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This is a true story!

I have only known Serena for a few weeks now & haven’t met up yet but plan to in early January 2022. We got chatting on an online dating site & I liked the look of her as she has oriental/Chinese heritage, is rather attractive, a wee bit older than me, lives 90 minutes away by car, has incredibly thick dense hair, wears a pixie crop & has confessed to me that she loves having her hair cut‼

She currently frequents a gentlemen’s barbers in her local town & the barbershop in question is owned by a family relative & she has been having her hair cut hair for a few years now by one of their younger male stylists, Ollie….or Ollipops as she calls him! He seems a very competent barber but is a tad reluctanct to give Serena a pixie fade crop that she yearns for albeit she is a tad hesitant that it may be too short & severe & leaves her looking a tad masculine so as soon as she told me this I made myself a cuppa & began to research a few very elegant & soft pixie fade crops for Serena that I said I would crop on her if she was my lady & she could take inspiration from them & possibly show them to her Ollipops so that he may take the initiative & shear her as she desires!

I sadly have been very busy of late & cannot spare anytime until the 2nd week of January to visit Serena as we planned on going for a light luncheon to see how we got on & whilst she loved the idea of me cropping her, she said it wasn’t really worth it as she had booked in a cut on the 23rd December & whilst she stated that her hair grows very quick, she didn’t think there would be too much for me to cut off as she had planned to opt for the pixie fade at the lower nape & sides crop on the 23rd‼

To say I was a tad gutted is obvious as I wanted to be the chap to pixie fade her but we continued to message & speak on the phone & have built up a rapport & a friendship & she too seemed upset that it wasn’t me shearing her as she liked the idea of giving a male stylist Carte Blanche to cut whatever he desired on her just so long as she liked the cut & Serena began liking the sound of me explaining that I like to be playfully dominant with a female client in the chair.

Now her last haircut was in early November & she likes her hair being cut every 4 weeks as having thick locks it begins to get rather bushy round the ears & as she wears reading glasses at work she doesn’t like the pixie sideburns to tuft out when she is wearing her glasses but because of Christmas fast approaching she could only get an appointment on the 23rd December rather than the first week of December & this irritated me even more as I knew that those extra weeks would have resulted in more hair for me to shear & Serena knew this & playfully teased me by mentioning it so‼

We have a saying in the UK that those that play with matches often get their fingers burnt & that is poetic justice for you as Serena was originally due to cease working on the 23rd December but because of the lockdown fears here, she now has to work on that day & break up for the two week festive period on Christmas Eve‼…& her Ollipops nor any of his colleagues can cut her hair‼

That means that now when I see her in early January, the poor girl has been without a cut for nigh on 9 weeks & she has asked me if I would be so kind enough to pixie fade her‼ Now I am not one to gloat but I did say a wee prayer to myself & I plan to give her a few styles before I dominantly pixe fade her & I shall start off with a light trim with my trusty Matakki 8” Barber shears before shearing her freehand style with my Texturisng shears taking out a bit of bulk & whilst we are enjoying a light luncheon that she has prepared, I shall hand her the Babyliss Volaire clippers I use so that she can enjoy the tension of the break before she asks me to pixie fade shear her‼ I have also told Serena of my intentions of cutting a few styles on her before pixie fading her & she responded by saying that would be interesting & that her locks were all mine in January‼

I am also going to treat her to a new crisp white cutting cape so that she can see her hair quite clearly fall into her lap as I shear her & I am currently debating how short I am going to pixie fade her lower nape & sides‼….I am not a fan of the bald fades as I just find them too harsh on a lady!….so I will probably clipper her down to a number two at the nape & sides & scissor over comb blend her in as I prefer this method than relying on the clippers as I find that ladies really get the feel of being shorn in the old school style of using shears & besides I am often commented at how relaxing the hypnotic sound of my gorgeous Japanese steel shears sound!

Part two coming soon as soon as Serena has been dominantly shorn by me in my usual playfull manner!

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