audrey’s blades set about their work, the loud crunching of the surrendered locks filling the silence.

“You… my… my hair?” Cho stammered.

Audrey paused to rest a calming hand on Cho’s shoulder, leaning down to gently touch her forehead to the top of Cho’s. “I know, I’m sorry. I promise I won’t cut off more than I have to. But trust me, you will look fantastic by the time we’re done. I promise that, too.”

Cho bit her bottom lip, and Audrey felt like there was no reason to dilly dally at this point. She worked quickly, savoring the feel of the cool, silky locks between her fingers before she sheared them away. With barely a whisper of resistance, more and more of Cho’s beautiful, treasured hair gathered around Audrey’s feet, and more and more of her pale, slender neck was left completely exposed.

Were she in the salon, and were Cho a paying customer, Audrey knew even now there were still at least a dozen styles she could try that would leave Cho with some silky length to play with and style. Not a whole lot of length, mind you, but some. But they weren’t in the salon and Cho wasn’t paying, so Audrey gave into her thirst for and love of dramatic changes, never hesitating to shear away the maximum amount of the glossy black tresses.

Audrey tried to make small talk to mask the pleasure she was taking in the unwanted shearing, and it worked for a little while. She learned Cho was single, and due to graduate at the end of December. She had a few tattoos but had never dyed her hair, and, up until this morning, had been growing out her short, blunt bangs for almost two years. Modeling work helped pay her tuition; she’d accepted the hair model job because she hoped a refined, layered style might help her get even more work.

The talking stopped, though, once Audrey gently tilted Cho’s head to her right and began the work of baring her left ear. Long, silky lengths piled up in Cho’s lap, and tears finally emerged again to caress her cheeks as Audrey worked. Some length could have been left, just enough for playful, flirty tucks, but instead Audrey zipped her blades over her comb, urging Cho’s remaining locks to stand tall before being shorn down, again and again. She didn’t want to risk creating a full-on panic attack by bringing out her clippers, but she was still managing to ensure there wouldn’t be any cute tucks behind Cho’s ears until mid-Summer at least.

Audrey tilted her head upright again, and took her time to walk behind the girl to her other side. The contrast between the long, flowing lengths that hid her right shoulder and breast, and the near bare left side that let hints of her naked scalp peek through was almost enough to send Audrey over the brink. She ran her hand over her own head, savoring the shivers it sent up and down her spine.

She hoped Cara was ready for her afterward, because sleep wouldn’t be in the cards tonight.

“It’s so short,” Cho murmured sadly.

Audrey nodded. “Brutally so,” she agreed. “But your features are so damn cute, it’s going to look amazing.”

The girl nodded as well, a stunned look giving an odd innocence to those beautiful features. There insistent crunching of Audrey’s shears paid the girl no mind, though. They quickly sheared away the remaining bulk of her long hair, letting it slither freely down into her lap and then, some of it, to the floor.  Once the last long lock was gone, Audrey stepped back, pretending to adjust something with her shears as she let Cho just soak in her visage;  no longer one of a beautiful, long-haired Asian Disney princess, but instead a roughly, rudely cropped peasant girl.

And it was a rude crop, no doubt, with long thatches of hair still atop her head and at her crown, remnants of flowing tresses that had their bulk removed but were yet to be refined. Their time would come, but first Audrey tilted Cho’s head to the side and continued laying waste to her dark hair, carefully reducing the right side of her head to an equal length – or lack thereof – as the left side. When done, she stepped behind her and admired the two cute, perfect ears that were so naked to world now. The adorable, flirty tucks might return in a few months, but those beautiful ears would remain the world’s to see for a good bit longer.

Setting her shears aside, Audrey picked up her trusty razor. With gentle tugs, pulls, and swift, rasping swipes, she freed Cho’s crown of four or five inches more, the haphazardly chopped locks being rapidly reduced to a more uniform length of two inches, give or take a little bit here and there.  Audrey allowed herself a slight smile as she harvested the glossy locks, thinking about how just that morning these very tresses, the same ones almost winning their new fight against gravity to remain standing and floofy, were grazing Cho’s tight little ass as she walked. Now, it’d be several months before they laid flat on their own. Instead of a regal, mature updo when she collected her diploma in December, she’d have, at best, an ear-length bob or fashion mullet. The sleek, chin-length bob Rebecca would have given her was probably now eighteen months away. The time until her next decent ponytail would be measured in years, not seconds, and even longer for her next braid.

Audrey loved every little detail of it. As her razorblade worked its way toward Cho’s brow, Audrey almost deviated from her plan. Cho’s bangs were still chin-length, framing her face perfectly despite the devastation that had surrounded them. Taking away a few inches would leave a nice, soft sweep of length to go with the brutal shortness of the rest of the style…

But no. Cho’s bangs were swept up and Audrey’s plan was finished out, her razor shearing the last of Cho’s locks just an inch from her hairline. The main event, or mane event, over, Audrey took a moment to appreciate the beautiful woman with the boyish style sitting in front of her.

