Shared experience: the next day

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The three of us got into Miss Judy’s car and set off for a girls day of shopping. It was a Monday and the beauty shop was closed except for special appointments so Miss Judy and I did not have to go in until later that evening. We all were set up in rollers with nets and silk scarves in place. Ready for the days events. Our first stop was Mervyns to find some long summer dresses and maybe some shorts. As we found some items to try on we went into the dressing rooms to see how they would look. Barbara had walked by the bra and panty section and grabbed a couple of items as she passed. I was in one dressing room trying on a pretty pastel dress when Barbara came in and wanted me to try on the bra and panties she had.

I took off my panties and put on the ones she had brought in. She started to touch me very gently which got me excited. She pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties and bent over. I pressed against her opening and slipped in. We were very careful to be quiet as we both climaxed and then cleaned up.

Miss Judy had made her selections as did Barbara and myself and we paid for them and went on our way. Our next stop was a lingerie shop to check some sexy nighties. We picked out some very pretty ones and tried them on. The dressing rooms were too small with room for only one person. Miss Judy and Barbara picked out three for me and paid for them.

It was getting to be lunchtime and we stopped at a little outdoor café for a bite to eat. The waitress commented on our hair and asked if we had special plans for later. Barbara told her that Miss Judy and I worked at Miss Judy’s beauty parlor and we were going to try out some new hair styles and make up techniques. The waitress said that it sounded like fun and asked to join us later after her shift. Miss Judy told her that she could come to the shop about five and we would set her up as well.

Our last stop was at a womens shoe store to find some sandals for summer. We all sat down while a very cute guy waited on us. He noticed the rollers and ” I have always liked seeing girls in rollers for some reason. I find it very sexy.” We were fortunate that we had polished our toes last night and they looked pretty as he was helping us try on the sandals he had brought out.

We each purchased two pairs and made our way to the beauty parlor as Miss Judy had a special client coming in at 5:30 and our waitress friend was going to be there at 5.

We arrived about 4:30 and got things set up. Miss Judy had Barbara sit down and started to take out her rollers. Miss Judy handed me the rollers and clips as she removed them. Just as she had removed the last roller our waitress friend arrived. Miss Judy told me to take her to the sinks and get her shampooed. She asked me to use the blue shampoo for blonde hair and leave it on for about ten minutes then rinse and use the pink shampoo for the second one, but just a light shampoo for the second one.

I had her follow me back to the sinks and caped her. She told me her name was Teri and I told her that I lived just around the corner from a street named Teri. She told me she knew that street and lived in the apartments just on the other side of Teri street. I leaned her back in the sink and wet her hair thoroughly. I took the bottle of blue shampoo for blondes and applied a good amount to her hair. Starting at the crown and working my way to the back of her head I worked up a thick lather. I applied just a little more shampoo to get the end of her hair.

Teri asked me if I was a beautician like Miss Judy. I told her that I was just the shampoogirl for now but I was learning a lot from all the other beauticians that worked there and wanted to go to beauty school soon. She motioned for me to come closer and whispered ” I love the way you shampoo, you are so good at it.” I continued to shampoo her for the ten minutes requested by Miss Judy then rinsed the blue shampoo from her hair. I applied a small amount of the pink conditioning shampoo to her hair and worked it in.

I had looked up to see Miss Judy finishing Barbaras comb out into a lovely bouffant. She started to give it a good dousing with her special hairspray. She got out her small trimming scissors and trimmed up the loose hairs around her ears and the back of her neck and she was done.

I had rinsed the pink shampoo from Teri’s hair just as Miss Judy’s special client arrived. She was a bigger girl with long red hair and red polished nails. I had never seen her before in the shop. Miss Judy told me to have Teri come over to her chair so she could get her trimmed up and set and to have her client come back to the sink area for a long shampoo. She wanted me to use the green shampoo first then the pink for the second shampooing.

Teri went over to Miss Judy who asked her if she did not mind being rolled up in some larger perm rods for a look she wanted to try out. Teri agreed and told her if you want to perm me that is ok too. Miss Judy told her if it turns out like she wants then she will perm it. Teri asked if Miss Judy was going to perm her hair does that mean she gets another Stephanie shampooing? Miss Judy told her yes she does, she is good isnt she?

Miss Judy set about to trimming Teri’s hair just a little and then took out the clippers and raised up the back of her hair and clipped it in place to give it a little undercut and shave down the back of her neck a bit. After she was satisfied with the cut she began to wrap Teris hair in some larger purple and white perm rods. Using a double wrap technique for some loose curls on her blonde hair.

It took Miss Judy a while to get Teri’s hair rolled just the way she wanted but it looked great in all those rods. could not wait to see those curls. Miss Judy placed Teri under the dryer and came back to the sink area as I was about to start shampooing her client. Miss Judy told me to wait and come back to the laundry/break room for a minute.

As we went into the room she closed the door. She turned around and said ” My client out there, Peggy is her name, is a man but lives as a woman full time. That is his/her hair that she has grown out and I have been doing it for her for a long time. She only comes in at night and leaves with her rollers in place. Then comes back the next night for her comb out.” I felt strangely weird but excited, she was just like me. Miss Judy told me that she has been wanting to meet you for a while and has some advise for you.

Miss Judy then locked the door and pulled up my dress and pulled down my panties and started to handle my excited state. She told me ” Remember that you are Barbara’s and my toy, so if  Peggy tries to talk you into having sex with her remember that this is ours.” She pulled her panties down and back up to me. I could feel her getting wet as she pushed back and I penetrated. It did not take long for both of us to explode. We did a hasty clean up and went back into the shop where Peggy was waiting for her shampoo.

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  1. I’m very much enjoying your stories, Shampoogirl, and love the fact that you are getting more explicit as time goes on. I have one request–could you do a bit more description of the finished styles? I’d love to know how your styles looked, how all the product made your hair feel, and perhaps a bit more discussion of the styling process. I love the stiffness and “beauty shop” scent of a rollerset, and would enjoy hearing more details about yours!

    Thank you for the great stories.

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