Selena Gomez’s haircut part 3

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Premise: English is not my native language so I used Google translate, I hope the text is understandable, I hope you like it

A year went by since Selena’s drastic change to her short bob with undercut and her short bangs which brought her more popularity because no one expected that one day she would cut her beloved long wavy hair, so this change it was shocking to her fans and for the Media, in fact Selena’s short Bob become a famous feature of her, making her recognizable everywhere. In reality Selena hated her short bob so much, she missed her beloved long and wavy hair, her hair was now still straight due to the strong counter-permanent that I gave her every week in fact it was now impossible to create some curls on her hair . She wanted so much to make them grow back like she did before, even though she knew she could never have some curls again, in fact she bore a bit of a grudge against me for it. But every night I continued to play with her hair, running my hand through her gorgeous and bristly undercut and then into her beautiful silky-smooth hazelnut locks, then combing her hair and creating new hairstyles. Selena’s hair was in my possession in a way, she had not the control of her mane. In fact, from that fateful day every week I decided to fix her short bob with some cuts, sometimes even shorter, and Selena punctually tears when I cut her hair. But I decided to allow her to grow her hair, in fact months passed and Selena’s hair became long up to the collarbones with a long bangs all over her face. In those months, that hair that was difficult to grab and make a ponytail was now long enough to make a ponytail and long enough to put behind the ears without the use of clips to hold it in. Selena seemed very happy that I allowed her to grow her hair, but not for long …

It was evening, Selena was sitting on the bed and I was standing behind her stroking and smelling her fantastic hair. In touching her hair that was growing even beyond her shoulders, my desire to cut out her beloved hair was growing, I was annoyed to see her again with her long hair and with her face hidden behind her hair, so I came up with an idea. In those days Selena was supposed to make a video clip where she would play a military woman, so I thought that from this thing I could take advantage of her to cut her hair into a clean, practical and tidy cut. So I hugged Selena from behind and whispered in his ear:
“Baby I have a brilliant idea for your new video clip, dress up and follow me”
Selena shivered as she heard my words , but like a child she followed my orders. After a few minutes Selena was ready, she was wearing a sundress
“Honey, I’m ready, where should we go?”
“Baby follow me, you’ll see you’ll like it so much”
And with her head down, Selena started following me, we headed into my car and drove off.
In the car I saw how Selena couldn’t help but touch her hair, running her fingers through her hazelnut locks. We arrived and got out of the car, it was dark, we couldn’t see the city well, so I took Selena by the hand and took her with me into a building.
“Love where are we !?”
She said worried. I turned on the lights:
“Little strange that you don’t recognize it, until a few months ago you came every week!”
I said mockingly.
Selena immediately knew it was my salon and she began squirming and screaming desperately
“Baby your hair has grown enough now it’s time to fix it a little bit, it got a little messy look and then I want to give you a proper haircut for your new video clip. ”
Selena began to cry again and She tried to get out of my grip.
” Come on, don’t cry, I also have a surprise for you, in these months when you haven’t come to cut your hair, I had a room built just for you in my salon!”
Selena was disturbed by my words, so I took her to a blue door.
“Come on baby open the door!”

Selena fearfully opened the door and saw this large room, with a large black barber’s chair in the center in front of a large mirror.
Selena wanted to go back but I blocked her, and took her to the big barber chair, where I blocked her with laces.
“Baby it’s always the same old story every time you act like a little girl for a simple haircut, your hair will grow back!”
Selena continued to wriggle in the chair, in the meantime I took a large white cape and put it on her, squeezing it tightly on her neck. I started combing Selena’s hair:
“Baby then tonight as your next haircut we will go on something very new for you, but you will see that you will like it so much!”
“LOVE PLEASE STOP IT I DON’T WANT TO LOSE MY HAIR” she said while she cried.
I shut her up and started to wet her hair with a spray but with water and hair dye inside of a very dark brown.
“Baby calm down you will find out at the end …!”
After I had wet and combed Selena’s hair, I started to divide Selena’s hair again into multiple sections, but leaving her hair free at the back and to the side, leaving only her hair tied on top. Selena kept squirming and despairing, then I took a hair clipper with a large low guard from my briefcase.
“Baby lower your head for me!”
Then I took Selena’s head and pulled it down hard
“Be a good girl!” I said
And I turned on the clipper, in the room there was only the noise of the clipper, Zzzzz.
“Come on baby, you and the clipper are great friends!”
And I started to pass it all over the back of his neck, leaving a very short stubble. The 12 inch ( 30cm) long cut locks fell on the shiny checkerboard floor, Selena’s neck became more and more visible shaved after shaved. Many of the cut locks also fell on Selena’s lap, and at the sight of the cut locks she began to despair even more. Selena’s neck was starting to get warmer after each clipper pass and after a few minutes, that hair covering her neck was replaced by a very short stubble. I massaged that stubble
“Baby you should touch your back hair it’s so short now”
“NO BASTARD STOP IT” she said as she wept.
I went to her right and tilted his head neatly
“Come on baby don’t move, now I’ll give you some nice short sideburns!”
I took those strands that fell to the side and passed the clipper through them, cutting them and dropping them on Selena’s lap, where a large pile of cut hair was forming.
“Oh love look, now your face is clearly visible without this hair!”
Selena was silent and crying. I continued to shave the side hair to the right of her, running the clipper behind her ear as well, until her hair was the same length as the stubble in the back. I went to the left side and did the same thing, shaved everything making everything homogeneous.
“Baby how beautiful you are now with these short sideburns of yours! You look older!”
I told her in an amused way.
Then I freed the high-tied hair that reached Selena’s shoulders, which created a stark contrast to her shaved hair below. I turned off the clipper and took some big scissors, and I started cutting those strands that came down, making them very short to the point that they could no longer be grasped. All the cut locks fell on Selena, who at their sight, closed her eyes as it was too painful for them, holding a few cut locks in her hands. I also decided to give him a very short side fringe, which barely fell on her forehead, and then with a small clipper I also decided to give him a side parting at the top of her, and with the same clipper I defined her boycut, arranging the sideburns and the line on her neck.
“Baby, you are so beautiful, you look like a bad boy with this haircut! It’s perfect for your new video clip.”
Selena was silent crying with her eyes closed.
I took the hairdryer and started drying her hair, it took 1-2 minutes to dry it, because her hair was really short . Then I took some wax and put it on her hair making it more shiny and fragrant and finally I also put some hairspray to make it firm.
“Come on Babe, I have done”
With a brushes I cleaned her from cut hair, I took off the white cape on her and I freed her from the chair.

“Love, open your eyes and see your new appearance, look how sexy you are!”
Selena opened her eyes and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She continued to cry
“What have you done to me !? I look like a man, and why is my hair so dark now!” She said she incredulous and exhausted.
“Baby I applied a nice dark hair dye through the spray, to make your hair cut more assertive and stronger, and I wanted to give you the haircut that military women have, so you can get into the part better!”
Selena touched her very short hair, I saw how she could no longer stop touching it, then she got up from the chair and I saw how wet she was between her legs.
“Honey I hate this haircut but I don’t know but I found it so exciting. I feel so hot now.”
She said puzzled. I was surprised by these words from Selena, but she was so sexy in my eyes and I started kissing and undressing her, we were both very hot. We had sex on the floor, between her cut locks. A few days later everyone was amazed to see Selena with her boycut, in fact the press in the following days after the video clip that was a great success, only spoke of Selena’s new haircut.
Through it all every night Selena and I continued to have fun, discovering how much Selena loved BDSM and being submissive.

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