And it was absolutely a boyish style, with a defined sidepart and carefully blended sides, worthy of any parochial schoolboy in the land, by design. Audrey thought about it as she sliced away tiny bits of hair here and there to perfect the new style. Friends and family would see it for the first time and gasp, “You cut it like a boy’s!” And they would be right.

Audrey tilted Cho’s chin up, looking at her in full and then meeting her eyes.

The boyish cut worked in perfect complementary contrast with her feminine, pixie-like features, and there would simply never be a better style for her. Sure, her hair might have looked better when it was long, but Cho didn’t. People who knew her would be shocked. People who were just meeting her would be enamored, and the trail of dropped jaws and broken hearts would leave Donna of Troy envious.

Sadly, Audrey was sure, Cho probably wouldn’t appreciate it. Within three years, the gorgeous locks would be bouncing around her shoulders again…

Audrey stepped aside.  “There you go. All done.”

It couldn’t have been a surprise, given she saw everything as it happened, but Cho still needed to take a steadying breath.

“Well, safe to say, I don’t think I’ll be anyone hair model ever again.”

Audrey smiled, resting her bottom against the sink countertop. “Never say never. I think you might wind up with more work than you realize. Once your agent recovers from her heart attack.”

Cho offered a forced, perfunctory smile. Rising from the stool, she brushed the pile of shorn locks from her lap and stared down at the beautiful, inky tresses forming a pool on her bathroom floor. “My god.”

“Why don’t you go show the others?” Audrey offered. “I’ll clean up here.”

Cho nodded numbly, offered a quiet thanks as she reached for the door. There was some murmuring when it opened, and then gasps and cries. At first cries of shock, they turned supportive very quickly. Ignoring the hair gathered on the floor, Audrey followed behind, drinking in the expressions of shock and disbelief. These were the moments Audrey rarely got to witness when her clients left the salon, so she wasn’t about to miss it this time.

“Oh my god, it’s so short!” Cara whispered as she came close, pressing a kiss to Audrey’s cheek. “That guy must have really butchered it!”

Audrey nodded. “He certainly did.”

“No, seriously, it’s so cute!” Kerri’s voice stood out among the crowd for some reason, maybe because of the small hint of insincerity it held. Audrey took note that her Auburn tresses had been released from their braid, and the young woman, sitting on the back of the group’s communal couch, had gathered the beautiful waves over her shoulder and repeatedly caressed it with her fingers as she spoke to her shorn friend.

Audrey gave Cara another kiss, and whispered a request for just one more minute. She moved toward the couch, leaning against the spot next to where Kerri sat. “I can cut yours, too, if you’d like? I still have my stuff out.”

Kerri paled. “Oh, no, I didn’t…”

Audrey straightened. “I just thought since you said her hair was cute…”

Cho and the two other girls quieted, making Kerri’s stammering seem louder than it was.

“It is; it’s really cute, I just…”

Audrey moved behind Kerri, gathering the plentiful auburn waves back.  She ran her fingers through their length, quickly separating them into three thick strands. “You just don’t think it’s cute enough to try yourself?”

“No! That’s not it at all…”

“Because you would look amazing with it short.”

“You really would,” one of the other girls agreed.

Kerri had turned a bright shade of red, and as clearly looking for an escape hatch from the situation. Audrey let her flounder and spent the moments reforming her gorgeous mane into a thick, tight braid. “I’ll tell you what? Cara’s going to be coming to where I work to see her own stylist, so how about she makes you an appointment on the same day?” She pulled a business card from her pocket and placed it in Kerri’s hand. “You can come in and we’ll make you just as cute as Cho?”

“I just don’t think I have the guts.”

Audrey smiled. “That’s okay. I’ll be the one holding the scissors, and I have enough guts for both of us.”


Thanks for reading, and I hope yo enjoyed it. I realize it might have more of an edge than my other stories, but… Audrey’s a bit more primal than the other stylists. Let me know what you think! Input always helps.

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  1. I am always so excited when I see you’ve got a story up. I love this little universe you’ve created. And given some of my more recent entries, I’m sure you can guess that I have no problem with the more, er, primal parts.

  2. Wonderful, few times in the past weeks I have been aroused by a story. Hopefully you’ll write the sequel, a bit more erotic might just be something… BUT you’re the author, make it like you like. I’ll write mine as I like (mostly primarily for myself).

    1. Thank you! Sometimes it’s hard to work in the erotic angle when the cuts happen in a salon, or from platonic friends, but I’m sure I can find a scenario or two where those things aren’t an issue. 🙂

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