Shared experience: the night continues on

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As the three of us started to walk towards the bedroom Miss Judy mentioned we needed to remove our make up before we got into bed. So we went into the bathroom where Barbara had some cold cream and cloths for us to use. We applied the cold cream to our face and began to lightly scrub. We then turned towards each other and helped each other out making sure all of the make up was gone. We used the sink one at a time to rinse our faces and then Barbara brought out some night face cream for us to apply. Miss Judy tied net and scarf around her rollers and Barbara and I just used a scarf around our hair to sleep in.

We allĀ  climbed into Barbara’s big bed and got under the covers as we settled in for the night. It was not long before we were all fast asleep given the days events. That was the case until about two o clock in the morning to the sound of moaning and found Miss Judy pleasuring Barbara with her rolled head between Barbaras thighs. I rolled in my side and just watched until they noticed that I was awake and started to giggle like little girls. Barbara had climaxed and Miss Judy said it was her turn. She rolled on her back as Barbara went between her thighs and started to pleasure her. Miss Judy told me to just watch and learn.

Miss Judy had quite a big and loud climax as Barbara rolled on her back. They both pulled up the covers and the three of us went back to sleep. To be honest I was too tired to do anything at that time anyway.

The morning arrived and we all stretched and yawned. Miss Judy removed her scarf and net to expose her rollers which were still intact after the nights events. Barbara and i removed our scarfs and stretched out. Miss Judy had me lay on my back with my head just slightly off the side of the bed. She began to brush my hair as I laid there. She also handed Barbara a brush and had her brush her hair out. Miss Judy went to the bathroom and brought back a haircolor applicator bottle with some liquid in it and began to apply the liquid to my hair. It was a mixture of water and shampoo and it began to lather up very thick and rich. Barbara leaned forward as Miss Judy applied some to her hair and worked it up into a lather also. Barbara then knelt on the bed and began to shampoo her hair herself as Miss Judy continued to shampoo me. After a few minutes Barbara pulled up my nightie and pulled down my panties and handled me to an excited state. She leaned down and placed me in her mouth and began to work it up. I reached down and began to shampoo her hair as she kept going. Miss Judy was coaching her as she continued to shampoo my hair.

It did not take too long before I climaxed and Barbara sat up and licked her lips. She licked her lips as she continued to shampoo her hair. After a few more minutes Miss Judy took us both to the shower and had us get in to rinse off. Barbara and I rinsed each others hair and then began to was our bodies. We were in there for quite a while.

We finally finished and dried off. We both went out to the kitchen where Miss Judy was waiting with the combs, rollers and clips ready to set our hair. She had me sit down first as Barbara went into the kitchen to fix a little breakfast for all of us. Miss Judy combed and sectioned my hair for a traditional block set and had me hand her the rollers as she was ready for them. She started at the crown and combed up the first section in the front. I handed her a gold two inch magnetic roller and she wound and rolled my hair down on it and secured it with a roller clip. She combed up the second section and used another gold two inch roller and secured it with a roller clip and also a roller pin clip. She worked her way to the back of my hair and the nape of my neck with that size roller until the last section where she had to use a one and a half inch silver roller and pinned it in place.

Barbara, who was still in a towel with one wrapped around her hair, was cooking some bacon and eggs while Miss Judy was setting my hair. She said ” we are going to get you some new clothes, panties and a new bra. The one you are wearing is too small.” Miss Judy said ” after we are done clothes shopping we are going to the beauty parlor to get our hair combed out and our nails done.” I was very excited as I had not bought any new girl clothes in a while and needed their expert advice.

Miss Judy Began setting the sides of my hair with the smaller one and a half inch silver rollers and then the one inch burgundy rollers. She kept securing them with the roller clips and the roller pins just to keep them in place. When she finished setting my hair she used a pink cotton net to tie them up and had me put my earrings back into place. I got up an Barbara asked me to make a few pieces of toast while Miss Judy sets her hair.

Barbara sat down in the chair as Miss Judy removedĀ  the towel from her hair. She combed and sectioned Barbaras hair just like she did mine in the traditional block setting pattern. She combed up the first section and Barbara had some different colored rollers in her bag. She handed Miss Judy a two and a half inch red magnetic roller and Miss Judy wound it down very tight and neatly. She secured it with the same roller clips she used on me. She kept setting the crown and back of Barbaras hair with the red rollers until the last two which she used a turquoise one and a half inch roller.

I brought over the bacon, eggs and toast to the table and Miss Judy took a break from setting Barbaras hair. We sat and ate breakfast and talked about the shops we were going to visit that day, make up and of course boys. After we got done eating I cleaned up while Miss Judy finished setting Barbaras hair, using the turquoise rollers along with the smaller beige rollers on the sides of her hair. When she was all rolled up Miss Judy had a yellow cotton net to tie over her rollers. Miss Judy used a black cotton net for hers. All of them were tied in the front and we all had different scarves that we covered our rollers with.

It was time to get dressed and do our make up. Miss Judy did my make up and eyeshadow and eyeliner along with some mascara. Barbara went ti work on my lip color. Miss Judy did Barbaras make up while I watched and learned and then Barbara did Miss Judys make up with some help from Miss Judy.

Earrings in place, shoes on and we were out the door for a great girls day.

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  1. Look, just trying to be helpful, “applied Cold cream to our face and started to scrub” ? Doesn’t seem so appealing. That’s as far as I got. Also I noticed that all of your writings are men’s haircuts. I know there are sites for that, but men’s haircuts don’t seem to do so well on this particular site. Anyways, don’t give up. Good luck.

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