Senior crush

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She is senior in my college, we used to go for road trips and night outs. On a night out we couldn’t able to find separate room for both of us, we got a single room with single bed as we have no other option, we planned to stay together that night.

She refreshed herself and come out from the washroom wearing a tight nighty which exposed her big boobs and her fucking damn hot ass and I haven’t told you about her hair she has a layered waist length hair which now she put on a bun. All over now she is looking like a hot slut.

On that nighty her boobs seem like a big papaya hanging there, on seeing her damn ass and boobs my dick started getting hard then she rested on the bed and I went to the washroom, I didn’t lock up the door and started to do handjob moaning her name on hearing that she came into the washroom and found me masturbating telling her name.

Suddenly I recognised that someone is watching me and its was her, she didn’t tell anything seeing me masturbating saying her name. I just stopped and we both went to the bed, on the bed I was looking at her boobs she also saw me looking at her boobs and didn’t say a word. My dick started getting hard on seeing that she took her boobs out from the nighty and started pressing it.

Then she asked me why is my pant bulged and I told her that by seeing you only my dick got hard and I asked her why are you pressing your boobs she said that on seeing me masturbating in the washroom by saying her name. then she came near me and took my dick out of my pant and started giving me blowjob.

Me while getting blowjob from her, I was holding her hair bun and helping her with the blowjob but all I want is her hair on my hand so I stopped her and went to the washroom to take the scissor kept there. After returning from the washroom with the scissor again I asked her to suck my cock and she started it again but this time she has no idea that her hair bun Is going to be chopped by me.

While she was sucking my dick, I ran the scissor at the root of her hair bun and took that large hair bun on my hand she just stopped with shock but I don’t want her to stop so I forced her to continue sucking my dick and from that moment I started forcing her.

I made her lie down on the bed and started fucking her on her ass while fucking her in her ass I started chopping her back hair she has nothing to do so she almost became a slave for me. Then I turned her and inserted my dick on her pussy, she jerked me and made me cum on her pussy itself I found her happy on getting cum on her.

While fucking her pussy I chopped her front hair. All she has now is few hairs on her both sides and her top and back head chopped unevenly. I took a look at her pussy and she kept it shaved but it seems like it has been shaved weeks before so I took a razor from the washroom and shaved her pussy smooth.

She never asked me anything, then I gave her a razor shave on her head while she is making my dick hard again. Now she has smooth shaved pussy and head. After few blowjobs, hairjob with that chopped hair bun I cummed on her head and face and rubbed it all over with my cock itself. We both slept together nude above and with the hair on us. Next morning, I found her crying for what she did with me last night, I just turned her towards me and fucked her again and consoled her.

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