Serena’s unexpected summer buzzcut

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Hey, this is my first story, might have ended up a bit long and detailed. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks

The Beginning

Serena sight and pulled her hair, almost damp with sweat, into a ponytail. It was an excruciatingly hot and humid summer day, considering it was only mid-June. If the weather would continue like this for the next months, Serena was unsure of how she would be able to make it through all her summer classes at college. Having moved to the southwestern college town for her postgrad program only a few weeks ago, she was utterly inexperienced with the continues heat. Even just leisurely walking around for a few minutes made her want to rip her dress of and jump in a cold shower.

Her long black hair certainly did not help alleviate the situation. At her previous college in the northwest, she had always been thankful that her lush locks had provided her with some extra warmth. But now, even though she deeply loved the way her hair accentuated her perfect figure and light skin, she was more than ready for a trim, as the last one was quite far in the past. To her dismay however, the move had pretty much completely emptied her pockets, and so a potential trip to a proper salon was still quite a way off.

Resigning herself to her situation, Serena slowly started walking to her bus stop again. But just as she turned to last corner, she saw her bus already standing at the stop. Desperately, she started running the last meters to the bus. However, just as she reached it, the doors had closed. Almost banging on the door next to the driver, she tried to signal to the bus driver to open the doors again. But the driver just grinned patronizingly, sped up and drove away.

Serena was pissed. Sure, she could have been faster to the stop, if she had gone instantly after class ended, instead of going to the bathroom to fix and reapply her makeup, but the driver hadn’t had to be such a jerk. Even though, this was not the first time something like this had happened since she moved here. While at her old college, people had gone out of their way to help her and admired her, even going so far as to half-jokingly call her “Snow-White”, people here did not appear to accept her.

The Barbershop

Resisting simply wanting lie down in face of all the adversities of the world, she readied herself for walking home on foot, as the next bus wouldn’t arrive for quite a while. Serena made her way through the city in the evening heat, fighting the urge to stop somewhere for an iced coffee, knowing her wallet would not be able to take it. After what seemed to be an eternity, she started to reach the end of the city center. She knew, that in the next street she would come across a barbershop. The reason Serena remembered this, is that oftentimes, there was a female hairdresser smoking out front, who always greeted her. The way she greeted her, reminded Serena of the way people used to treat her back in the northwest. Serena also found the hairdressers little compliments toward her very charming and had, surprising herself, developed a crush.

Because of that, when Serena turned the corner into the street, she was not overly surprised to see her smoking in front of the shop. She was surprised to see however, that the hairdresser was sporting a drastic new hairstyle. While the tall and rather well-endowed young woman still wearing similar cloths to what she had been the last few times, tight leather pants and a crop top, her red hair, which had previously been long with a visible undercut, was now completely buzzed short. Casually standing there, smoking, and playfully smiling at her, Serena began feeling butterflies in her stomach.

“Hey girl! Looking hot!” greeted the now almost bald woman her. “Both literally and figuratively,” she added jokingly.

“Haha, yeah. I think I’m about to die of heat exhaustion,” Serena answered shily. “New hairstyle?”

“Yes, you like it? Got it done this morning, courtesy of the weather and the shop,” the woman stated, holding intense eye contract.

“It really suits you,” Serena managed to get out. Had the heat not gotten to her previously, it would be obvious that she was blushing.

“Thanks! Do you want to come on in? I can get you a glass of cold water and a haircut to cool down, “The hairdresser offered, pointing to the barbershop. “I was actually about to leave for today, but for you I can make an exception,” she said, winking at her.

“Oh, thanks a lot, I’d love to, but I can’t right now. I’m kind of broke at the moment,” Serena replied nervously.

“Well girl, you’re in luck! We’re running a promotion today, free buzzcuts against the summer heat. So, what do you say?” she asked. Taking Serenas hand and softly shaking it she added “I’m Alex by the way. Short for Alexandra. Really happy that we’re finally getting to know each other!”

“I’m Serena”, she introduced herself. The fact that Alex did not stop holding her hand, even after she introduced herself, made her quite flustered. She tried thinking about Alex proposition but was too nervous to form any real thoughts. “S-Sure, why not?” she blurted out eventually, without much thought to what her answer entailed.

