Self punishment

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Self punishment by Severe Barberette.

Not my own story but I wanted to translate it and archive it.


– Good afternoon.

Hello! have a seat.

While I did so, she tied a long white cape around my neck, completely covering me.

– What do you want me to do for you?

– Well, you see… this might seem strange, but I want you to give me the shortest haircut you can. I felt like bursting into tears. My God! my beautiful long hair. The woman smiled maliciously and said:

– Are you sure? You want the shortest?

– Yes… yes… The shortest.

– Very well, but I want to know why you’re doing this.

I decided to tell her.

– I deserve a harsh punishment.

– Did you impose it on yourself?

– Yes, and believe me, I deserve it.

– Alright, if you deserve it, I’ll give you a cut you’ll never forget in your life.

YeahI want that, yes… very short…

I started fidgeting in the seat, beginning to regret the sacrifice I was about to make, and to top it off, the woman seemed quite perverse.

– Lower your head.

I did, and with large scissors, she began cutting big chunks without a second thought.

– I’ll leave the cut hair on your shoulders so you can say goodbye to it.

It was so humiliating, but the worst part began when the woman, clearly enjoying it all, took out a huge Oster clipper, that didn’t surprise me; I knew it wasn’t a coincidence that fate had brought me to the most sadistic hairdresser in the city, she was part of my punishment.

– Don’t move. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was pale. But I didn’t stop her.

She started shaving me right from the middle forehead. Seeing the long white stripe, I finally rebelled. I didn’t think she was going to shave me completely bald!

– Hey… maybe you are taking it too far? Maybe a boy’s cut would have been enough.

Not a word! She said, continuing to run the clippers all over my forehead. – As you yourself said, you deserve this, and besides, you came to me, I love to teach rebellious girls like you a lesson. You are the one who asked for this punishment, that means you deserve it, and much more, so resign yourself and hold on, I need to make a call.

The woman deliberately took her time, so I could stare at myself in the mirror for longer. The top of my head was completely bald, with a few loose short and long strands still on the sides and back of my head, there were bald patches all over my head, I looked ridiculous, but I couldn’t stop looking, I couldn’t believe it, so I called her:

– Please, finish it already!

– Girl, we’ve only just started! – And she started laughing. I didn’t know what she was talking about, so I decided to keep quiet and not ask. Big mistake.

She ran the clippers all over my head, barely leaving a 1 mm strip of my beautiful hair. When I started to get up and tried to take the cape off, she stopped me.

– Where do you think you’re going, we’re not done yet? She gently pushed me back into the seat. I submitted.

– Oh, no? I thought that…

– You thought too quickly, didn’t you?… You’re better off here with me.She said, tying the cape around my neck again but this time a lot tighter. We can still make it a little shorter, don’t you think?

More?!! But you can barely see a shadow!

– Precisely. That shadow of hair looks horrible on you. We better remove it all, right? I’m going to shave you smooth so DON’T MOVE.

She took a smaller clipper, which left my head even whiter. The hairdresser seemed so determined that I couldn’t dare to open my mouth, I never expect to end up so bald. I wanted to leave, but the guilt kept me glued to the seat. I saw the back of my head in the mirror and couldn’t believe that huge bald spot was mine. My head and ears looked huge, and this woman kept shaving me over and over, even though there was nothing left to shave. When I was sure it was the end, the woman forced me to tilt my head back, I was horrified as she spread shaving cream on nape with a big barber brush.

– Shaving? With soap and a razor blade? Please no, this is even more humiliating.

Without stopping lathering me, she said,

– Just to be clear: You asked for the shortest cut I could give you, and that, in my profession, is a smooth head shave. Deep down, you want to look like a cue ball, don’t try to deny it. You came here for that. I’ve being doing this for a long time, dear and using a razor gets is the closest shave, the clippers leave some stubble and cue balls don’t have stubble, right?

– No... no.but…  Going through this was horrible.

– No buts, that’s what you asked for and that’s what you’ll get.

I said nothing and just stayed very still, letting her spread the cool foam on my head. I forced myself to look in the mirror, deep down, I knew want it. When my head was completely covered with a thick layer, she took out a blade and began shaving me right from the top of my head, I sat there watching how she meticulously shaved me. She insisted on the crown and behind the ears, though she shaved my nape countless times. She lathered me as many times as needed to ensure it was the closest shave.

When she finished shaving me, she prepared more foam and lathered me again, this time very slowly. I couldn’t believe it, that was enough, so I protest.

– Again?! Don’t you think I’m already bald enough?

– No, you could be smoother, you’ll see.

This time she insisted on the sides of my head and for a moment, I feared she would lather my eyebrows. I sighed with relief when she started to dry me, but I was terrified again when, after setting the towel down, she picked up the brush and foam again.

