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Ever since Sam’s his father left his mom, her life became a mess. A big mess. But today, she had finally woken up in a good mood. She finally got ready to go back to work. As he stared at what she was doing, Sam was in utter amazement. She opened her bun and combed her hair. Long hair. Black hair. Straight and silky. It was the first time he really took notice of her hair. He immediately caught himself having an erection. That was because of his fetish for long, black, straight and silky hair that fell till her ankles. Yes, hair like his mom’s. She washed her hair and laid it out to dry. Sam tried his hardest to conceal his sexual feelings for his mom’s hair, or rather, his mom. Then she called him.

“Sam, could you help me braid my hair? It’s too long for me to braid it myself.”

He agreed readily and took the mane in his hands. It was lush. He started combing it gently, but slowly gained confidence and started pulling it hard. Quite hard. So hard his mom screamed.

“Sam! What are you doing? Please don’t pull my hair hard! You know what happened to Lily when her hair got pulled by the man, don’t you?”

Indeed he did. Lily was his mom’s sister. A year before, she was travelling in a bus, standing on the footboard, ready to get off the bus. Suddenly, an attacker, the only other person in the bus, pulled her thick knee length braid from behind, so hard it ripped out of her scalp. And because of the sudden push, she fell off the bus and right under its wheels. When the bus stopped 10 metres away, her head was crushed, and she lay dead on the road, blood spurting from her ruptured skull, a horrible sight. Of course Sam knew that.

But his sexual pleasure was too much for him to remember any of that. He was masturbating so much that his pants were wet.

Then, his mom asked him to braid her hair. When he’d finished, he looked at the braid. It was probably the thickest and heaviest braid he had ever seen. He took it in his hands, with only one thing in mind. Scissors. Scissors that could slice and crunch through that braid. That was his dream. He would make his mom bald one day. Surprisingly, his mom asked him to braid her hair every day.

When she returned home from work, Sam tried to strike up a conversation about her hair.

“Um… Hey mom, I think your hair is beautiful! So lovely. You should donat- “

“You like it? Aww… Thanks so much honey. You know, I neglected it for a few months. Now I’m again growing it long. And I will never ever cut it again in my life. If anyone ever asks me to donate it, I’ll slap them hard! Ha Ha!”

He smiled, but inside, the desire to chop his mom’s hair grew stronger.

She took off her coat and went in. Sam wished to see the huge boobs that lay in the bra and that nice vagina in her underpants. Yes, he was sexually attracted to not only her hair, but also to her body. Then he saw her combing her hair. He yearned to cut it.

A few months passed, with him braiding his mother’s hair every day, she combing it and the desire inside growing extraordinarily strong.

Then one day, he got an idea. When his mother wasn’t looking, he dropped a couple of sleeping pills into her juice. Then as usual, she asked him to braid her hair, and then, by the time he just started, she was in deep slumber. He rejoiced. Then her crept beside her and opened her shirt. He was stripping his mom!! But then there was a problem. Her bra was caught behind her back. He cursed. Now he couldn’t see her big breasts. However, that gave him another idea. He ran to the kitchen and grabbed a pair of scissors. He went back to her partially braided hair and chopped a couple of inches from it. He had done it! He cut his mother’s hair! But he could not enjoy for long since his mom stirred and woke up from her sleep. He was happy, but not content. He still wanted to cut more hair. He still wanted to make his mom bald.

A few years went by.

He turned 18, his sexual desires with his mom growing each day. It was so strong inside him. He tried to strike up a conversation about cutting her hair, but the usual conversation took place.

And then, one day, he could no longer take it. Today, Sam would make his mom bald. He would achieve his dream. He went up to his mom, who, at that time was happily combing her hair.

“Oh, hey Sam! Isn’t it a beautiful day?”

Sam thought, ‘Beautiful day, b*tch? We’ll see who says that when you’re bald! Ha Ha!’

He smiled. She stared at him, surprised at why he wasn’t replying. He kept smiling. The tension grew.

Then, aggression took over. He grabbed his mom’s hair, threw her out of the chair and dragged her along to the garage just outside his house. It was so sudden for his mom and she was absolutely terrified at what was going on.

“Aaaahhhh!!! Sam, wh-wh-what’s wrong? What ha-ha-happened?”

Sam pulled her hair hard and her scalp ached. The thorns on the way to the garage poked at her soft body. She banged her head on the doors. It was all horrible.

Sam threw her into the garage by her hair and tied her to two poles. She shouted in agony.

“Sam, please explain what’s going on! I’m really scared!”

But all Sam did was smile.

Then he grabbed her clothes, tore them up and stripped her naked. Finally! He could take a good look at those huge boobs, that tight vagina, and that big butt. He could finally do some experiments. Sam was so turned on, and with no control, he began to have a deeply passionate intercourse with his mother. Ah! Finally having sex with his mother. And after some time, he passed on to sexually torture his mom. He whipped his mom’s ripe bums so hard they went red. He began pulling her hair extremely hard. He pierced her vagina with many pins. It was all so painful, she started screaming and crying in pain.

Then he proceeded to her boobs. He sucked on them extremely hard. So hard, she felt like her breasts had nothing left in them. He bit her tender nipples with his sharp teeth.

Then, Sam brought big pins. Slowly, he began piercing his mother’s boobs and nipples. One by one, he pierced all 23 pins in various parts of her big fatty boobs. Sam’s mom was horrified. Her pussy was pierced, her bums were red with whip marks and now her breasts were bleeding too. He tied her hair to her garage door, almost 2 metres away. Her hair was so tight that if she moved even an inch forward, it would rip out of her scalp. And amidst all this terror, the last thing she wanted was losing her hair too.

Sam was laughing awfully hard. He was thoroughly enjoying himself. He began driving the pins deeper into her breasts. There was a lot of blood on the ground.

But the worst was to come. Sam started braiding his mother’s hair. He began stroking, licking, chewing and masturbating on her beautiful mane.

Just as Sam’s mother thought it couldn’t get worse, she saw Sam holding the thing she hated and was horrified of.

Scissors. Massive one.

Slowly and painfully Sam began slicing through his mother’s crunchy and soft braid. In a minute, her hair was reduced to a waist length jagged mess. Then he plugged in clippers and switched them on. He struck the clippers onto his mother’s head, right in the middle. He struck her so hard, there was a cut in her head. He shaved her head bald. Her head looked like a gleaming egg.

From then on, she became Sam’s sexual slave. He sold her to people for a day or two who wanted services. And when she was at home, he sexually tortured her hard.

What was once a beautiful long mane of hair was now reduced to a shiny bald head.

Who was once a magnificent woman with long hair was now a bleeding, bald, sexual slave.



The above material is pure work of fiction. Any resemblance to a real-life character is not intentional.

The story has been authored with only fiction in mind.



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