“Perfect!” Alex beamed and gently but determinedly pulled Serena into the shop by her hand.

Seeing the barbershop for the first time on the inside, as it was not visible from the outside, Serena noticed that it was different from all the salons she had been to before. The floor was made of checkered black and white tiles, and the chairs and waiting benches were made with well worn red leather. On the walls hung all pictures of all sorts of short hairstyles and their respective names. The shop had two barber chairs, both were facing mirrors, next to which an assortment of clippers in various sizes were hung. The air in the shop smelled of unscented shampoo and lubricating oil. Altogether, it had the flair of something out of an old photo or old film. Only adding to that atmosphere was an older gentleman with white, slicked back hair and a moustache finishing cleaning up the buzzcut of a middle-aged man.

“Hey Frank,” Alex addressed the older man. “I’ve got one more client, you can just finish up yours and then leave. I’ll close the shop when I’m done here.”

“Sure,” Frank simply stated. “Works for me.”

“Wonderful” she responded back. Gesturing to the waiting benches and to Serena, she instructed, “You can take a seat over there, I’ll just get my stuff and you your water. I’ll be right with you in a few minutes,” giving her a light slab on the butt, as Serena hesitated for a moment, before vanishing somewhere in the back of the shop.

Serena simply nodded and with slow steps made her way toward the bench. On the bench, waiting for her turn, sat a girl with a short mullet and a nose piercing, playing on her phone. When Serena took a seat next to her, she casually nodded in her direction. Only a few moments after she had sat down, Frank uncapped the man in the chair, who then left without much ceremony after saying his thanks and goodbyes but looking content.

“Alright then Cheryl, you’re up,” Frank announced to the girl on the bench.

“Sure,” she said, making her way over to Franks chair, where she said down and was caped up.

Rummaging through his tools, Frank asked Cheryl, “You want the summer special, or something more extravagant?”

“Just the summer special is fine today,” she answered with a slight chuckle.

Frank only made an approving sound before grabbing a pair of clippers, turning them on and starting to make quick work of Cheryl’s hairline. As the humming of the clippers filled the room, Serena felt her head become lighter. She watched fascinated and with increasing excitement as Cheryl’s hair was reduced to a few millimeters of length. Mesmerized by the way the clippers made their way through the hair, she began imagining herself sitting in the big leather chair, with the cape around her, getting her long and precious raven locks shaved off by the flaming hot Alex. Chasing these thoughts, she felt a warm and tingly feeling rising between her legs. But just as she was beginning to lose herself in these thoughts, the humming stopped, as all of Cheryl’s hair was now the same uniform length.

Frank pulled the cape from Cheryl, who looked happy with her new haircut.

“Thanks Frank, see you in a few weeks,” she told him as she stood up. As she was exiting the shop, she winked to Serena and said, “Enjoy your shearing, you’ll always remember your first time!”

Still not fully mentally present after her unexpected high, she just lightly smiled back. Due to Franks machine-like efficiency, the whole process had not taken more than a few minutes. With the same trained movements, with which he had liberated Cheryl’s head of hair, Frank quickly swept up the remaining hairs and tidied up his workstation.

Hanging his apron over his chair, he addressed Serena. “I’m going to head out, no point in me lingering here. Alexandra is surely going to be with you in a few moments. She’s certainly going to take good care of you, considering you’re exactly her type. Have fun, I hope I will be seeing you around.”

Serenas face took a shade of red, and her heart began pounding and she just about managed to squeeze out an embarrassed goodbye. Frank left and Serena was left sitting in the now empty and quiet room.

Calming down, she thought about what was about to happen. She was going to be shaved be Alex. Her crush. The idea exited something in her, a part of her she didn’t realize was even there. Calling it an idea was an understatement, Serena realized. It was a raging desire, which would only be brought to climax by seeing it through. Even though there were lingering doubts in her mind. Anxiously, she started playing with her hair. She loved her hair. She had gotten the attention of all the boys and the jealousy of all the girls for it. She had spent so much time and effort on keeping it healthy and looking good. Her boyfriends had adored it. And she liked boys, right? Sure, she had had crushes on girls before, but she always had thought, that these were more like feelings of admiration. But seeing Alex standing in front of the barbershop with her buzzed hair just started something in her.

