Sharon’s 3 Birthday Gifts!

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Sharon and I had been dating for over a year and my desire for her to always go shorter with her hair was always a topic she preferred to shy away from. Over the past year, Sharon had gone from a long, layered cut, to a super short bob, just above the ear. The length in the back was just short enough for her to be introduced to clippers, which the stylists used to trim up her neckline.

After a week of arguments and disagreements on literally everything, Sharon asked if she could give me my birthday present a week early, and asked if we had any plans for Saturday morning. I told her I was free, and she said she would pick me up early, around 7:30 on Saturday. Saturday was the 2nd of July, and we had earlier planned on watching the 4th of July Parade in the local city. So, I agreed and she came by early on Saturday, and asked me to drive. As we drove off, she told me that she wanted to visit a few places, and if we had time after, we would go to the festivities at the park for the 4th. I drove and she directed me to the downtown square where we parked and began walking along the sidewalk. As we approached a local barbershop, Sharon asked, As part of your birthday gift, I wanted to get a super short cut, so it’s your opportunity to tell me what to say to the barber when we go in. I was shocked, and asked “Are you for real, this has to be a joke.” Sharon reminded me that it was her gift to me and asked again for instructions for the barber. Just tell him to go short up the nape, maybe a #1, and over the ears the same – keep the bangs straight across. She said ok and we walked into the shop.

The shop was slightly crowded and we sat in front of a female barber at the end. “Grab a number if you don’t mind please, and I reached up and took a ticket. As we sat and waited, I noticed an old haircut poster on the wall, to the side of the shop. It showed pictures of different haircuts, all on men of course, and I wondered if this may help Sharon explain what she (I) wanted. Whispering, I said, “Once you’re in the chair, I’ll tell you which number on the poster to get” All the options were short, everything from a GI, buzzcut, flattop, etc.- but all were very short. Sharon glanced at the poster and from the look on her face, she now realized the gravity of the situation. Those are really short, are you sure about that, she asked. I said yes, – Once you’re in the chair, I’ll tell you which style I like the best.

After a few minutes, the female barber called out “Number 5 is next, and I handed Sharon the ticket as she looked a bit startled. Go ahead, I think she’s ready for you. Sharon walked over and the barber said the thought the ticket was for me. No, Sharon said with a bit of hesitation, “I want to go shorter for the summer, you do cut women’s hair, don’t you”? She said absolutely and placed the tissue and cape around Sharon in an instant. “How short are we going today”? she asked, as Sharon looked over at me for some type of instruction. I held up my hand and made the number 5 with my fingers. Sharon glanced at the poster and sunk a little farther in the chair. The 5th haircut on the poster was a clippered high-n-tight, military type cut,down to the skin on the neck and sides. With no pause, the barber pumped the chair up and began clipping the nape and sides really short. Sharon simply closed her eyes and waited for the sound to stop. After about 10 minutes, Sharon was left with a short, men’s type style. As the barber removed the cape, she told Sharon the style would be better for these hot summer days, and collected the $9 for her services. As we left the shop, we heard her say #8, as the next customer walked by to get in the chair. We left the shop and drove away with Sharon asking if I was ready for part 2 of her 3 part birthday surprise. We drove for a few miles and she instructed me to pull into Cho’s Barbershop, the shop where from time to time, I get my haircut. “She always does a great job on your hair, do you trust her with mine”? During a wild night of sex, I had mentioned that the barber, Cho, had a picture of a past client, a woman, with a buzzcut, and that I thought she would look stunning with the cut. “I hope the picture’s still there, as we walked in to the shop. Cho was an ex military barber, and owned her own little shop just outside of town. Cho motioned for me to sit in her chair and I stepped back and told her Sharon would be getting her haircut today. She smiled and greeted her with the cape in one hand and the neck tissue in the other. “What are we doing today young lady”, she said in a bit of broken English. “I love the cut of the lady in the picture” Sharon said, as she pointed to the only framed picture in the shop. “She was a dear friend of mine form years back”, Cho exclaimed,”She came in weekly for her cut until I moved my shop.” In less than minute, Cho raced her big, loud military type clippers over her head and Sharon was left with a super short buzzed, scalp – done with military precision and speed. Sharon paid, left the shop and as we walked to the car, asked how my birthday gift was thus far. “Crazy good” I said, as we drove out, Sharon said the next stop was home.

We walked in the house and Sharon asked me to get the hair clippers out, the one’s I had under my cabinet, and said “I sure hope they work.” They do indeed work and just then Sharon was on her knees with her hands on my zipper. “I believe I need you to finish the job.” as she began to wrap her lips around my cock in the craziest manner. After a few minutes, she grabbed the clippers, clicked the on button, and handed them to me with a smile. “You said a while back that a fantasy of yours would be for me to go down on you, and rub my clippered scalp between your legs, right? I think Cho left it a bit too long for that, so I’ll need you to clean me up.” I grabbed the clippers and began buzzing her hair, with no guard, as she continued to please me in the way only she could do.

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