Shared experience, the night continued

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Miss Judy had brought another bag that had make up in it that she wanted to try out on Barbara and I. The girls ganged up on me and had me sit down to get this make up session started. There were all sorts of foundations, powders, eyeshadows, mascaras and of course lip colors to try. They started with the make up powders then moved on to the mascara and eyeshadows using a combination of blues and purples. Then on to the lips and a deep color of pink with a gloss to top it off. Barbara had some smaller hoop earrings which shew let me wear and I went off to look in the mirror while Miss Judy started on Barbara with a different combination of colors and brands. Lastly it was Miss Judy’s turn and Barbara got to try out our make up skills on her, which to my surprise went better than I expected.

Now mind you, all three of us were still in rollers and Barbara and I were in robes with nothing on underneath. It made for a very interesting evening and night. Miss Judy had me sit down and got out her hairspray. All set was the brand as I remember. She began to lightly spray my hair while still in rollers just to set in the curl as she put it. Barbara got out her hair dryer and had me sit under it. I asked what we were going to do now and Miss Judy answered ” Well honey, we are going to have you sit under that dryer until your hair is dry, then we are going to comb you out into a nice bouffant hairdo and get you into this nightgown. I said I thought we were going shopping tomorrow in rollers and Miss Judy replied ” We are, don’t worry we have all night and we will shampoo and set you up again before we go to bed.”

I sat under that dryer for quite a while as Miss Judy and Barbara sat at the kitchen table and talked. At one point Miss Judy got up to check my hair to see if was dry enough for her to comb out. She moved the dryer hood and checked the rollers, then leaned down and gave me a quick kiss and said ” Just a little longer honey.” She then went over to Barbara at the table and leaned in to check her rollers as Barbara looked up. They began to kiss each other on the lips. The activity got more intense then as the kissing became more passionate. Miss Judy opened up Barbara’s robe and began to fondle her breasts. She then moved her hand down Barbara’s body to her genital region and began to stroke her gently. Barbara reached and pulled Miss Judy’s panties down and started to stroke her as well. I watched as their rollers were clicking together as they kissed. I was getting very excited and just as I started to handle myself Miss Judy said ” Just watch and learn baby, we will get to you later.”

After quite a few minutes both Miss Judy and Barbara climaxed and ended up sitting on the floor. Miss Judy said ” we have not done that in a while, it was nice.” They relaxed for a few then got up and pulled up the dryer hood to check my hair. Miss Judy said it was ready for the comb out. She had me move to another chair and sit down as Barbara got out the bag for the rollers. Miss Judy started removing the roller clips and the rollers one by one and handed them to Barbara. When all the rollers were our I was left with some crispy curls. I loved the feel of the hairspray on the curls. Barbara gave my hair another light spray with the All Set.

Miss Judy got out her combs and brushes and prepared herself for some teasing ang back combing. She started at the top of my hair and began to tease up the front and top. She was showing Barbara how to do petal curls which she did all over the top of my hair. She then worked her way down to where she had done a candlestick set at the sides of my hair and began to comb our some barrel curls that almost reached my neck. I could smell the combination of the setting lotion, hairspray and even the make up as they worked on me.

Miss Judy had Barbara sit at the dryer as she doused her with hairspray and then lowered the hood and turned it on. Miss Judy did some finishing touches to my hairdo with a little teasing and some trimming of some loose ends. I went into the bathroom to see my finished style and was amazed at how it looked. So big and feminine. Miss Judy came in behind me and asked ” Do you like it honey?” I told her that I did. I turned around and faced her as she reached down and grabbed a hold of me. She said ” I told you we would get to you later.” She began to stroke me as it got bigger and bigger. She then knelt down and took me in her mouth and licked and sucked me into submission. It did not take long for me to climax as she looked up at me and swallowed. She had me put on a pair of panties and a pretty nightgown and we went back out to the kitchen to check Barbara’s hair.

Barbara smiled at Miss Judy and said “Well?’ Miss Judy replied ” I had my desert, it was yummy,” Barbara looked at me and asked ” Did you save some for me?” I just smiled and almost passed out. Miss Judy had Barbara come out from the dryer and sit in the other chair so she could get her ready to comb out. Miss Judy asked me to carefully take out the clips and rollers from Barbara’s hair.

I began at the top to remove the roller clips then the rollers one at a time. It felt good to touch her hair and the crispness of her curls. I reached over and picked up the hairspray and gave her a light spray. Miss Judy handed me  the brushes and combs and said ” You are going to learn to do some teasing or back combing baby.” She had me start at the crown and brush over some of the curls. Then I took up a section and began to tease it down. I got to work her hair into quite a height. Miss Judy then showed me how to style some petal curls on the top and sides. When I was finished Barbara had a beautiful big bubble bouffant. I got out the hairspray and gave it a good spray to set it in.

Barbara went back to see her hair in the mirror and got into her nightgown. Miss Judy said she wanted to stay in her rollers for the night and got her nightgown on. We all sat on the living room couch and had popcorn and watched a movie on TV. As it got late we decided to go to bed and Barbara and I would get our hair shampooed and set in the morning before we went shopping.


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