The Shearing Begins

Deeply lost in her inner dilemma, Serena didn’t notice that her time for consideration was over. Alex, wearing her apron, stood next to the barber chair.

“Come on now, don’t be shy!” Alex teased Serena, who started to walk over, almost fearing, that her legs might give out due to the anxiety. Almost tripping before being able to sit down, Alex supported her by placing one hand on her hip. This gesture not doing much to improve her ability to walk in a strait line, Serena was happy to be able to sit down in the big red leather chair, her legs not being able to reach the floor, and only stopped from bumbling by the big metal footrest.

Looking into the mirror, she saw Alex putting the big white cape around her. Feeling the weight of the cape and Alex tighten the collar around her neck, she knew that this was happening. Opening her thick ponytail, Alex let Serenas hair down in all its glory, the jet-black locks being a drastic contrast to the white cape. Alex started combing out and fixing the black cascades and send shudders down Serenas spine with each willful teasing touch of her neck.

“So, are you ready for the summer special?” she finally asked in a sensual voice, leaning in close to Serenas ear, holding a mighty pair of clippers in her hand.

“Yes,” Serena simply said, not knowing what to say, or if any more words would even come out.

“Perfect, let’s get started!” the hairdresser exclaimed. In a professional and commanding voice, she now ordered, “Stay still now and slightly lean your head to the left.”

Serena did as asked, however jumping a bit when the clippers jumped to life, emitting the same loud hum, that had mesmerized her so much before. Fixating her head with one hand, Alex, without much hesitation, plunged the clippers into her sideburn, driving it up to the crown and leaving nothing but stubble behind. With a flick of the wrist, she discarded the locks, that had taken year to grow, and moved on, continuing to reduce more of Serenas pride to stubble and letting the severed locks slide down the cape to the floor, where they remained.

When the clippers had first plunged into her hairline, Serena had let out a clearly discernable moan, which had resulted in a knowing, suggestive look from Alex through the mirror. As Alex continued to relentlessly reduce her dark hair to nothing, Serena hand, against all social norms, began wandering under her dress into her now soaking wet panties. While trying to suppress her now erotic moans, she tried to satisfy the desire between her legs.

Alex, visibly enjoying the whole situation, briefly stopped the brutal shearing and softly nibbled the now hair free and clearly accessible ear of Serena, causing her to startle.

“Baby, I don’t mind you doing that under the cape,” Alex whispered, “but I much rather you do it so I can see it, okay?”

Serena, breathing heavily, simply nodded, and pulled down her almost dripping wet panties, letting them fall to the floor, in between her severed and now lifeless long locks. She pulled up both her dress and the cape, giving Alex full view of everything. Alex purred happily and continued buzzing.

With each pass of the clippers, Serena felt closer to her climax. She saw herself in the mirror, pleasuring herself between her strands of hair and getting shorn even more by the attractive and basically equally bald Alex, and it turned her on more than any situation she’d ever been in. She no longer suppressed her moans, just letting them out.

Soon, however Alex finished reducing the rest of her hair to stubble. Finally finished with her work, she leaned down, and started to intensively kiss Serenas neck and offered a helping hand in getting her to finish.

Unable to withstand the stimulus of both her and Alex hand anymore, Serena finished with an intense squeal. Panting and exhausted, but deeply satisfied, she looked at herself. No longer obstructed by her hair, she could see every single feature of herself. Pleased, she could say, that the buzzcut perfectly accentuated her features, instead of hiding them. She could, without a doubt say, that she was beautiful like this. She saw the remains of her hair all over the floor, covering the checkered tiles and felt truly liberated.

Serena turned around to Alex and asked, still panting, “How about a second round?”

Not even answering, but eager to get them both out of their cloths, Alex sprung immediately into action.

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  1. Great first story! I think you’ve got the perfect length and amount of detail here for the story you wrote. The mini skirt rule has been followed, long enough to cover everything, short enough to keep it interesting.

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