– This third time is a bonus, because you protested too much and to make sure there’s nothing left. I resigned myself. It didn’t matter anymore.

While she lathered me again, the other clients in the salon couldn’t stop staring at me. I couldn’t be smoother than I was. Right next to me, a hairdresser was curling a girl’s dreamy blonde mane. The girl looked at me horrified, her beautiful long hair contrasted with my increasingly smooth and sore head.

Meanwhile my hairdresser went over and over with the razor. It was terribly humiliating. The worse part, she seemed to be enjoying it all, taking slow strokes, changing the blade whenever she felt it wasn’t sharp enough. I’d been sitting there for almost two hours!

– Let’s shave the hairline again, I felt some stubble hereYou know? Cue balls don’t have eyebrows. – She lowered the brush and lather them; I opened my eyes wide. – That would really complement your punishment, don’t you think? She tilted my head forward to lather my nape again while letting me decide. – I could shave them in a second, it’s no trouble at all and after this shave, what difference does it make, don’t you think?

And before I realized it, I was almost hypnotically saying:

I want a full shave, eyebrows included, if you’d be so kind and while you’re at it, make my eyelashes disappear too. She smiled maliciously and as she lowered the razor to shave them, she said:

– That’s the spirit, you’re a brave girl, not a single hair on your head. Without those bushy eyebrows, you’ll really look like a cue ball,you’ll be so fresh for the summer. A bald girl without eyebrows, such a flattering look.She said ironically.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t recognize myself. Nothing, there was nothing left, the look was considerably worsened by my lack of eyebrows and lashes, that made it so much worse.

– And now to finish it all, a bit of wax. Your skin has gotten very dry from all those shaves and all that work can’t go unnoticed.

She took a piece cloth from a drawer and dip it on a creamy paste, then called her colleague and asked her to help her to polish my head. Each on one side, rubbed and rubbed with the cloth for several minutes, both in silence, focused on the task, until my head was shiny. I looked at myself, astonished.

– I didn’t want to end up so bald! Look at me, I look crazy.

There’s nothing left, I made sure of that, I’m a professional.

– I’m really look like a cue ball! My head even reflects the light. – I said in sadness and disbelieve.

The wax works miracles; my work won’t go unnoticed.

And how long will it take for it to grow back, even a little stubble?

– I’m so glad you asked cause you’re in luck! They’ve just created a product that prolongs the head shave result, there will be no stubble in a week. If you apply it daily, it will keep your head shiny and smooth day after day, it will maintain this perfect shave! and the best part is, if you use it regularly, it completely inhibits hair growth in 6 months. It gives you the possibility to stay this bald forever. It’s wonderful!

I really didn’t know where I found the strength to ask timidly:

– …And… do you happen to have that product here in this salon… by any chance…?

The woman smiled maliciously again and said, pulling a large circular jar from a drawer:

– Of course. Do you want me to apply it? It’ll take just a couple of minutes.

My God! Never in my I considered the possibility of being bald, this was already terrible and the idea of being permanently bald and shiny was even worse but at the same time, I was excited.

I was going to faint, but my guilt and arousal took control and that bitch knew it. I nodded submissively:

– Go ahead… Please apply it.

She smiled maliciously and got to work spreading that white paste everywhere, including my absent eyebrows, without even asking! She took a cloth and started rubbing it everywhere, even pausing for a second to grab the razor again because she noticed a tiny forgotten hair behind my ear. It felt like an eternity. She rubbed and rubbed all over, noticing my impatience.

– We’re almost done. Thanks this little extra help, you’ll have a whole week of a shiny and smooth bald head. It’s done! now we’re finished, take a good look at yourself.

It was impossible to be balder than I was. My head and forehead reflected the light from the whole salon. I was so shiny, it was hard to believe I used to have hair there and I couldn’t stop looking at myself, I was petrified.

– Have you thought about how long your punishment will last?

This bitch! She thought of everything!

– How often do you recommend I should come to stay like this?

– It depends on if you use the cream daily, but I firmly believe that your visit to this chair is mandatory…. let’s say… once a week, so you’re shaved just as your hair starts to show.

I looked at myself in the mirror again.

– I’ll come every Saturday at 10 am for the next 6 months… and every Saturday I want to leave this salon exactly like today, no eyebrows and completely smooth and polished.

– Then I’ll give you the complete treatment, no doubt. Have you thought about the consequences of coming every week for the next months and using the cream?

– Yes. That’s exactly what I want.

– I’ll give you the cream for free but apply it daily or I’ll know, understood?

– Yes, ma’am. Every morning, without fail.

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