Seniors and a virgin scalp

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Quenn felt embarrassed as she opened the salon door but she needed a trim. The old eyes peered right into her soul. For five minutes, no one said anything.

Then, business went on as usual. A stylist came over to girl and walked over to the chairs. Quenn was seated next to an older lady with a towel wrapped around her head. She seemed to have sensed the girl’s disposition to the scene and decided to strike up a conversation.

“New here?” the woman smiled as the girl nodded. As the stylist caped her, Quenn told the lady she had recently moved there from down south which the grandmother found amusing. All was well, the stylist interrupted the conversation to ask the girl what haircut she wanted. The girl drew a blank so her newly found friend answered,”She’ll have what I’m getting”

Agreeing with the elder, the girl relaxed in the chair. The stylist was called away for a moment so Quenn had to wait. As she was doing so, the old woman’s stylist came behind her client and started removing the towel. To the girl’s shock, the old woman’s head was shaved smooth.

Realizing what she had gotten herself into, the dread in the girl began to rise. She hoped her stylist had forgotten about her but in a few minutes, she apparently had not. Quenn’s pulse tightened as the stylist opened a drawer ahead of her. She took from it the device that lay there.

Revving up the vibrating blades, Quenn shut her eyes as they descended into her scalp. She felt them go straight down her blonde scalp, exiting out her nape. Again and again, from right to left and up and down, the girl felt her head become lighter and lighter.

Finally opening her eyes, she couldn’t recognize herself. The other old ladies started clapping and praising her for taking the plunge. But Quenn didn’t want to be praised, she wanted her hair back. But even more of her hair was supposed to come off.

The girl’s stylist started mixing up a bowl of shaving cream. She spread it on Quenn’s scalp and covered the entirety of her head. With a razor, the girl was shaved smooth like the other ladies in the salon.

When her head was smooth, all the girl thought of to do was look to the old woman next to her. She only smiled and complimented the young lady on her bald head.

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